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What If The Characters In A Vampire Novel Left Their World And Came Into Yours Amy Is In Love With Someone Who Doesn T Exist Alexander Banks, The Dashing Hero In A Popular Series Of Vampire Novels Then One Night, Amy Meets A Boy Who Bears An Eerie Resemblance To Alexander In Fact, He IS Alexander, Who Has Escaped From The Pages Of The Book And Is In Hot Pursuit Of A Wicked Vampire Named Vigo Together, Amy And Alexander Set Out To Track Vigo And Learn How And Why Alexander Crossed Over But When She And Alexander Begin To Fall For Each Other, Amy Wonders If She Even Wants Him To Ever Return To The Realm Of Fiction

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    2.5I admit that I would never have read this if it wasn t a part of my goodreads group s Travelling Book Tour, but I m pleased to find that I am not left with that feeling of I ve just wasted several hours of my life However, this novel is so full of ups and downs it s almost impossible to rate and, despite the relatively low rating, it was a rather light, easy and not entirely unenjoyable read.The book is literally dedicated to a specific type of reader and you know who you are Are you the kind of person who has, on occasion, daydreamed about walking into a little bookstore in Ireland and meeting a man who will pull you into a reality as dangerous and sexy as he is Or, alternatively, have you ever imagined stumbling through an ancient portal in the Scottish Highlands and falling straight into the path of a loud, lovable, 18th century Scot who may or may not happen to be called James Fraser If you perhaps recognise a teensy tiny bit of yourself in the above, whether you are prepared to admit it or not, then this book could definitely be for you Yes, that s right, this book is a tribute to anyone who has ever fallen in love with a character in a book and wished and dreamed and hoped they could somehow be lurking in a backstreet bookstore or simply a portal away, whilst really always knowing that they couldn t be Because in The Vampire Stalker, Amy s character crush turns out to be what we hopeless dreamers all want our character crushes to be real.It was actually explained quite scientifically for something so far fetched I think the people who found it boring didn t enjoy the descriptions of String Theory and Literary Physics, but I found it fascinating Admittedly, even with a scientific approach, it was a bit ridiculous that the author wanted you to believe that literary characters and worlds are actual alternative dimensions and that certain people authors have some kind of psychic access to these dimensions without realising it.So I appreciated the idea and the writing was very not tasking The part that let it down was that the story ended up being banal and unengaging Allison van Diepen didn t seem to know quite what to do with her characters once she d got them into our dimension and had them, by some crazy twist of fate, run into one of their biggest fans.You see, there s a good guy and a bad guy that arrive in our world naturally and Amy must assist said good guy Alexander in stopping mr bad guy vampire Vigo who ends up going on a killing rampage across Chicago This results in media panic, vampire theories, blah de blah it s not very original once you get into the main story.Another thing, the two main characters are not a successful attempt at a romantic couple zero chemistry They re not terrible in themselves, but put them together and, damn, it becomes boring The relationship didn t have a natural progression, in my opinion, and Amy seemed to quite suddenly realise at one point in the novel that Alexander was the one Which is annoying anyway, but could have been forgiven if I, as a reader, had been thinking that Alexander could be the one I wasn t.I think that was the greatest disappointment If you re going to write about a scenario that would make women s dreams come true, you should at least feel the sparks I thought it was poorly done and my rating has had to reflect this.

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    I don t believe it I have dreamt that Bones my top favourite Vamp comes to life like a thousand times so fari am so gonna read this book and be prepared just in case

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    Alexander Banks was in the middle of pursuing his vampire enemy, Vigo Skaar when they both suddenly found themselves in a different Chicago than the one they were just in It s after saving Amy Hawthorne from Vigo s attack that he learns where he is at Just a week ago, Amy and her friends were obsessing over the release of the second book in the Otherworld series Now Amy cannot believe Alexander Banks really just saved her life Until he shows her scars only the real Alexander would have Now with the help of the school librarian and later her friends, they must find away to get Vigo back into the portal But their time is limited since the portal that brought them here has the potential to close at anytime and he s already started killing Soon Amy realizes the differences between the guy in the book she crushed on and the real guy she loved One blunt statement from Amy puts them into a relationship where they share many dinners and kisses, but as Alexander gets closer to capturing Vigo, his future back in the books doesn t look promising It all comes down to when Amy finds Alexander s cousin, James and his vampire girlfriend and Vigo s sister, Hannah also in this world Telling Vigo his leadership is being taken over in the other world, seems to get him to plan to cross over Luckily, Alexander sees through the lie and when he makes an attempt on Amy s life, he s there to stop it and finally stop Vigo for good Taking her out of their first date, Alexander tells of his love for her and he doesn t plan to go back to the book world They see James and Hannah cross into the portal and head home, starting their own chapter together.

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    There is nothing I wouldn t give or do to have my book boyfriend Noah Shaw Unbecoming of Mara Dyer to come out of the pages of the book.I want to see him in front of me I want to see all his gorgeous face, touch his firm muscles and moving on.I might say something totally X rated Hahaha Just kidding.Anyhow, the main character in this book, Amy, got her wish Lucky Her Amy was a huge fan the Otherworld series.She and her friends and about a million of other girls are going gaga for the Otherworld books.While everyone else was fell in love with James, the lead male protagonist of the book, Amy fell in love with Alexander Banks, James cousin.Amy had the surprise of her life when she meets Alexander in the flesh when someone tried to attack her.Alexander reveals that he s hunting Vigo who apparently like him was in Chicago.Amy s dream came true but then again her worse nightmare also came along with it.The first thing I liked about this book was the premise.It was creative, original and entertaining.The title though was something I didn t really like.It wasn t catchy.The word stalker has a negative connotation.It s creepy.Falling in love with a stalker is creepy.But other than that I pretty much liked the while concept.It started a bit slow but as you read along it would eventually increase its pace and would keep you glued to its pages.Another thing I loved about this book was the explanation of how the characters of that book crossed over to real Chicago.Literary Physics.It s unheard of but I find it cool and believable.Believable in a way that you know that it cannot be true but you are thinking of the possibility that it could be true.I liked the idea that there is a parallel universe out there wherein some of our favorite book characters might actually be real.Cool stuff I tell you.It won t be explained initially but as you go along you ll find out how this Literary Physics work.The premise was great but I had a little issue connecting with the characters.For me they weren t entirely developed.This book was too short to make the characters dimensional.I mean you ll know them but only up to a point.You won t get to see them wholly This book was supposed to be a paranormal romance book right It is very paranormal but it lacked in the romance for me.Although it was bit cheesy, I just felt that there weren t much connection between Amy and Alexander.I don t know if you guys thought about them the same way but that s how I felt towards this book.I still give this book a 4 stars for its originality.There is this one line from this book that I really really liked Being bitten by a vampire is not sexy

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    Before My god this sounds totally amazing how many times haven t I dreamt one of my loved characters became real O Must read thisAfter I liked it It was nice and an easy read but I just felt that the idea which is awesome could have gone much farther, be developed, like it was kind of wasted The first time I knew of this book I though the main character, Amy, would have been older and I so I expected the story to have gone places and be elaborated..maybe even a series I was like split in two, enjoying the story and beeing dissapointed with it because it could have been and I was waiting for it to be much better Just a thoughtand a feeling

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    The Vampire Stalker is a cute, sweet and ridiculously entertaining story with an orginal concept It brings a whole new meaning to making the characters come alive.literally.Recommended to readers with an open mind and who can go with the flow as well as those who are looking for a fun, light and easy escape.Really cute

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    DNF I had a very difficult time getting into this book The premise made it sound awesome Who wouldn t want to read a book where a girl meets the hero from a novel within the world she lives in I thought the story and romance was going to be amazing because it was such a unique idea.Problem was, this read way too much like a bad fanfiction There was way too much telling way too early in the novel, and since I was not invested yet, I did not care about the fictional universe set within this world There was also a lot of skirting around details Instead of appealing to the reader s senses, it feels like all these scenes are quickly glossed over The characters were not believable, and neither were their interactions I don t ever see high school kids accepting their school librarian no matter how awesome she is dancing with them at a school dance I don t see the librarian willingly doing so either Screams unprofessional.Then we have the interactions between the heroine and Alexander It felt forced, like the author was keeping Alexander there so he could bond with the book s heroine when in reality, if he was a vampire hunter, he would have left the heroine alone the second she was safe, and continued pursuing the vampire villain Oh well, this clearly wasn t a story for me.

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    not to hand in Just finished reading The vampire stalker.I had to read this book because it was chosen to be one of the top 20 nominees of 2013 s Red Maple Reading program.There s really nothing to hate about this book except one thing There should be a second book to this Showing what happens after all the trauma and happy endings.When I first began reading this book,I thought it would be another twilight impostor, but it wasn t even close to what i d thought it would have been This book made me cry, laugh, and even shocked on some parts It was an amazing book, once i started reading this book, I couldn t put it down.This book is based on a regular high school teenage girl, who meets the guy of her dreams But there s to that, the guy of her dreams Alexanda banks isn t just some ordinary teen, he is a book character, who comes to live.I can t tell you about it because I might spoil it for you.However, i d recommend you to read this book if you love mystery, Fantasy, and romance, like me And if i were you, this book would be on the top of my books to read list.

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    SUMMARYAmy is in love with the brooding fictional hero of a book series called Otherworld Alex is a vampire hunter who accidentally finds himself in Amy s world Can the two figure out why their world met, and can Alex stop the vampire he s hunting before Amy s world is turned as dark as his own PLOTI really liked the plot of The Vampire Stalker because it involved what the author called literary physics , the theory that some authors don t make up a fictional world but somehow tap into another dimension and write about that one instead I like it because I had the same theory when I was a teenager I was really pleased to see someone actually make a story of this theory, even if it did involve a vampire hunter with a fan following akin to Twilight or Harry Potter I mean, vampires are so last year, amiright But it worked in this book.I liked how Alex was as well rounded a character as a real person, and even took offence to his Chicago being referred to as Otherworld He had a purpose and didn t really have time for a romance to distract him The only part of the plot that I didn t really buy was the curfew enforced on Amy s city when the police realised the serial killer was a real vampire I mean, it just seemed so fake Even this current terrifying clown epidemic hasn t caused any curfews, and no one is actually going to believe a real vampire is murdering people.CHARACTERSAnother thing I found unrealistic was Amy s close and personal friendship with her school librarian I m a book nerd but I would never visit my librarian s house for dinner after working late or whatever it is she was doing, or consider her a friend It seems pretty inappropriate for a member of staff to be interacting with pupils that way, especially out of hours Also it seemed that Amy wasn t that close to the librarian to begin with, then all of a sudden they have this history together and she trusts her with Alex s secret And this librarian is OK with this weird teenager just coming to live with her.And of course Amy was the kind of mousy haired, non makeup wearing, book loving YA heroine every brooding bad boy goes nuts for And her book boyfriend just happened to be the less popular of the two male leads in the book series because the popular one is already in a relationship with a female vampire But the thing I missed most was any kind of chemistry between the two here was chemistry when Alex was yelling at her and saving her life rather than any sweet, romantic moments between the two I still don t see what Alex saw in Amy she s your paint by numbers typical YA heroine, bland as beige and designed to appeal to the masses.WRITINGMind you, there was nothing particularly memorable about the writing The best thing about this book was the literary physics theory oh yeah, did I mention that helpful, friendly high school librarian who is than happy to run around two teenagers to book events also used to be a physicist who came up with the theory That s why she recognises Alex I did find the reaction of the poor author who thought she imagined this world quite realistic once she recognises her own villain is out to get her, she can only call her hero for help But really, the whole point of this book is to bring some teen girls fantasy to life and see what it might actually be like if your book boyfriend stepped into your world and got to know you OVERALLWith a bland heroine and no spark between the two romantic interests, the positive is that if you don t take it too seriously the book is a cute, fluffy, quick read and the other characters all seem well rounded I thought the somewhat original premise was given a great boost by the literary physics theory but unfortunately the writing itself lacked punch as well.

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    Don t cha just hate it when a book you re looking forward to turns out to be a disappointment When I first heard about this book a few months ago, I really wanted to read it I m not sure why It just sounded like it would be really fun and interesting and different from other YA paranormal books out right now.In the end, the book was entertaining but it wasn t anything than that and it is one that I ll probably have forgotten I even read within a day or two.I didn t like the writing at all it s not one of those books that I find myself wanting to mark quotes from because I love the wording or because I relate to it somehow, there was nothing quotable about this book and it was very I did this, then I did that and then we did this and a lot of it was filler stuff like her telling us what she was having for dinner think Twilight writing only less purple prose.I didn t feel any connection to the characters at all I didn t love them or hate them and so I didn t really care what happened to them and the romance was a bit flat.The execution of the story honestly read like clich , mediocre author insert fan fiction which is basically what it was only the book it was a fan fiction of only exists within the story hell, the main character even writes fan fiction within the story I guess reading the synopsis I should have guessed it would ve felt like reading author insert fan fiction but I think maybe because it was an actual published novel I expected , I expected it to be written better in a way that took it to another level.The plot had some extreme ridiculous aspects to it and I know this is fiction, but if an author writes something well enough then it will be believable within the context of the story I ve read books and been convinced by things like zombies and werewolves parts of this were just not that believable.I think it was less about the plot and about the way it was written like having a regular character conveniently be an expert on the very random and odd thing that happens in the book you ll know what I mean if you read it the librarian Kind of like watching a soap opera and a character suddenly has a heart attack in a restaurant but one of the other people there just happens to be a top heart surgeon who knows exactly what to do it s like, what are the chances And it comes across as so planned ridiculous.For some reason anytime I try to think of how to say my thoughts on this book, my sentences end in eugh or meh Other people may love this book, I can see why some people would, it just was not my cup of tea at all good idea, bad mediocre execution the only really positive thing I can think to say is that it kept me entertained for a few hours but then I m easily amused so that s not saying much seriously my dog spent like 15 minutes chasing the red dot from a laser pen and I thought it was silly until I realised I had spent 15 minutes completely amused just watching aforementioned dog chase the red dot from a laser pen.If I had to rate the book, it d get 2 2.5 stars out of 5 Not awful, but not good either.