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Now An Active Member Of The Resistance, Lena Has Transformed The Nascent Rebellion That Was Underway In Pandemonium Has Ignited Into An All Out Revolution In Requiem, And Lena Is At The Center Of The Fight After Rescuing Julian From A Death Sentence, Lena And Her Friends Fled To The Wilds But The Wilds Are No Longer A Safe Haven Pockets Of Rebellion Have Opened Throughout The Country, And The Government Cannot Deny The Existence Of Invalids Regulators Infiltrate The Borderlands To Stamp Out The RebelsAs Lena Navigates The Increasingly Dangerous Terrain Of The Wilds, Her Best Friend, Hana, Lives A Safe, Loveless Life In Portland As The Fianc E Of The Young Mayor Requiem Is Told From The Perspectives Of Both Lena And Her Friend Hana They Live Side By Side In A World That Divides Them Until, At Last, Their Stories Converge The Delirium TV SHOW has been picked up again, BY HULU TO be aired on June 20th, 2014 Holy shit Delirium, by Lauren Oliver, is to become a TV Show The Delirium, Lauren Oliver, TV Show has it s Lena Lena has been cast, guys Click here to read 86 juicy pages of Requiem, plus an exclusive short story about ALEX DYYING INSIDE Delirium TV Show Casting Alex and Hana have been cast for better or worse there is another book right The DELIRIUM series cannot end this way, so vague and unfinished.Disappointed doesn t begin to cover how I feel.The beginning was slow, and the ending was rushed, sooo rushed and unclear, and incomplete, and preachy, and not at all what I was expecting It felt short, the whole book did.So she went back to the wilds and lived crappily ever after Is that what I am getting Felt like a bridge between books, nothing was really solved, and we were left with questions than answers While Pandemonium was a revelation, Requiem was the book that fell short Guess it was too much to hope Requiem would be just as good We get NO answers At the end it s like nothing is resolved, not even the love triangle that no one believed in the first place anyways.I was already suspecting this was going to happen, when I reached the middle of the book and a little after and nothing significant had yet happened We got a confrontation in the romance department ONE And not even after they meet face to face for the first time, woah was I pissed , true, but other than that Nada This book was definitely dissapointing We still get beautiful writing, and it was GREAT to get to see the characters we love again, but it felt like a bridge book No resolution, no ENDING Just, all left in the airThe rest of this review shall be full of spoilers, so read if you must, I have a lot of talking to do about specific parts that pissed.me.off view spoiler By the end there she is with a child Grace , reconciles with Alex barely yet hasn t broken up with Julian even though she finally realized she will never love him as much as she loves Alex DUH Their reconciliation Alex and Lena wasn t even that romantic or sweet It was business like Oh yeah I love you, you love me, let s not even make eye contact as we are saying this in THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING ATTACK.Then Lena goes off, stares at Julian s bare chest on her way to a half pummeled wall guess old habits die hard WITH A CHILD to help tear it down some WHAT THE HELL IS SHE GOING TO DO ATTACK THE WALL WITH HER FISTS SHE AIN T FUCKING MADE OF STEEL And the most ridiculous thing of all is the last paragraph where Lauren Oliver tries to tie everything with words of wisdom that quite frankly fell flat.After everything we went through Delirium and Pandemonium do you really think a half assed paragraph was going to make me HAPPY I am furious The last paragraph could be summarized with the song by Avril Lavigne titled Keep Holding on Does this mean we get a sequel To hold on for a brighter tomorrow in which the ending to one of my favorite series isn t this I damn hope so.And I haven t even started talking about Hana s grand finale.She finds out there is a bomb at the house she is to live with her fucking psycho jerk of a husband and she just goes off the backdoor, never looking back Did the husband explode WHO KNOWS Did Hana ever find Lena again No fucking clue What is she going to do now Hell, you got me there And the way she does a complete 180 there at the end on the way she treats Lena and stuff after everything we have read from her POV Nope, don t believe it She treats Lena like she barely knows her even though she has been agonizing about her in every other page we read Dumbfounding Is Hana s husband the creepy psycho new mayor that quite possibly killed his father even dead No one knows I didn t read about an explosion, how about you Oh and why doesn t Lena break up with Julian My personal opinion is that Lauren Oliver dug herself a deep hole she doesn t want to get herself out of Julian only joined the resistance because of Lena, only to find out this girl has been stringing him along this whole time Fuck, if she series were to continue Julian could become the ultimate super villain He is smart, hot, from a well respected family, and has a bone to pick with love Ultimate Super Villain Couldn t blame the guy.And Alex Don t make me talk about him now, MY Alex died in Delirium This new ball of hatred is not Alex He is just not the guy any of us fell in love with, and you know why BECAUSE HE DOESN T GET ENOUGH PAGE TIME If Hana could tell her story by GODS let Alex tell his side All we get is confused old Lena who doesn t know her ass from her elbows.I am sure our Alex never return because he never got a chance So much time was put into veering us into the wrong conclusion of who was going to win Lena s heart that we didn t have enough reading space to fall in love with Alex all over again, hell we didn t even have time to reconnect Lena and her mother reunite That was done right, I believe it Lena is a big ball of feels, she would have forgiven her mother that easily She never spoke top her about Alex though, in the entire book You would think that small part of her live the entire first book right would come up in conversation.Coral, we hate her, we love her I kind of liked her at the end She seemed cool when not looked through Lena s eyes.The war was never resolved They won a battle I think They were definitely halfway through when the book ended in Portland, but they definitely didn t win any wars OH and after reading Raven s story, to find out she was pregnant something that was NEVER referred to or addressed in Requiem and she just DIES Not even fighting or like the leader she is, she is climbing up some stairs, pokes her head out, and gets shot Tack comes to console her, and we never read about them two again Was the shot fatal Maybe Was she still pregnant by then I don t know Did Tack know etc etc, nothing was addressed and everything was left up in the air hide spoiler EDIT 3 ACTUAL REVIEW SPOILERS AHEAD Okay, I know a lot of people have read liked my review for the ending of Pandemonium and the blurb of requiem, but here s my long awaited review of Lauren Oliver s Requiem.I m going to be very, very honest here I didn t like it Compared to the awesomeness that was Delirium, this was honestly disappointing I hate when authors sway to far from the original plot of the series, which was exactly what Lauren Oliver has done in this latest installment The first book was an exciting tale about two people who were in love, and were determined to keep it that way, despite the costs Alex and Lena s love story was thrilling and interesting, due to the circumstances of their illegal romance and having the characters experience emotions that were entirely new to them The second book added depth to the rebellion side to the plot, but still continued with a forbidden love story between Lena and Julian no matter how much we may have hated Julian, it was still true to the trilogy s origins of forbidden love But this book felt sort offlat ESPECIALLY since the ending to the last book was so shocking and exciting, the way Oliver continues the story is disappointing.Firstly, you ll have to forgive me for leaving out some detail, I read the book over a year ago and I m only just getting around to the review But I remember that I was really pissed that the start of this book didn t pick up right after the last book finished I wanted to know what Lena s immediate reaction was, I wanted to know what was said after Don t believe her , I wanted to know their first conversation I NEEDED TO NOW THESE THINGS BUT I NEVER GOT THE ANSWERS There was no spark between Alex and Lena Their love had been so passionate and intense in the first book, and I honestly refuse to believe that the air between them was so tense Like yeah, Julian was a big bump in the road, but knowing Alex he would have understood She obviously believed he was dead, and grief doesn t equal not able to find love again.Overall, I just wasn t interested in the plot either I was so focused on wanting Alex to reconcile with Lena that nothing else sparked my interest.Also, for a book with such bland emotion and frustrating not in the good way plot, the ending was awful. Yes, with some books you can get away with an ending that s very brief and vague, but this series needed The plot was just too BIG to end like it did It was in dire need of an explanatory epilogue.Oh well, some books are just duds Whatever EDIT 2 BLURB THINGY After rescuing Julian from a death sentence, Lena and her friends fled to the Wilds But the Wilds are no longer a safe haven pockets of rebellion have opened throughout the country, and the government cannot deny the existence of Invalids Regulators now infiltrate the borderlands to stamp out the rebels, and as Lena navigates the increasingly dangerous terrain, her best friend, Hana, lives a safe, loveless life in Portland as the fianc e of the young mayor Requiem is told from both Lena s and Hana s points of view The two girls live side by side in a world that divides them until, at last, their stories converge Ha, I love how the description blurb says NOTHING about Alex coming back Probably JUST to torture us that wee bit But I love this, and I can t wait for Lena to meet up again with Hana EDIT THE COVER This is what my reaction when I realised Alex was back and then this and This is what I did when I saw that it was the last page of the book and THIS is what I did when I saw the expected publication date of Requiem and this.I hope there s someone else out there who understands that in the whole book of Pandemonium, I was basically just waiting for Alex to burst into the situation saying, I WILL FIX EVERYTHING.BUT NO He came on the very last page of the book Now miss Lauren Oliver is making me wait an awful 8 MONTHS FOR THE NEXT BOOK. OMGGGGG I really don t know how to express how I feel right now ALEX image error Requiem When all good things must come to an end A horrible, horrible end that didn t do any justice to the series But an end nonetheless Requiem is like sitting down to a well deserved, hot pie and relishing every bite until you get to the last one and die of poisoning without ever knowing why or how There was literally a moment when I got to the last few pages, realized there wasn t any and freaked out From enjoyment for insurmountable anger.I am a solid believer that Lauren Oliver is a capable, talented author I also think she s brave Not all authors risk venturing into unfamiliar territory Think how common it is for an author to be writing their fourth or fifth book in a series and starting spinoffs in the same world when even that gets old It s clear from Delirium that Oliver was trying on something new Uncomfortable at first, but I d felt that in Pandemonium, she had hit her stride Requiem, the last part of Lena s journey, seems to have been a new challenge all in its own One that I didn t feel Oliver managed to surmount.The novel is divvied up into Lena s POV and Hannah s POV sometimes done with success than other times Overall, it wasn t a bad series and Requiem wasn t necessarily a bad book It simply could never escape from the premise holding so much promise than the story could deliver Compared to other series in this genre, it struggled to hold its own candle I feel bereft and let down after the promise and goodness that was Pandemonium.There are concepts and ideas there A tale Oliver wants to tell about love its strengths and pitfalls The good and the bad You can see the reaching for it in Requiem Then a point comes when it seems the tale is abandoned in favour of wrapping it up as soon as possible Some might call it an open ending To me an open ending leaves you with thoughtful questions, not a whole lot of blank spaces To me, Requiem doesn t have an open ending It just stops, with little rhyme or reason.I m not even going to talk about anything else that happens or the characters or themes or writing or anything I refuse Debate or not, an ending is an ending is an ending Just because something ended doesn t mean you gave it an actual ending Need further proof Allow me to illuminate on th This review also appears on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have dropped the rating on this book from 5 stars to a mere 2 I m sorry I just pulled the rug out from under your feet, didn t I Now there are many wonderful, amazing things about this book that I could talk about, however you probably wouldn t be reading this if you were in it for the good stuff You would be reading the book instead So I m going to skip all of the fluffy, do good particles that this book is made of, and delve deeper into the reason for my rating change I anticipated Requiem ever since the cliffhanger at the end of Pandemonium which I loved, by the way and literally counted down the days to its release I even wrote it on my calendar And who uses calendars any, amirite Pandemonium was a page turner It had everything that I d ever wanted in a book unique writing that seemed almost vivid and scarily real, lots of character development, and the ending just UHHH The ending picked you up and slammed you down right as we figure out that Alex is alive Just before it kicks the door closed sorry You have to wait until the next book comes out to see what happened afterwardsAnd so I waited Patiently, twiddling my thumbs, watching anime and crying about it, you know the stuff I do I re read Delirium and Pandemonium over again, just to get myself ready for what was sure to be the most AH MAZ ING CONCLUSION TO ANY SERIES EVER ANNNNDDDDDD IT STARTS OFF with nothing NothinOh sure, Pandemonium can start off right where Delirium ended, but this book can t do the same, especially when I sensed an ass whoopin coming Naw, that s just cheap Let us fast forward and not even care giveashit about Lena s first encounter with Alex, after everything that had happened between them But okay, yeah chilled I chilled down I ignored that glaringly obvious thing that I didn t like, and I continued A quarter way through oh boy, can t wait for some action to happen Surely Hana s going to do something awesome and redeem herself, or Lena s going to kick some ass Half way through Okay, the action can start any time now uh please I already know who Lena s going to end up with, but just make it work, k Three quarters Umm something Anything Please It feels like this book hasn t even started yet Can I already be this far in And so, the first three quarters of this book was filled with the kind of blah blah blah that belongs in soap operas, with a couple raids thrown here and there Though, as glued as I was to the amazing flawless writing, I found myself disappointed Nothing major occurs, like what you d expect in the final book Hana s point of view was interesting at times, but definitely not what I imagined her to sound like Sure, she made a few character developments, but overall, Hana was another bland cured that brought almost nothing to the story line, besides a slightly creepy edge At three quarters in, I couldn t help but thinkIs this it It s almost the end Where are the explanations Where are the revelations It feels empty, somehow, like a bunch of pages were ripped out Did I buy a faulty copy AND NOT WIN AN ARC I m still frustrated about that, to be honestAt that point, I felt kind of ripped off The scene with Lena and her mother made me want to tear my hair out we were never given any explanation, any stories or view from Bee What was it like in the Crypts How had she managed to climb to the top of the ranks In such an emotion filled book, there was no feelings between Lena and her mother It almost pained me to read their confrontationsLifelessLike the time I fell asleep on the library floor at my school after an all nighter at a relay for life I was practically a zombie, besides being served ice cream at 3 30 a.m and someone blasting dubstep in a vain attempt for all of us to stay awake But sure, I could ignore that huge punch in the face But what I couldn t handle and what changed my view on this entire book was the ending That FUCKING ending I m sorry I usually don t swear in reviews, view spoiler yes I do hide spoiler For as much as I bitched about Mockingjay s epilogue, I kind of think that this book could have used one.This will be the review of can t really say jack.After all, how do I even talk about this book without spoilers Warning there are spoilers for book 2 in the comments section, so don t go there unless you ve at least read up through book 2.I can probably at least say that fans of the trilogy will want to read Requiem so they can finish out the story I just expected than this and truly wish that I could give a glowing report. So who here has read book 2 Show of hands For those of you who have, how many of you were hoping for a bunch of view spoiler Alex hide spoiler 5 Predictions 1 Tack is possibly Julians brother Julian stated that everyone was afraid of his brother and same thing with Tack Julians brothers favorite book was Great Expectations and so is Tacks.2 Alex was cured3 Julian dies4 Raven or Lena s mother dies5 Lena goes back to Portland After reading it I missed the romance and passion It lacked feelings besides for conversations between Lena and her mother The first two are by far on another level compared to this book, at least emotionally I liked the book but what made me disappointed was all the loose ends at the end of the trilogy, what happens to Hana Where s Jenny Rachel and her Aunt Did Fred die Alex or Julian Coral or Lena What s gonna happen when those tanks come The ending felt like Lauren Oliver was talking to us about our lives and it wasn t Lena at all. Warning There might be MINOR spoilers so yea, be warned AFTER READING When Alex and Lena were doing thisI looked like this.and then this..I CAN T FREAKING CONTAIN MY STUPID TANGLED EMOTIONS okay I m calm I.am.calm.Julian Lena Alex Although Julian somewhat grew on me in Requiem, my heart still belongs to Alex Frankly, Alex din t do a lot in this book He is not as active as Julian who, though struggling, managed to adapt well in the Wilds His natural leadership skills are amazing and he is really determined to prove his worth quickly I think Lena was waaay whiny when she first became an invalid than the rich kid Julian and I really admired him for that.He also has the urge of protecting Lena though he is not capable of doing that MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA On to Alex He has another love interest here view spoiler Name s Coral hide spoiler I have never hated a cliff hanger so much in my life.ALEX ALEX ALEX ALEX GAHHHH ALEX I M FREAKING OUT SO BAD RIGHT NOW I THINK I FORGOT HOW TO BREATHE I CAN T WAIT UNTIL MAAAAAARCH.Blah Lena better choose Alex or I will personally find a way into the book and murder her.I mean, yeah sure, Julian s okay, I guess, if you like THAT kind of guy But Alex DHAFDOSIUFJEASFDJHIE HE ALMOST DIED FOR HER And no He was so not cured HE WAS NOT CURED Yeah, I would look all stony and shit if the girl I ALMOST DIED FOR was kissing another guy Wouldn t you HE WAS NOT CURED If Alex and Lena aren t together, then I can t even finish that thought THEY WILL BE TOGETHER.My predictions of what s going to happen Somehow the Resistance takes down the stupid deliria free government.They make a cure for the Procedure.ALEX AND LENA GET BACK TOGETHER Then, they addopt Gracie and they become a big, happy, uncured family.Julian doesn t die.Hana gets her procedure reversed and gets together with him.Raven and Tack become a BAD ASS couple and have a baby they name Blue THE END.