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Update I actually changed my rating to 2 stars For some reason, 1 star seems a bit too rough for me I mean, I did finish it so that has to be worth at least two stars I loved Backstage Pass Ok, so I know it is not some literary masterpiece, it was an erotica novel with a cute feel good side story to it Because of my love for book 1, I actually purchased book 2.I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with book 2 It was plain horrible I hardly ever give one star two stars I usually can find something worthwhile about a book but this book was not only bad, it annoyed me.Jessica There are bitchy, demanding girls and then there is a bitch Jessica was a bitch I found nothing appealing about her If she wasn t having sex with Sed, she was bitching about being wronged, about not wanting Sed to control her, about how hard her life was Because she was so bitchy, the last thing I wanted to read about was Jessica getting it on with Sed She deserved some serious lonely nights Seriously, this girl had no redeeming qualities I cannot remember anything positive about her personality.The story What story Let s see, Brian hates Jessica because he thinks that she left Sed and that turned Sed into a man whore which in turn made Sed steal Brian s previous girlfriends At one point in the story, Jessica tells Brian the truth Just like that, Brian takes her word as gospel and the entire issue is cleared up without Brian even asking Sed if Jessica was telling the truth.This entire law school scenario was so laughable First, what law school did Jessica go to I went to law school I graduated law school no comments about my grammar from the peanut gallery My books cost than Jessica s alleged tuition The sexual harassment professor giving blow job to the dean side story, bleh, it sucked no pun intended ok maybe pun was intended but I know it was a bad one Overall I literally hated reading anything to do with the main characters sorry Sed, you where the unintended victim of Jessica hatred I can t believe I finished a book where I only partially enjoyed the stories of the minor characters in the book.1.5 stars.5 stars for inciting me to rant passion is good 1.5 stars rounded up to 2 stars. 2 starsConfidential file.Subjects Jessica Who Gives a Damn and Sed LionheartJessica suspected schizophrenia and a severe case of reappearing bitchiness Prognosis no cure Terminal.Sed confirmed occasional jerkiness and a constant loss of IQ points when in contact with Jessica Prognosis too grim for words The funny thing I kind of feel like seeing a shrink after reading this book, too All that head banging can t be good for my psyche Can anyone please tell me what the HELL happened to all those deceptively smart characters between book number one andthis I mean, Sed for Chrissake Yes, we did see his occasional outbursts, but here, oh man Here, read thisYou re not going to law school You ll be far too busy keeping me entertained in the bedroom When that gets boring, you ll pop out five or six kids and take care of them while I tour with the band and make us all rich and famous Huh Did we regress to the Middle Age Where the hell did it come from, thiswhatever And when Jess suddenly goes from I HATE YOU to NEVER MIND, I WANT TO JUMP YOUR BONES it is not suspicious AT ALL Because that s normal human behaviour ReallyAnd what s with Jess Her mood swings and her revenge plans are so Agh You do not want to hear her plan to use and discard the hero for almost half the book, in between and during bouts of creative sex in weird places Or maybe that s just me And then she decides to just let that all go, you know, clean slate all of a sudden Very real Really.Moving onBrian and Myr Brian s hatred of Jess and then she tells him something and he just lets that all go, instantly believing the woman he claims to hate Oh, and the ignoring and enabling of a drug addiction Very cool Really.The plot is befuddled, too Feels kind of directionless and all over the place And in the course of it, things and injuries just pile up without rhyme or reason And two injuries befalling two members of the band which may prevent them from performing a month or so apart Statistically possible Really.I still like the idea of the band and I did like interactions between band members, and I DID like and enjoy Backstage Pass, so I m choosing to believe this is an anomaly I know this series will never get a Nobel, but getting back to rational thinking would be good for me The last twenty percents got my hope up What elsethe humor was still there and still worked well The smexy wasn t so smexy to me because of all the other stuff So, that is all Really.Conclusion better experience next time, I hope Trey s up Hope it doesn t get too Brian angsty Edited to addOne thing that came to me out of the blue last night In reunion stories such as this it s common to show or tell the readers how the couple met, fell in love, etc Here nada We re told they were engaged, but nothing before that Seems the idea of a marriage sprung out like Athena fully formed.I just thought it was weird Kind of like the fact I was even thinking of this book before I fell asleep Must be the work of sandy people. ORGASM 4 Top notch scene in this book Wooooo BABY I happen to be sitting on the floor on my comfy rug,then literally rolled on the floor and laughed my butt off, ahahaha.but then couldn t help myself, I was in total bliss Can someone wake me up Cause I didn t want that scene to end..orrather I didn t want the book to end,what so EVER This novel was so wicked Truthfully I loved the first novel to this series Back Stage Pass but I rendered speechless with this book My Goodness Sed and Jessica had it going on Allllll around the city if you catch my drift,LOL Let s talk about Sed Lionheart here for just a moment Ahem I caught myself clearing my throat from all the dryness after a few hours of having my mouth gaped wide open HOT DOGGIT Sed is SEXY AND WICKED When I say he s good with his fingers and tongue,believe me,cause I felt it all the way down town,and I was just the reader.LOL..When reading about Sed s character in BSPass,He was just okay,I felt bad for him,and I totally hated Jessica s guts,but not any Now knowing exactly what went down,I loved both of them All it took was Sed to finally realize,he needed to stop being so controlling and let Jessica make her own decision.If there is one thing men should know about woman Woman don t like to be tugged around and be told what to do,we just get frustrated and do the complete opposite It takes 2years for this Smexy Ass couple to reunite again,after their terrible breakup,it may not have been a Honky Dory moment,but their bad encounter is what they needed to reconcile and deal with their past Jessica, Although,I was wondering what the heck was she thinking,did she honestly think she could use up Sed as her own personnel sex slave and think she could give him up Obviously not,Jessica sees a side of Sed s soft and admirable heart that she didn t see from him when they were engaged.I loved their connection,it felt like they could hear one anothers heart and knew,there was no letting go Jessica was a strong impregnable character,with or without Sed by her side no one could tug her down and make her lose her defenses I loved it Did I mention she has lots of Stamina Yeesh I guess that s what happens when a woman doesn t have sex for two years Gwad I was so jealous,her and Sed rocked the bed sheets that I was under at night LOL I ve upgraded form a Sinners Fangirl to their Body Guard LOL I can t believe how much bad luck the Sinner s Band has, every time they try to work on their new album, one of the band members gets hurt sighs What I loved the most about this book,it was then just about Sed and Jessica.The Band Members Rock Trey played a major role in this story,along with Eric,Brian and of course I can t forget Jace That man makes my mind flicker with naughty pics to drool over.ahahaha..for instance,I went batshite during this scene That is hotter Jace nodded at the leather clad, black haired woman brandishing a whip on the left hand stage His entire body jerked with excitement every time her whip cracked Elena Shudders Y all can make fun of me,but I ll rock and rob that cradle any day MmmmmmNice Olivia Cunning did a marvelous job writing this book It was what I expected plus some The concert scenes were off the charts It felt as if I were on stage with them and seeing them Rock On Hard Core If I knew my family wouldn t look at me as if a weirdo I would ve squealed like a crazed fan LOL Great Job Olivia BTW,Now I understand the meaning to the book title Rock Hard Cause Sed is always Rock Hard hehehehe.. 3 stars Erotic Contemporary RomanceThoughts before reading SED SED SED SED SED GIVE US SED, NOW Thoughts after reading I read this for one main reasonSEX SED And it he mostly delivered Overall, I didn t enjoy Rock Hard quite as much as Backstage Pass, but it s a smokin hot, entertaining read I m still a Sinners groupie view spoiler And ten orgasms, really Seriously I think I d pass out or need a crash cart after Sed srock hardsexin I actually got a little bored at times with their marathon sex sessions and public escapades, and I was hoping for a bit kink like Myrna and Brian shared in Backstage Pass hide spoiler 3.5 4stars Jessica kind of annoyed me a little OK a lot Sed wasn t that better either but overall I enjoyed it lol Time to read Sed s story And because the series is based on Avenged Sevenfold and this is the lead singer so I ll be pretending this is my baby M Shadows the entire time while I read In our last book, we learned that Sed, the lead singer, was pining after his lost love, Jessica So, of course it was exciting to meet this magical girl She must be some sort of sweet angel from heaven, right Um not exactly The real song that Sed wrote for herJessica is a law student who is so beautiful that her life sucks Yes, beauty doesn t help in this world Anyway, she doesn t get why all the girls hate her and all the men want her It s so hard to be beautiful And, she s so tired of being judged by her looks alone Can t people see that there is so much to her than her amazingly beautifulness good motivation bad ideaShe needs money for next semester s tuition So, being a law student, with quite a bit of brains and wanting to be taken seriously for her mind, what should she do Work for a law firm Get a job that has to do with the court system, police department, or anything at all relevant to her future aspirations Naaah, she becomes a stripper There is no better way to get people to stop judging you for your appearance than to strip for a living Good choice, Einstein And, with Jessica being a stripper now, and Sed being a guy who likes watching strippers, they were bound to be reunited It s so romantic But, he gets her fired from her stripping gig Oh no What s a poor unemployed stripping law student to do foreboding musicMyrna, from the last book, hires Jessica to work as her assistant for the summer This means she will be on tour with the band So, when Sed brings back three groupies to have sex with, things get slightly awkward Jessica doesn t like that for some reason So, she decides to take one for the team and has sex with Sed For revenge Yes, that s why Revenge.And, Sed and Jessica s thing is public sex But, oh no Someone gets them on tape and posts it to the internet Who could have ever guessed that something like that would happen It s not like people are walking around with magic devices that can record anything at anytime oh right.Poor bitchy Jessica s life is ruined now because of her sex tape All she wanted to do was be a stripper, have public sex, and be respected for her mind instead of her body Is that asking too much Ahhhhhh, Olivia Cunning, thank you, Sed has left me quite satisfied Ok I m in love with an overbearing, pompous ass, who just happens to have a hard exterior, everywhere and is soft and mushy on the inside Like a hard filled candy you suck on it until finally you reach that creamy delicious center, and then really get to taste the candy and see how good it is Now I m just being naughty Oh poor Sed, so unappreciated We get to see him for who he really is His approach to a situation isn t always tactful, but his heart is in the right place He has a horrible case of foot in mouth disease, and his demanding ways, or better yet, his take control personality, just rubs everyone the wrong way This is especially annoying to his true love Jessica She s been out of his life for two years and they meet again Sed s reaction when he sees her is quite comical and sets the stage for the book These two have an insatiable sexual appetite for one another, and when an opportunity presents itself, they are willing to go for it SMOKIN SSSSSSSSSS When a band mate has a life threatening injury and far reaching after effects, it s Sed who realizes what s happening, and sets about to make it right Jessica is right by his side, and they see each other for who they really are Sed even sheds a few tears I love a man who can cry Although the heart of the story is about Sed and Jessica, you really get a taste of what the other characters are about They were all introduced to us in Backstage Pass, but in Rock Hard, Olivia Cunning delves into their personalities a little , and how they interact with the other band mates Very discretely, and through observations of the other characters, she is setting us up for some interesting follow up books Eric has so much intelligence then we were initially led to believe He is not just a drummer, his musical abilities are about to shine Eric is the consummate voyeur Although he doesn t hide the fact that he likes to watch, can he ever find someone to love and not always be on the outside looking in Jace sweet shy Jace this boy has some secrets, one rather LARGE one that has been revealed, and frankly I can t wait to see what he is really all about Trey doesn t really know what he wants He seems to adore Myrna, but yet Brian and her relationship, or now marriage, has him out of sorts why Is his bromance with Brian really a yearning for something Maybe three s company for him, one of each gender Now that would be interesting Brian is still his exuberant, adorable self, and a very happily married man I love the direction that his life has taken We have a perception of the rock star life and in Rock Hard Olivia Cunning chips away at that stereotype and we get a backstage look at the real people People who in their everyday, over the top, unconventional lifestyles, still want to love and be loved You can write the about the steamiest sex, but if you as a reader can t connect with the characters, then why bother These boys have me hook, line and sinker I want to know what is going to happen, I think about them when I m done reading, and I am excited to see what the future holds So again, this Sinner s groupie has her lighter lit now I think they use cell phones I m showing my age and is waiting for the next installment in this terrific series. An Ultimatum Can Break Your HeartEvery Night Lead Singer, Sed Lionheart Whips Thousands Of Women Into A Frenzy With His Voice Alone But The Stage Is The Only Place Sed Feels Any Passion Since He Lost Jessica If You Re Not Willing To Break All The RulesIt Shattered Her Heart, But Law Student Jessica Broke Off Her Engagement To Sed, Determined To Be Successful On Her Own Terms But No Other Man Can Ever Hold A Candle To SedThen A Chance Meeting And Tortuously Close Quarters Lead To Uncontrollable Flares Of Passion And Rediscovery Of Their Unique Penchant For Public Encounters Now, In Addition To The Risk Of Mutual Heartbreak Every Time They Get Together, They Re In Danger Of Truly Scandalous Public Exposure ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN FABULOUS I fell in love with this amazingly fun and sexy group of men known as the rock band SINNERS almost instantly when reading Backstage Pass and I can honestly say their stories just get better and better OK, I know we were all supposed to believe that Sed was a complete and total A hole, but I never believed it I knew there was pain, and a woman, behind his jerk off act, and boy was I right Sed and Jessica may have had a rough go of it in the beginning put their love and passion EXPLODES off the pages But IMO, the rest of the band plays as much a part in this story as the main characters The interaction between the band members is amazing, emotional and sometimes makes me laugh right out loud Each one of the band members is so uniquely interesting that I cannot wait for each individual story I thought Trey would be my favorite story to get to but after learning a little about each of them in this book, I am kind of excited to get Jace s story too An incredibly hot and sexy rock band, smokin hot sex that makes you squirm in your seat and a HEA What could you ask for I just finished Rock Hard, the second book in the Sinners on Tour series and I think I loved it even than Backstage Pass I thought I would find myself comparing the two stories but both Sed and Brian are such different characters that in the end it wasn t even a comparison.This is the offical photo of Sed, used on the Sinners web site After a freak encounter Sed runs into his ex fianc e, Jessica and both are not happy about seeing each other Without spilling the beans the two end up on tour together for two months In true Olivia Cunning style the passion between the twoumreignite and freaking combust In the beginning I wasn t sure how I was going to react to Sed In Backstage pass he came off as a jerk and a major player but as per usual I found myself very wrong We got to see all aspects of Sed he is an Alpha to the max He likes to tell everyone what they should be doing and sometimes doesn t know how to filter it so the people around him don t get hurt But in his heart he is just trying to protect the people he loves Jessica is very much into PDA Public Displays of affection , I won t spill any spoilers but let s just say that I will be looking at lot closely when I hit the water parks wave pools next time I m out Jessica is very independent and wants to make it in life on her own without the financial aid of Sed.These two make an explosive pair I absolutely tore through this book in about 24hours I couldn t help myself falling in love with the two of them and how together they worked through their past issues and looked forward to the future The character development for each band member makes you feel connected to each and every one of them.I cannot wait for the next instalment For those of you who haven t discovered it yet check this Sinners site out It has all character bios and information it s fantastic Brings the band to life