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With the publication of Bright Lights Big City in 1984 Jay McInerney became a literary sensation heralded as the voice of a generation The novel follows a young man living in Manhattan as if he owned it through nightclubs fashion shows editorial offices and loft parties as he attempts to outstrip mortality and the recurring approach of dawn With nothing but goodwill controlled substances and wit to sustain him in this anti quest he runs until he reaches his reckoning point where he is forced to acknowledge loss and possibly to rediscover his better instincts This remarkable novel of youth and New York remains one of the most beloved imitated and iconic novels in America

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    So it remains to say which one's better? This or Bret Easton Ellis's smash literary debut Less Than Zero? These two novels are comparable because they crystallized the 1980's and with style to spare They both have that quality that makes a reader almost fanatically impatient for their next written workMy opinion is that THIS ONE gets top prize Although Ellis's Rules of Attraction is better than both of these The protagonist gets some help from the ever elusive second person narrator treatment a fantastic writing feat For you are the guy YOU are trapped in your own particular time space obviously conveying the very way he feels trapped just like the reader becomes trapped inside the narrative This quality makes it especially endearingIt's important a true page turner on top of it