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The Lord of Scoundrels is the first, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is the second, and The Duke s Perfect Wife is the third romance book that left me speechless and unable to share my thoughts and my feelings in a review by the time I finished reading it So I ll just tell you how many stars I gave to this book and the reasons in a simple way.Five stars to Hart Mackenzie For his pride, his passion, his mistakes, his pain, his roughness, his sacrifices, his burdens, his responsibilities, his strength, his gorgeous body, his beautiful face, his secrets, his restless mind, his fragile soul, for finding his long lost love, and for loving Eleanor in his own complicated way Five stars to Eleanor Ramsay For her courage, her kindness, her tenderness, her understanding, her forgiveness, her trust, her patience, her determination, for searching her long lost love, for never stop loving Hart, and for never give up on him.Five stars to Ian, for the same reason you all love him.Five stars to The Mackenzies, for being noisy, being supportive, being there, for showing how much madness, happiness, and love a family can have.Five stars to Jennifer Ashley For her fascinating story, her characters who are close to my heart, her writing that touch my soul, and her messages which I will always remember.So, how many stars were there June I loved Ian s book, didn t like Mac s book because I couldn t stand Isabella , enjoyed Cameron s book but was waiting for Hart s book Sigh SPOILERS AHEAD So a strange woman comes to Eleanor and says Hi, I m your fianc s whore mistress and I ve got to tell you he s a mean man because he gets angry sometimes and I don t always understand him and he used me which is exactly the purpose of a mistress but I digress and now he has threatened to leave me, to be with you, his fianc e, because, you know, he owes me um exactly nothing since I m his mistress, not his wife, so in order to convince him not to leave me I got other girls to come and have sex w him in the house he pays for and, ya know, he also pays me for being his mistress because he s a single man of strong sexual appetites and having sex w lots of different women is a bad thing because he should only want me and I m afraid he ll throw me over which I totally don t deserve what s that Why don t I deserve him to tire of me and leave Um well forget that, anyway, so he s a bad man and might not be nice to you because he likes his sex kinky w his whores and he might leave you too one day And Eleanor, who from the sound of it was in love w Hart she did give up her V card to him which is a big deal in the 1880s decides to believe this woman and throws her engagement ring at Hart not asking him for details or an explanation, just accusing him of being heartless ha and mean and basically screw you if you could be cruel to your whore mistress who you broke by being so mean to her and she s a strong woman so if you broke her you must truly be awful and you could break me too Years later, after living poor and on the charity of her community and hardly any contact other than a damning confessional letter he sent to her about a murder because she is so trustworthy , she gets sent a pervy pix of Hart She runs to him and says hey, I ve been living off welfare rather than getting a job but now that I got this nekkid pix of you w no threatening note or anything you need to hire me because I m so skilled I m going to track down where this pix came from After letting Hart kiss her and stir up old feelings, she goes off to a photo shop Lo and behold, it is the right shop and the man who works there, sees a woman who is obviously of quality, and rather than asking for a secret code or anything to show that she might be into that sort of thing, just up and offers to sell her other nekkid pix of Hart She knows Hart does not want her to go see the naughty house but goes anyway coerces Ian into taking her, doesn t matter what Hart might want or think Later on, she finds a cabinet locked in his study and rather than respecting his privacy, she decides she has the right to rummage around for the key and unlock it because she is curious always a fine excuse for invasion of privacy that is not an impt part of the story but it really bugged me that she did that I think she is supposed to be bright and engaging and charming I find her bubble headed and annoying and pushy and selfish and rude A lot of boring political stuff happens, and somehow Hart and Eleanor end up back together there is no romancing, not a lot of anything happens she just reenters his life, no discussion of their break up or resolution of any of the issues that caused their break up, there is no wooing and after all their time apart, some wooing was necessary but some kissing, some sexing a tiny bit of Hart s feelings but nothing from Eleanor and voila They are once again engaged why would it work this time Isn t she still disgusted with him Isn t he still a selfish, horrible man who would be cruel to her and tire of her and leave her because that was so common in the 1800s Oh you mean it turns out Mrs Palmer was a horrible woman who almost killed Beth and ruined Hart and perhaps Eleanor should have gotten facts before she dumped Hart 10 years before Hmmm Frustrations I find it very annoying when a woman dumps her boyfriend fianc and his whole family is on her side instead of his like yeah, we still love you and consider you family even though you dumped our brother a million years ago and we ve not seen you since for no reason that we know of and he s a dick even though he s taken care of all of us for years and loved us and sacrificed for us and we don t really want good things for him at least that s the way we act but you are wonderful so we love you Oh, and w in hours of being shot, she wakes alone in her room w no one but her maid no frantic hubby or caring family and manages to get up and deal w the gunman boy and then ends up in a fever for three days, and they feared they would lose her but once again she wakes alone but for her maid and gets out of bed and has the strength to bath, dress, and walk outside in the cold middle of the night to find her hubby Sex happens boy she recovered quickly and then Eleanor has the strength to set up camera and tripod equipment because she wants to take nekkid pix of him the very next day and again where is the family checking on her Beth s sick room in Ian s book was overflowing w family and visitors and Ian never left her side and when recovered, she still didn t leave her bed for a week The ending was rushed and weak, w Hart after disappearing for an unspecified amount of time weeks A month basically deciding Eleanor was right about him, that he probably would have treated her like crap years ago and yea for her for ending the engagement and his lifelong quest for power is now all gone I was even annoyed a bit w Ian in this book what is he, some sort of psychic who can find always find Hart and always knows what people will do like sending the pix to the almost whore who knew Hart for 5 minutes how would Ian even have known she was ever in the house She was there for less than a day But he knows to find her and sends her the pix of Hart, trusting that she ll send them to Eleanor, and knowing that this will be the impetus to bring Hart and Eleanor back together If he knows so much, doesn t he know why they broke up and why would he assume that Eleanor would be willing to forget all of that and want him back I found the entire who shot the whores storyline in Ian s book convoluted and I think the who sent the pix storyline in this book was similarly convoluted Finally why did 3 of the 4 brothers have to have books dealing w women they already knew I feel cheated when I don t get to see the meet, the slow build up of lust, the first time they kiss or whatever Also, would have been interesting to see them introduced to Ian, how the brothers would have explained his unusualness Looks like the next book will be of the same they ve already met by the time we meet them and the hero is already in love with her I ll probably read it, but leery about it at the same time. Lady Eleanor Ramsay Is The Only One Who Knows The Truth About Hart Mackenzie Once His Fiancee, She Is The Sole Woman To Whom He Could Ever Pour Out His Heart Hart Has It All A Dukedom, Wealth, Power, Influence, Whatever He Desires Every Woman Wants Him His Seductive Skills Are Legendary But Hart Has Sacrificed Much To Keep His Brothers Safe, First From Their Brutal Father, And Then From The World He S Also Suffered Loss His Wife, His Infant Son, And The Woman He Loved With All His Heart Though He Realized It Too Late Now, Eleanor Has Reappeared On Hart S Doorstep, With Scandalous Nude Photographs Of Hart Taken Long Ago Intrigued By The Challenge In Her Blue Eyes And Aroused By Her Charming, No Nonsense Determination Hart Wonders If His Young Love Has Come To Ruin Him Or Save Him 4.5 stars.I ve missed you I ve missed you so much it s breaking my heart.El, I ve missed you I ve died a little every day without you.Lady Eleanor Ramsay is lurking among a flock of journalists in St James s Street, waiting for the great Hart Mackenzie, Duke of Kilmorgan, emerging from his club Eleanor had come to change his life, and she is here to present a business proposition Someone sent Eleanor a somewhat compromising photograph of Hart She is quite happy to announce that she d be pleased to look into the matter for Hart if he will provide the funds and a small salary of course Eleanor wants Hart to give her a job In fact, she d come like an answer to a prayer because Hart had planned to travel to Glenarden to convince her to marry him.Eleanor is somewhat concerned to see an altered Hart The young Hart who was devilishly handsome, teasing and laughed so quickly was long gone Well, Hart is still handsome of course but he is a very hard and driven man and no one would call him kind I so enjoyed to witness the hard man softening quite a bit throughout the story Eleanor hit all the right buttons, and Hart began to laugh often Behind his armor, Hart is a very caring and loving man.The Duke s Perfect Wife is another great story written by the amazing Jennifer Ashley Even though this is not my favorite story of the Highland Pleasures series, it s absolutely worth reading very entertaining indeed I loved the banter between Hart and Eleanor Hart raised his head His gentle look fled, and the sinful smile of the young Hart Mackenzie spread across his face Devil, he said You are still rather attractive, Hart And you still have fire in you Hart brushed a fingertip over her lashes I see it On the contrary Things have been rather chilly in Aberdeen And you came to London to warm yourself Wicked lass Maybe you were sent to save me I highly doubt that No one could save you, Hart Mackenzie Good I don t want you to save me Not right now Then what do you want she asked I want you to kiss me Then again, these two know how to lock horns too Boy, Eleanor is strong minded and determined Oh, yes, did we have a tiny problem with obedience my dearest Eleanor LOL I always loved the control freak Hart, and it was so satisfying to see that our dear Hart finally realized that he didn t need to run the world any He wanted to start trying to run his life since he d neglected it so much and he found a wonderful match in Eleanor I loved the characters, and I especially enjoyed to see Hart s brothers again Ian made a huge appearance and I truly appreciated it Further, I think the photo session was very well done It was sensual and playful at the same time Admittedly, the love scenes were not supremely hot but I liked them a lot though They were well written and sensual The story is nicely enhanced by a little touch of suspense I won t reveal anything substantial here but it has something to do with Hart s political aspirations.What annoyed meHart kept saying he couldn t do it without her He couldn t face the world without Eleanor But At a certain point I wanted to throttle good old Hart and tell him he should admit that he loved her Gosh, what s so darn difficult to voice your feelings, huh Yeah, I got it, our hard and driven hero had some issues when it came to his feelings and shortcomings Well, all s well that ends well, after all Eleanor is the perfect lady for the great Hart.I strongly advise you to read the author s note about the Irish Home Rule. flamesHart Mackenzie It was said he knew every pleasure a woman desired and exactly how to give it to her Hart wouldn t ask what the lady wanted, and she might not even know herself, but she would understand once he d finished And she d want it again Thus begins the smokin first paragraph of The Duke s Perfect Wife.I ve wanted Hart s story since I first saw him in The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie He was such an ass to Beth, yet his love for his brothers, especially Ian, was so obvious Hart seemed driven He acted as if the fate of the world rested on his broad shoulders And to him Maybe it did When The Duke s Perfect Wife opens, Lady Eleanor Ramsey is pushing her way through a crowd of journalists to get to Hart When she has him alone, she propositions him And no, not in that way She asks him for a job This is my favorite thing about Eleanor She may tend to babble, but she is also very direct She doesn t sugarcoat anything and she is a very capable woman What a patient and caring woman Eleanor is Hart just bulldozes over people to get his way, and El quietly sidesteps him every time Eleanor is good for Hart, I only wish Hart had trusted her a bit The backstory between the two is finally brought to light, and I was surprised at how emotionally vested in their romance I became Eleanor is in possession of several photographs of Hart This wouldn t be so unusual, except that hart is nude in all of them Someone has been sending them to her, and she can t resist the chance to uncover the mystery which by the way, was a great mystery But that means, she is uncovering and about Hart, as well Hart has been planning his life out down to the second He knows what he ll do, and where he ll be 1 year from now, 5 years from now, you get the idea Having Eleanor sitting across from him in his carriage, telling him he will give her a job, actually fits with his plan He wants El for his wife, he always has He blew it with her when they were young, and now that he has her in his life once He won t let go.This poignant quote was from Mac to Hart, warning him not to hurt Eleanor againWe re Mackenzies, Mac said, his gaze steady Remember that we break what we touch He jabbed a finger at Hart, Don t break this one One thing I wish we had seen of was Hart s penchant for unusual proclivities, because it was such a huge part of who he was What we did see, though, was how hard it was for Hart to share that side of himself with Eleanor It wasn t easy for him, and even Ian seemed to understand Hart better than he understood himself In fact, Ian was in this one quite a bit, and not only did he diffuse a tense situation merely by being Ian, but he stole every scene He is the one who kept telling Hart to let Eleanor see every side of him.I love how this series has such a different feel to it from Jennifer Ashley s other books, even compared to her other Historical Romances The language, the words, the way they speak, it s all such a seductive world, you ll get swept away, just as I did Thank you to the author for the ARC Hart s book Heroine Eleanor Ramsay Pub date is now April 2012. OH MY GOSH I LOVED this one I can t even put into words how much I fell in love with The Duke s Perfect Wife I actually haven t read this series for quite a few years, not since they first came out, and I can t believe it took me so long to read this one Ever since the first in the series, I just fell in love with all of the characters How great it was to see them all in Hart s story Hart I have always lovedeven though he is manipulative and craves powerbut importantly he loves very deeply He does everything he can to protect those in his close circle, especially his family The career he has made for himself is sky rocketing, and is most popular among England, even though he is a Scot and wears a kilt so so sexy Eleanor, is a fighter, and I just loved that about her She stands up to Hart, which could be very amusing, and isn t afraid of him at all I really loved the sparks that fly between these twoeven verbally The bed sceneswell sigh so sweet and tender at times, but very steamy, I felt like I was in a oven The plot was very thrilling and exciting, and so mysterious at times, I kept guessing what was going to happen, and I ended up guessing wrong LOL Such adventure reading Ashley s historical s I am never bored, and I always find myself totally engrossed in this one I always know when I pick up her books I will enjoy it, and it was the same for this one I think it had me from the first paragraph and I was hooked and It was pretty hard putting it down I have always loved the way this author writes her storiesso powerful and heart wrenching It touches something deep inside this reader, and I am sure every other reader who has had the opportunity to read her wonderfully written works I couldn t help but fall in love with Hart.a hero to just dream about for years A story that will capture your heart and take you on a adventure of love and passion and danger A Delectable treat. I so wanted to give this book 5 because there was so much I loved about it but there were a few issues that really bugged me and so I m rating it 4.5.WHAT I LOVED ABOUT THIS BOOKHart and EleanorAs with everything else, Hart had planned with precision how he intended to win Eleanor back and make her his wife Poor Hart Things don t go completely to plan and it was wonderful to see that famous self control crack when she unexpectedly walks back into his life He s so used to controlling everything and everybody around him but Eleanor is the one person who has never been intimidated by him even at his most imperious I love Eleanor She s irrepressible, smart and determined but she s also warm, compassionate and kind She has a way of putting everyone at their ease, whatever their station in life, and I like that about her I smiled at how her constant chatter drives Hart crazy but arouses him at the same timeGoodness, I haven t seen her in donkey s years, Eleanor said, sitting back as they rolled on Her daughters must be, oh, quite young ladies now Have they made their come outs yet Her mouth was still kissable, closing in a little pucker while she awaited his answer I haven t the faintest bloody idea, Hart said I loved seeing that Eleanor has a slightly wicked side the way she peruses those nude photos of Hart in such detail These two are just a perfect match Even after their break up, Eleanor was the only one he ever confided in and trusted his darkest secrets to I think she understands him even better than he understands himself Eleanor can strip away the protective layers and find the laughing teasing man she fell hopelessly in love a decade ago Despite the passage of time and the different paths their lives have taken, I feel their love for each other has remained a constant.Yes, he s still got that hard edge but I began to see Hart through very different eyes In the intervening years, he has suffered terrible pain and grief but he has always hidden his emotions behind a cold hearted mask There s such a heart wrenching scene where Eleanor finds him touching his son s gravestone and his words are so poignant that I felt tears welling in my eyes.I enjoyed how the romance developed between Eleanor and Hart Beneath their teasing, there was always an undercurrent of sexual tension between them and I loved that rather delicious scene in the laundry room IanThe deep connection between Ian and Hart plays an important part in this story Hart had always done everything he could to protect his younger brothers from their cruel and ruthless father But Ian has always been different and special in Hart s eyes and the actions he is prepared to take to keep Ian safe speak than anything of his love for his brother It is obvious how much Hart s happiness means to Ian view spoiler Hart isn t the only manipulative Mackenzie hide spoiler You need to stay far away from me, Eleanor Ramsay You say you don t need protection, but that is exactly what you do need From meAnother great installment on the Highland Pleasures series, loved it, even though I expected from this book, but oh well D Hart and Eleanor were great, and I m looking forward to the next book and seeing of them together The storyEleanor Ramsay receives a photograph of her former fianc , Hart Mackenzie, and decides to pay him a visit and ask for a job The job would be finding out who sent the photo, because it s of Hart, completely nude Something like that could seriously damage his political career, and besides, she needs the money now.Having announced his wish to marry again, Hart has only one woman in sight for the position, Eleanor He couldn t have planned it better himself, although the photo is a serious matter, it brought her to his house, and got him a way to be close to her, to make Eleanor his again.Soon Eleanor starts investigating for real, going through Hart s past, which Hart doesn t want, and everything will become even complicated after someone tries to kill him Is the assassin the same person who is sending the letters And will Hart and Eleanor be able to forgive and forget their pasts and start over Hmmm DDDDDI ll not be your perfect wife, Hart Mackenzie, obeying you because it s my duty I ll search until I find you, and I ll make you stay this time I swear thisWell, like in the previous books, we get to see the family again, and it brings that something special to the story Ian s role was pronounced in this one, and I m not complaining LOLThe mystery in this one was interesting, the whole thing with the letters, although I had a suspicion early on about who could be the one sending them, and I was right in the end D The attempts on Hart s life were the other storyline, also good, but nothing very mysterious about them Loved the scene where it all went wrong, very emotional from Hart s point of view.Now, the last 30 40% were a bit of a let down I m afraid I totally didn t like where the story went, and the resolution of it I m not very fond of separations in any of my books, and this just didn t sit with me, plus the whole thing was pretty uninteresting Maybe I expected from this book, but I don t know Could have been better So considering than first half was 5 star, and the ending was 3, this rounds up on a nice 4 star ratingI want everything To be your lover in all ways I want to come to your bedroom every night and teach you things that will shock you Best lock your door, El, because I don t know how long I can stay awayEleanorShe s the one that jilted Hart, but she still has deep feeling for him Eleanor knows everything about Hart, he confided his darkest secrets to her, all but one The house in which Hart kept his mistress and did dark sexual things in, is locked to her, Hart doesn t want to talk about what happened there, even though it could lead to finding out about the photos.Eleanor sees how Hart has changed, he isn t happy any, just cold, and she wants to see the man he was before, from the time they were engaged.I have mixed feelings about Eleanor I did like her, I loved her in the beginning of the book, but I just couldn t understand her, especially when their break up was explained I read it, and still can t figure out why was she so upset view spoiler on behalf of his mistress hide spoiler This was the Hart Eleanor had known years ago, the one she d agreed without hesitation to marry He d had the body of a god, a smile that melted her heart, a sinful glint in his eyes that had been just for her and her alone Hart MacKenzieDuke Hart MacKenzie has only ever loved one woman But she left him years ago, and his life has been full of loss ever since He married, only to lose his wife and son in childbirth Hart caressed the letters of baby Graham s name Mac likes to say, We re Mackenzies We break what we touch But this little Mackenzie he broke meNow that all of Hart s brothers are happily married, Hart hopes for a second chance with his Eleanor But he has dark desires that he is afraid to share with Eleanor I am devouring this series and this book was just as entertaining as all the other El and Hart are so passionate And I love how Eleanor always keeps Hart on his toes She is the perfect woman for him, because she isn t afraid of his dictator ways.I highly recommend this series to all of my friends that love historical romances The MacKenzies have a permanent place in my heart I look forward to books about this wonderful family.Sexxy MacKenzie Reviews The Madness of Lord Ian MackenzieLady Isabella s Scandalous MarriageThe Many Sins of Lord CameronThe Duke s Perfect WifeA Mackenzie Family Christmas The Perfect Gift The Untamed MackenzieThe Wicked Deeds of Daniel MackenzieScandal and the DuchessRules for a Proper Governess