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I am currently physically, spiritually, and emotionally infatuated with the author. I really hate Mac Evasion , the guy who wrote this And I m basing it on my personal interactions with him I read the majority of this book in its original zine form, and I thought it was relatively cool in that it was heavily illustrated with borrowed photos Although I am a vegan and extremely tolerant of straight edgers I actually like to encourage it in others and some times even myself , his attitude toward women is hardly any different than a drunken fratboy jock He once spoke to a group of fledgling anarchists in Lawrence, Kansas and to promote his book, openly voiced his disdain at them for being some thing that they actually were NOT I didn t write this for you, I wrote it for the poor lonely outsider that feels trapped in a suburb in the middle of nowhere or something like that Like Lawrence was great Metropolis and as if Kansas WASN T in the middle of nowhere Like all these kids, politically precocious as they were, had a master s degree in dumpster diving and shoplifting which almost none of them did I think there were about three shoplifters and just a few habitual dumpster divings in a room of 2 dozen, I being the worse of them of course So all these people that he misjudged and insulted had no real idea of what the evasion CrimethInc life was all about, except me of course and maybe one or two others So basically, he s just an all around jerk However, this an interesting piece of historical documentation of a lifestyle that was already becoming a widespread phenomena among priviledged white dorks like Mac Evasion ten years after people like me were already doing it of course The Eagerly Awaited Second Offering From The CrimethInc Collective Offers Up A Collection Of Stories, Anecdotes From In And Around The Margins Of Drop Out Culture We Dumpstered, Squatted, And Shoplifted Our Lives Back Everything Fell Into Place When We Decided Our Lives Were To Be Lived Life Serves The Risk Taker Guaranteed To Be A Best Seller Snap Em Up While You Can this book just reeks of white suburban privilege to me an irresponsible lifestyle that only works if you are white male who can get away with it cos america is such a fucked up place not worth reading. The story itself is interesting It s always good to pick up a book about someone living differently from yourself It gives you perspective and gets you out of your own bubble The idea is interesting The story though not incredibly well written is entertaining and does bring up plenty of important questions about the world we live in So I will give it two stars for being interesting and for teaching me something about a world I would not otherwise have known about Here s the deal though Someone who wasn t white, who wandered aimlessly around stores and touched everything, would be kicked out Someone who did not have money to begin with and who was used to stealing and dumpster diving for their survival would not find this lifestyle as exciting That is the viewpoint that is not present here, and that is unfortunate because those are other important questions we need to ask ourselves about our society Also, too many exclamation points Oh, how I hate exclamation points. This book sucks.I agree with the philosophy that motivates people to pick food out of Dumpsters and live off the staggering amounts of waste Americans create without thinking where it goes I dislike capitalism and I dislike the sense of ownership Americans have that compels them to grow distraught when someone takes something out of their garbage can for chrissakes.But this book sucks.Mostly, I find it problematic because the narrator s scavenging off the system he professes to hate Is it actually multiple narrators I thought the distinct voice remained the same throughout, so I assumed one narrator He boasts that he does not have a job or any obligations, but he does NOTHING in the way of creating meaningful change in the society he claims to find so disgusting.I also find his superiority complex and obnoxious He judges others for being blind and ignorant and perpetuating capitalism, yet his own solution is deeply flawed He contributes nothing to society, only takes He disagrees with the economic system and its sociological effects, failing to recognize his responsibility as a dissenter He is a would be dissenter, too self absorbed and delusional and detached to make any kind of a difference.This book sucks. The first 100 pages made me very angry The author is ignorant to the plight of the poor, anyone who is not white, anyone with a child, anyone who wants an alternative to live The book also made me angry because the author glazed over any negative aspects of his life For example, being cold, mosquitoes at night, getting tired of bagels Are we as readers supposed to pretend that this little problems do not exist After the first 100 pages, much of the arrogance and denial of the negative subsided, which made the book interesting enough for me to finish. If Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance had been written by an anarchistic straight edge atheist youth, I think it would ve been something like this There s much less about it that smacks of resounding epiphanies and much less, for that matter, that I find myself readily agreeing with and the writing is amusing but often comes across as condescending and spiteful, despite its often silly tone I didn t always enjoy the preachy animal rights, anti white people from a white kid, no less messages, but I gained some respect for tramps Is respect the right word Also, this guy s hilarious. This book taught me how to use my white privilege to score free bagels Sweet. I did not enjoy this one bit For starters, it s very poorly written and each author is really trying too hard to be witty Also, the constant hc band name dropping is annoying Don t get me wrong, I like Youth of Today and Earth Crisis just as much as the next person but if I ever say something like as Ray of Today would say, take a stand , I hope that I immediately choke to death on the very cheese that would have just spewed from my mouth Also, seriouslyhow many stories can I read in one book about people doing the exact same thing everyday It s ironic that these people think they really have one up on working people when their lives are every bit as structured and redundant as everyone else s Location means nothing You can hop all the trains you want but where ever you go, there you are, the same person You still think the same things, you still have the same perception of your own reality just like we all do My next problem with this book is that it s just totally immature A life of vagrancy and shoplifting and subsisting off of waste is clearly not a solution to the problems that these people profess to have with american culture In fact, I would argue that these same ideas lead mega coporations to operate in the manner they do It s all just take take take If you are living a life of all take and no give, you will never in a million years convince me that you have found some secret to happiness or whatever these people think they re doing If everyone lived like this, who would you shoplift from Who would build and abandon the places you squat Who s waste would you subsist off of How exactly does any of this solve the greater problems of out of control capitalism, homelessness, poverty, poor levels of health and education, etcIf you live your life solely for your own benefit you are selfish and if you are doing it at the expense of everyone else you are doubly selfish and really just exploiting the world in the same way as corporate america, even if it s on a smaller scale If you have such a problem with the way the world is, cultivate your mind and use your life as a benefit to the world.