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For Years, He S Been An Object Of Fear, Fascinationand Fantasy But Of All The Wicked Rumors That Shadow The Formidable Alexander Moncrieffe, Duke Of Falconbridge, The Ton Knows One Thing For Certain Only Fools Dare Cross Him And When Ian Eversea Does Just That, Moncrieffe Knows The Perfect Revenge He Ll Seduce Ian S Innocent Sister, Genevieve The Only Eversea As Yet Untouched By Scandal First He Ll Capture Her Heartand Then He Ll Break ItBut Everything About Genevieve Is Unexpected The Passion Simmering Beneath Her Cool Control, The Sharp Wit Tempered By GentlenessAnd Though Genevieve Has Heard The Whispers About The Duke S Dark Past, And Knows She Trifles With Him At Her Peril, One Incendiary Kiss Tempts Her Deeper Into A World Of Extraordinary Sensuality Until Genevieve Is Faced With A Fateful Choiceis There Anything She Won T Do For A Duke

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    What I Did For a Duke by Julie Anne Long a wonderfully interesting and utterly original 5 star read.Welp, I can honestly say I do not know exactly how I m going to go about explaining this book While the cover and description make it seem very much unoriginal what lies within the pages is crazy refreshing At first , upon hearing the stupid revenge plot that the hero had involving the heroines I promptly felt likeThen I encountered the fact that there is a love triangle, though it really is disproportionate I felt likeHoweverAs the book progressed and I got to know the characters and Julie Anne Long s refreshingly direct way of writing, I was smitten Hallelujah AlrightI will be serious now and give you some valid reasons to read this book Three reasons you will like What I Did For a Duke1 The Hilarity Truth that is shown in Long s wonderful style of writingThat sounds like an odd pairing for a category, but bare with me See Julie Anne Long is nothing if not an honest writer In fact, this book was lacking in purple prose or any significant amount of flowery writing However, what she does provide is a healthy dose of reality Its honestly the most refreshing read I ve had in terms of romance I wanted to hate it, I wanted to demand some overzealous adjectives that would have me running toward a dictionary, however, albeit reluctant to admit, this stripped bare type of writing is something that I would love to encounter again Don t mistake this simplisitc type of writing that I am exposing on to mean its bad She is far from a novice writer and I was quite riveted with the story And honestly, it had to be good writing because usually upon sniffing out a vengeance theme and love triangle, it s a testament I didn t just abandon the book In this novel, the hero, Alex, and the heroine, Genevieve, are quite differing in age He is very near to forty They never say outright which leads me to say he is 39, and Genevieve is almost half his age so I read her to be around 23 24 years old Now this is a significant age difference, however, it is the truth Most romance books have the ages somewhat close but in truth, the men married late and the women married young So, I thought that was a wonderful little thing for her to write Even better, she was honest about his age and his limitations Often, he felt tired of playing games, of courtship, of beating around the bush, of everything young dandy men love to do For instance, after a vigiourous bout of love making, Genevieve wanted to almost immediatly get at it again Now, in Romanceland the hero would have a superpenis and super short refractory period and would all but be ready for round 2 Not in this case, for we have an honest writer Give me at least a minute or two I m not a man of twenty years Alex Does it matter Your age Genevieve It does indeed A bit Alex How hilarious is that Anyway, I was shocked that she wrote that and was even endeared to the couple, the story, and the writer as I continued to read great little moments like that 2 THE HERO ALEXOh alex, you are a man after mine own heart I love how Long painted this picture of a man , 39 years of age, who had lived quite a long and eventful life, had his share of heartbreak, and who was tired He was tired of playing games and of living some high ball life in the ton He wanted a wife, he wanted to settle down, he wanted a kid, he wanted piece In the beginning of the novel, he is going after the heroine for revenge, but that quickly becomes a tiring notion, which i found lovely He was super direct and never minced his words or played games with her He told her how he felt, nothing and nothing less He wasn t beautiful, his thighs hurt after sex, he was greying, and not liked Yet, he was one of the most wonderful heroes ever Maybe, his appeal lies in the fact that for once, I didn t have to be convinced of the amazingness of the hero He wasn t perfect He was a real man, tried and true That made the love story even special because it wasn t this complete fantasy And now, let me give you some quotes that explain his sexy imperfect appeal A proper kiss, Miss Eversea, should turn you inside out It should touch places in you that you didn t know existed, set them ablaze, until your entire being is hungry and wild It should hold a moment, I want to explain this as clearly as possible It should slice right down through you like a cutlass with a pleasure so devastating it s very nearly pain It should make you do battle for control of your senses and your will It should make you want to do things you d never dreamed you d want to do, and in that moment all of those things will make perfect sense And it should herald, or at least promise, the most intense physical pleasure you ve ever known, regardless of whether that promise is ever, ever fulfilled It should, in fact he paused for effect haunt you for the rest of your life O.M.G Tell me ladies, did you just audibly sigh and squirm in your computer chair I know I did I imagine that moment to follow was something like this When he finally got a chance to sink his hands in to her lush hair he whispered It s what this night would feel like if I could seize hold of it I thought that was so poignant These sweet words mean so much when he says them because, he is so very direct and unadorned So, when he speaks in simile and metaphor the effect is rather profound.In terms of his looks it is noted that He was almost ugly, when viewed as a set of amplified details and features Taken together, those details were devastating Might sound odd, but I love a regular looking or ordinary maybe even ugly hero It means he has substance and the writer is going to give him a depth that will make him dynamic and magnanimous and appealing Its easy to write a story with a good looking hero, but the best I find are not good looking at all I also love his approach to the love triangle Genevieve, I saw something in you Lord Harry didn t see, can t see, because it isn t in him to see it Ask yourself why this is so Ask yourself whether this might be rather an essential oversight on his part Ask yourself if you ve just discovered something about yourself that you may otherwise never have known I thought that was such a dignified response to her It was a wakeup call I wish love triangles were approached this way Im not one for misunderstandings and dramatic amounts of miscommunication I prefer directness and I prefer intelligence I thought he very eloquently pointed out the reality of the situation I m a sucker for rationale 3 The Awakening of the heroine, Genevieve.I really like Genevieve Like the hero, Alex, she too is someone so very relateable Everyone has met or has a Genevieve in their life A woman who is misunderstood and undervalued, who cares so much for others that she often goes with out A person who can t seize what she wants because she doesn t know who she is She doesn t know who she is because she lets everyone and her environment dictate it She s not weak, she s just not truly living her life, it is rather living her What I loved about her and the hero, was that he wanted one thing, he wanted her to seize the day carpe diem Everyone put her into this innocent, plain, passionless category However, Alex new better She was a woman, lush, beautiful, passionate, wanton, hedonistic and all She was everything she wanted to be I loved watching her find that out, she didn t turn into some crazy confident sex kitten She instead just evolved into a better version of herself, a version that cared for her happiness and was willing to expose upon it I loved the quote that kind of explained this, before a earth shattering kiss, the hero alex said to her You re a woman Don t you see You re made for this this being passion and happiness How wonderful is that quote It is so true, and applicable to all women Conclusion wrap upIt truly is a wonderful book It is refreshing, fun, and sweet I recommend it all This is also a perfect book if you have been a little tired with reading historical romances Heroine Alexis Bledel from Tuck Everlasting I don t believe she looked quite this young, but she is described as brunette, delicate, blue eyed, and delicate Only thing is her hair is straight but you get the picture Hero Richard Armitage as John Thorton While this guy is a little better looking than i believe the hero is, he , like this character, became attractive as the heroine began to find out the true him.

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    This was a 4 and 5 star read for all of my friends, but for me, it was just ok First off, I didn t like the Duke of Falconbridge He was assy.Yeah, yeah, he caught his fiancee in bed with a rascally young guy, and his honor demands satisfaction Whatever Dude, you were about to marry a scummy cheater Thank your lucky stars you got out of that relationship without catching something that made your wiener itchy and move on But, noooo His grand revenge scheme is to seduce this guy s younger sister, abandon her, and thereby ruin her chances at a happy life.Oh Well, that s fair, right What a creepy fucking dick No romance stars for you, asshole Genevieve was cool I liked that she saw through Duke Pervy McOldman pretty quickly, but since I disliked him so much, I was sorta rooting for her to end up with the other guy So close This one was kind of on the longish side, so if you enjoy a meatier romance, that s always a plus And I didn t dislike this story, I just wasn t as taken with the hero as everyone else.If you re looking for a good trashy romance novel, check out some of the other reviews, because this may be your cuppa Especially if you re in the market for an older man younger woman thing.

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    When the love of your life calls you a friend Friend. At the moment she would rather have been called anything else A wolverine.How do you not laugh at lines like that This book was full of them and I loved it Beyond the funny inner monologues and the witty conversations, this book had quite a few other surprises in store The least of which was that there is a 20 year age difference between the two main characters I have only read one other book by this author, How the Marquess Was Won, and I really enjoyed that one too This author might be my new Lisa Kleypas Eloisa James but specifically their old stuff, not their new stuff because that has been going kind of terribly lately

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    Re read May 2017There is something immeasurably special about this book On the one hand, you have Genevieve, who is wonderful She is equally pragmatic and passionate, and how often can you say that about a character She is blind and ignorant, but blissfully so I loved her so much.And then you have Alex Oh, Alex.Alex is higher than Mr Darcy and just slightly below Captain Wentworth for me with the good captain taking the 1 spot He s so delightfully flawed And demanding And wry And wise He s uncertain of himself when he recognizes his own vulnerability and because of this, felt feels real in a way very few fictional characters ever do This book is also eloquently written, as close to perfection in prose as is possible The imagery, the descriptions bring this novel to life, transport the reader, make one feel like a voyeur I ve read many of Julie Anne Long s books and she is an exceptional author However, I still believe this is her best I FOR REAL love this book and these characters and will likely re read many, many, many times in the future How have I not written a review for this book This is in my top 3 favorite historical romances EVER E V E R I guess I have to re read it now so I can do the review justice Shucks

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    Oh, how I m loving the Pennyroyal Green series This installment, What I Did For a Duke, is romantic, angsty, passionate, funny in a word amazing Needless to say, this is a must read series for me

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    4.5 stars rounded up.Incredible as it may seem and it still does to me the Pennyroyal Green series is one that I haven t yet completed I ve read the last three or four books but not the earlier ones, so I decided to pick up one of them for September s TBR prompt to read an historical romance The novel is fifth in the series and was originally published in 2011 and I m rather partial to the formidable but misunderstood hero trope, which is what decided me on this particular instalment.Alexander Moncreiffe, Duke of Falconbridge, is not a man to be crossed A certain aloofness combined with a reputation for ruthlessness and the rumours he killed his wife for her money makes him an object of fear and fascination among the ton, although of course, his immense wealth and title mean that he is welcomed everywhere Sardonic, charismatic and darkly attractive, women want him and men want to be him and recognising the futility of attempting to change society s opinion, Alex does nothing to dispel the rumours and actually, rather enjoys the reputation conferred upon him and is only too willing to play up to it on occasion.When he finds Ian Eversea in bed with his fianc e, he is naturally furious, but instead of challenging Ian to a duel he decides to make him sweat and keep him wondering as to when he will exact his revenge or what form it will take He decides that poetic justice will best suit his purposes and gets himself invited to the house party being held by the Eversea family at their country estate in Pennyroyal Green there he intends to seduce and then abandon Ian s younger sister, Genevieve.Genevieve has been in love with Harry Osborne for years, and is sure that at any moment he will declare his love and propose He s handsome, funny and charming if a little oblivious at times and they have a lot in common, such as their love of Italian art So she is devastated when, during a t te t te, he confesses his plan to propose to their mutual friend, Millcent and, heartbroken, attempts to hide herself away as much as possible When the formidable and fascinating Duke of Falconbridge singles her out for his attentions and seeks her company, Genevieve tries to avoid him but is intrigued in spite of herself Soon, she discovers a man rather different to the one she d expected he s authoritative and very ducal of course, but Genevieve sees through the highly polished veneer to discover a man capable of charm, humour and considerable perspicacity, at the same time as the duke encourages her to discover and admit to certain truths about herself.This is one of those books where not very much happens no kidnappings, pirates, spies, missing heirs or murders but in which the pages just fly by and the reader becomes completely and utterly invested in the central characters, their interactions and their gradually developing romance Neither Genevieve nor Alex is exactly what they seem, which becomes a point of commonality between them Alex s reputation as a cold, sometimes cruel man is not undeserved, but he s also clever, intuitive and witty, while Genevieve is widely believed to be sensible, quiet and shy whereas she s nothing of the sort Her demeanour is the result of careful consideration rather than natural reticence, and she is often impatient with the mistaken impression society has of her I loved the way Ms Long used flowers to point up the impressions held by others of Genevieve and her sister Olivia is routinely sent bouquets of vibrant, colourful flowers by her numerous admirers, while Genevieve, when she gets flowers at all, gets daisies and narcissi and pale, insipid arrangements, until one morning a huge display of roses that is magnificently intimidating and almost indecently sensual arrives for her Of course, it s from Alex, and it s a wonderful way of showing that he really sees Genevieve for the remarkable woman she truly is In spite of his plan to debauch and ruin her which is soon abandoned in an unexpected and fitting way , we see that he is coming to genuinely care for and understand her while she is doing the same thing as regards him.Julie Anne Long s writing is superb deft, witty, warm and perceptive, she has a knack for dialogue and vivid description, and for creating multifaceted, flawed and yet thoroughly engaging characters Although I really wish someone had corrected all the errors with titles a duke is never addressed as Lord anybody Alex is a formidable man but he s also a very lonely one who is tired of playing society s games and wants some peace in his life Genevieve is misunderstood and undervalued, a young woman who doesn t yet really know who she is, but who learns, through her association with Alex, how to be the passionate, vibrant, pleasure loving woman she really is They really do bring out the best in each other, and I loved the fact that Alex wanted so badly for Genevieve to become her best self even if he couldn t have her for himself, he wanted her to have that and to be properly appreciated.What I Did for a Duke is a captivating character driven story that has no need for flashy plotlines and over wrought drama to propel it forward What begins as a May December romance between an underestimated young woman and a world weary rake slowly morphs into something complex and nuanced, a story about two people able to see past the distorted lens with which they are each generally viewed to the real person inside and to love that person unreservedly When AAR reviewed the book on its release, it was awarded it DIK status, a judgement with which I wholeheartedly concur.

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    5 Fantastic Stars I ve read tons of historical novels and this one is definitely in my top 5 Gosh the plot was a breath of fresh air The characters were unusual for a historical, but yet believable at the same time Long s writing is exceptional and I love the words she chose She definitely had a dictionary on hand Yes it was a bit wordy , but it made for a better intimacy between the characters instead of them jumping into bed right away Just when I thought I was done with historical s along comes What I Did for a Duke This book was worth every penny and I ll definitely be reading it again.

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    What I Did for a Duke was a surprise hit for me I expected that I might consider it alright, but it ended up being amazing The duke so noble, so above those who love and who FEEL ends up becoming so human He was so much fun to read, with his dry wit, his sense of humor over catching his fianc in flagrante delicto and continuing to torment Ian When Alexander and Genevieve meet, I could feel the chemistry and tension I loved his surprise that she wasn t fawning over him, and I appreciated his honesty with her that was both brutal and kind I loved the duke, and I loved Genevieve just as much Her honesty, her wit, and that coolness hid so much underneath And the duke is smart enough to see it, fear it, and want it and their relationship is quickly not just for revenge I liked that Alexander never truly changes he is still the duke, one who has loved and lost, one who will continue to spark fear in others, but he lets Genevieve see something in him no one else gets close enough to But Genevieve loves another man does she really understand what gifts Alexander has given her

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    I liked both the hero and heroine in this one That s always a pleasant surprise.We have the Duke of Wherever, an older guy yay, I m not a pedobear for once , who catches the heroine, Genevieve s, brother in bed with his fiance He s planning revenge He gets himself invited to Genevieve and her pervy brother s house party Let the games begin Then, we have Genevieve, who starts out a little too wide eyed for me She is all moony over a guy named Harry, who proceeds to tell her that he is planning on asking her bff to marry him She s heart broken Over a guy named Harry Sorry, but that nameThe girl that Harry wants to marry is one of the short bus riders She likes kittens A lot She also offers to show the Duke her sketches He wonders if she is propositioning him, until she produces her sketch book He slowly turned pages, one by one Kittens playing with a string Kittens lapping milk Kittens sniffing flowers Lady Blenkenship Yes Do you like kittens Oh, I do she confided breathlessly.He sighed, handed the sketchbook back to her, and promptly abandoned her and wended his way through the crowd He didn t dislike kittens But life was too short to continue this conversation How could I not love this guy And, this is after he had another conversation with another girl where he insinuated that he had indeed poisoned his first wife but not for her money He was already wealthy And, then he told our heroine that his hobby was whores, but then pretended that he had said horses and she misunderstood Seriously, was this author thinking of my perfect man when she made this guy The duke was absolutely diabolical, hilarious, and dry as a biscuit The heroine was a frustrated female who was sick of being thought of as nice and stable just because she was quiet I loved their chemistry and banter, and I loved them as a couple I was totally rooting for Harry to NOT come to his senses and pick the better girl.Another awesome part of this series is that there are a few running jokes that carry over from book to book, so that is always fun I am one of those people who loves inside jokes, references even obscure, and call backs, so that makes me enjoy this series even So, even though the first book has a slightly rocky beginning, I feel like this series is picking up steam as it goes and am looking forward to the next one.

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    I am giving this one four stars mainly because it made me laugh a lot The Duke of the title has a very dry wit and the female main character manages some hilarious one liners too.I always call these kinds of books Georgette Heyer with sex but they are not often written as well as Heyer s were This one was good Ms Long writes an entertaining story, realistic dialogue and her characters are charming and funny It seems I have entered a series at book five but it probably does not matter I will put book one on my list to read soon.