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His eyes narrowed on the marquess, a man he barely tolerated on a good day This was not turning out to be a good day I m not marrying the girl There s no way I m marrying him she cried at the same moment Well At least they agreed on something.Wait She didn t want to marry him She could do a damned sight worse He was a duke, for God s sake And she was a walking scandal.Every once in a while, a historical romance comes along that makes all those other cliched and unabsorbing HRs, if not entirely worth the read then definitely tolerable, because they eventually led me to this historical, which restored my faith in the genre and erased the boring HRs from memory Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke s Heart is one such book.I ve always been a fan of love stories featuring a cold hearted hero and a passionate heroine or vice versa because these couples tend to complete each other so well The romance between Simon and Juliana is one of the most engaging of the lot Simon was absolutely imperial in all his ducal glory and Juliana was an admirable hotheaded Italian I love how Juliana always got under Simon s skin and how these two argued endlessly The banter between the two is my favorite part of the book Juliana was the perfect match for the otherwise unflappable Simon and I loved watching these two go head to head.One thing I didn t appreciate the only reason for the 0.5 stars is how Simon kept leading Juliana on and kissing her while fully admitting he had no intention of marrying her It seemed highly hypocritical coming from the Duke of Disdain and I would have liked him to display a bit care than that because this, than anything else, showed that he really didn t respect Juliana as he would have any other lady of the ton.Other than that, I loved this story and it s definitely my favorite of the series All the characters are very well developed and their relationships with each other are natural and effortless I also enjoyed catching glimpses of how life has gone on for the previous two couples, Gabriel and Callie, Nick and Isabel I hope this isn t good bye for real and we get to see of Simon and Juliana in his sister s book 4.5 5 starsFor reviews, visit my blog. 2.5 stars Warning Some spoilers may not be tagged I was hoping for a fun bodice ripper, and this one had so many glowing reviews that I thought it would be a good choice.Unfortunately, I didn t like the Simon or Juliana.In my opinion, the title could easily have beenThe Ass and the Idiot .And really, if you don t like the characters what are you left with However.I finished this in one day, so the problems I had with the book had nothing to do with readability Trashy Romance novels are a guilty pleasure of mine, so I tend to overlook a lot of stuff that would normally get on my nerves Which means I don t deduct points for the theatrical love scenes or the campy dialogue I mean, are there really guys out there who hiss through their clenched teeth when they re aroused Sure, I ve heard my husband hiss, but it was because one of the kids accidentally clocked him in the nuts with a toy If he had hissed at me while we were dating, I don t think we d be married right now to be quite honest with you.Like the majority of every romance novel, the hero and heroine have to overcome a multitude of obstacles in order to find their Happily Ever After In this case, the obstacle is the hero s snobbery.Ok I like the stories with the rigid hero and the carefree heroine Usually, it s fun to watch them argue and clash.Not so much in this case.Simon thinks Juliana is below him, and Juliana wants to teach him a lesson So far, so good If she had teased and tortured him, this would have been a fun little story But that s not what happened Basically, she has the hots for him, so she somehow gets him to agree to this weirdo bet that made no sense He has given her two weeks to prove to him that you can t live a life without passion.Da fuck Keep in mind that he s a super frigid Duke, who s all about duty, duty, duty Why would he agree to this bet to start withsniff, sniff Something smells sketchyAgain, I m pretty lenient when it comes to the plot in romance novels, but you ve gotta at least try to give me something quasi reasonable.Anyway this bet, that he tries several times to get out of, consists of nothing than Juliana stalking Simon, and making herself look desperate Dare I say, cheap, as well Look, I m not slut shaming, but she runs around throwing herself on a guy who repeatedly refuses to acknowledge that she s in any way worth his respect or affections.Which brings us to his fiancee Did I forget to mention that he got engaged during this bet Well, so did he.Although, to be fair to the guy, he told Juliana that he was planning to ask the girl to marry him before she issued her ridiculous challenge And yetAt one point in the book, after a kiss that she initiated, he loses control and with her permission ravishes her in the stables view spoiler And by ravished, I mean he licked her boobies hide spoiler There Is No Telling Where A Scandal Might LeadShe Lives For PassionBold, Impulsive, And A Magnet For Trouble, Juliana Fiori Is No Simpering English Miss She Refuses To Play By Society S Rules She Speaks Her Mind, Cares Nothing For The Approval Of The Ton, And Can Throw A Punch With Remarkable Accuracy Her Scandalous Nature Makes Her A Favorite Subject Of London S Most Practiced Gossips And Precisely The Kind Of Woman The Duke Of Leighton Wants Far Far Away From HimHe Swears By ReputationScandal Is The Last Thing Simon Pearson Has Room For In His Well Ordered World The Duke Of Disdain Is Too Focused On Keeping His Title Untainted And His Secrets Unknown But When He Discovers Juliana Hiding In His Carriage Late One Evening Risking Everything He Holds Dear He Swears To Teach The Reckless Beauty A Lesson In ProprietyShe Has Other Plans, However She Wants Two Weeks To Prove That Even An Unflappable Duke Is Not Above Passion yeah, i like it. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTEDYou are beautiful and brilliant and bold and so very passionate about life and love and those things that you believe in And you taught me that everything I believed, everything I thought I wanted, everything I had spent my life espousing all of it it is wrong I want your version of life vivid and emotional and messy and wonderful and filled with happiness But I cannot have it without you I love you, Juliana5 scandalously shiny stars Scandalously entertaining Gloriously good. Miss Juliana Fiori is in some serious trouble After leaving her sister in law s autumn ball in favor of the poorly lit gardens of Ralston House, she is unintentionally running into a fat, disgusting and drunken man She barely escapes and is hiding in a carriage Well, our heroine is in for a bad surprise It s the Duke of Leighton s carriage He believes that Juliana wants to trap him in marriage The Duke of Disdain is enraged and is convinced that in a battle of reputation with Juliana, he would most certainly win Ah, yes, Simon is such a prime example of an aristocratic British snob at least, that s what Juliana is thinking Juliana is such an outspoken person cough The man was infuriating It is amazing, indeed, because I m sure the seal on the outside of your carriage rivals your conceit in size I assure you, Your Grace she spit the honorific as if it were an epithet if I were after a husband, I would look for one who had to recommend him than a fancy title and a false sense of importance Juliana lives for passion, and she is convinced that Simon could do with a heavy dose of passion in all areas of his life Simon has a title, a family, a secret, and a reputation to protect, though, and he thinks that he is far above such common desires And then Juliana is challenging himLet me show you that not even a frigid duke can live without heat Simon agrees and is giving Juliana two weeks to play her game of passion.Wow, Ms MacLean can do no wrong Every single book I ve read so far was a winner And Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke s Heart was mesmerizingly good too Compelling characters, witty dialogue, an interesting plot, and some seriously hot and sensual smexy times make this book so delightfully intriguing If you haven t read her books, then do yourself a favor and give this author a try She brings her stories and characters right into a reader s heart.It happens not all the time but the time was definitely right for another story featuring a very memorable heroine Juliana is bold, brash, feisty, wild, utterly adorable, and oh so full of passion She is truly magnificent and shines throughout the whole story And Simon well, our hero is such a conceited and pompous asshat I really disliked him My oh my, these two gave one another a piece of their minds Simon, you are in for some serious trouble Ultimately, Juliana brought the Duke of Disdain to his knees Irrevocably Oh, I loved the way he fell for Juliana And he fell very hard grins Juliana, the very beautiful heroine, thoroughly ruined Simon s reputation This story was a pleasure to read from the very beginning and Simon and Juliana s HEA was a pure joy to witness Please, Ms MacLean, I want much What I dislikedI totally devoured this book, however, I have a minor complaint Simon was kinda exhausting I get it that he had to worry about his family, especially his view spoiler pregnant sister hide spoiler I received this wonderful book as an ARC from Netgalley.comI adored this book I fell in love with Juliana in Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, and in Eleven Scandals, the young woman she becomes does not disappoint.When we first met Juliana in Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, we met an impetuous unsure young lady who wasn t sure she wanted a place in society Juliana was fantastic, and passionate, and so desperate to prove she didn t care what the ton thought of her But too bad she kind of did care Simon, Duke of Disdain, wanted nothing to do with Juliana and her scandalous behavior Everywhere Juliana went, scandal seemed to followand Simon kept getting caught in the aftermath Poor duke with a pristine reputation, felt he could ill afford to be associated with such a common girl, sister of a marquess or not I loved when Juliana called him an ass in Italian, but then repeated it for him in English The banter between the two was always engaging and well done Oh And we got to find out what it was Simon said to Juliana at the ball in Nine Rules that had her finally deciding on staying in England to prove how wrong everyone was about her I want this to be spoiler free, so I can t go into much detail, but I think the point when Simon finally realized that Juliana did not purposely create scandals just to irritate him really made me fall for him And the scene leading up to that epiphany Oh man, I was soo furious for the St John family and for especially for Juliana Bravo for Simon checking up on Juliana after all that I think that is really where I began to want less of a putting Simon in his place, and of a true romance between them Speaking of romance, oh the romance in this book The magic that is Juliana and Simon had me frantically flipping pages to see how they would overcome their obstacles And the way that they did was so sweet, and wonderful and I wanted to be Juliana so I could feel that way The Guy Fawkes day bonfire was so romantic andsad Yep, I said sad I think that was where both Juliana and Simon realized they were not going to have their happy ending But the way Simon came back to Juliana was so wonderful, and it broke my heart to see how the ball ended But their story amazes and enthralls and wraps the reader up and holds you until the end At that point I was so sad that the story was over I wish I could forget this book just so I could have the wonder and amazement of reading it for the first time again Sarah MacLean brings the magic.Sarah MacLean has created such a fabulous and vivid cast with her Love by Numbers series and I know I will re read this book many times In fact, netgalley only lends the ARC out for 60 days, and I ve read it twice, even though I have my own deadlines and other responsibilities. Creo que NO ME GUST El primer libro dej el list n demasiado alto es otro nivel pero este ha sido un completo desprop sito QUE DECEPCI N Los duques siempre suelen conquistar mi coraz n y derretirmepero este es de los pocos que he odiado, para empezar es un snob, pero aparte es un imb cil, prepotente que se cree de otra raza menospreciando a la gente.Ofendi , insult y humill a Juliana un mont n de veces a lo largo de todo el libro y no s lo conforme con eso lo que le hizo a su hermana fue muy feo.Yo s que nadie se le compara nadie a Gabriel pero es que este ni a los talones le llega, al final cuando se redime y declara su amor no me provoc absolutamente nada.Juliana es la que m s me decepcion de todos en el primer libro me ca a muy bien pero en este nada que ver con la chica valiente y divertida.Se comport demasiado inmadura, provocando esc ndalos porque s , sin ninguna raz n y motivo no como los que tuvo Callie que era para sentirse viva y una persona diferente pero Juliana s lo era por orgullo y provocar a un Duque odioso que ni si quiera val a que ella da ara su reputaci n.Y luego no ten a dignidad Cu ntas veces no la rechaz Simon Muchas y sta todav a ah , y yo AMIGA DATE CUENTA pero esta hasta le propuso ser su amante no ten a dignidad Este libro para m es un 2.5 estrellas pero s lo por Gabriel y sus intervenciones que me alegraron la vida y sus interacciones con Callie le dar las 3 Simon, the Duke of Leighton is described as being enormous, but he s not going on my hero is a mountain shelf He doesn t deserve it.The third in the Love By Numbers series is the one I most wanted to read I was intrigued by the starchy Duke who had become interested in the beautiful Italian Juliana and then rejected her when he discovered her sketchy background By the way, although the characters were introduced in the earlier books, I think one this would stand alone just fine I looked forward to seeing him brought to his knees.Unfortunately, it seems like for most of the book, Juliana is the one brought to her knees She was always the one giving and always the one being rejected Simon s dishonorable behavior he gets engaged under false pretenses, and still keep trifling with Juliana is harder to forgive because the balance of power between them feels so off.I liked that the book is realistic about Juliana s difficult position despite being the half sister of a Marquess and the sister in law of a duke, there is only so much acceptance the ton will give her There s also a good supporting cast of secondary characters I didn t much care for the frothy writing style, which had a lot of filler and overuses sentence fragments Overall it was a fairly enjoyable read, but not quite as angsty and delicious as I d hoped. 5 stars Historical Regency RomanceEleven Ways to Adore the Book That Made Me Want MoreEleven Ways to Admire a Heroine With Such FireEleven Ways to Croon Over the Duke Who Made Me SwoonEleven Ways to Rave Over a Heroine Most BraveEleven Ways to Gush About My Latest CrushEleven Ways to Be Naughty to Tempt a Duke Who s HaughtyOkaythere s no way I can come up with eleven of those, but you get the jest.There just aren t enough words or ways to convey how much I loved this book I had very high expectations, and I m thrilled to say that it left a big happy satisfied smile on my face I love opposites attract stories and the romance between passionate, feisty, spitfire Juliana and the haughty, proper, disdainful Duke of Leighton was pure combustible magic Juliana Fiori is a fiery Italian miss who longs to break free of the stifling rules and cutting gossip of the ton and the unfeeling, stuffy, arrogant Duke of Leighton represents everything she loathes about English society and propriety Scandalous Juliana is bold, brash, reckless, expressive, outspoken, and deeply passionateeverything that the Duke of Leighton wants desperately to avoid With a family legacy to uphold and shocking secrets to protect, Leighton values his prestigious title, sterling reputation, and impeccable position in society above all else So his intense attraction to Juliana is unbearable and unwanted Leighton s scorn makes Juliana seethe with frustration and hurt, and she s determined to prove to him that passion is powerful than the Duke s status and rules of decorum Juliana is the perfect match that ignites the banked fire inside Simon, and their volatile connection threatens to shatter the Duke of Disdain s staunchly guarded control It s a wonderful, engaging, emotional, utterly enjoyable, and unforgettable romance with witty dialogue, hot sexual tension, the perfect combination of drama and humor, a lovable, brave yet vulnerable heroine, and a sexy hero whose aloof, haughty veneer masks a passionate man I loved it just as much, if not than, Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake It s a definite keeper worthy of very big 5 stars I really hope this isn t the last book of the series because Benedick and Georgiana need their own stories and HEAs.Juliana Italian actress Monica Bellucci Simon Model Gabriel Aubry This book was very, very, good, but I must admit the hero, Simon Pearson the Duke of Leighton at times drove me absolutely crazy All that worrying about his family s reputationhis positionfinding the perfect wifeavoiding any hint of scandalarrgh God, was he frustrating At times I wanted to throttle him the way he continually hurt Juliana, and JulianaI don t know why she didn t give up on him ButI m glad she didn t It took over 350 pages for Simon to finally get a clue, but when he did, all my frustrations just melted away, and I adored him as much as Juliana did Simon Duke of Leighton No plot summary here the book blurb does a good job of explaining what this one is all about This one was hard to put down even though I had my issues with the Duke of Disdain and I enjoyed every page of it Sarah MacLean is a wonderful storyteller and made me fall in love with her characters once again the enchanting, beautiful, passionate, spirited Juliana Fiori half sister to the St John brothers from Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake and Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord , and the handsome, imperious, stubborn Duke of Leighton Juliana Lots of playful banter, lots of predicaments that Juliana gets herself into the girl was a bit clumsy , a touch of humor, and plenty of heat and some tearful moments in this one I enjoyed seeing Leighton fall helplessly under Juliana s spell, but I had to wonder what took him so long My favorite part, when Leighton finally gets it I have spent my entire life preparing for a cold, unfeeling, unimpassioned life a life filled with pleasantries and simplicity And then you came into ityouthe opposite of all that You are beautiful and brilliant and bold and so very passionate about life and love and those things that you believe in And you taught me that everything I believe, everything I thought I wanted, everything I spent my life espousing all of itit is wrong I want your version of lifevivid and emotional and messy and wonderful and filled with happiness But I cannot have it without you If you ve read and enjoyed the previous two books in this series, you ll definitely want to read this one Juliana is a wonderfully sympathetic character who teaches Leighton the meaning of passion, and most importantly, love At the beginning of the book, be prepared to dislike him my first thoughts about him were what a pompous ass But give him a chance he s got a terrible upbringing to overcome, so he doesn t know much about love and by the end of the book you be rooting for him to say and do the right thing that will win Juliana Thoroughly enjoyable read for me 4 1 2 stars