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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a captivating love story filled with suspense and mysteryWhen a mysterious young woman named Katie appears in the small North Carolina town of Southport her sudden arrival raises uestions about her past Beautiful yet self effacing Katie seems determined to avoid forming personal ties until a series of events draws her into two reluctant relationships one with Alex a widowed store owner with a kind heart and two young children; and another with her plainspoken single neighbor Jo Despite her reservations Katie slowly begins to let down her guard putting down roots in the close knit community and becoming increasingly attached to Alex and his familyBut even as Katie begins to fall in love she struggles with the dark secret that still haunts and terrifies her a past that set her on a fearful shattering journey across the country to the sheltered oasis of Southport With Jo's empathic and stubborn support Katie eventually realizes that she must choose between a life of transient safety and one of riskier rewards and that in the darkest hour love is the only true safe haven

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    I almost liked this book Almost an added star This is my 4th Sparks book Message in a Bottle 2 stars The Lucky One 1 star Three Weeks With My Brother 1 starThis is the winning book for February 2011 Bestseller Book chosen by The Filipino Group here in Goodreads I bought this book at regular price I waited for the mass paperback cheaper edition but it is almost a year now since this book came out February just started and I was about to open the thread I am one of the moderators of that group so I grabbed me a copy I am saying this just to explain that I have to love this book because I spent a fortune for it and I should try to entice members to read by coming up with a fair reviewWhich is a roller coasterFirst hundred pagesTypical Sparks Reading him is like eating at McDonalds You know the taste No surprises If you want uick fix to your hunger you pass by an outlet uality food at reasonable price What I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with Nicholas Sparks' novels You want romance you get romance You just read to be entertained you get entertained You don't want mind boggling read you just read and no need to think You get what you expectSecond hundred pagesSo I thought Because suddenly Nicholas Sparks made a detour Unlike the first 3 books he tried to become something that he hasn't done before He tried to write a suspense thriller novel Ala Ken Follett Sparks caught my attention He pulled it off as he stole some of my sleeping time I slept only for only 3 hours that night as I got caught up with the mystery behind Katie who turns out to be Erin and how is her life being a battered wife Totally unexpected Definitely no hums hums in the wee hours of the morningLast 50 pages Unfortunately this part did not fly for me It seems too ordinary Even that revelation about Jo Seems contrived and I read and saw many of that in this lifetime The Sixth Sense movie The Others movie Pedro Paramo book Even the battered wife part I saw or read about it in Sleeping with the Enemy Julia Robert's novel Black and Blue book and I supposed most of those Oprah books So when I closed the book and went through the plot in my mind I just did not like the whole story Sparks tried to make Kevin's character multilayered and it was a nice try but Sparks did not explain his background I thought that a page or two of his life as a child could make a lot of difference Alex and his children seem like not characters at all They are like stuff toys with what I think are so typical characterizations They are like movie starlets trying to win people by smiling a lot and saying all the right thingsBut this doesn't mean that I will not drop by a McDonald's outlet any I mean we once in a while get hungry and have just enough money for a burger to spend right?

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    Opening line “As Katie wound her way among the tables a breeze from the Atlantic rippled through her hairWow this is definitely one of the better Sparks books I’ve read I sure hope he keeps going in this darker less sappy direction with the next book too I picked up SAFE HAVEN during a very busy time in my life and still found it unputdownable Full of twists and turns mystery and surprise and a HUGE suspense factor throughout Of course we also get the romance nicely done and it again takes place in a small North Carolina town write what you know but this was way darker then anything of Sparks’ I’ve read before With a slowly and deliciously unravelling story we don’t ever get a huge background dump with any of the characters multiple POV’s instead their lives secrets and issues are gradually introduced which I loved And the bad guy here jeez he was horrible and I mean that in a good way The kind of character that you love to hate but I also really enjoyed getting into his head as he slowly fell apart Intriguing creepy and well written I highly recommended this one even for those non Nicholas Sparks fans; I think you’ll be surprised The story here is somewhat reminiscent of A Bend in the Roadbut way better it also reminded me very much of that older Julia Roberts movie Sleeping With the Enemy but again its better then that too I won’t give away too much here with the synopsis its well worth discovering on your own CheersKatie is on the run but the good people of Southport don’t know that they’re too busy wondering what the pretty new waitresses’ story is and why she keeps to herself so much after all everyone here knows everybody else For the first time in months Katie is allowing herself to breathe again she’s found a good paying job a secluded place to live and avoiding any personal ties should allow her enough time here to save some real money before she has to move on again What she hadn’t counted on was being drawn into the lives of anyone in this small town First it was her outspoken single neighbour Jo who only made her realize how much she missed having friends and then it was Alex the widowed shop owner and his two adorable children Slowly Katie is letting her guard down growing attached and falling in love allowing herself to dream of a future with a man that won’t hurt her But Kevin is good and he’s on her trailI’ve just learned that this is going to be made into a movie can’t wait I just got a chill

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    25 rounded upIt's not so much that there is anything bad about this book it is just that it is boring A very large portion of the story is devoted to describing the day to day life of the characters who live in a small seaside town What one does as they get up what they eat how they cook the routine conversations between family members what they buy at the grocery store which tablecloth to put out etc etc comprises not only most of the book but each of our own daily lives While familiar it's NOT what most sit down to read about We all live it It does not need to be explained to us We KNOW already Most people choose to read for an escape from the workaday life not to endlessly re hash it That along with the over the top climax makes this a rather disappointing attempt by a talented author

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    35 rounded up People hide the truth because they're afraid My second time reading Safe Haven the first half was a bit slow We don't know about Katie's past yet and we simply follow the beginnings of her settling into the small town of Southport and starting a relationship with Alex the local general store ownerAs her background is slowly revealed I began to fear for her That this new life she made for herself could be taken away at any moment The final part of the book is drama filled view spoiler Katie'sErin's psycho abusive ex husband tracks her down and attempts to burn the house and shop down with Alex's kids and Katie inside He is an awful human being and the chapters which show us his thought processes are truly frightening He genuinely doesn't see that his behaviour is wrong something seriously fucked up in his brain hide spoiler

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    This book in my opinion was completely different from any other book I've read of Sparks' And that is a good thing I would classify this book as a romantic suspense or even a suspense in general There were many instances where my heart was racing and I couldn't find the strength to put the book down And as with all of Sparks' book I found myself tearing up in parts But not for the normal mushy gushy reasons Instead I was crying because of the traumatic events taking place and the horror I felt for the main character The pace of this book was an excellent break from the normal and I think any Sparks fan will love this book regardless of the fact that it's so different Sparks is a great writer and that definitely shows in Safe Haven

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    That ending I did not see that coming Ahhhh I'm literally speechless and my heart is racing I should start off by saying that I already knew I would love this book before actually reading it I've been a huge Nicholas Sparks fan since high school Happy to say I loved this and I was captivated from the very beginning I know his writing style can be a bit difficult to get used to and some people find it boring I do not find it boring at allSafe Haven follows the life of Katie as she tries to hide from her husband Kevin Basically she has been physically abused by her husband for years and she finally decides to run She arrives at Southport emotionally and physically scarred and begins to form a new life There she starts a relationship with Alex who is a widowed father of two children and she slowly begins to let her guard down Not to mention her friendship with Jo That’s all I can say about the plot without spoiling anything But this story All the feels All of them The characters were really likable with the exception of Kevin Katie is a very strong woman she has lived a lonely difficult life and it is hard not to feel bad for her I literally cried for her and wanted to take away the pain Alex was a sweetheart I loved him He is the most kindhearted selfless perfect man a girl could ask for Jo is that best friend we all have or we all want she was fantasticKevin is another story That man has serious demons that have driven his mind to insanity Legit psycho He is that villain that you hate with a passion and seeing inside his head was the most disturbing thing ever I mean for someone who uotes the bible a lot the world he lived in was just wrong in every single aspectMy favorite part about this book was the danger that was added to it It reminded me a lot of The Guardian and why I loved it so much because of the suspense my favorite book by Nicholas Sparks It had my heart racing just by sitting here reading it When a book does that then you know it’s a good book The twist at the end though I could barely contain myself I honestly didn't see that coming at all and I was seriously in pure shock when I read the last pageOver all another beautiful love story by Nicholas Sparks

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    “I’ve come to believe that in everyone’s life there’s one undeniable moment of change A set of circumstances that suddenly alters everything”Really enjoyed this one I watched the movie before I read the book and shocking as it is I preferred the movie over the book just a little bit The characters and plot were well developed throughout the story but there were a few parts that either lacked a bit too much or felt out of place Overall a great read buuut I don’t think I’d give NS’s books a reread Favorite uote “I’m in love with you If you stay I promise there’s no safer place in the world than right here with me”

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    I bought this book on a whim All the ladies at my workplace seem to be reading it and I keep overhearing them rave about it It's Nicholas Sparks best book yet When I got up to the register the lady ringing me up said Ooh Nicholas Sparks I love his books They're soo good Oh and look It's going to be a movie Gotta see that one Mind you I had two other books in the pile not a word about those I didn't have high expectations for this book because it didn't seem like my kind of thing But I figured it's good to expand one's horizons I shouldn't be so judgmental Maybe I'd have something to talk to my co workers about other than the weather or work The story was OK Definitely not bad The love interest Alex was a nice guy albeit too good to be true But this is a Nicholas Sparks novel right? I assumed certain stereotypes would reign His kids seemed cute and eually too good to be true Our heroine Katie aka Erin was also OK considering how annoying this character had potential to be and given that she was also a stereotype blonde and lanky skinny with big breasts which is almost verbatim her physical description as detailed conveniently by the bad guy She's pretty much the mysterious hot chick with the dark past But when the sht hit the fan she's the one that took the bad guy out That's cool The bad guy Kevin was a decent enough villain ignore some too convenient coincidences and he'll do in a pinch and thanks to him the plot hummed along at a good pace If we didn't have Kevin to hate surely we'd be left with perfect Alex and perfect big in only the right places Katie and there goes the entire plotI read this book in one day because I did want to know where the author was going with this Thus I admit to taking the baitThe ending ruined it for me The ending is dumb contrived unnecessary insulting even It made me feel stupid for spending the time to read this book All the way until the end I was debating whether to give this book three stars or four because for all its faults up until that point it did keep me readingLesson learned I'll just continue to make small talk about the weather any time someone wants to talk about a Nicholas Sparks book Otherwise my opinionated side might rear its head and I'll be mobbed by angry secretaries

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    This is a MUST read for anyone in an abusive relationship It will give you the courage needed to escape I have a personal friend who did this exact thing and now her life is much better When I listened to her tell her story it sounded exactly like Safe Haven Nicholas Sparks is a wonderful writer You can see truth in his writing

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    I don’t see why this book is categorised as romance There is no love struggle not really The movie is actually romantic maybe because is not completely loyal to the bookWhen I read a romance I am looking for a love story that grip you and doesn’t let go for emotional turmoil I want to feel to be moved have your heart beat so fast you have to stop reading to take a deep breath This novel was too plane This is my third Nicholas Sparks novel and so far I have found all of them flat The Best of Me