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this is a decent book by kikuchi, but by no means is it his best his best work is vampire hunter d, this series just falls into a readable but not great effort this is not for the faint of heart it revolves around to agents, one human and one demon, who are attempting to keep the human world and the demon world from going to war in this book they are fighting against two incubi who want to turn the world into dreams this series is full of erotica and gore, so don t read if you aren t into them otherwise it is a fairly quick and entertaining read if you are looking to fill the time in between true works of art. Good story, just be ready for tentacle rape than you thought possible something about a wooden tank and splinters too. The Wicked City books are usually rad trash but this one s bad trash OOOO It s technically the sequel to Black Guard, but makes no chronological sense At one point Makie wonders aloud, What if I m in love with Taki or something disregarding the fact he uh, put his child in her only recently in the first book Women, eh Poorly written even by Kikuchi s lovably shit standards and full of stupid inconsistencies. I liked the overall plot, but as with his first novel in this series, was very turned off by his hyper sexualization of the act of rape which happens A LOT in this book and ONLY to female characters I think he tries to use it to make it easy to tell how horrible these demons bad guys are, but he writes it like a love scene than a horrible, terrible thing and that just did not sit well with me So If you read this book or any other in the series, but aware he does this and often. The Classic Anime Wicked City Is Based On A Series Of Novels By Master Horror Writer Hideyuki Kikuchi Tor Seven Seas Is Pleased To Present These Novels To The North American Audience For The First Time, Featuring Cover Art By Christian McGrath The Dresden FilesThe Black Guard, Whose Job It Is To Protect The Boundary Between Our Mortal World And The Demonic Dark World, Has Succeeded In Preserving The Tenuous Peace Treaty Between The Two Worlds, Averting An All Out War Now A New Threat From The Dark World Terrorizes Humanity, A Monster That Invades People S Dreams And Causes Them To Commit MurderBlack Guard Agents Taki, A Hardboiled Human, And His Sexy Demon Partner, Makie, Must Work Alongside Legendary Black Guard Agent Miyuki If They Are To Defeat The Creature And Save The WorldLike Author Hideyuki Kikuchi S Well Known And Critically Acclaimed Vampire Hunter D Novels Dark Horse , Wicked City Is An Epic Ten Volume Tale Of Supernatural Horror And High Octane Action