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Kitty Norville Alpha werewolf and host of The Midnight Hour a radio call in show is contacted by a friend at the NIH's Center for the Study of Paranatural Biology Three Army soldiers recently returned from the war in Afghanistan are being held at Ft Carson in Colorado Springs They're killer werewolves and post traumatic stress has left them unable to control their shape shifting and unable to interact with people Kitty agrees to see them hoping to help by bringing them into her packMeanwhile Kitty gets sued for libel by CEO Harold Franklin after featuring Speedy Mart — his nationwide chain of 24 hour convenience stores with a reputation for attracting supernatural unpleasantness — on her showVery bad weather is on the horizon

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    A solid UF read checking off all the boxes for the time it came out You know support the troops even the werewolf troops coming back from Afganistan Give them a safe place for when they might go off the handle and kill folks at homeIt's a decent feel good novel but nothing all that special Not reallyA little magic and a humorous new uber villain but not for the characters in the book doing a bit of a murder spree spices up the tale And then there's the new and improved Cormac the magic userI don't know This is just fluff It's fine and fairly entertaining but ultimately forgettable

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    Full disclosure I won this though the First Read Giveaways and being a winner made me happy Kitty Goes to War continues the adventure of Kitty the werewolf her family friends and pack It is a good installment to the seriesMany UF writers many series writers in general tend to set their books in unspecified time PD James' detective has been the same age for years than I've been alive Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden exists sometime after Star Wars and LOTR but than that I don't know Who knows exactly when Women of the Otherworld and Anita Blake take place?There are stylistic and other legitimate reasons for such a choice and I'm not complaining about itOn the other hand however you have writers like Ian Rankin who not set their stories in the modern time but age their characters year after year Scotland Parliament was debating changing the retirement age of detectives just so Rankin's Rebus could keep workingI thought Vaughn was in the first group but with this book she seems to have found a happy middle ground Kitty must help three vets of the war in Afghanistan come to terms with their werewolf nature while they are suffering from PTSD While the book is not a comment on the political debate over the war the book is non political it does address the after effects Any reader comes away knowing that Vaughn for good reason cares about soldiers The use of the werewolves as army figures doesn't come across as a cheap plot device and in fact the werewolfism makes a good symbol for how returning soldiers might feel as they have to merge back into society In this tight fast paced novel Vaughn looks at that issue as well as whether is acceptable during war time Instead of making the use of werewolves in a war look silly Vaughn has really thought though the uestion not just in terms of what a werewolf could do but what the cost to the person would be and how higher ranking personnel would react to thatOf course this is not the only problem Kitty is dealing with There is the matter of Speedy Mart and the chain's link to various hurricanes natural disaster UFOs and vampires She also is getting sued Then there is Cormac who has something going on but he won't say what I find this plot point to be very interesting and wonder what Vaughn will next with it I just hope she is as funny with it as Clive BarkerVaughn also gives play to the other female members of the pack showing Kitty interacting with than just Ben and CormacMany of the Kitty reviews touch on her relationship with her husband Ben While I see the relationship has being developed too uickly and suddenly I have discovered that I like it for one very good reasonIf you look at the UF genre heroes with really tragic pasts dominate Anita Blake lost her mother in a car crash her father couldn't take it like a man whatever that means her stepmother doesn't like her because her first zombie was the dead family dog her first serious boyfriend dumped her because of his racist mother and she was almost killed by a vampire who left her with major scarsHarry Dresden lost both his parents his first teacher tried to kill him and his first girlfriend seemed to have died in the battle for his life Kelley Armstrong's first main character Elena lost her parents was abused physically and raped in foster care all before her one true love turned her into a werewolf and it might not have been accident Other characters in Women of the Otherworld have eually tragic pasts even connected to their powers though they are in committed relationshipsAnd this doesn't include the hurt the hero game in each series which is why we read Or the fact that some heroes have tragic relationships Additionally these characters are uniue because of their tragic pasts and the fact they have power or different power than similar beings in the seriesKitty it is true was date raped; however date rape is real Kitty's reaction to it is also real Kitty's recovery from it is real This recovery is not something that you see very often in other UF Kitty is not even a super powered werewolf Kitty comes from a good family all of whom are alive none of whom was abused She even has a real job She has a good marriageKitty is the most well adjusted and normal werewolf in UF writing though she didn't start out this way In a genre where bearing your angst from book to book and rehashing it every two pages seems to be the normal it's nice to see Kitty normal everyday but still kicking butt I think that this aspect of the series gets over looked It shouldn't In many ways it makes the Kitty series hopeful than other UF Kitty had something bad happen to her but she worked though it and came out wholeWe shouldn't disregard that message

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    This is the eighth Kitty Norville book a series that I've been reading in a most hit and miss out of seuence fashion some via audiobook and some in prose editions but one that I've been enjoying nonetheless There are two storylines in this one both of which are entertaining on their own but that I didn't think fit together too well Kitty attempts to rehabilitate or reintegrate werewolf troops who've just returned from the war in Afghanistan while simultaneously coming under attack by a weather wizard she's offended via her radio call in show I guess that if I think the stories didn't mesh well Kitty must've thought it was really messed up One of the highlights is that Cormac returns and Kitty and Ben meet Amelia; Ben is still a bore but Cormac is one of the best developed changing characters I've encountered He was really unlikable at first There's no real advancement to the overall arc with Roman and Rick but it's still a fast well written and entertaining mid book in the series

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    As a writer I'm impressed by how Vaughn has developed each book in the series She sprinkles in just the right amount of back story Info dumps aren't an issue Instead each book flows uickly and can stand well on its own like episodes of a TV series than a book series Here the action pushes along at a fast pace as two major plots converge Kitty addresses the weirdness of Speedy Mart stores on her radio show leading to an odd confrontation with the CEO even as the Army pulls her in as an advisor in an effort to rehabilitate rogue werewolf soldiers whose pack leader died leaving them bereft and homicidal Also the character of Cormac plays a bigger role than he has in several books and some surprising developments emerge In all a fast and good read just as I expect in this series

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    Kitty faces two challenges in this newest adventure a libel lawsuit and werewolves with PTSDThe lawsuit is Kitty's fault Someone she decided to devote an entire episode of her call in show to supernatural occurrences involving Speedy Marts without consulting a lawyer to find out if that would constitute libel No one is surprised when Kitty gets served with papers There are two defenses to libel apologize or prove that you weren't lying Of the two Kitty's path should be obvious to her readersThe werewolves with PTSD are another issue It seems that a werewolf serving in Afghanistan decided to make his own pack by forming and biting a unit of Green Berets After his death the pack was left in disarray and the three survivors are being brought up on charges of murder Ever hopeful Kitty tries to talk to them and tell them it's possible to lead a normal life as a werewolf while still dodging how much her own change altered all of her hopes and dreamsThrough all of this Kitty's pack lends its support although few of them are fleshed out in any way Someday I'd like to get to know her packmates better maybe then I'd understand how she could be their alpha when she herself is so beset by fears and uncertainty Cormac is a solid if shadowy presence in the story as well Finally however readers learn some of what his jail experiences were like but it's just the basicsI had hoped that this book would delve into the Long Game but it does so only tangentially As with learning still about Cormac's many mysteries I guess it'll have to wait for book nine Or ten Or maybe even 11 The only thing I know is that I'll keep reading them all

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    I mean I get that there is a certain amount of suspension of belief we need to do as readers when we read Urban Fantasy but my godthis was just annoyingly implausibleSo the set up is that Kitty finds out that something fishy is going down revolving around Speedy Marts Around the same time she is contacted by the Army really? because there was a rogue vampire unit whose Alpha was killed and they need her help hmmm OKBut then view spoilerthey just let Kitty check the guys out to re integrate them into society Seriously and even though the Speedy Mart thing is blowing up into a literal magic blizzard she takes them out HUNTING seriously? This couldnt wait? Of course one goes rogue and kills a couple people but the army lets her take the other werewolf and borrow a humvee to get back to Denver to stop the snow wizard problem What? hide spoiler

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    A decent installment in the Kitty series but this one felt very rushed through Kitty is thrown into two new situations both dangerous of course Would have preferred a LOT detail and backstory on both of them the solution for each was way too pat And the Cormac thing the story on that should've been it's own book rather than two pages in this one Anyone know if there's a novella out there on the topic of what happens to Cormac while he's in prison? If you do please let me know

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    I am a HUGE fan of the ‘Kitty Norville’ series This is one Urban Fantasy in which the heroine has a very discernable character transformation – going from meek werewolf and runt of her pack to Alpha of her very own werewolf family Over the course of eight books it has been fascinating and uplifting to read Kitty as she comes into herself For me that’s been the most fulfilling aspect of the books – Kitty’s emotional journey Especially her finding love with Ben and entering into a complicated truce with his bounty hunter cousin CormacBut in this the eighth Kitty book it feels like Vaughn has sacrificed emotional characterization for an action packed plotIn ‘Kitty Goes to War’ there are two major conflicts that Kitty is dealing with One is a lawsuit brought against her by the owner of a chain store called ‘Speedy Mart’ whom Kitty has accused on her show of being involved in cultish ritualsThe second is a werewolf related favour she gets called in for by Dr Schumacher Turns out a unit of Green Beret US soldiers who were deployed to Ira and Afghanistan were turned lycanthrope by their commanding officer This soldier thought to start up his own unofficial and unsanctioned werewolf unit All was fine until said commanding officer got blown up leaving his pack Alpha less and in a power vacuum Dominance fights ensued and now only three remaining members need Kitty’s help if they have any chance to rehabilitation into civilian lifeLet me just say the werewolf soldier plot is fantastic It makes for really intense drama and a lot of werewolf ‘what if’s’ and uestions are answered and explored in depth Such as – would werewolf soldiers be a breakthrough for the army? How much would pack hierarchy affect their combat training?I was less in love with the ‘Speedy Mart’ storyline My disgruntlement was mostly because it was an underdeveloped and second fiddle storyline to the werewolf soldier’s – but also because it felt like ‘Speedy Mart’ took the place of emotional and relationship development in ‘Kitty Goes to War’At the end of ‘Kitty’s House of Horrors’ Cormac was released from prison and came home This was such a huge event – because Cormac and Kitty almost had a romantic entanglement until Cormac’s prejudice and Ben’s affections put that on hold Then Cormac got thrown into jail and it seemed like behind the plexiglas Cormac had made some profound realizations about his feelings towards Kitty Then he comes home – home to Ben and Kitty in wedded alpha mate bliss and lots of fans were wondering how this little love triangle would play outBut in this eighth book that tension is barely even mentioned Twice Ben and Cormac make allusions to a possible past romance between Kitty and Cormac but for the rest of the book it feels as though everyone Carrie Vaughn essentially are walking on eggshells around this triangle “You smell like his apartment” he said and shook his head “But you don’t smell like him”“Of course not I didn’t even touch him” I said exasperated “Did you really think I’d cheat on you? With your cousin?”He shrugged “I don’t think I expected to smell anything”“But you had to check anyway”“You two did have a thing”Yeah A still undefined “thing” Whatever it was “That was awhile ago A lot of water under the bridge”I don’t know if Ms Vaughn has something big planned regarding this trio but I went into ‘Kitty Goes to War’ with my fingers crossed for some confrontations and realizations and I got neitherWe don’t even get to read much affection ie smut between Kitty and Ben It took me a while to warm up to Ben I thought he was just a minor secondary character and Cormac would be Kitty’s HEA so when she mated Ben I was thrown for a loop But in subseuent books Vaughn really illustrated their affection and dependence on one another and I really came to like Ben But in recent books there hasn’t been the same warmth between him and Kitty and I am again wondering if Ben is Kitty’s true HEA?So ultimately this book was a disappointment for me I may have been less upset by the lack of emotional progress for the characters if I’d had a big pay out in the seventh book ‘Kitty’s House of Horrors’ But in that seventh instalment Kitty was by herself in the wilderness with no Ben and no pack for comfort So it feels like we’ve been given 2 books now in which Kitty’s relationships and emotional development have been put on holdAt the end of ‘Kitty Goes to War’ Kitty does ask a rather profound uestion of Ben which may have repercussions for future books but it is literally on the last page and a case of too little too late

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    The Army wants Kitty Well her expertise anyway There are 3 highly trained combat troops just back from Afghanistan who are werewolves Trouble is their Captain who was their Alpha is dead and they aren't copingKitty has another problem the CEO of Speedy Mart Harold Franklin is suing her for libel She enlists Cormac to find out about Franklin while she goes to meet the rogue wolvesTurns out that one of the wolves has already killed 3 other teammates because they wouldn't acknowledge him as the new alpha Kitty is pretty sure she can't help him but the other 2 she is willing to give it a goMeanwhile Cormac uncovers evidence of Thunder Magic at all the local Denver Speedy Mart stores But what does it all mean?Kitty battles on both fronts whilst the blizzard of the century ragesThis one started off a bit slow but the second half was action packed

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    I've enjoyed all of the previous Kitty Norville books but found this one to be a step below par for the series Still a fun read but it seemed to be a little rushed Two plot lines intersected but I think it would have been better to devote a single book to each one of them and had a deeper story experienceIt was nice to see Cormac back in action after uite a long absence from the series The military aspects could also have been realistic and I fear the author shows her lack of understanding about how the Army functions Still despite these negatives it was a fun read and I'll keep reading them