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In One Dance With A Duke The First Novel In Tessa Dare S Delightful New Trilogy Secrets And Scandals Tempt The Irresistible Rogues Of The Stud Club To Gamble Everything For Love A Handsome And Reclusive Horse Breeder, Spencer Dumarque, The Fourth Duke Of Morland, Is A Member Of The Exclusive Stud Club, An Organization So Select It Has Only Ten Members Yet Membership Is Attainable To Anyone With Luck And Spencer Has Plenty Of It, Along With An Obsession With A Prize Horse, A Dark Secret, And, Now, A Reputation As The Dashing Duke Of Midnight Each Evening He Selects One Lady For A Breathtaking Midnight Waltz But None Of The Women Catch His Interest, And Nobody Ever Bests The Duke Until Lady Amelia D Orsay Tries Her Luck In A Moment Of Desperation, The Unconventional Beauty Claims The Duke S Dance And Unwittingly Steals His Heart When Amelia Demands That Spencer Forgive Her Scapegrace Brother S Debts, She Never Imagines That Her Game Of Wits And Words Will Lead To Breathless Passion And A Steamy Proposal Still, Spencer Is A Man Of Mystery, Perhaps Connected To The Shocking Murder Of The Stud Club S Founder Will Amelia Lose Her Heart In This Reckless Wager Or Win Everlasting Love

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    Spoilers are markedIt seems that lately I ve been doing a lot of first reads of an author and in keeping with that trend, this is my first by Tessa Dare and overall I was quite pleased I ll start out by saying that I ve seen reviews and comments by people who thought the Stud Club idea for a plot was dumb, boring, and lacking believability, but I actually thought it was a great jumping off point and foundation for the trilogy After all, when you think about it, it s not too hard to believe that there would be the need or desire for a men s club in which membership was not based on which side of the tracks, or in this case, which side of the ton you were born on And, while we never meet him, it made me respect and care for the late Leo Chatwick, the Marquess of Harcliffe, whose idea it was to start the club, because even though he was one of the wealthy ones, he knew that money didn t make the man, and valuable and lasting friendships could be formed between people of all classes As Julian Bellamy, one of the three remaining members of the Stud Club so passionately and eloquently tells us when speaking to one of the others, It s naught but luck Simple, dumb, blue blooded luck is all that separates a man like you from a man like me Leo understood it He never thought himself the better of anyone That s why he created this Club, made its membership contingent on the kind of good fortune that comes after one s birth, not before it What a great, unique idea for a storyline I enjoyed Spencer Dumarque, Duke of Morland well enough even before he deserved it I can t quite put my finger on it, but there was something about him that reminded me of Clayton Westland from Whitney, My Love. Spencer Morland is a very intense, demanding man He wants things his way and doesn t mind using his ducal status to get it He demands respect and does only what he wishes and has a difficult time fathoming it when someone isn t intimidated by him likely because it doesn t happen that often He s aloof, mysterious, brooding and all the other things that a man must be if he expects to be worth his weight in whatever it is a Duke s weight is worth Whew Say that 20 times fast without taking a breath He isn t necessarily my favorite kind of hero, one who suffers some physical scars as well as emotional ones, but yet, there was just something about him that captured my heart and my imagination and I knew from the start that I d end up falling in love with him I was right sigh As far as heroines go, Amelia d Orsay was ok A 26 year old spinster, she s strong, resourceful, stubborn, capable, and intelligent and with a list like that, you d think I would have adored her But sadly, I wasn t drawn to her and never felt a real connection or attachment I can only guess that it s because she seemed to lack much compassion towards the people who really deserved it, except Lily, and she is quite gullible where her brother, Jack, is concerned which made for some frustrating times It somehow just didn t fit that this incredibly smart woman, so, so insightful and full of common sense, just couldn t see beyond her love and devotion for him to see what a sniveling, whiny little miscreant he is Instead, she kept making excuses for him, constantly bailing him out of trouble, never even considering that she wasn t helping him at all I wasn t sure how this would turn out, but finally, very near the end we get our answer Slight Spoiler This takes place when Amelia, finally gets it about her brother, when Jack fails to offer his coat to a shivering, pregnant young woman Strangely enough, Amelia was glad of it That small example of thoughtlessness might be inconsequential compared to his other misdeeds but it was this final ounce of selfishness that tipped the scales For many months, she d believed she could save her brother if only she loved him hard enough But she saw her error clearly now She d accused Spencer of being insular, but Jack was the one incapable of seeing beyond his own grief Other men lost brothers, friends, even children and wives and still avoided abject dissolution Why Jack had stumbled into the chasm when others managed to skirt it, she would never know But she finally understood it was beyond her power to pull him out This epiphany of hers was so totally believable to me, because I ve had those sudden, painful moments of clarity where family is concerned myself Anyway, this is where Amelia redeemed herself and ceased being TSTL Too Stupid to Live and became someone I could cheer for, someone I could respect and someone deserving of a happily ever after with Spencer, a man I adore.End SpoilerThe supporting cast of characters, Lily Chatwick Leo s sister, Claudia, Lord Ashworth, and Julian Bellamy, I found to all be people with compelling enough backgrounds to warrant their own stories I know that Ashworth and Bellamy with Lily as his happily ever after will have books of their own, but I m hoping that we ll see enough of the Morland clan to learn what ultimately happens with Claudia, Spencer s ward Then of course there s Jack d Orsay, and frankly, I d be perfectly fine never hearing his name again.I have to say that what I suspect was the main storyline the murder mystery was secondary to me I was interested in what I saw as a tale of the classes About those who belong in proper society and those who don t I really like the way Tessa Dare approached it, because let s be honest here, it s a theme that s been quite written to death, but by using the idea of the Stud Club, she gives us a unique, interesting and funny twist to a done to death plot in historical romance novels I enjoyed Ms Dare s writing style, her unique turn of phrases and her ability to take situations which might normally seem like just of the same old, same old, and made them fun, interesting and burn up the pages hot Can anyone say piquet LOLA couple of my favorite scenes and quotes Spencer, seeming baffled by Amelia s lack of awe of him, states You re not intimidated by me Amelia realizes that before Leo s death, she would have been, but now she sees life differently Today, I know we are merely humans Two flawed, imperfect, mortal beings, whose bones will one day crumble to dust Just a man and a woman And this little exchange between Amelia and Spencer My virtue You were Oh, there was no use in mincing words now You were able to divine my virginity by fondling my leg Yes She covered her eyes with one hand, then traced her left eyebrow with a fingertip Forgive me, Your Grace Are you suggesting a woman is some sort of piece of fruit to you One squeeze and you know if she s ripe Overall, I enjoyed One Dance with a Duke and Spencer is the latest addition to my All Time Favorite Top 10 Heroes list And even though I ve heard a couple of less than appealing things about Twice Tempted by a Rogue, the second book in the Stud Club Trilogy, I ll keep reading because I want to know what happens with Ashworth, Bellamy, Lily and Claudia, I want to find out who killed Leo and ultimately, what becomes of the Stud Club.

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    This book started off well, but by the time I finished it I was pissed If I could have reached through the pages of the book and throat punched the heroine, Amelia, I would have.Spencer and Amelia have really great chemistry in the beginning I really liked them both Watching Amelia push beyond her wallflower image to claim that danceit was great I loved that he was so flummoxed by her His little love affair with her embroidery was cute Spencer was a great character All the mystique created by the ton meant nothing to him I loved how the author turned the mysterious male trope on its head He didn t mean to cause gossip, he was just trying to do his duty and escape He was so amused when he found out what they were saying about him I loved that he was a secret romantic I liked that when we found out why he wanted the horse it was a simple reason There s was no terribly complicated plot for him It was a nice change.I liked getting to know Bellamy and Ashworth I thought they were really interesting Bellamy is so steeped in roles that I wonder if he even remembers who he is any I felt so bad for him when he kept insisting everyone but him marry Lily He thought she deserved better than him Ashworth seems a little less complex, but still intriguing I wonder why he thinks his life would be better if he ended it I think the men from the Stud Club made the book for me.Speaking of the Stud Club, thank God Amelia and Lily didn t accept the club name with a straight face I m glad someone mocked it With them poking fun at the name it made me feel the author was inviting us to share the joke with her It was nice.Well, now we re down to what ruined the book for meAmelia I had such high hopes for her I really liked her in the beginning I loved that she married Spencer for practical reasons Watching her weigh the pros and cons really made me respect her She seemed very mature and levelheaded Unfortunately, she didn t stay that way.All of a sudden they re married and she wants to have a chaste marriage until he convinces her he didn t kill anyone If you really thought he killed someone, you idiot, why did you go through with the marriage You made a deal when you married him Why should he have to go through with his end of the bargain when you clearly won t go through with yours While denying him sex she still finds time to gloat to herself about the new households she has That takes a lot of brass right there You haven t even consummated the marriage, it can still be annulled if you don t stop acting like a twit.So, Amelia decides she s only denying him sex because she s really afraid to fall in love with him May I take a second to stop and point out how irritating I find this belief Sex and love don t always go hand in hand Why do these women persist in believing and practicing that Irritating Moving on So, she decides she ll finally give it up I felt we were going to get back to the Amelia I enjoyed The one that had a clue. She goes to tell him, but the when he becomes the aggressor, because she won t spit it out, she freaks and literally runs from him What is wrong with you That s not my only problem with her though Spencer says this to her Amelia, he whispered, at this moment, I don t think you d recognize the truth if it pinched you on the bottom That really summarizes my opinion of her I don t know what reality she was in, but it sure wasn t the one I was reading Spencer tries to buy her family home that she loves to help her brother cover his debts He won t give him the money freely, but he ll help him out and give Amelia something she ll love She decides he s stripping her family s pride Later she s okay with someone else buying it and bulldozing it Why was it not okay for him to buy it Amelia s worst flaw is that she puts her brother ahead of everyone else She coddles him while he bankrupts the family and lashes out at anyone who doesn t want to enable him A situation develops at the end that was all her fault Even when she admitted she was to blame she still didn t see the reality of her brother It was aggravating The biggest thing that pissed me off was the end Amelia was the one in the wrong, but Spencer was the one who had to come to her and prove his worth What She left him, not the other way around She chose her brother over him Why the hell did he have to make the effort to get her back Arghhh Even though I really disliked this book I think I ll read the next one I liked the author s writing, and I liked the story she was telling, I just hated Amelia Let s hope the next book won t have another of her ilk.

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    4 stars Historical Regency Romance This is my first read by Tessa Dare, and I enjoyed the writing, humorous dialogue, witty banter, rather unique plot, and steamy romance The main reason it didn t get a 5 star rating is that I just didn t quite connect fully with the characters, and I never really became emotionally invested in their relationship I liked curvy, spirited, strong willed spinster Amelia and arrogant, alpha with a hidden, tender, romantic side Spencer, Duke of Morland and enjoyed them together, especially the love scenes yowza I just wouldn t necessarily consider them favorite characters or even that memorable of a romance couple, and I can t quite say that I loved this Still, I can definitely understand all the rave reviews for author Tessa Dare, and I ll definitely read of her books Oh, and it definitely deserves at least a star for the amusing, brazen series name Stud Club snicker, snort

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    MURDER MYSTERY MARRIAGE MIDNIGHT MAYHEM The STUD CLUB trilogy is a fun historical romance series Leo has created an exclusive gentleman s club that only allows 10 members to own a retired stud The only way you may obtain a coin membership is by a game of chance coins must never be sold When Leo is murdered his coin has gone missing The remaining members of this gentleman s club begin a search to find answers Spencer is a wealthy duke He doesn t like to be around large groups of people because he suffers from panic attacks Because of this condition he only shows up to balls at midnight which earns him the name the Duke of Midnight He dances one dance and then disappears Amelia has an undying devotion to her family members which includes five brothers Her brother, Jack, puts the family into debt with his gambling He owes Spencer a lot of money and Amelia makes it her mission to right his debt.Spencer and Amelia come to an agreement he ll marry her and give her security and she ll produce an heir to inherit his fortune A fun book video made by the author The Stud Club TrilogySERIES Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books Book 1 Spencer Dumarque a duke Book 2 Rhys St Maur a war hero Book 3 Julian Bellamy a scoundrel

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    I thought this was great I read a few reviews where Amelia s affection for her brother Jack was overdone,but I thought it worked with the way her relationship and self martyring personality was And to be fair, the self martyring wasn t really all that badthat was Spencer s take on Amelia, not mine.Amelia and Spencer meet at a ball, minus any romantic impulses They are married just days later, as a business arrangement, and fall into friendship and love I loved how Spencer was able to admit that he loved Amelia from the second she pressed her handkerchief into his palm One of my favorite parts of this book is an impromptu ball given to the newly married Spencer and Amelia Amelia is just absolutely shining in her new role as duchess, and Spencer notices it, and so does every single other male in the room I loved how Spencer later made her watch herself in the mirror to show her what face others see when they look at her, but how the faces she makes in passion are only for him In fact that was in general just a great scene.This story is well done, and the writing is easy to follow without being simplistic I loved it, and definitely want to read the next book in the trailer and soo worth the 3 minutes hysterical

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    Tessa Dare weaves another wonderful trilogy with the first of the Stud Club series One Dance with a Duke Each lead character does have some major issues, but even with their issues it only made them human in my eyes Lady Amelia d Orsay is having a hard time trying to keep her family from the breaking point.Mostly her brother Jack who has become so self destructive that he doesn t see the pain he s casuing his love ones as he spirals out of control Amelia is trying to save him from himself, but only sees damage he does to himself Planning a get away to their old family home, Amelia is shocked to learn Jack owns a great deal of debt to many, mostly Spencer Dumarque, Duke of Morland Not knowing what to do, Amelia takes matters into her own hands and corners The so called Duke of Midnight for one of his Midnight dances Only to find herself wrapped up then she thought with the Duke of Morland Amelia s character was one I really liked, she wasn t one to bow down when faced with tough choices, but at the same time, love in blinding, and her love for her family truly blinded her to the troubles of her brother Jack Amelia had a big heart, and I loved her for that, but she was also doing harm then good of babying her brother and helping him out of one jam or another This was her flaw, it s a give or take type of flaw many of us have for our beloved family Amelia like many of us, have to learn our lesson in letting go and learning to walk away I didn t agree with the choices Amelia made, but I understood and really cared for her character Spencer Dumarque, Duke of Morland Was an mysterious character, you wanted to get into his mind and see what he s thinking He holds his peace when you think he should speak up, wondering and asking What is he hiding Known as the Duke of Midnight, Spencer doesn t care for the society parties, but knowing he must show his face, he leads ladies for one Midnight Dance and then leaves At a party though, he s not the one picking, but is cornered by Lady Amelia d Orsay, whose brother owns him a lot of money, as they dance, he finds himself unable to understand Amelia and as goes from asking for her brother s debt to be eased then enjoying the dance, suddenly overcome with a sort of panic attack and Amelia not wanting to be left on the dance floor, he picks her up bodily and flees to the garden Spencer is shocked when offered money to leave him alone, Amelia decides to stay and help him As the night goes on though, Spencer is faced with information of a peer s death that could be blamed on him, and a deep draw to Amelia herself Spencer was an odd mix of coldness and aloofness making you get put off by his character, but glimpses of a romantic hidden away left you wanting I wanted to know about him, why he did this and that and why he didn t speak up This is reveled slowly, and the reason behind his actions was not only odd, and strange, but endearing and really didn t fly Spencer s true flaw was pride He hide away everything he was behind his Duke status, instead of fussing up to his true motives and asking for help, he would put others in debt and be the true villain to get what he wanted When his reason did come to light, I felt for him, and he really became that romantic, did I agree what he did was right No Would I have done the same No Did I understand Yes I did understand him, and while I didn t agree with him, I understood Both characters at times were like the other half of a whole, and saw the others flaws and tried to help change their ways Spencer and Amelia were both evolving through the story, with having hard lessons needed to be learned by both But it was their love for one another that truly helped one another through the lessons Their love was constant through the story with some very steamy scenes, but even in their arguments, you see slowly how their changing one another s lives and hearts And like the trilogy before, there is some loose ends that are left unanswered, still leaving the reader happy with Spencer s and Amelia s HEA Overall One Dance with a Duke opened the new trilogy up with a bang, never slowly down in pace with a few loose ends that leaves the reader waiting and wanting I can t wait for the next book, and marking the release date on my calender now

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    I rage quit this book by Chapter 6 GOD I COULDN T STAND IT THE HERO, SPENCER, WAS SUCH AN ASSHOLE I just couldn t finish it I d rather do somersaults over a vat of molten lava than finish it.Yes, he was that bad.How Ha Well let me count the ways First and foremost, he was an arrogant son of a bitch who kept saying to himself Oh, I m the Duke of Morland, I m not required to explain myself WILL YOU JUST GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE FOR A SECOND AND BE HUMAN, YOU ASS And oh, since we re on the subject of horses, apparently Spencer was an avid horse breeder fan So when his friend dies, the first thing he says to the bereaved sister is Oh, I d like to buy your brother s prized horse from you WHAT THE FUCK THAT S WHAT YOU SAY TO THE WOMAN WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU I guess the last straw was when he proposed to the heroine in a way that made me feel like shit That was probably the worst proposal ever I positively seethed when he said things like Oh, I ll be faithful to you until we have a son, after that we won t even have to meet and etc I WANTED TO WRING HIS ARISTOCRATIC NECK AND KICK HIM IN THE BALLS.Only a madwoman with no self respect would accept his fuckery of a proposal.The heroine accepted.And that s when I knew I was done Totally done with this shit The hero was beyond redemption for me, and I didn t want to torture myself any Blech.

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    I m sorry, but an annoying heroine can ruin any book Wanting to hit her with a shovel over and over isn t conducive to a pleasant read.

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    Arousing That s the first word that comes to mind Handsome, debonair, sensual, passionate, romantic although he won t admit it These are just a few of the many qualities of Spencer, The Duke of Moreland Arousing on the dance floor, riding a purebred horse and most important riding a woman to ecstasy This was the first Tessa Dare read for me and I have to say it won t be my last My goodness, Ms Dare can bring the romance and sensuality to the reader Just her description of a kiss will melt you into madness The anticipation, the delivery, the reaction I was glued to Spencer and Amelia s story from the go.Spencer and Amelia are both strong, robust characters who pull you into the pages as if you are in the room watching Amelia put Spencer in his place or watching Spencer put Amelia in his lap for some lovin I love a strong heroine, honest and true, especially in a historical read Amelia, while having some self esteem issues, given her age and lack of a husband, still could hold her own with any man that crossed her path Spencer hid several secrets in the beginning which led you to believe he was all self centered but throughout the story showed his true, caring nature and eventually gave in to love and loyalty of the richest kind Their interaction together is both passionate and intense which provides a lush, rich read leaving me wanting Favorite Quotes She hadn t known kissing could be like this not a conquest, but a trade She d never known the corner of her mouth to be so exquisitely sensitive, until he touched the spot with his tongue He kissed her Without warning, without permission Without even deciding to do it, but simply because he couldn t have done anything else He needed that breath she was holding It belonged to him, and he wanted it back Watch yourself, he commanded her Watch yourself as you come Every other man can see you as you were downstairs Witty Desirable Charming Elegant But this is when you re goddamned beautiful, and this beauty is mine It s for me, and me alone Now and forever Do you understand

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    This was a really enjoyable premiere of Tessa Dare s new trilogy, The Stud Club Of course, The Stud Club refers to breeding horses, but we know what it reeeeeeeealllly means Vavoom.In any case, I had a few problems that cost Dare a star, but overall the romance was nice and the evolution of their attraction and devotion made sense to me Their love scenes were well written and sensual and I didn t feel there were so many that I needed to skim.Both characters had irritating quirks Sometimes those quirks went way too far In fact, Spencer s whole motivation for his obsession with gaining all the Stud Club tokens was not all that believable to me I understood the emotion, but he s a pretty logical guy and it seemed he was throwing a lot of money away on something that might be helpful to him for a year or two at most Didn t move me.Amelia s motivation was realistic, but also, perhaps, annoying for it s realism and familiarity There s also the fact that many books have contained this particular element the ne re do well brother who takes everyone else down with him and I ve lost patience with lead characters patience Does that make sense to anyone besides me In any case, the romance is lovely Dare has a real flair for putting people together and showing them falling into a love they never dreamed possible So even the moments that made me growl at the book were minor in comparison Could have used an epilogue, though The way romance books are ending these days, epilogues seem necessary in most of them But the next book is coming out in about a month, so I suppose we ll have to be happy with that.I m happy to see Dare is achieving success and notice in the genre She s an excellent addition.