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Ten Of The Top Writers Of Fantasy Present Their Views Of The Ways And Byways Of Fairyland ISAAC ASIMOV A Most Unusual Knight Meets An Even Unusual DragonTERRY BROOKS A Boy And An Elf Discover Courage Conquers Than MonstersCJ CHERRYH Three Wishes And The Strangest Love Story Ever ToldLESTER DEL REY The Little Princess Didn T Really Believe In A Fairy GodmotherSAN DEXTER The Hermit Boy Didn T Know That His Pet Fawn Was A UnicornWAYLAND DREW Each Traveler Claimed Precedence Until A Stranger Joined ThemRBARA HAMBLY Three Strange Children From A Dragon S Lair Were Loved, UntilKATHERINE KURTZ A Fairy Learns Of Faith And Love From A Holy ManNE McCAFFREY Humans And The Descendants Of Pegasus Seek To Escape Their PrisonWRENCE WATT EVANS Killing A Dragon Is Easy Once One Knows How

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    The one sentence summaries of the stories given in the blurb mostly seem not accurate, fyi.Asimov The fairy godmothers forget to bestow grace on a prince Dragon has working class accent Mildly amusing 2.5 starsBrooks Heavy handed metaphor Dragon illness, boy fights dragon Because you can overcome disease with willpower, a la self help books, I guess 2 starsCherryh Excellent story in the spirit of Welsh mythology Well written and dark without being hopeless.4.5 starsDel Rey Pleasant story about a princess who is ready for work Seems really written for tweens rather than adults 3 starsDexter The patriarchy and its concomitant violence suck whether you are a girl, a peasant, or a unicorn I would have liked page time for the wizard and dog, who are the only ones with good lines Unhappily, I am not omniscient If you don t know, just say so 3.5 starsDrew Poor decisions are poor, actually And so is egotism, I guess is the message Not sure because it really seemed to drag on for what was clearly a Message story, and I skipped the middle.Too boring to read 1 star, fair or no Hambly Because I ve read her novel Dragonsbane this seemed kind of like a retreading of territory, but other than that it was a solid story4 starsKurtz Got bored, skipped I ve tried her novels long ago, but even as a kid was disappointed by the writing.McCaffrey I wonder if this is set in a world where she has longer works Otherwise, this is way than I needed to know about flying horse breeding I d like a loyal pegasus as much as the next girl, but I don t need to peruse the studbook every day The studbook is also not how I chose my mate Also, I guessed right away where the magical thingie was hidden.2.5 starsWatt Evans Villagers make zero effort to rid their village of a voracious dragon, because peasants are stupid Also, our protagonist appears to have the wilderness survival skills of a modern urbanite i.e no idea how to forage, but can sometimes score a bed via one night stand 2.5 starsOverall assessment of the collection not terrible, but generally heavy handed as to the messages, and probably fairly obvious plot wise if you ve read a significant amount of modern fantasy Hardly essential reading.

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    I actually enjoyed these quite a bit, enough to want to read it again someday The pictures are almost amazing very pretty, at least The cover story is my favorite, and I will investigate Wayland Drew I d recommend this to young teens, not to jaded experienced fantasy readers.From Drew s story, The Old Soul When I listen I hear harmony When I am still I remember that wisdom is than knowledge, than truth It did help me sort out, at least for myself, why I like fairy tales but not fantasy Fantasy tends to be heavy on epic quests, adventures, intrigue and battles Fairy tales are like fables, in which the third son shares his loaf with the crone and receives a token bit of magic that helps him on his mission The stories I like are smaller, quieter, often clever, and often wise The ones I don t have too many bloody swords in them.

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    Picked it up on a whim and was delighted to find an interesting and varied collection that I thoroughly enjoyed Hard pressed to choose a favorite, Prince Delightful made me laugh out loud and startle the dogs Imaginary friends is one I would have loved to read to my children when they were little Gwydion and the Dragon had a very satisfying ending Thistledown was wonderfully heartwarming and the rest were equally great Definitely a great read for anyone who enjoys fantasy and fairy tales.

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    I actually rate this 3 1 2 stars Most of the stories were quite good, though a few were too slow for my taste I did find a couple new authors that I plan to pursue.

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    This collection of fairy tales embraces all of the usual conventions, including fairy godmothers, unicorns, changelings, dragons and doughty princes and princesses galore They re by the best of the fantasy authors of the 90 s, including McCaffrey, Asimov, Brooks, etc They re slightly updated no shrinking princesses who need saving , and lots of fun to read.

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    Really old collection of Fantasy short stories from some of the best writers of that 60 s 70 s era

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    I just can t get myself into this I got maybe a third through I am not connecting to any of the characters.Probably would have been 3 stars.

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    Fairy tales were never meant to be the exclusive purview of childhood As Lester Del Rey notes in the Foreword to this collection, the gate to fairyland should never be closed to anyone because of age and adulthood So to open it wide in welcome, he and co editor, Risa Kessler decided to assemble this book In it they have collected stories of highly sophisticated skill, but with a sense of wonder and the love of myths and magic that were found in the classic fairy stories truly modern fairy tales meant for mature, adult readers vii Herein, Ten of the top writers of fantasy present their views of the ways and byways of fairyland The reader will find among these ten tales, a tale by Asimov of A most unusual knight and even unusual dragon, a story of a hermit boy who didn t know his pet fawn was a unicorn, by Susan Dexter, and C.J Cherryh s tale of Three wishes and the strangest love story ever told back cover Other writers include Terry Brooks, Katherine Kurtz, Barbara Hambly, and Anne McCaffrey.I liked all the stories, with perhaps Kurtz s story of a fairy s love for a holy man my least favorite, and Lawrence Watt Evans s tale of a unconventional dragonslayer my most favorite.A good collection and if these suit the reader s fancy, I would also suggest the 6 volume series of adult, modern fairy tales collected and edited by Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling.

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    I wasn t quite sure what to expect when I placed a hold on this book to get it after someone else was reading it, but as soon as I read the discription in the preface saying this was a collection for older audiances who enjoy Fairy Tales, I couldn t wait for my chance to read it Another bonus is one of the stories is by my favorite fantasy author Anne McCaffery 0 Updated 4 10 09 Well, now that I have finished this priceless collection, I have to say Anne MacCaffery s was not my favorite I liked it and all, but I have to say the story about the young unicorn raised by a wizard apprentice was my absolute favorite It had a kind of The Last Unicorn by Peter S Begeal feel to it and I almost wished it was longer I don t want to give too much away, but this is a wonderful read for anyone who loves fairy tales, both in their youth and as adults like me 0

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    I bought this to read to my sister s kids and never got around to it Today, I was searching for some books on cd to listen to in the car and stumbled across an interesting fact The first story in chronological order in Terry Brooks Shanarra series is a short story titled Imaginary Friends It can be found in the Once Upon A Time anthology subtitled A Treasury of Modern Fairy Tales and was sitting on my shelf since around 1991