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It happened like this I was stolen from an airport Taken from everything I knew everything I was used to Taken to sand and heat dirt and danger And he expected me to love him This is my story A letter from nowhereSixteen year old Gemma is kidnapped from Bangkok airport and taken to the Australian Outback This wild and desolate landscape becomes almost a character in the book so vividly is it described Ty her captor is no stereotype He is young fit and completely gorgeous This new life in the wilderness has been years in the planning He loves only her wants only her Under the hot glare of the Australian sun cut off from the world outside can the force of his love make Gemma love him back? The story takes the form of a letter written by Gemma to Ty reflecting on those strange and disturbing months in the outback Months when the lines between love and obsession and love and dependency blur until they don't exist—almost

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    When I was a teenager I remember watching a movie with my family and the couple onscreen kissed for the first time and of course five seconds later were sleeping together My dad trying to keep the morality of four teenage girls intact complained about movies always doing that making you root for something you didn't believe in I remember thinking it's just a movie you're supposed to want that because I had wanted itChristopher is a smart woman She realizes this power that as an author she can direct you in what you're supposed to want who you're supposed to like and what ending you're supposed to root for And she uses it to mess with your head Ty and Gemma are basically the only characters in the book so you want them to end up together Ty is a kidnapper and has a temper but he's a kind likable kidnapper From the beginning you want Gemma to get over it and like Ty He had a sad life and has such a vulnerable quality and if only Gemma would love him it would make him all better You see what Christopher does? She makes you the reader experience Stockholm syndrome so that by the end you're as conflicted as Gemma about the outcome and about your own feelings of Gemma's resistance and Ty's culpability She makes you consider Stockholm syndrome from the inside That's brilliantETA I have several friends who didn't like the book and it's made me think about why this works so well for some and not for others It comes down to you If you're the type of girl who'd want to protect a broken spirit then you'll fall right into the trap that is Ty's charm If you like a man's man and have no patience for weak men the book won't work for you The book may have been powerful had we fallen in love with a man who was a little bit rough a little bit forceful a little bit cruel and yet Gemma depended on him for her survival But maybe not It would have been of a risk and may not have had the same longing for romance that this has Either way it still requires you the reader to pull off the full affect It's a risk and sometimes it pays off Sometimes it doesn't