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With the end of summer closing in and a steamy Labor Day weekend looming in the town of Holton Mills New Hampshire thirteen year old Henry—lonely friendless not too good at sports—spends most of his time watching television reading and daydreaming about the soft skin and budding bodies of his female classmates For company Henry has his long divorced mother Adele—a onetime dancer whose summer project was to teach him how to foxtrot; his hamster Joe; and awkward Saturday night outings to Friendly's with his estranged father and new stepfamily As much as he tries Henry knows that even with his jokes and his Husband for a Day coupon he still can't make his emotionally fragile mother happy Adele has a secret that makes it hard for her to leave their house and seems to possess an irreparably broken heartBut all that changes on the Thursday before Labor Day when a mysterious bleeding man named Frank approaches Henry and asks for a hand Over the next five days Henry will learn some of life's most valuable lessons how to throw a baseball the secret to perfect piecrust the breathless pain of jealousy the power of betrayal and the importance of putting others—especially those we love—above ourselves And the knowledge that real love is worth waiting forIn a manner evoking Ian McEwan's Atonement and Nick Hornby's About a Boy acclaimed author Joyce Maynard weaves a beautiful poignant tale of love sex adolescence and devastating treachery as seen through the eyes of a young teenage boy—and the man he later becomes—looking back at an unexpected encounter that begins one single long hot life altering weekend

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    Henry is a 13 year old living with his pet hamster Joe and his agoraphobic damaged mother at the end of a cul de sac in Holton Mills New Hampshire He sees his father on Saturday nights for unappetizing outings to Friendly’s with dad’s new family Henry is small unathletic and on the lower steps of the social ladder at school But changes are afoot His body is changing in obvious ways and his interests are beginning to point sometimes embarrassingly so toward girls His life takes a turn on the Thursday before Labor Day when a bleeding man approaches Henry while he is in a store with his mother and asks for helpJoyce Maynard from NY MagazineHenry’s coming of age journey includes lessons on throwing a baseball learning how to make a perfect pie crust exposure to sexuality his own and others’ admiration jealousy selfishness selflessness love and betrayal He learns the power of hope over despair and the impact of betrayalMy upbringing was nothing like Henry’s but having once been a 13 year old boy I felt I could relate to Henry’s struggles Maynard captured the essence of that curious time of life and adds a morally thoughtful dimension that gives added heft to her storyKate Winslet and Josh Brolin in the film image from CmfilmcommentarycomI ripped through this book in near record time It is a fast read but also a compelling one Labor Day is a work well doneEXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pagesThe film was released January 31 2014 I saw the film a couple of weeks prior It is a beautiful piece of work very true to the book and it is depressing how sexy Josh Brolin is Makes the rest of us guys look pretty bad Winslet is in fine form of course I hear tell that Maynard wanted to offer ladies of a certain age an image of hope It is amazingly sensuous and a real shame that it was overlooked by Oscar voters The NY Times reviewer had a very different opinion of the film GR pal Carmen has sent along a link to a fun article in Parade Magazine Joyce Maynard had a very hands on involvement in showing Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet how it is done when it comes to making a pie Definitely worth a look Gracias Carmen

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    I'm a recent fan of Joyce Maynard and just want to read all of her books now But I should probably slowly savor them For years I have wanted to read this one but it stayed in my pile The movie came out and I never watched it because I wanted to read the book first I said I was going to wait to read this one since it was her highest rated GR book But I'm unpredictable about reads Labor Day tells the story of one long steamy Labor Day weekend told from the point of view of Henry It's the story of longing and wanting to be loved Henry is 13 and lives with his mother His parents are divorced and he eats dinner out once a week with his father and his new family Henry doesn't feel like he belongs He has no friends except for his mother His mother is haunted by her past and almost appears to go through the motions of life not really living She is practically a recluse Until that one fateful day when they go to the store for pants for Henry This is where they meet Frank an escaped convict who is also longing And immediately all three of their lives are drastically changed Especially after that incredible Labor Day weekend that they spend together that seems like a life time And also how the smallest conseuences can change entire lives of peopleThis was uite the slow sultry read A truly lovely story how people can ultimately find that one true love that knows no bounds I really enjoyed the story and listened to this one via audio which was good but not narrated by Maynard While I did like this one I found her book After Her a much captivating read I have the movie version ready to watch this weekend And I've already grabbed my next Maynard readmaybe I am predictable after all

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    45 StarsJust wow I've met Ms Maynard too late in my lifeThis story would have been better for me had I not watched the movie first I liked both I dare say I would have been obsessed with the book and rated a resounding 5 stars had I not been privy to the screen play prior to the novel But this is okay with me it just changed the route to get to the ending in a wayThe author added a handful of pages at the end entitled “Don’t Try This at Home How I Came to Write This Novel” This is her story of how this story came to life I like these added bits of gold when the author gives their back story What I gleaned from this is that Joyce is a trusting soul likes to see the best in people and likes to see a story unfold whether she has weighed up every little pro and con there could be or not I see this in myself in a way and now am very keen to learn about her and her work This is my favourite part – “But the world I want to live in as a world in which it is still possible to believe in goodness to trust in love If a happy ending of sorts presented itself in Labor Day I take no credit for it The characters themselves created their story I just wrote it down for them”I like that Adele our fragile leading lady trusted in this man she met realistic or not I love that she took a chance and I also love that Frank was a good man who showed his love straight away This is a story and JM saw it through In her words and I’d echo them “Maybe it’s an impossibly romantic and idealistic story” but it’s a story of fiction which is there for the telling I’m glad she told it“Everybody talks about all this crazy wild passion he said That’s how it goes in the songs Your mother was like that She was in love with love She couldn’t do anything partway She felt everything so deeply it was like the world was too much for her Any time she’d hear a story about some kids who had cancer or an old man whose wife died or his dog even it was like it happened to her” I see a woman with passion here I like what she’s written and I want to read Update June 2016 a very cold winter Months after reading I still think of this book I stumbled across a delightful video of Joyce Maynard baking her 'pie' Having a capable 13 year old at home on holidays before her siblings care of grammar school here she is following said recipe Was fun translating sticks of butter and tapioca etc Joyce was such fun and absolutely delicious I have to say Here is my girl and here is the final product Too yummy Finally here is the link so you can see the lovely Joyce Maynard in action

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    I must comment that early in my reading of this book I was contemplating that it would be deserving of a 3 star rating I certainly was in error because as I progressed the story became richer and nuanced When finally I reached the denouement I realized that I held in my hands a beautiful evocative gem which had brought me to tearsLabor Day is the tale of a fourteen year old boy Henry who lives in isolation with his long divorced emotionally fragile mother On one of their rare outings he is approached by an injured man who reuests his help Henry and his mother pity him and take him to their home It soon becomes clear that this is an escaped prisoner but no ordinary manThe time they spend together is the moving often delightful essence of this novelMaynard has skillfully and poignantly fashioned the narrative in the voice of Henry She has vividly portrayed the emotions of all her charactersespecially those of this adolescent boy on the threshhold of maturity and sexual awakeningThis was the first book that I have read by the uniuely talented Joyce Maynard I look forward to exploring others Perhaps I will reread this one

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    If people saw the movieEven 'with' a talented cast it's not nearly as good as the book

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    I have not seen the movie yet of Labor Day by Joyce Maynard but I’ve seen enough movie trailers that I could read the book with the visuals of Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet in my head About at the half way point if asked I would have rated the book 4 stars But somewhere in that last half when everything was happening my heart was lost 5 huge and well deserved stars is the rating I am giving this bookHenry is thirteen years old He lives with his somewhat dysfunctional mother Adele Adele has several issues and at first I was trying to come up with a proper diagnosis But as I progressed through the book it became obvious that her only true diagnosis was a broken heart “She felt everything so deeply it was like the world was too much for her” During one of Henry and Adele’s rare trips to the store Henry is approached by Frank who has escaped from prison He is hurt and they take him home with them During the six days he spent there all of their lives were changed forever We learn Frank’s story and you can’t help but fall in love with him We learn Adele’s past and the pain she has endured These two people that have mostly only known loneliness find hope and love through each other “If I’d never jumped out that window I never would have found you” The story is told from Henry’s point of view as an adult remembering back to that time A time when he was struggling with sexual awareness living a somewhat lonely and awkward existence with his mother and struggling with his relationship with his own father Those six days had a profound impact on Henry and molded the rest of his life I can honestly say that these three will not be forgotten anytime soon They have etched themselves into my heart and there they will stay

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    A solid enjoyable read I enjoyed the storyline who cares if a little unbelievable It was good to have the story told from the point of view of 13 year old Henry even if some of that pre pubescent teenage musings got a little awkward I loved Adele you feel her sadness she's a great character and I can understand how she fell for the charming con on the loose the element of danger and being a recluse made him seem very compelling you kind of wanted her to have a happy ending even under the uestionable circumstances I enjoyed listening to the audiobook it was a simple easy to follow story and now I'll just have to force myself to watch the moviehello Josh Brolin ; lol

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    There is a metaphor at the heart of this book that of the creation of an upper crust for a peach pie and the difficulties encountered when the hands are shaky and the weather is humid It must be handled delicately and involves a little magic Such magic is present when a stranger who also happens to be an escaped convict lands in the house of a 13 year old self described loser and his agoraphobic mother both of whom could use a great deal of help If the setup sounds a little too facile the execution really is complicated Other reviews have said this is told from the point of view of that 13 year old but it really is told from the point of view of that boy as an adult It is a memory piece not a journal of days Such ualifiers as at that time give this away making it much than just a record but a haunting realization of the power that a positive person can have at a pivotal time in someones life and how the result resonates decades after the fact The novel is short in length but is reminiscent of John Irving at his best

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    Very good bookI hope the movie is as well done

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    I really really tried I got to page 88 and just gave up The plot is contrived and I was just beginning to be able to suspend the disbelief necessary to get into the book when I gave up on trying to be able to figure out who was speaking andor thinking It is completely pretentious to write an entire book with a ton of dialogue and NOT use proper punctuation to indicate who is speaking and who is having inner dialogue I get it I get it it's a big bad impressive way to write but only if done well It is not done well here I gave up when I realized on my lunch break at work that I rather be working than reading this book I actually read the reading guide uestions interview with the author which was disturbing and the prologue of another book of her's and didn't crack open the book proper I'm reading this for a bookmovie club where we read the book and then see the movie to determine which medium worked better for the story Unless the movie is God awful it HAS to be better than the book At least in a movie you can usually tell who is talking or if its an internal monologue This book gets one star because the dude on the cover is hot That's about the best I can say for this book