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Terror waits just out of sightHiding In The ShadowsAccident victim Faith Parker has done what her doctors feared she never would awakened from the coma that held her prisoner for weeks But she has no memory of the crash that nearly killed her – or the life that led up to it Nor does she remember journalist Dinah Leighton the steadfast friend who visited her in the hospital until she disappeared without a trace Now as Faith begins to regain her strength she's shocked by intimate dreams of a man she doesn't recognize and tortured by visions of violence that feel painfully real Something inexplicable ties her lost memories to Dinah's chilling fate But even as Faith tries to understand the connection and reach out to save Dinah death is stalking both women And one of them will not escape its lethal graspFBI agent Noah Bishop has a rare gift for seeing what others do not a gift that helps him solve the most puzzling cases Now read of his electrifying adventures in two stand alone tales of psychic suspense

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    Hiding in the Shadows by Kay Hooper is a great story There are many elements to the story that keep it exciting and suspenseful When you first meet Dinah Leighton she is working as an investigative journalist She is hot on a story and then she just disappears Her boyfriend Cain McGregor is doing all he can to get clues about her disappearance including a million dollar reward for information While this is going on Faith Parker who was in an automobile accident which resulted in a coma has woken up She has no memories of her life even her name She is confused when she begins to have dreams of a man that she seems to be involved with She has no information on him because she was informed that she did not have a boyfriend of her own Confused and lost Faith happens to see a new report about a missing woman and she recognizes the man being interviewed on the screen Faith sets out to find Dinah and places herself in constant danger She is introduced to a Psychic FBI agent Noah Bishop who listens to her stories of visions and voices He has his own powers so he is likely to understand her even when she is unsure The story was very gripping Kay Hooper draws you into the lives of Faith Cain Noah and Dinah in such an intense dramatic way Each chapter is filled with new visions new fears and new revelations Faith is hands on in the search for her own past as well as the fate of Dinah She follows leads that Dinah provides psychically as well as the leads that she stumbles upon on her own Believe me there is no one above suspicion I found myself distrusting almost everyone at one time or another I have found a writer that does suspense so well that I will be definitely be reading her other romantic suspense novels I listened to this as an audiobook and I can tell you that the narrator did an outstanding job Her pacing was perfect as was her characterization of the voices The recording I heard did not give her name but she was great She brought the story alive with her narration I did not know this was a second book of a series about Noah Bishop but now that I do know I will be reading the first book of the series The first book is called Stealing Shadows Just a great book if you like well written romantic suspense then you need to read this one

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    I did like the first book in the series although it had its flaws However I anticipated the story to finally focus on Bishop and the Special Crime Unit Instead he is a minor character with barely any importance There is also some hinting at a big case he is working on but apart from those small details the story focus on two different people I am not sure if this is what I expected the series to be like Luckily I already own book 3 and will read on Otherwise I might be tempted to give up The main story in 'Hiding in the Shadows' follows Faith a woman just woken up from a coma and Kane whose girlfriend Dinah vanished recently Now Dinah is an investigative journalist and soon the reader will learn that there is a connection between what happened to Faith and Dinah's fate What bothered me the most about the book maybe a little than the missing Bishop was the forced romance view spoilerThe ending and its solution didn't make it better I was looking forward to Faith's story and being treated with a solution that involves Dinah taking over her body just didn't work for me hide spoiler

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    I am at a loss for words Hiding in the Shadows is the second book in Kay Hooper’s BishopSpecial Crimes Unit Series From the first page the story is action packed at a pace that doesn’t slow until the final ten to fifteen percent Like the first book the key players have the gift of extrasensory perception In this book instead of being in the killer's mind Faith is in the victim's headDinah Leighton is an investigative reporter hot on the trail of a major scandal Faith Parker is Dinah’s close friend and in a coma after a suspicious accident then Dinah goes missing shortly before Faith comes out of her coma Faith has a severe case of amnesia Faith has dreams of Dinah and Kane MacGregor but she is not sure who they are until she sees Kane on the news asking for help to find his fiancée who is missing Hiding in the Shadows is full of tension and anxiety While reading I suspected every character of being the kidnapper Bishop the psychic FBI agent is a close friend of Kane and Dinah’s His role in this book is liaison with the local police and some investigative work from uantico However as in the first book Bishop is not the central focus of the story Sowhat happened? For me the ending took me from a believable psychic experience to an anti climactic unbelievable ending A story that kept me expecting that every character could be the “bad guy”; hoping the rescuers would get to the crime scene in time to rolling my eyes until I got a headache I can’t give too much information without revealing the final twist but it didn’t work for me This ending took a solid four to five star story to nothing than an OK read I’m sure there are many readers of paranormal who will buy into the conclusion but it didn't work for me at all I’m also disappointed that Hooper continues to dangle Bishop at the reader without giving him a decent storyline Regardless the story held my interest through most of the book so I will give the next one in the series a try in the hope that we will get to know Bishop finally If that doesn’t happen I’m not sure I will continue with the series

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    Not as good as the first I thought it was lacking in a few ways Vague bad guys with pretty average motives unlike the first book that featured a serial killer Lack of romanceAlso the twist near the end I'm not sure how I feel about it view spoilerWhere Faith basically died while in the coma and Dinah's soul ? took over thereby inhabiting her body hide spoiler

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    According to my spine tree ring analysis I've read this one maybe four times It's actually my least favorite of the 13 that I've read My favorite is coming soonFaith Parker wakes from a coma that she's been in for six weeks with no memory of herself or her life She finds out that she had a close friend Dinah who was paying all of her medical expenses and set up a trust fund for her Dinah has since gone missing Faith has repeated dreams that are part of Dinah's memoriesI don't care for Kane or Faith and the way that this ends is odd for me In fact I might give it one star if it wasn't for the fact that I'm willing to occasionally very occasionally reread it

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    October 2014 — 4 Stars — Not my favorite of Kay Hooper books but good enough I still read it in one sittingMarch 2018 — 3 Stars — Still not my favorite It feels choppy and disjointed and it resolves just outside my comfort zone of belief and I have a pretty big confort zone I was not able to read it in one sitting but as all of the books connect together I knew I needed to read it to get the maximum effect for the third book Still love this author though and adore this series

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    We start out with Dinah and Kane two people obviously in love and in a relationship but something holds Dinah back from full commitment Then we switch to Faith Parker who is just waking up from a coma and we learn that Faith's friend Dinah was kidnapped 2 weeks earlier Faith has no memory of her life or who she is but she dreams of intimate moments with Kane who she recognizes on the television She seeks him out and comes to the conclusion that she's dreaming about Dinah's memoriesso there must be a connection Kane along with his friend and psychic FBI guy Bishop help Faith investigate her life to see if she can give any help in locating Dinah and what she and Faith had learned that might have gotten Dinah kidnapped Along the way Faith and Kane fight an attraction which has Kane furious with himself How can he be falling for Faith when he's still in love with Dinah and so focused on finding her? Just like with the first one the suspense here is solid and gripping I liked that Faith was getting flashbacks of what happened to Dinah and the suspense of what was happening to her regarding her memory and what was hers and what was Dinah's was riveting as well For me though this story suffered in the romance department Kane spends half the story resenting Faith because he's starting to fall for her and he's trying to remember really hard that he's in love with Dinah His guilt is really well written and totally believable but it soured the relationship between Kane and Faith Not only that but it has you doubting that happy ending the whole way through the book Then you learn the twist and view spoiler it satisfies the romance aspect of things since Kane isn't technically being unfaithful to Dinah's memory hide spoiler

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    Not my cup of tea Never really got into it I am not a fan of Paranormal or Psychological novels I didn't like Gone Girl or Girl on a Trainbut least I finished this one

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    Hits the spot for light reading or for me listening to in audiobook form while doing other things I really enjoy bestseller mysteries when I'm on the go and can't binge crime TVI think I enjoyed this one better than the first one though I similarly became frustrated that the main character's psychic powers are so cryptic and therefore seem to be used by the author to create the mini conflicts and setbacks that at reuired to make a full length novel Once again Kay Hooper writes a strong believable if hastily drawn since this is a bestseller series type book and limited in length female protagonist and she adds an intriguing twist after the murder is solved Including Bishop in a limited role in these books is an interesting strategy and I'm drawn to continue reading the series to see where his overarching story goes

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    Wow I don’t really enjoy psychic supernatural stories but this is really good Not too sure how psychic works but I am intrigued