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Jack Audley Has Been A Highwayman A Soldier And He Has Always Been A Rogue What He Is Not, And Never Wanted To Be, Is A Peer Of The Realm, Responsible For An Ancient Heritage And The Livelihood Of Hundreds But When He Is Recognized As The Long Lost Son Of The House Of Wyndham, His Carefree Life Is Over And If His Birth Proves To Be Legitimate, Then He Will Find Himself With The One Title He Never Wanted Duke Of WyndhamGrace Eversleigh Has Spent The Last Five Years Toiling As The Companion To The Dowager Duchess Of Wyndham It Is A Thankless Job, With Very Little Break From The Routine Until Jack Audley Lands In Her Life, All Rakish Smiles And Debonair Charm He Is Not A Man Who Takes No For An Answer, And When She Is In His Arms, She S Not A Woman Who Wants To Say No But If He Is The True Duke, Then He Is The One Man She Can Never Have

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    I had a one night stand with this book Or fitting, I had a 24 hour stand with this book I started it on Friday evening and finished it on Saturday afternoon And in between reading it, I reorganized my closet and my dresser, cleaned the bathroom, opened some windows to get some fresh air circulating it was over 40 on Saturday a virtual heat wave and put together a bag of old clothes to donate I almost never finish books that fast, especially when I m multi tasking.So all in all, this book most assuredly fit the bill for a fast read It was very lighthearted, Julia Quinn writes dialogue quite well and the hero s name is Jack, which is a name I am partial to because I married a Jack The plot was also driven by an identity crisis and when it comes to romance novels, the dual identity or mistaken identity storyline gets me every time Jack Audley is a highwayman who makes the ill fated decision one night to stop a coach carrying the dowager Duchess of Wyndham and her companion, Grace Eversleigh Once the women have exited the carriage, her grace comes to the startling conclusion that Jack Audley is the spitting image of her dead son even though he s wearing a mask and that she is most likely his grandmother Audley steals the dowager duchesses ring a feminine version of his own ring and steals a kiss from Miss Eversleigh, but then panics at the announcement the dowager has just made and disappears into the night So is he the true Duke of Wyndham or isn t he That is the plot and there is very little else to say because I don t want to spoil the ending even though it isn t exactly unique This book is worth the read because the dialogue between the characters is enjoyable, Jack Audley is humorous and the dowager duchess is a nasty old biddy, which is also quite amusing This was also the first book I d read by this author but I wouldn t be opposed to seeking out another.

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    Jack Audley has been many things in his life, from a soldier and at the moment a highwayman So when he stops a carriage with two women inside, he thinks nothing of it, well expect stealing a kiss from one of the and younger of the two women, but nothing out of the norm for a rouge Until one of the women claims him to be her grandson and the rightful Duke of Wyndham Grace Eversleigh has worked for the dowager Duchess of Wyndham for five years, a thankless job, until one night a highwayman steals a kiss from her and is later to be found out to the long lost grandson of the dowager Now not only is Grace having to help prove he s the rightful duke, but fighting off the charms and smiles of Jack is going to prove her downfall because there s no way she can fall in love and marry a dukecan she I always enjoy JQ s books, their delightful and with her classic humor through it, it s always a sure bet I ll walk away with a big grin afterward The Lost Duke of Wyndham was no exception From the first moment Jack walked on the scene I loved him, with his funny comments and witty humor he was a man that stole my heart As the story moved on, Jack starts to revel a troubled past from his days as a soldier but hide it so well behind his carefree nature, it was hard to tell when he was being funny or being serious His comments about his newfound family hit the nail on the head sometimes, as he seemed voiced your thoughts as the reader out loud He was his best when he was the charming and devilish rouge and his sexy talk could melt butter, but he showed a very gentle and caring side toward the end was a surprise that made him even endearing I liked Grace and at times I thought her to meek to be a JQ heroine, most are outgoing and go getters, with Grace falling in between, but she did have some spark in her I wanted to her shine a bit and only at the end of the book did she really stand on her two feet, something I wanted her to do sooner, but as a companion and her loyalty toward the dowager, it sorta made sense the way she acted The romance between Grace and Jack was really good, with some steamy kissing moments and one love scene It was enjoyable, but I wanted a little romance between Grace and Jack as the story was mostly center around Jack and is he or isn t he the real duke The story moved quickly with some quirky moments as you get glimpses the current Duke of Wyndham Thomas and his fiancee also deal with this change, while the dowager makes everyone s life a living hell along the way with Grace and Jack falling in love along the way.Overall very cute read, that will zoom by before you know it A lot of humor with a ending that will leave a smile on your face long after

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    5 witty RTC

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    Augusta is no Lady Danbury, that s for sure Lady Danbury is an absolute queen, but this old woman is mean and can be quite unlikable.However, I love what Julia Quinn did with her character I might not like her because of her crankiness and mistreatment of Grace, but I can understand why she is the way she is after hearing about all the losses she has suffered There is one scene in particular between her and Grace where I almost want to tear up because it is confirmed that she s not entirely bad I can sympathize with her She s still an asshole though, but not the worst Her characterization is on point.Grace and Jack are cute I would have liked developments, but they re all right At times, this book felt so slow with all the discussion of Is he the duke Is he not This mystery is interesting but not THAT interesting I think that often times, their ruminating is going in circles, or simply not going anywhere at all Thus, the book pacing feels even slower because there is not too much of a development here either It would have been nice to get something to the plot than this In addition, perhaps there is a Overall, it is a very OK read, but I think it lacks some of the sparks Julia Quinn s other books had 2.5 stars maybe 3 Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Is there a happy satisfying ending view spoiler Yes Cute epilogue hide spoiler

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    I wasn t quite sure what to expect from this book because though I ve really enjoyed the other JQ books I ve read, and she s a very popular historical romance author, I d read a lot of mixed reviews of this series So I ended up putting off reading this one for a while because I wasn t sure I d like it But I actually enjoyed the book a lot I can t say I loved it, but it was rather good and I m looking forward to reading the Thomas s reciprocal story The Lost Duke of Wyndham is about just that a lost duke Jack Audley was raised by his aunt and uncle after his parents were killed when their boat sank After time in the army, he ended up a highwayman Then one night he robs the coach of the dowager Duchess of Wyndham and her companion Grace Eversleigh The dowager instantly sees that Jack is a lot like her middle son and immediately sets about finding out who he is It turns out, she s right Her son had gotten married and died before any of the Wyndham s could find out Which means that Jack is the rightful heir to the Dukedom not his cousin Thomas, who has been the Duke for years Only, Jack wants no part of being a Duke He wants Grace From the first moment he wanted her, and though she knows it s wrong, she wants him If Jack is the Duke, though, she knows she can t have him A duke must marry someone his equal, not a lowly companion But Jack will do anything to have Grace, to marry her Anything.One of the best parts of this book was the character of Jack He was rather amusing with his witty comments and overall joviality A lot of heroes in romance books tend to be dark and broody which, nothing wrong with that I love a good broody hero so it s nice to read something different once in a while And Jack was fun to read Grace was a good character as well She d been deal a pretty lousy lot but was making the best of it And she had some spunk to She made a good match for Jack The romance between them builds fairly gradually through the book There s a lot of chemistry and a few almost scenes, but it s not until near the end that they consummate the relationship And that scene is really the only love scene I wouldn t have minded a little in that area Not that the book needed a ton of sex, but there was all this build up, then only one scene It was a tad disappointing.The storyline wasn t the most original, but Quinn tells it well And the fact that she wrote a second book, told during the same time period but from Thomas s perspective is rather interesting and unique I look forward to seeing how it works out once I read that one There s really not a lot of action in this book, or people just DOING stuff It s mostly centered around Jack and whether or not he s the true duke and everyone s thoughts and feelings about it So there is a little bit of monotony to it, but not so much I got bored Just a vague feeling that I wanted SOMETHING to happen instead of the constant is he or isn t he the duke.But overall, I enjoyed the book It s light hearted than many historical romances I ve read, and has a good dose of humor as is normal with Quinn books The characters Thomas intrigue me enough that I plan to read the 2nd book very soon I m curious to see how this dual telling of the story works out I know many didn t care for the second book, but I m going to give it a fair shot.

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    Oare cum e s descoperi ca peste noapte, din hot la drumul mare devii duce O carte care te emo ioneaz , plin de dramatism, destine schimbate i emo ii cople itoare Jack i Grace sunt adorabili, One ti i curajo i O carte foarte frumoasa.

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    Well, definitely not what I expected I really wanted to like this book because I m a huge fan of this author Seriously, I never thought it would be possible to find a book of hers which wasn t amazing So, JQ, WTF I don t get it, seriously, what were you thinking The beginning was boring as hell It took me a week to get past through the first 5 chapters But what was worst, is the fact that the topic was so surreal that I just wanted to burn the book up, I mean, a highwayman who magically becomes a duke, seriously So lame I didn t care for the plot, not even a bit And also there were too many dialogs and not many information and descriptions Normally, this would not be a problem, but in here it was because the dialogs were a bit annoying and not entertaining at allThe two main characters were ok, I ended up quite liking them at the end Jack had quite an interesting and dashing personality and I learn to grow fond of the heroine But nothing too good to recommend, just bearable And when it comes to the rest of the characters, well that was the worst part of the book There were not many other characters, just the poor guy who ended up not being the duke, his fianc e who ended up alone and a very annoying old lady who I couldn t stand Why would someone even create a character like hers It did have a nice ending, that s why I m giving a 2.5 rating But I really can t understand why so many gave such high ratings to this book IMHO it lacks everything which makes JQ novels so entertaining I definitely not recommend this book I even wish someone had told me all this before so I would t have bought both books in the series.And excuses like maybe I wasn t in the mood for this genre don t apply as I read another book from this author at the same time.I will be reading Thomas book soon, but just because I have this annoying obsession that won t let me start a series without finishing it.

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    Grace Eversleigh trabaja como dama de compa a para la irritable viuda de Wyndham, Augusta, una mujer con la que no es f cil tratar Su trabajo no es sencillo y menos cuando participa junto a Augusta en el secuestro del ex oficial del Ej rcito y ahora salteador de caminos Jack Audley, del que dice ser abuela De manera que el t tulo de Duque de Wyndham estar a pendiendo de un hilo y podr a pasar de Thomas Cavendish, un hombre que vive por y para ello a Jack, alguien que no lo estima Por si fuera poco Grace siente algo por ese audaz ladr n que podr a llegar a duque.Me hab a le do el segundo libro que trataba con los personajes de Thomas y Amelia yo como siempre a contracorriente jeje y me qued bastante intrigada o medio enamorada por el personaje de Jack, m s que nada por su labia e irreverencia Y es que Jack es ese personaje que enamora por eso por ser de lo m s elocuente, por decir todo de una manera ir nica pero tambi n por tener su parte m s firme, de no pasar ni una.Grace es una bendita mujer que no s c mo puede aguantar al bicho de Augusta, su personaje me ha parecido muy bien caracterizado, una mujer con mucho aplomo.Esta historia medio se solapa con la segunda de Thomas y Amelia por lo tanto hay escenas en com n pero a n as me sigui sorprendiendo, s , tendr a que haberlo le do primero pero me supongo que me hubiese pasado con el segundo.En este caso tenemos a un personaje masculino que har las delicias del personal porque es todo lo m s irreverente que nos podamos encontrar y nadie mejor que Julia Quinn para regalarnos di logos de lo m s divertidos, y tambi n muy sensuales Me lo he pasado genial, una lectura muy entretenida y divertida a m s no poder porque ese Jack tiene su gracia y desparpajo, pero si eso nos parec a poco, la parte final nos rematar por completo Entre cierta declaraci n y el descubrimiento de un secretillo de Jack nos enamorar absolutamente, har las delicias de las m s rom nticas, jejeje.En definitiva, esta novela es una de las m s divertidas de Julia Quinn que he le do por el momento y el personaje de Jack es uno de los que se recuerda porque es todo lo que toda rom ntica que se precie pueda imaginar irreverente, divertido, sensual, rom ntico, cari oso, protector mejor me callo ya XD

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    This is another good one from Julia Quinn Grace Eversleigh was orphaned at seventeen and rescued from her cousin s clutches by the dowager Duchess of Wyndham, who hired her as a companion Grace has faithfully served the demanding, selfish dowager duchess for five years when they are accosted by a highwayman one night Jack Audley, former solder turned highwayman, finds his life becoming complicated after he detains the coach of the dowager Duchess of Wyndham The dowager duchess is convinced that Jack is her grandson, and that he is the rightful Duke of Wyndham Finding out he is a duke is the last thing that Jack wants Jack and Grace are drawn to each other immediately, but Grace doesn t believe they can have a future together if Jack is proven to be a duke Thomas Cavendish, current Duke of Wyndham, and his fiance, Amelia Willoughby, are also important characters in this novel Their story will be told in the sequel to this book.I thoroughly enjoyed this latest Julia Quinn book I thought it was better than her last one I had a difficult time deciding whether to rate it as a 4 or a 5 I found both the hero and heroine to be very sympathetic characters, and I enjoyed the way they both recognized something special in one another right away I did find it strange that the heroine accepted the hero as a highwayman apparently without a qualm, and without asking for an explanation of his chosen vocation I became interested in the characters of Thomas and Amelia and look forward to the sequel.

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    Julia Quinn s books are fun but although they are obviously not meant to be serious, they would benefit from some research Her books are currently littered with irritating inconsistencies, anachronisms and mistakes Her characters are supposed to be English people of quality but speak unmistakably American English The heroine will ask the hero whether his curricle is out back She will look out the window , not out OF the window She will fix breakfast instead of make it English people don t fix anything that isn t broken She makes up words that simply don t exist sym pitying glances, for goodness sake She has her supposedly upper class heroine tell her little brother to say Pardon instead of What a hideously embarrassing stricture that would instantly betray the speaker s lower middle class origins and didn t originate until the mid 20th century All the above said, I do really enjoy these books, and I realise they are only meant to be a bit of fun, but I just wish Julia Quinn would have her proofs corrected and made consistent, because each one makes me grit my teeth, roll my eyes and sigh with annoyance just like her characters