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One of the best historical romances I ve read this year Surrender to the Devil is the third book in Lorraine Heath s The Scoundrels of St James series and overlaps time wise with the second book, Between the Devil and Desire I wasn t sure that I was going to like it and IMO the summary written for the book doesn t do it justice Frannie and Sterling are so much complicated than the lust driven characters they are described as I ended uplovingthis book and definitely recommend it to all historical romance readers out there The hero and heroine s relationship is so sweet and passionate, they have great chemistry and are absolutely perfect for each other and seem to really need one another The supporting characters are terrific love Feagan s gang , the mystery of Sterling s problem was engaging and unusual in the genre, so a nice addition , and there wereseverallaugh out loud moments.Although this book is part of the St James series, I have not read the two previous ones and had no problem following what was going on Knowing the characters, however, I think the experience is probably richer if you are already familiar with Feagan s gang from the previous books Luke and Jack s stories.SUMMARY Miss Frannie Darling 29 grew up an orphan on the streets of London, the one bright light in her life being her street family Feagan their kidsman , and his lads Jack, Luke, Jim, and Bill The background I m about to give is explained in the prologue, so I m not giving any surprises away When she was 12 years old, Frannie was kidnapped, sold to a brothel that specialized in virgins, and brutally raped Despite their young age, Luke and Jack searched out the gentleman who raped her and Luke killed him It turns out that the man was Luke s uncle and Luke s grandfather, who comes to see the boy who killed his second son, recognizes Luke and arranges for the trial to not occur and for his grandson, along with his friends, to come live with him and be educated by tutors.Frannie is now a young woman and she finds satisfaction in the bookkeeping she does for Dodger s gaming club and joy in her real passion her orphanage to help street children When she meets the Duke of Greystone Catherine s brother at Luke and Catherine s wedding, she is completely fascinated and also extremely surprised though she doesn t fear intimacy or passion, she has never been attracted to nor felt desire for any man until now Their first encounter at the wedding is very funny and then very hot, lol As Sterling determinedly pursues her, Frannie can t help but want to give in to him she knows he will never marry her, and frankly she dislikes the aristocracy and has no desire to join its ranks, but would it be so wrong for her to take this opportunity to be with the only man who has ever looked at her like she was a desirable woman and whom she desires as well Sterling Mabry, Duke of Greystone 28 has been traveling extensively for many years following a terrible fight with his father His father called him selfish for wanting to go see the world, but Sterling knew this was something he had to do for spoiler reasons see Comments before he settled down and carried out his duty as duke He has been back in London for four months now and is determined to do what he must find a wife and produce the necessary heir and spare Sterling is convinced that no woman can really love him because of his secret problem and therefore wants to find a wife who will give him the heirs he needs and then be content to live her own life, someone self involved who won t want his love and will not fall in love with him.When he sees Frannie at Catherine s wedding he is inexplicably drawn to her and decides that before embarking on the marriage mart, he must spend one night with this intriguing woman Although he starts his pursuit with the mere goal of enjoying himself with Frannie s body, he becomes unwillingly fascinated by the woman herself and wanting only one night quickly becomes wanting much, much.Along with the romance between Sterling and Frannie, the story involves Frannie s attempts to save children from the rookeries and bring them to her orphanage She goes at night searching for children whom she can help and this quickly becomes quite dangerous, since the mean kidsman Sykes is not happy that she is taking his children and source of revenue from him There is also Sterling s private struggle with a hidden problem, which is hinted at from the beginning but only revealed a little into it.FEAGAN S GANGI loved Feagan s gang and cannot wait to read the other books in the series They are extremely protective of Frannie, who was kind of the mother of the gang when they were growing up even though they re all around the same age They have never forgiven themselves for what happened to her so long ago, because they feel like they should have somehow been able to protect her, and as a result, they treat her like she is fragile one of the reasons she is so enjoys her time with Sterling is he doesn t treat her like that Their love for her is obvious and the numerous times that they are protective of her and try to warn Sterling off are sweet, enjoyable, and highly entertaining.MAIN CHARACTERS, Frannie and SterlingFrannie and Sterling are so great together and they are definitely one of my favorite romantic pairs of the year I wasn t sure I would like this book at first, since the idea that Sterling just wants to sleep with her and considers himself too good to marry her was unappealing, to put it lightly, but Sterling is not like that He doesn t come off as haughty, just lonely and cynical, and although he does try to stick to only lust, from the very beginning of their acquaintance he feels for her than just that.There s a very gentle side to Sterling that we don t see at first, but that is slowly revealed, with what he does for Frannie and the orphans, especially Jimmy Peter I loved when Sterling paints a fake tattoo on his back for him because he sees Sterling s and wants the same thing The scenes where he shows Frannie his sketches and later makes several drawings of her are also a treat.Frannie is a terrific heroine she is incredibly strong and resilient, yet also gentle, generous, and friendly She does so much for others and has so much capacity for love, but she is not an annoying do gooder heroine who is all smiles and sunbeams, don t worry She is in fact an incredible mix of innocence and realism, both shy and confident, sensitive and brave Frannie wants to be married and have her own children, but she has pretty much given up on this dream She s also extremely smart a whiz with numbers , which is always nice in a heroine.There was always honesty between Frannie and Sterling, which was a nice change Neither of them have illusions about their relationship, where it might potentially go, and where it never will though surprise, surprise, our HEA contradicts that I know, you re shocked sit down and recover Although they first see each other across a room and find themselves attracted to one another without really knowing each other, this wasn t a book where it s all about lust and not much else Sterling finds himself becoming lost in Fannie s goodness and optimism, amazed that she can be as innocent, open, and giving as she is, despite all she s been through Frannie loves how gentle and sweet Sterling is with her, while also being passionate and almost hungry for her, as if she is his sustenance and salvation.THE SCOUNDRELS OF ST JAMES SERIES 1In Bed With the Devil Lucian Luke Langdon, Earl of Claybourne and Lady Catherine Mabry 2Between the Devil and Desire Jack Dodger and Olivia, Duchess of Lovingdon 3Surrender to the Devil Miss Frannie Darling and Sterling Mabry, Duke of Greystone Catherine s brother 4Midnight Pleasures With a Scoundrel Inspector Sir James Jim Swindler and Eleanor Watkins to be released on October 27 BOTTOM LINERead it I can t wait to read Jim s story and meanwhile, I ll read Books 1 and 2 and probably end up rereading this one also.P.S Frannie is one year older than Sterling and as much as I hate to admit this, I don t really like the heroine to be older However, it s only one year and if you re put off by this, DON T BE This book is not to be missed A Devilish Duke On A Quest For PleasureFrannie Darling Was Once A Child Of London S Roughest Streets, Surrounded By Petty Thieves, Pickpockets, And Worse But Though She Survived This Harsh Upbringing To Become A Woman Of Incomparable Beauty, Frannie Wants Nothing To Do With The Men Who Lust For Her, The Rogues Who Frequent The Gaming Hall Where She Works She Can Take Care Of Herself And Feels Perfectly Safe On Her Own Safe, That Is, Until He Strides Into Her World, And Once Again It Becomes A Very Dangerous Place Indeed To Bed Her But Not Wed Her That S What Sterling Mabry, The Eighth Duke Of Greystone, Wants But Frannie Abhors Arrogant Aristocrats Interested Only In Their Own Pleasure So Why Then Does The Thought Of An Illicit Tryst With The Devilish Duke Leave Her Trembling With Desire Her Willing Body Begs For Release And A Wicked, Wonderful Surrender lies prone on the floor in breathless rapture Okay, that s a little over the top But this is a very romantic book, so it seems fitting.This is the third installment of Heath s Scoundrels of St James series and it s chock full of romancy goodness To be honest, though, I wasn t sure I was going to get into it Our hero, Sterling he appeared briefly in the first book, In Bed with the Devil , comes off as a real jerk He was introduced in the earlier book as a bit of a stiff and continues that performance in the first couple of scenes However, we see his cracks soon enough and he quickly becomes a hero to root for.Frannie Darling what can I say She s the girl of the group, the one the Scoundrels love and protect to the point of smothering, and she loves them back just as much Their relationship is unique and very heartwarming But they re not too jazzed at the Duke of Greystone cozying up to their girl.Frannie and Sterling s connection is one of those instant ones that I have a hard time with That s the second reason I thought I wouldn t ultimately like the story But again, I was won over When they do actually start talking to each other without the weirdness, their chemistry is evident in every scene, and that breakthrough happens early on so we re not trudging through mire trying to get to the inevitable.Bad things have happened to Frannie Sterling has experienced a few crummy moments as well, although nothing like what s happened to her And he has a secret that will effect whomever he spends the rest of his life with, so his goal is to find a woman to marry that he won t care about He s certain he d lose her love anyway What nice surprises are in store for him Again, Dickens plays a huge part, even shows up at one point, but I didn t have a problem with it It s kind of a clever way to branch out from an existing story and that s fine with me So far I ve really enjoyed Heath s work This series hit me just where I needed it, right down to the incredibly thorough epilogue that caps this tale An excellent balance of angst and joy, romance and hardship, It really hits the spot picks self up off floor and brushes off carpet lint Obviously this series is Beanbag recommended. Me ha encantado.Frannie me ha gustado much simo como protagonista, y Sterling, a n m s.Por fin se ha descubierto quien es el padre de Frannie y me ha parecido genial poder saber lo que sucede en la vida de ambos hasta que se hacen mayores gracias al diario de Frannie.Recomendable 100%Me apetece mucho leer la historia de Jim. Weeping Willow Tree, painting by artist Karen Margulis image error Like in the previous one, I didn t like the hero at the beginning To be honest I didn t like him in In Bed with the Devil He returned to claim his title from the his wanderings and pretended his that sister obey him like a dog Ohhhh I wanted to slap him then Here he s the same jerk He sees Frannie and he wants her Just like she were a piece of furniture My hands were itching, let me tell you On the other hand I adored Frannie since we met her i the first book She s such a sweet person, but with the backbone of steel Loved her She wants him too, but on her terms Go, girl, that s the way to treat jerks Brava And so their story begins, where the jerk learns that life doesn t revolve around him and that other people have feelings too Where said jerk becomes a human being that bends to others needs specifically Frannie s And what a jurney it was Sweet and tender, with a touch of sadness view spoiler he s slowly going blind hide spoiler Y sigo con mi racha de 5 estrellitas Ser porque he tenido la suerte de leer durante ste mes unos libros estupendos, o porque realmente me han llegado a lo m s hondo Pero lo cierto sobre Enamorarse del diablo es que me ha encantado Ha sido un libro precioso de principio a fin, sin que en ning n momento decaiga la acci n o la historia.Creo que la editorial se merece un peque o aplauso por haber dado se paso final que debi haber dado hace cuatro a os cuando empez a publicar la serie, y de golpe y porrazo dej de hacerlo Quiz s el premio de consolaci n fue que nos lo publicaran en nuestro idioma, aunque fuese en formato digital Lo nico de lo que puedo tachar negativamente al libro y de esto la autora no tiene la culpa , es la calidad de la traducci n, a ver, no es mala, pero tiene m s de una errata, y alg n que otro error ortogr fico, pero actualmente pedir mejor calidad a una novela publicada en nuestro pa s es como pedir peras al olmo.En Enamorarse del diablo tenemos la tercera entrega de la serie, y sta es la historia de Frannie, la dulce Frannie a la que todos los ni os del grupo de Feagan quer an Actualmente Frannie es una mujer que pese a la carest a que sufri y lo dudoso de sus or genes, es una buena persona, incapaz de ser ego sta o mezquina Su mayor ambici n es construir un hogar para ni os hu rfanos de las calles, reformarlos y darles una educaci n que les sirva para tener una vida y oficio digno.Todo esto se lo encuentra Sterling cuando vuelve de sus viajes Sterling, el actual duque de Greystone, y hermano mayor de Catherine la protagonista del primer libro , vuelve despu s de muchos a os viviendo aventuras en el extranjero En su juventud discuti con su padre y se larg de casa, volvi a os despu s cuando su padre estaba en su lecho de muerte Ahora, joven y bien parecido, se espera de l que asuma sus responsabilidades para con el t tulo y se busque una esposa, y eso es precisamente lo que hace, pero quiz s no del modo que esperaba.Frannie y Sterling se conocen en la boda de Luke y Catherine No voy a decir que surja un insta love entre ellos, pero s una insta atracci n, de hecho lo primero que l le ofrece es que sea su amante, no puede ofrecerle m s, l debe casarse con la hija de un arist crata, pero nada ocurre como ellos esperan Las siguientes escenas donde se ven son una aut ntica delicia, las muestras de afecto y atracci n tambi n Y aunque ninguno de ellos lo quiera, es obvio que el amor entre ellos va surgiendo poco a poco.Ambos personajes me han encantado, Frannie con su franqueza y su enorme coraz n, dando amor y bondad sin esperar recibir nada a cambio Y Sterling Qu voy a deciros de Sterling Si es que es mi tipo de protagonista masculino favorito, es un duque con todas las de la ley, un duque que espera hacer lo correcto, que a pesar de su pasado ego sta y aventurero, tiene m s para dar de lo que cree, a pesar de su snobismo y posici n y gracias a haber conocido a Frannie demuestra que es bueno y tiene un coraz n tan grande como el suyo Y otra cosa que me ha encantado de Sterling es su vulnerabilidad, s Sterling posee un secreto, un defecto que lo tach a ojos de su padre, un defecto que lo lanz a una juventud de intr pidas aventuras, pero que tambi n lo separ de la mujer que crey amar, y que actualmente lo acompleja y lo hace no ser digno de nadie A Frannie no puede darle m s que la posici n de que sea su amante, y espera casarse con una arist crata aburrida a la que no pueda amar ni lo ame, para que as su defecto no sea una carga para ellos Pero para cuando una gran amenaza surja de los barrios bajos, buscando hacerle da o a Frannie, a Sterling no le quedar m s remedio que vencer sus propios miedos y luchar por ella.Sin duda ste libro es uno de los m s bonitos que he le do de la autora, y vuelve a confirmarme que est entre las mejores del g nero He disfrutado mucho de se pr logo y ep logo donde Frannie nos narra su vida, sobre todo del ep logo Lorraine Heath es una autora que no suele quedarse con el presente de sus personajes, en m s de un libro nos ha regalado una breve continuidad de los que fueron sus vidas, con sus cosas buenas y las malas, pero si hay algo que me gusta de sus personajes es que son muy humanos, con todas sus virtudes y todos sus defectos tan reales, y Frannie y Sterling han estado muy bien definidos por ellos.De momento estoy lo suficientemente motivada como para continuar la serie, as que ahora me pondr con el libro de Jim, el inspector de polic a, que me ha dejado un sabor agridulce en sta novela, y espero de verdad que encuentre el amor verdadero. Reto 32 PopSugar 2017 Un libro acerca de una mujer interesante La historia de Frannie y Sterling es preciosa, aunque en mi caso necesit de una segunda lectura apenas terminado para poder saborearla mejor La primera vez lo le muy r pido y lo que nace entre ellos me result muy precipitado y poco cre ble, sin embargo, cuando lo le de nuevo, despu s de conocer todos los miedos y esperanzas de ambos personajes, todo me cuaj mucho mejor.Como en el resto de los libros que he le do de la serie, el fuerte es la evoluci n de los personajes por la influencia del otro y aqu , el personaje de Sterling, est muy bien trabajado en ese sentido Al principio s lo veremos al arist crata arrogante y ego sta, que nicamente se preocupa de su bienestar y de conseguir lo que quiere a cualquier precio No me gustaba, a pesar de conocer la terrible carga que lleva y que fue uno de los motivos que lo alej de su familia Por supuesto, el cambio en l es para enamorar a cualquiera.Frannie es otra cosa, una mujer ntegra y consecuente con sus sentimientos y sus or genes A pesar de la terrible experiencia que vivi en su infancia, es todo bondad y optimismo, siempre viendo el lado bueno de lo que la vida le pueda ofrecer.El Ep logo de esta entrega es uno de los m s bonitos que he le do e incluso da para pensar que originalmente la autora iba a dejar la serie hasta aqu , ya que incluye a algunos personajes de los otros libros Afortunadamente no fue as y ya voy por el cuarto. I am in love with Feagan s ladsevery single one of them And I ll confess, I d hoped that Frannie would end up with Jimor the lovely Bill, who I ve lusted after since the beginning of the seriesbut I m so very happy that she s landed herself a duke so very happy Now, Lorraine, I know you re writing Jim nextbut please please please tell me that Bill is going to have the best love story of all time Because he so deserves it.