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No Man Can Resist Jemma S Sensuous Allure Except Her Own Husband Wedding Bells Celebrating The Arranged Marriage Between The Lovely Duchess Of Beaumont And Her Staid, Imperturbable Duke Had Scarcely Fallen Silent When A Shocking Discovery Sent Jemma Running From The Ducal Mansion For The Next Nine Years She Cavorted Abroad, Creating One Delicious Scandal After Another If One Is To Believe The RumorsElijah, Duke Of Beaumont, Did Believe Those RumorsBut The Handsome Duke Needs An Heir, So He Summons His Seductive Wife Home Jemma Laughs At Elijah S Cool Eyes And Icy Heart But To Her Secret Shock, She Doesn T Share His Feelings In Fact, She Wants The Impossible Her Husband S Heart At Her FeetBut What Manner Of Seduction Will Make A Man Fall Desperately In Love With His Own Wife

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    Infidelity galore After his marriage, the hero continued daily trysts with his long time mistress supposedly because, he wanted to show his colleagues that he s not sexual deviant like his late father Yeah, right, as if jumping from the conjugal bed to the office desk was palatable conduct than his deceased father s And then, for revenge, the heroine engaged in her own liaisons in Paris to shock husband into fetching her Not content with that, she further raised eyebrows upon arriving in London with her private chess matches with husband s friend Pathetic, much Marriage Counseling 101 Mature grown ups don t engage in these destructive games of tit for tat So much punches and counterpunches have been made that in the end, it no longer matters who started what or who caused the most damaged or why they re even fighting after nine years Both of them should be banished to their rooms without supper.It s fortunate that this isn t my first foray into EJ world otherwise, I would have missed her better books.

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    Eloisa James writes light historicals often featuring multiple and ongoing storylines She is not your typical Avon historical author She has an unpredictable disposition as a writer and marches to her own drum, so to speak First of all, let me say that this is a charming story EJ has a witty, amusing style and the book proceeds at a steady pace with no noticable lull I liked it but ultimately, I was not fully satisfied with the story she told here It s all about expectations.This book cannot be read as a stand alone book it s the fifth book in the Desperate Duchesses Series Elijah and Jemma were introduced in the very first book and their meandering journey back into each other s lives after Eli s betrayal of Jemma and a nine year estrangement was an on going storyline throughout the series In the 4th book WHEN THE DUKE RETURNS both Eli and Jemma had already decided on each end that they want to be together and I was left wondering just what is really left to talk about and what kind of story is left to be told in THIS DUCHESS OF MINE My fears turned out to be well founded.The story EJ decides to tell here is one of flirtation A loooooooooong flirtation Between a MARRIED couple Their marriage might have been arranged but I would think a married couple would be beyond this coyness It came across as one long STALLING tactic as I waited impatiently for them to have The Talk You know, the one about why WHY did Eli keep a mistress WHY did he tell Jemma that he loved his mistress when she caught them literally in the act EJ answers the former but not the latter Where is the payoff But this is a charming book, right Jemma Eli are well matched and the first time they make love again after so many years while blindfolded and playing a chess match visible only on a mental plane is one of the most ununusal and memorable love scenes I have ever come across It s probably the highpoint of the book However, it s not the most unusual love scene ever I leave the superlatives to EJ who used an excessive and annoying amount of them throughout the book Eli is the most beautiful man in all of bloody England Jemma was the most clever English Duchess in Paris Her skin tasted like the most delicious food the world has to offer And on it went I just hope she cuts excessive superlatives out for the next book but it s too late for her to tell the Jeli story she should have told here.Ten novels ago, EJ wrote another book about a different estranged married couple in YOUR WICKED WAYS The hero, Rhys, in that, was a selfish clod and the heroine, Helene, was a rigid, needy woman Neither were as beautiful and witty as Jemma Eli but their reconciliation was handled responsibly and it was the better book because of it.Grade B

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    A girl s guide to saving her train wrecked marriage.This story had a bad start from many points of view First of all we knew that Jemma and Elijah s situation was bad from the start He cheated on her, she caught them, he told her that he loved his mistress and she left him Nine years of failed marriage are difficult to overcome The second problem is Elijah s heart He knows he is going to die soon and his situation is getting worse by each passing day The story started when Elijah wants to win back Jemma Tough luck there son Nine years too late don t you think I actually feel bad for Jemma and I blame all their problems on Elijah He s the one who cheated he s the one who let things go downhill His reason was doing the right thing but it only made things worse The whole beginning of the book is strange because things are bad between them and yet they both have feelings for each other The amount of years they wasted might be too much to allow things to get fixed between them Now my question was how the hell will Eloisa James fix all this And how come they still have feelings for each other after all this time And last but not least, why now Why the sudden change of feelings in both of them I was thinking about what might have been Elijah s catalyst for his change of feelings towards his wife Thinking that he s going to die made him want to set things right Earn his place in heaven Doing, as always, what s right Since we re speaking of what is right , his selfishness bothered me Even though he s sick and probably dying soon he still doesn t want to leave his seat in the House of Lords He could spend the last days of his life with his wife After nine years of not doing anything right this is the least he could do.I may be a selfish person but I wouldn t want my husband to choose politics over me Same goes with the cheating part I get that Elijah used the old if you love something let it go, if it belongs to you it will come back gig A two edged knife I may say especially since he waited for so long and did nothing to patch things up Personally, I hate cheaters I don t think I would give a second chance after an accident similar to theirs And to make things worse he also abandoned her, or gave her space as he puts it This was just stupid but alas I m not Jemma and Jemma is not me I m a cruel bastard Booyah I liked the story overall but there were some points that I found stupid For example when Jemma wanted to spice up her husband s life Her idea Hook him up with her rival and then try her best to win him back WTF Sadistic much I really found this unnecessary and immature And eventually this lead to nothing, thus becoming a waste of time And paper We should save the trees Awwww tree hugger and bunny Too much cuteness Villiers is damn funny in this book Even though the things he does i.e gathering his illegitimate children like they are lost chickens tend to be a bit dramatic WTF is he going to do with so many kids Does he want to form a junior football team or what I m cold hearted I know but I can t help from laughing at this I actually feel bad for Villiers He is by far my favorite character in the series and I feel bad for him when I see how many women use him, or dump him, or use him and then dump him It fits that he should have the spotlight when this series ends Aaand I will enjoy seeing him be a father I bet he ll make a damn good one Seeing his stuck up self ordering the little devils around, getting dirt on his immaculate clothing and maybe grow a few white hairs It will be better than watching TV.And speaking of Villiers was I the only one who thought he was a true hero when he was using his sword steel sword you perverts to defend the children New Fruit Ninja record I bet I can beat his highscore A thing I liked about this book is the unexpected twist in the story At the beginning it was tense and sad and then BOOM It got sexy all of the sudden Elijah seemed like a cold boring man and when he pulled down the curtains and showed his real self does that sound wrong only to me I was pleasantly surprised It made me give a bit credibility to the whole nine year old f ckup problem Pop quiz In a match of chess who do you think would win Jemma or Elijah view spoiler This is only my opinion thus not really a spoiler Elijah cause he s a boss hide spoiler

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    3 stars Historical RomanceThis is a rather odd reunion romance about a married couple who ve been separated for 9 years due to immaturity, ego, lies, infidelity, misunderstandings, pride, jealousy, and betrayals but suddenly find themselves obsessed and in love with each other like a couple of giddy, infatuated teenagers Most of the book is a long drawn out build up to their first reunion love scene, a chess game played in bed, that s one of the most unusual of any romance book that I ve read Unfortunately, although it deserves credit for uniqueness and creativity, it was overly flowery and a tad boring, and I found myself skimming the pages Overall, it s a fairly good historical romance and definitely original, but this is the second book in the series that I ve read and so far, they just haven t satisfied my expectations based on all the positive praise I d heard regarding this series.

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    I have waited a long time to read this book And I m not just talking about the actual time between the reading of this and when I read the last one in the series I m talking about the fact that I ve been waiting for Jemma s story from the VERY BEGINNING of the series when she stole the show in the first book The wait is over and I m here to tell you, it was worth the wait and it was everything I expected and Even though Jemma and Elijah have been married for almost 10 years, they ve lived apart for the majority of them due to an ugly scene during the first weeks of their marriage I won t go into detail here, if you ve read any of this series, you know exactly what happened and this book doesn t scrimp on the details Anyway.in this book we got to see them fall in love It was wonderful and romantic and put a silly smile on my face It was just what I wanted for Jemma But at the same time, I sobbed real live tears because just when Jemma and Elijah were falling in love and were happy, their time was limited due to Elijah s heart problems which are not a secret if you ve read any other books in the series LOL Without saying too much and spoiling it for you, I ll just say that I ended the book with a smile Now, on to Villiers book without waiting what seems like 24185266 months between

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    Actually, I needed time then it should to read this story Beginning was little boring, so I left this book to stand at my currently reading shelf for too long.But, I must say that it was remarkably good idea, to decide to read this story after all Because it was gooood Romantic, sad, hot etc And I loved Villiers DI would like to see, who became his duchess Recommendations for this book

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    But there was one thing he had to know He cupped her face in his hands, noting absently that his fingers were shaking Will you forgive me She blinked For what For not being able to stay with you forever Because I would, Jemma I promise I would I know, she whispered, brushing his lips with her own I know This is a perfect book Honestly, I could just leave my review at that one sentence and it would be complete It is perfect I read it in one sitting, not able to believe that Eloisa James, who writes charming, quirky trifles, books that make me smile and that I forget almost as soon as I finish, wrote a book like this I spent chunks of this book ugly sobbing, I spent the others positively giddy, and I felt so ridiculously deeply for Jemma and Elijah that it might have been a tad unhealthy.The story of the Duke of Beaumont and his Duchess trying a cautious rapprochement in their broken marriage has been woven through the previous 4 books in the series some of which, I confess, I only read for their parts but honestly, reading the other books is not even necessary to get the emotional heft of this one Elijah and Jemma were married very young and it was an arranged marriage Jemma was infatuated with her handsome young husband, but Elijah was interested in his rising career in the House of Lords than his young wife Discovering him with a mistress a few weeks into the marriage, Jemma left him and went to France, where she eventually had some affairs of her own And now it s years later and the two of them have decided to try to give their marriage another chance for the sake of an heir, if nothing else So, why do I love this book In part, it s because Elijah and Jemma are both fiercely intelligent and Eloisa James writes them as such there is nothing annoying than a character who is supposed to be clever but who the author is incapable of writing that way They seduce each other as much through their brains as through their passion Then there is the fact that this book is a cornucopia of angst Elijah has a heart ailment which is about to kill him a major reason for the attempted reconciliation and, as I said, I spent chunks of the book ugly crying There is also the fact that Elijah is a type of hero romance novels do not do often enough he is neither a rake nor a manchild nor a witty wastrel He is someone who is driven almost too much by honor whether in politics or in accepting his guilt for his marriage falling apart One of the things I loved about the book is that he softens around the edges about being a workaholic trying to save the world but he never does give it up and Jemma accepts it about him, just as he accepts her impulses, her fashions, and her temper But ultimately, the reason I loved this book so much because it was such a complex portrayal of marriage Elijah and Jemma have both been sinned against and sinning, and the reasons for their initial break, their subsequent conduct through separate years, and their rediscovery of each other and falling in love with the person the other has become are just such a joy to read and not something I ve seen romance novels tackle much, and certainly not with such nuance and emotion view spoiler For example, the fact that after she left him, she kept hoping he d chase after her, but he wouldn t until after she took a lover, because he thought he owed her that and then got irrationally angry, while knowing how irrational it was is not neat or clean but feels perversely real As do his reasons for having a mistress he did not even like Or her taking her two lovers, and them being the men they were hide spoiler

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    It perhaps would ve been a four stars read if it wasn t for that fairly quick and easy not to mention inaccurate since I happen to know a thing or two about heart diseases and usage of Digitalis in modern medicine solution at the end But I ve always been a little in love with Jemma and Elijah despite hard and awful start of their marriage I m not sure I would be quite as forgiving as Jemma was but I was satisfied with the story nonetheless.

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    Book five in a series and the one I ve been looking forward to through all of the previous books The hero Elijah and heroine Jemma have been married for nine years but they got off on the wrong foot and have been living apart for all but the past year during which the first four books occur Now Elijah s heart is failing and they need an heir, plus they have both learned and grown so both now want to reconcile Of course there are still significant issues to resolve, or else we wouldn t have a book Jemma is frustrated that Elijah loves his work in parliament and his noble ideals than he loves her or himself She also sometimes feels unworthy and frivolous compared to his important work, even though she s a chess master and otherwise quite sure of herself Elijah has lingering issues from his father s premature death and a savior complex in addition to his inherited heart problem.I don t know whether I would have enjoyed this book quite so much if I d read it at a different point in my life I ve now been married almost as long as the duke and duchess and I think that may be part of the reason I connected so strongly with this book and finished it in less than a day They have a shared history but not the same perspective definitely opposites attract , and their struggle to find a way out of repeating their old mistakes rang true My husband is a surgeon so I felt a lot of empathy for Jemma as she struggled with how hard to push Elijah to make time for her and to rest, even though his work IS important to other people s lives This book gave me a fresh appreciation for my own husband and a renewed desire to find ways to make our marriage even better, which is a pretty powerful impact for fluffy fiction to have YMMV

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    I was very much looking forward to reading Elijah and Jemma s story, after their recurring, teaser appearances in the other stories But after reading it, I m a little disappointed If you ve never read Eloisa James before, don t start with this one I think it s her weakest so far.First, I found the illness plot to be ridiculous there s no way in this genre that the hero and heroine are not allowed to live happily ever after James should have cured Elijah in the first chapter and found another conflict to hang this story on.Second, I found the frequent discussions about acting like a duke and acting like a duchess to be annoying and distracting I get that these are the top of the top of the aristocracy in the Georgian era and that they re going to be spoiled, arrogant and proud It just needed to be pointed out once.Third, Jemma as portrayed in this book really has no redeeming qualities At the point in the book where she describes her bone depth gratitude for her beauty, I was slightly sick, and waiting for her to redeem herself It never happened She could have done some charity work became a political hostess to help her husband s career anything At the end of the book, she is writing a book about chess Fourth, enough with the chess Despite all of the things I didn t like about this novel, it was satisfying to see Jemma and Elijah resolve their marital difficulties.