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The Men Of The Bastion Club Proved Their Bravery Secretly Fighting For Their Country Now Their Leader Faces That Most Dangerous Mission Of All Finding A BrideAs The Mysterious Leader Of The Bastion Club Known As Dalziel, Royce Varisey, Th Duke Of Wolverstone, Served His Country For Decades, Facing Dangers Untold But As The Holder Of One Of England S Most August Noble Titles, He Must Now Take On That Gravest Duty Of All MarriageYet The Young Ladies The Grandes Dames Would Have Him Consider Are Predictably Boring Far Tempting Is His Castle S Willful And Determindedly Aloof Chatelaine, Minerva Chesterton Beneath Her Serene Facade Lies A Woman Of Smoldering Sensuality, One Who Will Fill His Days With Comfort And His Nights With Sheer Pleasure Determined To Claim Her, He Embarks On A Seduction To Prove His Mastery Over Every Inch Of Her Bodyand Every Piece Of Her Heart

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    Finally. We find out who Dalziel really is 4.0 Totally not what I expected stars Know this, I will give you anything Anything and everything I have to give There is nothing you can ask for that I will not grant you What ever I have, what ever I am, is yours Royce, Aka Dalziel, has been the leader over the members of the Bastian Club But none of its members knew his true identityuntil now Dalziel s father has passed and it s time for him to return home and take up the reigns.Far less action and intrigue than I had expected considering this was the final book of the series and the final battle between Dalziel and the French spy that s always eluded him The spy was reduced to small pranks that backfired until he lost his shit and staged a plan that was not very well staged.MinervaMinerva s had a crush on Royce since she was eight and he was sixteen She used to tag along and follow him around Now at the age of twenty nine, the attraction between these two is off the charts She never suspects that he wants her as his wife.I m so glad this book focussed on the couple and their love story with very little focus on Dalziel s trader French spy, but I have to say the big bad spy turned out to be a dud in this final battle.The ending was damn good but totally NOT what I would have expected.

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    Review for Mastered by Love by Stephanie Laurens ETA I read this and reviewed it on my blog in August 2009 For some reason, I did not post this review at Goodreads This review is way harsh, since I was horribly disappointed But I would like to add that I still adore SL as an author, although this is definitely not her best work..Nooooooooooo Why, Stephanie, why OK, to say that I am massively disappointed by this book would be an understatement I have enjoyed the Bastion Club series quite a bit, although the last one The Edge of Desire was not my favorite, and some of them have felt repetitive, not unlike the Cynster series However, Dalziel, the head of the spy organization in this series, was a really cool character Dark, mysterious, brilliant, loyal I was super excited for this final installment of the series Finally, Laurens has a character she can really sink her writing chops into Develop a cool story line with intrigue and danger Create an amazing heroine who can match Dalziel with her intensity and cleverness Did Laurens do these things Noooooooooooo Here are the reasons this book is in dire wall banger territory.First of all, I realize that Laurens is recycling the same story and the same alpha male characters over and over again, but this time it has gone too far for me A Fine Passion dealt with the exact same theme.father dying, coming home to take over the family estate, heroine already there running the show, etc etc I mean, come on With Dalziel s history, could Laurens not come up with something a little interesting or original for a story Jesus H Canola Also, right from the onset of this book, Dalziel comes off as a jerk He wants to bed Minerva whose name sounds like a shrivelled up ninety year old grandmother to slake his terrible temper What the He basically is a horny, self absorbed ass This is the incredible character who has saved countless lives, sacrificed so much for his men and country I am so not buying this.Also, reading Laurens sex scenes is like chewing on a hunk of cardboard Tasteless and boring I just skip over them, frankly They are all exactly the same, nothing original or sexy whatsoever If the sex scenes in a romance novel are not sexy, this is basically the kiss o death for the book There is absolutely no spark, no chemistry here at all It s pathetic Dalziel is supposed to be so masterful, brooding, dark.should be easy to project these qualities into a sex scene, but it is not happening.The worst disappointment is the story line And it had so much potential Laurens could have developed a dark and dangerous plot for this amazing character, but instead she plucked one of the most boring plots known to mankind His dad died and he has to take over the dukedom Some days he checks out bridges that need to be repaired Some days, cottages that need to be repaired Oh My God This is the master spy leader And Minerva is no better A competent chatelaine Great, wake me when it s over..And the unknown traitor We have been waiting to discover his identity for so long.and he turns out to be a cuckoo cousin of Dalziel who is completely psychotic and babbling What a bunch of horse shite There is no way that this babbling buffoon would have been brilliant enough to avoid discovery during the war And the worse part Does Dalziel get to save the day Nooooo..Minvera, chatelaine extraordinaire, whips a knife out which she just happens to have strapped to her thigh during her wedding day and takes him out while Dalziel stands there Criminy I am close to freaking speechless, and as you know, that is a rare occurrence in Penelope land.I am most flabbergasted that many people think this book is good I seriously cannot fathom it I am usually pretty forgiving with my reviews and grades grade inflation is alive and well at Penelope s , but this one is too disappointing for me Stephanie Laurens had the potential for something very cool here, and she totally blew it Since my worst grade is a C, that s what it s getting I will no longer shell out the big bucks for her hardcovers, and I m hoping that her new series The Black Cobra Quartet will pump a little bit of life back into her books But I m not holding my breath I am keeping Stephanie on my favorite author list since I still adore her older books, both the Cynster series and the original Bastion Club series Oh please, please Stephanie.I hope you recapture the old magic again Sigh.Grade CA Very Sad Penelope

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    There were some parts of this book that I really enjoyed, but on the whole, I found it to be a rather disappointing conclusion to a pretty good series It ended up being nothing like I thought it would be and nowhere near as engaging as the past book in the series.Series note I hesitate to say that this book could possible be read on it s own The story does deal with past events of the series and utilizes past characters, but the plot and romance itself are pretty self sufficient So I think a read could probably read it as a stand alone and not miss too much Butsaying thatto fully understand everything you d want to start back at the beginning Mastered By Love, eighth book in the Bastion Club series, is the long awaited story featuring the mysterious Dalziel, aka Royce Varisey Royce was the only son of a large dukedom, but then he decided to work for the government, managing a network of spies It went against everything his father believed in and so he all but disowned Royce Royce defaulted to an alternate identity, Dalziel and worked for many long years helping to defeat France and Napolean In that time, he s had no contact with his former life And now, just as he s resigned his commission and made plans to talk to his father, he finds out that his father has died suddenly, leaving Royce the new Duke.He travels to his ancestral home to assume the reignsand finds himself a bit out of his league He s been gone to long, been apart from social normities, that s he s struggling to fit back in His chatelaine, Minervera, who he s know since childhood, is a huge help in settling him in And she has also unknowingly sparked Royce s lust.It soon becomes apparent that Royce will have to marry sooner rather than later in order to secure the dukedom And the only woman that draws him is Minerva He d planned to follow in his father s footsteps by marrying a proper lady then taking a mistress, but Minerva has him thinking otherwise She s making him feel things he s never felt before Only now that s he s made up his mind on what he intends to do, he has to convince Minerva that it s what she wants as well.I ve been waiting to read Dalziel s Royce s story since I first started reading this series Who was he Why was his identity such a secret Who was the last traitor How would it all work out I was dying to answer all those questions Royce was just so interesting and I wanted to know about him Well, I got the answers to the questions, but the story left me wanting It wasn t anything like I expected or hoped for Mostly it was rather drab, boring and repetitive.This series, up to this point, has fallen into the Historical Romantic Suspense category than pure Historical Romance Each story has had a romance as well as a suspense plot typically dealing with ferreting out a government traitor The stories were engaging, multi focused, and romantic I really enjoyed that the books were that way.This book had only the romance going for it Which is the biggest reason I found it disappointing Coming into this book, there was one last aspect of the suspense element of the series that needed to be addressed who was the final traitor So I was thinking, expecting, that this book would be about Royce tracking down the last traitor and meeting his soullmate along the way, as well as assuming his rightful place in society.Well, I was wrong to expect that The whole traitor thing was mostly just a minor detail of the book It hardly got any attention at all and was of a sidenote than anything else For something that was such a huge deal throughout the series, it was really weird and dumb to have it reduced to almost nothing And because of that, the book had almost no suspense element at all There was a smidge, but not enough to give the book that what will happen next feel I just found that so disappointing I wanted a lot out of this part of the story.Aside from that, I found the book to be rather wordy and too full of narrative at times Not enough dialogue and interaction I got bored reading pages of long paragraphs.The sex scenes were rather steamy and some might say bordering on explicit Which was a plus, in my opinion But they were also rather numerous Once Royce and Minerva do the deed for the first time, it seems to be all they do After the first few times I started skimming the scenes because it got boring and repetitive Even so, I enjoyed the romance between Royce and Minerva Like the other heroines in the series, Minerva was a strong, feisty girl and not some silly simpering miss of the time Her interactions with Royce were enjoyable to read and reading how the two slipped into love was great Their personalities worked well together.Really, that the romance was the only part of the book that mostly worked for me Everything else came up lacking I had been looking forward to this book so muchand to get this Just a total and complete disappointment If I read this book as a stand alone, without having read the past books in the series, I d have probably liked it a lot Maybe given it 3.5 stars But having read the past books, and having come into it with a lot of expectations that in the end were not met, I can only give it two stars.

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    From Stephanie Laurens first Bastion Club novel, I ve been fascinated by Dalziel Finally, in Mastered By Love , I get his story and it s a doozy Why and how he became a shadow in society and head of the British spies makes for a wonderful read and the woman he falls for is not at all what he expected And for Cynster fans, Devil makes a few appearances Minerva has been the chatelaine of Wolverstone Castle for many years now Informally adopted by the Duke s family after the death of her parents and raised with all the privileges of their name and family, she s never forgotten what she feels she owes them She was always fascinated by the heir, Royce, and her life lost color after his banishment But deathbed promises are no small matter, and Minerva promised BOTH of Royce s parents at separate times to stay and help Royce settle into the Dukedom after his long absence Of course, one of his first tasks MUST be to ensure the succession and once he marries, Minerva plans to leave If she can only keep her heart safe until then Roycehow strange to use that name again after all this time But oh, this is NOT how he imagined returning home would be His plans were already made, but his father s sudden death means his learning curve will be steep and painful How could he have forgotten Minerva Well, in his defense, he doesn t remember her looking like THIS But he knows his duty and it s to marry some cold, dutiful peeress who will breed his heir and a spare and then live their own life without bothering him But after seeing his Bastion Club operatives find love and happiness, why does this plan seem so wrong And even if he changes his mind, can he convince Minerva And don t forget, there s still that last traitor to catch If you enjoy Laurens writing style, you ll love Mastered By Love She does tend to be a bit wordy , but I still mainline her books as soon as they re released This one may not be my favorite Bastion Club book, but it s close Royce is such a complicated character and his relationship with Minerva is every bit of everything he had coming Their attraction and the dilemma of tradition resonate on every page Laurens can write breath taking love scenes, if a bit long, but then again, sometimes longer is better, eh I was a bit disappointed with the sideline story of the last traitor For something that played so largely in earlier books, it seemed a bit of a sidenote here The majority of the book is ALL about Royce and Minerva and the danger of the traitor is really only expressed towards the very end and wrapped up fairly quickly Dalziel Royce s wooing is not to be missed and even with its quirks, this book will go on my keeper shelf with the rest of the Bastion Club series.

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    Mastered by Love is the story of Dalziel aka Royce and Minerva.When at last the leader of Bastion club, Royce Dalziel Varisey, 10th Duke of Wolverstone, returns home after years of fighting for his country he does not expect that he d be faced with Dukedom due to his father s passing, or that he would find himself violently attracted to his determindedly aloof chatelaine, Minerva Chesterton.Initially thinking that the attraction is one sided, he watches her from afar while learning to take control of his land and people however a kiss changes equation and he sets out to seduce the lady whom he initially wanted as his mistress, but soon knows would make the perfect wife.What a fantastic end to this series.The serious and brooding Dalziel found his perfect soulmate in the strong and determined Minerva, who matched his passions as well as sense of determination The couple was well suited, very high on sex drive and it was fun to read their inventive lovemaking scenes Emotionally, both opened up quickly and I liked Royce s determined pursual of Minevra, and her ability to return the feelings truthfully.There was a subplot involving a spy and a family traitor, and a lot of matrons meddling sisters Devil shows up too but all added to make this an entertaining read.SWE view spoiler heroine has lived with the hero s family since she was 6 and taken care of both the hero s parents She took over chatelaine duty later on and as the hero is banished, there is a separation of 15 years Since they separated as kids and obviously had no attraction until they became adults, it could have been classified as safe but its revealed in the end that the kid Minerva was always attracted to Royce and also saw him maybe a couple of times having sex he was 16 with village girls.Once they meet again hero s ex shows up once, but he sends her away and is 100% faithful to the heroine hide spoiler

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    The former leader of the Bastion Club, Dalziel, has returned to his childhood home after the death of his father Dalziel is the new Duke of Wolverstone and has been estranged from his family for sixteen long years When he discovers Minerva Chesterton residing at Wolverstone castle as its chatelaine, he is pleasantly surprised He barely remembers Minerva as the young girl who used to follow him around Now she is an attractive and intelligent woman and one Royce would like to get to know better.Minerva will not be romanced by the likes of Royce She is very much out of his league and he must marry an established woman that can run his household Yet, Royce thinks Minerva would be perfect as his wife despite the fact that she runs from him at every turn Royce will not be denied He is use to getting what he wants and he wants Minerva When it comes to a man like Royce, former spymaster, Minerva won t be able to keep Royce from seducing her into his bed.Mastered by Love is the final book in Stephanie Laurens Bastion Club series I was anxiously awaiting Dalziel s story because he was such a mystery in the previous books of this series Dalziel is a typical Laurens hero, the kind of hero her readers have always enjoyed, but after so many books they seem to have a strange sense of d j vu, I would have to say that Mastered By Love was a big disappointment The majority of this book is very cut and dry with the reader being privy to Royce s internal muses about his angst over his father and his desires to get under Minerva s skirts Again, this has a strange sense of been there, done that.Minerva is a spunky character who is very much Royce s equal She acts as a proper young woman of her station but the moment Royce s smoldering eyes touch her body, she is lost in his spell We have seen this before in a Laurens novel the heroine will fight tooth and nail to deny the hero, and after many long winded scenes of kissing and touching that go on for countless pages, the heroine finally succumbs to the touch of the lusty hero.Once upon a time I found Stephanie Lauren s writing and books to be some of the most luscious reads on the market Mastered By Love is a very pale comparison to what was once great writing by an author who made historical romance the best it could be.Those who are still fans of Laurens will probably not mind the long winded paragraphs of internal dialogue and longing from both the hero and heroine I for one could not keep an interest and was close to not finishing.

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    This was the second book I tried to get through by this really popular author I haven t been able to finish either completely I read 13 chapters of this one and then skimmed the rest It s so weird I just cannot understand her popularity Her writing style is super annoying to me with lots of phrases within phrases that don t really add to the sentence within the same loooong sentence, and I have to reread because I get lost within a phrase within a phraseand don t get me started on the commas Plus, the H h wax poetic about the same damn thing numerous times, and they re not very much dialogue These books could be 100 pages shorter Anyway, this author is not for me I just never have read a romance novel where the actual writing style annoys, but she has a lot of popular books, so obviously it must be my issue

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    Me ha encantado el libro, es como esperaba que fuera la historia de Amor de Dalzie jejeje, Minerva me ha conquistado con se mezcla de saber hacer y su fogosidad me he derritido con sus escenas de amor y hasta me he reido con algunas partes del libro un verdadero 10 a este libro LO RECOMIENDO

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    I ve been working my way through the Bastion Club series by Stephanie Laurens The basic plot is the hero of each book finds the woman he s head over heels in love with and wants to marry, then convinces the woman she should marry him.With these books you get a historical romance with crazy in love heroes who don t even look at another woman I just finished the last book, book 8, Mastered by Love, and it was the best by far of the series Each of the Bastion Club members worked as a spy during the war with Napoleon Their commander, Dalziel, has been very mysterious and never even told them his real name throughout the previous 7 books So I was eagerly awaiting the commander Dalziel s book while reading the earlier 7 books I love a mysterious, dangerous hero.I loved Mastered by Love There was such emotion in this book The hero was dealing with ending his military career and going back to his civilian life The heroine was very strong and I loved how she stood up to him and even manipulated him a few times he knew she was doing it but admired the attempt I just loved their romance It was fun, it was hot, and you spend a lot of time in the hero s point of view so it was great to hear what he was thinking about her It was also great to have a heroine resist the hero and not just immediately fall into bed with him.I really enjoyed this series I read a lot of historical romances and this book, Mastered by Love, ranks toward the top I did like the earlier books in the series but the final book with Dalziel is my favorite of the Bastion Club series.

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    I m giving up at a third of the way through I don t like Royce I don t like the way he thinks and I don t like how he goes about things, and I don t like reading about men in their thirties close to forty for Royce not being able to control their lust It s ridiculous, and it makes me hate them, so I can t care about the inevitable romance I like Minerva I don t want him for her.