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In Sweet Charlotte S Seventh Mistake Cori Crooks Records Her Search For Identity Among The Things Left Behind By Her Delinquent Family, Her Deceased, Drug Addicted Con Artist Mother, And Her Missing Biological Father Told Through Old Photographs, Diary Entries, Letters, And The Results Of A Mail Order DNA Test, Cori Pieces Together A Profound Scrapbook That Begins As A Paternity Search And Becomes A Chronicle Of Her Mother S Reckless Life A Stunning Visual Memoir, Sweet Charlotte S Seventh Mistake Is An Intimate Look Into One Woman S Unconventional Family History

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    Memories What we know What we think we know, and the reality of what actually occurred Childhood memories Those vague dream like senses of the past that haunt us forever and, whether we want to admit it or not, form the basis for most of the decisions we make throughout our lives Adolescent memories hormonal intensity, the loss of innocence, a hunger for as we continue on into adulthood And finally all those memories that creep into our thoughts as we look back on our lives and wonder how we made it this far and what the future holds This is the material Cori Crooks explores in her debut mixed media art memoir Sweet Charlotte s Seventh Mistake.With a beautiful and intense sense of intimacy Crooks teenage angst voice tinged with the insecurity of a reminiscing adult takes the reader along for the ride as she shifts through her recollections of preconceived notions and allows us to share her sacred thoughts of the dead, as well as her fears of forgetting and being forgotten who the hell am I if I m not the daughter, the sister, the child of a mother who was never really honest about who she was The product of a childhood of one couch to sleep on, one midnight move when the rent was overdue and eviction was certain Another night of wondering whether her mom was coming home or was she once again on her own having to grow up quick And now, after the dust settles and years have past there maybe a father, or maybe its just a jailhouse letter from some unknown person with the same name.A death notice, a yellowed newspaper obituary, tattered black and white photographs taped into a diary of uncertainties This is compassionate voyeurism at its best As Crooks unflinching exposes every one of her dark secrets for all to share as she searches not only for who her family is, but who she is as well A truly inspiring and fresh approach to a tough coming of age story and must read for anyone, regardless of age.

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    Cori Crooks could have written down her story as a plain old memoir and it would have been an unbridled stunner and page turner The characters that were placed in her life are in and of themselves fit for an epic novel or Hollywood plot But Ms Crooks is no ordinary writer out of the carefully crafted web of letters, photos, diaries, poetry and art arises her own soul, the soul of an artist, a poet, a muse a soul so large and beaming with light and life that it was able to take the rotten hand she was dealt and turn it into a sparkling gem of a book Sweet Charlotte s Seventh Mistake is written proof that there is free will in God s great universe Nothing and nobody can keep us from being gracious, beautiful, and delightfully funny, no matter where, when or how we ve entered this place Thank you for this all important reminder

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    This is book is in presentation a cross between an artist s scrapbook and a graphic novel memoir, the pages are beautiful and the writing equally so Its written in short sections which moves the narrative about in the author s perseonal timeline, which makes it a really quick but worthwhile read Due to this timeine jumping the story of the author s childhood and geneology is built up gradually so we as the reader have as many questions, as at times in the book, the author herself has I would recommend this book to people who like Artists scrapbooks, graphic novel memoirs in particular Fun Home Alison Bechdel , or people who enjoy narratives about non traditional childhoods or troubled mother daughter relationships.

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    Crooks s autobigraphy is a photo ephemera prose scrapbook and a real heartbreaker It s pretty frank about what it s like to grow up with a drug addict mother, but never gets too graphic The scrapbook layout of the book unexpectedly moved me I kinda felt like I was snooping through someone s stuff Crooks is local the book is based on her blog writings Recommended for grades 10 and up.

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    Intense, honest and anguishing The author has a gift for expression that without warning takes your breath away This one resonates and returns to haunt.

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    Cori Crooks grew up knowing she was the seventh mistake of her drug addicted, exotic dancer, con artist mother Charlotte All her siblings had different fathers, and normal to Cori was moving every few months and sleeping on friends couches.Once her mother passed away, Cori put together photos, journal entries, and other memorablilia from her childhood, resulting in this book Each page makes a shocking yet compelling picture of a child forced to grow up quickly, and of the chaos that was her childhood.When I first received this book and flipped through it, I didn t think it was something I d enjoy But after the first page or two, I found myself riveted in a peeping tom kind of way, unable to look away I mourned for the many children Charlotte had and then abandoned, and wondered exactly how someone goes so far down the path she took Cori has turned out to be a normal young woman, which is amazing, given her fractured upbringing That alone is a testament to her courage and character.This is certainly an unusual book the subject matter and scrapbook like presentation are a combination I didn t expect But I enjoyed every page and found myself lingering over the photos, looking at the faces of the people whose lives were so impacted by the horrible choices Charlotte made.I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the author, in exchange for writing an honest review.

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    One of my Craftaluma vendors, lovely Cori Crooks who is a doll and amazingly well adjusted woman gave me this book she is the author.With the promise to her that I d blog about it I read it grasping and putting together the disjointed and sweetly sad memories, words and stories into a whole trying to outpace the story to it s bittersweet conclusion It was having none of that It was written so that it felt like you were there at the scene, each step up and two steps back of the journey Marsha, Jan and Peter and DNA tests make for a suspenseful read as you root for her and want to shake her mother until her teeth rattle out of her head for her negligence and selfishness Good work Cori,

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    an amazing read and an amazing journey What I liked about the format of the scrap book is that I could flip back and forth to various spots in the story and re read them as I saw fit.One reviewer mentioned the confusion of having the mistakes be named for the Brady Bunch children This, actually, was lost on me until pointed out by a savvy friend Given that many people in the book are still alive and kickin , as it were, it was probably to protect their privacy that they were given TV names, yes hope that this clears things up

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    I know Cori, but this does not make this book amazing What makes it amazing is her style of writing, the graphics You really feel like you are reading a journal than you are reading a book Such a good and heartfelt exposing story I hope that Cori writes so I get a chance to read of her books

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    Sweet Charlotte s Seventh Mistake is memoir as scrapbook, and its pages are filled with shreds of memory, swirling fragments of truths and untruths and the detritus, both physical and emotional, we accumulate across a lifetime.