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In fact I had the following book CONFESSIONS OF A LITTLE BLACK GOWN stored in my kindle but when I checked Goodreads reviews, I discovered it was a kind of two parts story, one for each twin sisters and the book I had was the second.So I purchased this one.Everything was rather utterly unbelievable but Mrs Boyle crafted it in such a way, that it become so wonderfully enjoyable that I had nothing to do if it was a bit far fetched.I laughed, smiled and swooned.Felicity and Thatcher are heroes as I love them, they are able to see their errors but aim to right them even if they are rather hot tempered people acting sometimes on impulse and came to regret it.I first I wondered why Felicity was so inclined to marry her duke, someone she never met She might be in dire need of funds but why this duke Then slowly her true nature was revealed, she has a heart bigger than herself and even if she has some hope to have a nice marriage with her duke, she aims to protect those she thinks under her care, and nothing is better than to be under a duke s protection.She just never expected to fall for her new footman, a man who turns her view of love upside down.Thatcher or Lord Sterling or the new Duke Of Hollindrake does agree to find himself betrothed to an unknown chit when he just comes back home in his new tittle.Not he expected to be entranced by said chit and so much he entered her game of winning her duke s heart but in making her fall for him as Thatcher, the new hired footman and not Hollinbrake the duke.Then began Thatcher unconventional wooing, trying to show her she must not choose wealth over love, that she must let go of her prim and proper facade to enjoy life at the fullest, and it can t be without him.I loved their struggles, him needing to be certain she would choose him for himself and not his dukedom and her fighting her attraction for him because she thought she was doing the right thing for her family.A wonderful and humorous historical romantic comedy. Enjoying this book was mildly surprising Not that Ms Boyle is a bad writer, but I haven t really clicked with her and read this book in desperation for a HR From the previous book, I wasn t exactly all in for the Langley sister either, so understandably, I was hesitant to enjoy this book.Felicity Langley, is determined to marry a Duke Not sure why it HAS to be a duke, but only a duke would do She has set her sights on the 10th Duke of Hollindrake, who she s corresponded with for a few years That is, until the 9th Duke s death, who also happens to be the person she had been writing to Anyway, Thatcher, our hero and duke is surprised to find that his crumegeon of a grandfather has set him to marry Felicity Langley In attempts to break of their relationship he visits her and is mistaken to be the new footman And this begins the game of mistaken identity, leading Felicity to chose between the footman she s fallen in love with verses the duke who has still not come call and marry her, without knowing that they are one and the same.Felicity, despite her lofty ambitions to marry a Duke, was very likeable She s the responsible sort, but not in the grating way She was very good at managing scandalous situations I am impressed with her ingenuity which far surpasses any of our heroes Thatcher is also likeable, and the blame for the mistaken identity would normally be placed on him, but he did try to rectify the problem Our heroine just didn t want to hear it and then the situation changed where it was hard for him to tell, and so on I m not in love with the man, but I liked him for being grounded and a generally good person.Overall, I think this is Ms Boyle s best book I had a wonderful time with her characters I will gladly continue reading her books, if she brings it to all of of her other books. Though She Can T Afford The Coal To Heat Her Drafty Mayfair Mansion, Felicity Langley Still Clings To Her Dream Of Marrying A Duke One She S Had Since Her Very First Curtsy After All, She S Been All But Promised To The Very Proper And Very Lofty Duke Of Hollindrake For The Last Four Years Now All She Has To Do Is Meet Him But What Felicity Doesn T Realize Is That She Has Already Met Her Duke He S The Rather Unfashionable Yet Altogether Too Handsome Man Who Has Just Turned Up At Her Doorstep And Felicity Has Just Mistaken Him For Her New Footman By Rights, Thatcher Should Immediately Set This Presumptuous Chit Straight And Tell Her He Has No Intention Of Following Through With A Betrothal His Grandfather The Previous Duke Arranged But He S Quickly Smitten By Felicity S Delightful Determination, Her Irrepressible Charm And Her Breathtaking Beauty Yes, She D Wed Him In An Instant Were His True Identity Revealed But Thatcher S Vowed To Marry Only For Love So Begins His Deception And His Conquest Of This Uncommon Woman Who Doesn T Believe In Romance, But Is About To Find Her Heart And Passions Set Aflame By The Unlikely Servant She S Sworn To Resist 2 stars Not recommended It s missing fulfilling feelings Some will like it because it s a formulaic regency romance.STORY BRIEF Felicity s parents are assumed dead The solicitor who controls her inheritance won t give her any money for a season to find a husband She, her sister, and her cousin come to London anyway Felicity finds a house that will be vacant for a while She breaks in and has the locks changed.Four years ago Felicity sent a letter to the Duke s heir Thatcher saying she wanted to marry a duke and thought he would be a good choice Thatcher was in the army at the time Thatcher s grandfather the Duke thought her letter was entertaining, so he began corresponding with her pretending to be Thatcher This lasted four years until he died Felicity thinks she is engaged to Thatcher due to the letters, but she has never seen him When Thatcher returns from the military and learns about the letters, he immediately goes to Felicity to break the engagement Because he is wearing his battered military clothing, she thinks he is the footman she hired through an agency and treats him as such He is intrigued and amused and decides to continue the charade, pretending to be the footman.REVIEWER S OPINION This is a romance novel for someone who is not discriminating about their romance novels The handsome, rich bachelor has no desire to marry He meets the beautiful, clever, feisty virgin who has a charming effect on him from the moment he sees her She has a special smile that makes him wilt or should I say become aroused He is entertained to see her living by her wits He sees her good heart as she does good things for others Within a couple of days he has fallen in love and wants to marry her The main suspense is whether she will marry her footman for love or go after the rich Duke she has never met.This is the type of book that turns some readers away from romance It s fluff It feels like a fairy tale The main characters are formulaic The plot could work if other things are done well, but they were not The main reason I like romance is that good romance causes me to feel loved, desired, fulfilled, and other warm, fuzzy feelings I didn t feel that here I m not sure why Maybe because I had a hard time identifying with Felicity Maybe because she had no vulnerabilities A second important thing missing was watching a relationship develop That didn t happen He just enjoys what he sees and that s it Apparently she realizes she is in love when he kisses her What else was missing Interesting, different or humorous dialogue, events, or ideas I will say the author attempted humor by having a madcap group of characters a pickpocket, a lock picker, a girl in love with a pirate, a drunk cook, and a promiscuous, beautiful, and very seductive former nanny But things were not humorous to me Not once did I smile Then the author used one of my pet peeves vague communication and inaccurate assumptions to create conflict view spoiler CAUTION SPOILER Thatcher proposes marriage saying We are to be married tomorrow She says Oh, I cannot do it tomorrow She is thinking she needs time to plan a wedding, but he thinks she is refusing to marry him She doesn t clarify and neither does he So he leaves not knowing what she will do Two minutes of conversation would have cleared this up, but the author chose to keep us in suspense Sadly this is a common device used in most romance novels Sometimes it is well done, but most of the time I consider it uncreative hide spoiler This book really made Felicity shine She was simply an ambitious, conniving chit back in This Rake of Mine But here, she was a female really worth looking up to Behind masks, she s actually a practical but caring sister and cousin who tamps down dreams for propriety and for their sakes And Thatcher, devil take the man, despite his pig headedness and deception, I was in love with him even before I was halfway through the book Definitely understand how this can be frustrating to Felicity Really, falling in love with him was inevitableOverall, I loved the turn of events Sometimes Miss Boyle hits off the mark when it comes to endings though she makes good story starters and middles like Something About Emmaline But this one was thoroughly engaging from start to finish Is it any wonder I chose reading it over studying for my exam This was a cute little regency romance about a poor heroine who mistakes the Duke of Hollindrake for the new footman she is planning to hire I found I liked this light, frivolous read Elizabeth Boyle uses humour well and crafts a fairly original albeit slightly comical plot If you like Julia Quinn, Elizabeth Hoyt or Laura Lee Guhrke I m thinking And Then He Kissed Her then it is quite likely you will enjoy this one I wouldn t rush to read this though maybe leave it for a slow reading period. EB can be a hit or miss read for me, but this one was one sweet hit I laughed several times at the zany antics of Felicity and the lengths she was willing to go to in order to hold her little family together Very good read. Thatcher, a rake turned into an hero during the war, finds himself a duke even if, originally, 3rd in line for the title.He does not want to be the Duke of Hollindrake.He d rather be Captain Thatcher, a name he used to buy a commission and escape his grandfather s control.He learns that his grandfather wasn t the despot he thought he was and, in the end, he only wanted the best for him.When a cheeky young girl sends him a letter asking for his rascal nephew s hand in marriage, he sees a possibility to give him the happiness he never had This Miss Langley is proposing that Lord Stan don consider her hand in marriage Gibbens then closed his eyes and braced himself for the pending explosion.None came And after an indecent amount of silence, he peeked out through his lashes and discovered the old duke engrossed in reading the letter for himself Then the second noteworthy event occurred that day.The duke laughed Some cheek he said, once he gathered his wits about him She has the audacity to inquire about the state of my health Probably be demmed disappointed to find me fit and hardy, I wager He set the letter down on his desk and laughed again Yes, Your Grace, his secretary agreed Quite presump tuous Exactly the duke declared Which is why we are going to answer it Answer it, Your Grace A sense of foreboding ran down the secretary s spine Of course Why, I suspect any chit with this much brass would make a most excellent duchess And further, I d wa ger she d bring that rapscallion grandson of mine to heel 20 years old Miss Felicity Langley aka Duchess has a very clear plan for her future and she s determined to make it a reality But a duke Why wouldn t a nicely landed marquess or a long lined earl do She shook her head You don t understand a duke is so much than any of them A duke is heroic, and noble, a knight errant, if you will The kind of man who is handsome and carries himself with a self assurance that commands the respect of one and all And above all, he is a proper English gentleman who expects a proper English lady for his bride She shook the snow off her cloak Really, what else is there left for me to do but become a duchess I haven t the faintest idea, he mused, for really all he d done to become the duke was be the next available Sterling, and he certainly possessed none of the characteristics she d listed.She huffed a sigh and glanced over at the passing throng of visitors on the ice I think what I will like the most is the respect that comes with being a duchess I won t have to endure Sarah Browne s slights ever again She won t dare She s focused, she s confident, she s smart and she s been gathering all the knowledge necessary to reach her goal in the Bachelors Chronicles.The diary is Duchess personal masterpiece that will help her find her perfect Duke while helping friends and family looking for their own perfect match.Problem is her Duke of choice has vanished and a handsome new footman is in townI met Duchess , Tally and Pippin, in This Rake of Mine where they were 3 very young girls trying their hands at matchmaking for the first time They are quite the trio I truly enjoyed the book from beginning to HFN ending but I wished the 4 years of correspondence and the grandson grandfather relationship were handled a bit differently.I also wished that all the things Jack Tremont tells Thatcher about his grandfather s true intentions were explored a bit.Even at the end, the revelation to the hero that the heroine was talking 4 years to the hero s grandfather is kind of glossed over.That s why this book wasn t a perfect 5 stars for me but it s close enough This is a light, humorous and engaging read.I enjoyed the implausible misunderstanding between Felicity and Thatcher when he visits her to end the engagementAunt Geneva sighed Still, I suppose she was quite un done by her loss Thatcher glanced up from the laden plate that had just been put before him Hardly When I left her, I do believe she was quite elated She offered me a fine salary for my troubles She paused, her teacup halfway to her lips A salary To be her husband No To be her new footman He paused and waited and then it came.Geneva coughed and sputtered, nearly dropping the Wedg wood piece Her what You heard me perfectly, he replied I am Miss Lang ley s new footman and how Felicity respects him for the man he is instead of the footman position she believes he occupies Hollindrake once wrote to me that the men who fight for a cause, a noble one, have honor than any mere gentle man That you have seen things, done things, that can rend apart even the stoutest of hearts And since you are here, and appear to be whole, I must conclude you are a brave and honorable man, and therefore hardly my lesser, even if you are our footman Felicity s train of thoughts and out loud reasoning is always hilarious And this house However could you afford such an address even if it is empty She winced Do you really want to know Yes, of course, he said In for a penny, out for a pound But in truth he was focused on getting this last nail to pop free, and even as he pressed all his weight against the bar, she made her confession We aren t really renting it, like borrowing it with out permission The nail gave way with a great pop and the lid came flipping off The bar flew next, and Thatcher went pitching head first onto the floor You should be careful, Felicity told him, point ing at the floor I don t want that marble chipped Looks Italian Thatcher propped himself up How the devil did one bor row a house without the owner s consent, unless they were You re squatting in someone else s house and you are worried about the floors Squatting What an ugly word Borrowing sounds somuch Proper he teased.She brightened considerably Exactly Yep, she s always everything figured out in her mindSussex, I will have you know, is a veritable desert But whatever possessed you to think you could attempt all this Did you ever once consider what would happen if you were caught Felicity glanced up at him as if he had just questioned the color of the sky or the King s paternity When in doubt, a lady always appears to be completely in the right, she said with her usual air of supreme confidence What When in doubt He shook his head No, I know what you said, but wher ever did you hear such nonsense Nanny Tasha He was starting to wonder if an ounce of morality could be found amongst all these nannies of theirs I doubt she meant for you to steal a house Stealing I prefer to think of our residency as maintain ing the house s character Why, it would be going to damp if we weren t here keeping it warm The secondary characters are all fun and great additions to the story, awesome to see a bit of Mad Jack from this Rake of mine and other characters from previous book.The romance and plot are completely implausible but totally charming.I LOVED EVERY SECOND Whatever am I to do with you now She shook a finger at him You ll marry me Right now Here Tonight I ll not be ruined any I want to be a proper wife He laughed Felicity, you will never be a proper wife But I ll be your wife Dear Thad her, I want to be your wife I love you I really do I realized it today When I told Tally and Pippin that I loved you, I knew it must be true And I wouldn t trade you for all the ducal coronets in the world Not a single one You love me he asked He couldn t quite believe it Yet here she was And she d come to him of her own free will By following her passion With all my heart, she told him, her lips forming a lop sided smile And this isn t the wine talking, but you he asked, kneel ing down before her No I was quite definite on that fact before I drank too much She paused and blinked, looking around the room as if seeing it for the first time Am I drunk 4.5 Stars rounded up My Ratings Writing 4 5Plot 4 5Hero 4.5 5Heroine 4.5 5Secondary Characters 5 5MC s chemistry 4 5Steam 3 5Triggers Hero doesn t clear up a misunderstanding letting the heroine believe he s someone else No major triggers, explicit sex.Recommended to Historical Romance Readers Are you looking for a specific mix of ingredients for your next read A solid 4.5 stars I rounded up I just loved the premise of the book She s been corresponding to this Duke of Hollindrake for 4 years, and she s practically engaged to him Except that he hasn t been writing to her it was his grandfather writing the letters So he gets back to London and finds out what his gramps has been doing, and goes over to her house to break the whole thing off, but she mistakes him for a footman that the agency was supposed to send over The real footman never shows intriguing She doesn t give him any opportunity to set the record straight.So after a couple of days, it s too late to tell her the truth And he starts to think, Well, hey she s cute Maybe I could get her to ACTUALLY fall in love with me, and then it wouldn t be like she s just marrying me for my title money etc So he proceeds with his plan trying to make her fall in love with him kissing her trying to seduce her It s actually quite hilarious, because she s kissing the footman, but saying she s still going to marry the Duke, and the footman is jealous of the duke, but they re the same person, so he s jealous of himself I love that It s great.Anyway, it was just very very enjoyable Me gusta. I am not a happy reader While the beginning was pretty captivating and charming, the climax and ending was completely disappointing view spoiler I really loved how she mistook the duke she was to marry for a footman and that he didn t correct her, because it was a setup for a really cute romance And I was feeling it up until maybe 70%, when this whole thing stopped feeling like a cute misunderstanding, and the hero started intentionally deceiving the heroine and keeping the truth from her.Then they got married not really though and slept together, and he still kept deceiving her I finally got some satisfaction when she left his sorry ass upon learning the truth, but that was ruthlessly taken away from me when somehow the heroine got the notion that she should apologize to the hero for leaving him And then I just clsbaksiqosbhzoxjsuapa hide spoiler