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Can Love Survive War London OnSeptemberIs In Upheaval War Is Inevitable Into This Turmoil Steps Kate Sheridan, Newly Arrived From Ireland To Live With Her Aunt And Uncle And Look For Work When She Meets Flight Lieutenant Charlie Butler Sparks Fly, But He Is A Notorious Womaniser Should She Ignore All The Warnings And Get Involved With A Ladies Man Whose Life Will Be In Daily Danger Charlie Butler Has No Intention Of Getting Involved With A Woman But When He Meets Kate His Resolve Is Shattered Should He Allow His Heart To Rule His Head And Fall For A Nineteen Year Old Irish Girl While There Is A War To Fight Private Conflicts And Personal Doubts Are Soon Overshadowed Will Kate And Charlie S Love Survive Separation, Parental Disapproval And Loss

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    Into the Unknown is a fantastic look at the changes that took place in traditional relationships between men and women during the Second World War With few options in the 1930 s, Kate Sheridan left Ireland for London, to find work This is where she met the cocky ladies man and fighter pilot, Charlie Butler Their story is one that will drive people crazy.Anyone who knows me, knows that I like my history old, really old I m talking about shield walls and swords, however, sometimes it is fun to look at stories a little closer to home The Second World War was a time of great change changes in technology, in warfare, in relationships and for the place of women within our society Lorna Peel has chosen this time and place for a compelling story of the modern soldier and the new independent woman.Kate and Charlie experienced tremendous tragedies that pushed them together, while at the same time, pulled them apart It was not an easy relationship, but one that I wanted to see overcome all of the roadblocks thrown in its way As a reader, I was able to feel the character s torment.Something that I really enjoyed about Into the Unknown is the setting created by Lorna Peel, as well as how much things have changed in such a short time Kate and Charlie had to work so much harder to maintain the communication that was necessary to make a relationship work.Into the Unknown is a well written book that explores a developing relationship during a tumultuous time It is a story that will pull the reader into the story and keep you engaged until the end.

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    The story opens in 1939, as Kate Sheridan leaves her home and strict parents in rural Ireland to live with her aunt and uncle in London This move allows Kate an element of freedom she has never had before, but England is on the cusp of war and London is no longer a safe haven When Kate meets the devilishly handsome Flight Lieutenant Charlie Butler during an air raid, the course of both their lives is changed forever What then follows is a story which follows the lives of both Kate and Charlie during the course of the war They face many difficulties, and their love affair is subject to, not just the challenge of separation, but also bears the burden of parental disapproval and the heartbreak of loss on a grand scale.Into the Unknown is a sympathetic look at the uncertainty of life during the Second World War The characters are believable I found both Kate and Charlie to be worthy protagonists and enjoyed watching their characters grow in maturity as the novel progressed Their individual wartime experiences are sensitively explored and their thoughts and feelings are both realistic and thought provoking I really enjoyed the story and was absorbed from the beginning in the way Kate and Charlie s lives progressed I genuinely cared about what happened to them and testament to the author s skill at storytelling, I read the book almost in one sitting, as I wanted to find out how the story progressed.Well worth reading of you enjoyed WW2 romances.

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    This historical romance is set in England during World War Two I found myself drawn into the story of Kate and Charlie, following them through the ups and downs of their relationship and of the war I enjoyed the snippets of history intertwined with the story, there was enough for you to understand the major events taking place without it feeling like a history lesson I felt the era was described realistically without being too horrific.Into the Unknown helped me understand what the attitude of the English toward the Irish was like during the war That was something I d never really thought about before It also brought home how difficult it was to stay in touch with loved ones during the war and how you may only see your partner once a year I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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    Emotional and poignant Beautifully doneInto the Unknown is a real page turner, where the plot and the central romance takes place against the backdrop of one of the most traumatic times in what is still, for many, in living memory It is first and foremost a beautiful romance between the young and headstrong Kate, who comes to England from Ireland against her Catholic father s wishes, and Charlie, a Flight Lieutenant who is, shall we say, a bit of a ladies man Sparks fly between Kate and Charlie, mirroring their sizzling mutual attraction, and the pair soon embark on a love affair which they fit around their respective duties in the RAF and WAAF There are some sensual scenes between the couple as they snatch precious moments, conscious that their time together could be curtailed by the vagaries of war at any moment Charlie, despite caring for Kate very deeply, vows not to consider marriage until the war is over Throughout I wondered at his real motives for this stance was it really due to him having witnessed the death of many of his RAF colleagues and their grieving widows as he stated, or does his fear of commitment go deeper Kate is a strong character and deals with what life throws at her with a great deal of strength and dignity Her role in the WAAF reflects how important the role of women was during the war However, there are limits to what even a strong person can survive with what life has in store for her Indeed, the war is not kind to Kate or Charlie and they both experience their own personal tragedies, some which pull them together and others which tear them apart It is touch and go as to whether their love will survive what war throws at them.I am no expert on this period of history, but to me the novel did a fantastic job of reflecting the political and military realities of the time without detracting from the central plot and romance I particularly liked how the heroine was Irish, as this gave the author the opportunity to introduce the dynamic of Anglo Irish relations to the story.The descriptions of Charlie and his RAF colleagues engaging in conflicts in the air, their friendly banter on the ground and life on the home front is all brought vividly to life by the author She also does not shy away from the horrors of wartime bombing raids and the physical and psychological injuries suffered by survivors Some scenes were real tear jerkers and I reached for a tissue on than one occasion after my eyes filled up I m pleased to say though that I was very happy with the novel s resolution To sum up, Lorna Peel s Into The Unknown is definitely a read that I d recommend to readers of historical romance, especially those who like a hefty dose of realism Please note, a copy of the book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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    Into the Unknown tells the story of a young Irish woman, Kate Sheridan, as she makes the journey to England at the beginning of World War II Her father is staunchly opposed to this move, wanting her to go to America, instead, but her mother prevails and Kate goes to London to live with her mother s sister and her family Kate has recently graduated from the equivalent of business school and is ready to find a job Kate soon meets Charlie Butler, the elder son of the family who lives across the street from her family Charlie is an RAF pilot with a girl in every port, but he soon develops eyes for Kate Both his father and Kate s uncle warn Charlie off of Kate, but Kate is different from the easy women he s been used to The two end up falling in love with one another, and face numerous trials, as one might expect in a book set in war torn England.I truly enjoyed this book, despite some of the other reviews to the contrary It allows for a glimpse into the lives of lovers during wartime, and it allows for a glimpse at how the English felt about the Irish during World War II I felt that Ms Peel s descriptions were her strong suit in this novel I really felt as though I was living through the bombings, et cetera, with Kate and Charlie I really appreciated the strength expressed by Kate, and I worried along with her over Charlie s sorties as an RAF pilot.Because this book takes place in wartime, I was extremely worried whether or not there would be a happy ending I will not spoil anything about the book except to reassure other readers that it does, indeed, have a happy ending, though it takes both the hero and heroine much effort and much growing up in order to reach that happy ending.I recommend this book to those who love literature set in World War II but, because of the sexual situations and depictions of violence, I would only recommend it to mature readers of 16.Reviewed for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock

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    Into The Unknown is about Kate Sheridan, a young woman arriving in England on the day England declared war on Germany during World War II She is from Ireland, her mother is English but her father is Irish and she was raised in Ireland She wanted to go find work after college and choose England to go and live with her aunt, her mother s sister, uncle, grandmother and nephew She finds work but is not happy with the harassment from her boss She also meets RAF lieutenant Charlie Butler, the young man who lived across the road from her aunt s house For Kate she is smitten right away, but everyone warns her away from the older man who has a way with all the young women Charlie on the other hand is very taken with Kate as well, but she is only nineteen to his twenty seven He feels she is a little too young for him but he can t stop thinking about her He treats her different from all the other women he has dated, but will they make it last I won t say any I will let you find out This book was really good This book is great for people who love historical romances It starts when England declares war on Germany and goes through to the end of the war I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romances as well as historical romances The only warning I would give is there are a few sexual situations I m giving this book 4 fangs Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.

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    An utterly charming and captivating WW2 story with a bit of romance, excellent characters and history The protagonists are a brave couple who meet during the beginning of the war and who face personal and professional choices to do their part for the war effort It starts in 1939 with Kate arriving in London on the day war breaks out, meeting pilot and alleged womanizer Charlie, who is a neighbour to the family she s staying with He asks her out and by doing that he forces her to decide what she wants to do with her life in the the UK.Their relationship is influenced by these decision as well as by the war.This reads easily, includes some scenes of sexual nature and is very enjoyable.Something for everyone lovers of romance and history will enjoy this the most Definitely worth a read.

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    amreading entertaining story with many twists and turns

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    The reason I was interested in reading Into the Unknown was that it was set in London during WW2 Unfortunately most of the events take place elsewhere The descriptions of London revolve around the characters and Oxford Street Some of the story is okay such as battle descriptions but some years are discussed in a few short paragraphs One of the good parts of this book is that its a very fast read, so you will actually finish it The book wasn t first me.