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    A good old haunted house story is something I ve always loved, so when the narrator of this tale offered me a chance to listen to the audio in exchange for a review, I jumped at it Poppy Z Brite is an author I ve heard a lot about and I ve been wanting to read his work for quite some time I learned a few things while reading this book and one of them is that Poppy Z Brite can write.Trevor is a young man returning to the house where his mother and brother were killed 20 years ago Shortly after his arrival in Missing Mile, his old hometown, he meets a young computer hacker on the run, named Zach The two immediately feel a connection and together they go to face Trevor s childhood home What will they find there Is the house actually haunted You will have to read this to find out While the writing quality here was good, I have to admit that I was disappointed in the story itself This is not the author s fault, nor the narrator s, it was my sky high expectations I expected a scary as hell story and while there was a little darkness, there was way too much romance for me I don t mind explicit sex scenes, gay or straight , if they are integral to the story Now I totally get the term insta love These two just met, one of them a virgin, and before you know it they are going at it at a breakneck pace And going at it again And again The sexy times were sexy, don t get me wrong but after a while they finally led me to ask Can we get to the horror already Eventually, we did get to the horror, but after such a long build, it failed to move me much I m not sure if I was just bored by that point, or if all the romance had inured me to what should have been an exciting finale The narration by Matt Godfrey was excellent as always, I especially loved his Jamaican accent Yeah, mon As I said, I did like the writing, and in a few spots it was nearly lyrical From what I understand this is one of Poppy Z Brite s, now he goes by the name Billy Martin , earlier works While I didn t find this novel to be a true horror story, I m told his later works definitely are and I will be tracking those down in the future, maybe even the near future Recommended, as long as you re not looking for a horror tale and you don t mind a lot of romance and sexy times Thanks to Matt Godfrey for the audio of this book in exchange for my honest review This is it.

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    Back when Anne Rice was all the rage, dozens of authors jumped on the brooding, melodramatic historical vampire quickly turning what Rice wrote into a literary clich The shelves were littered with Rice wanna be s Then along came Poppy Z Brite, a short story writer who was making the horror world sit up and take notice by blending very realistic, human characters with an almost splatter punk kind of sensibility To boot, Brite was doing what many authors had never even contemplated She was making gay characters the protagonists in her stories When her first novel, Lost Souls, was released, it breathed new life into the bland, clich d vampire that had become de rigueur, by giving us vamps that loved being what they were and mixing them with goth scene characters who were actually than brooding, pretentious teens in black clothes, nail polish, and eyeliner In short, she made her vampires and her other characters real people, warts and all Her characters weren t homoerotic She wasn t willing to dance around the subject He characters were homosexual.With Lost Souls, Brite burst on the scene and along came the comparisons to Rice, the claims by critics and Rice lovers that she must have been influenced by Rice s writing, despite statements from Brite that she had never read Rice s work Wisely, Brite was not one to be satisfied with her immensely popular vampire characters in fact, she has never returned to them despite what must have been a very lucrative temptation to , and we were treated to another reinvention by Brite, the haunted house story in her second novel, Drawing Blood.For once, the publisher s blurb lays out the story very well, so there is not really a need to go into the details of the plot So, this review can be all about the writing, writing that is still as appealing as it was 15 years ago when I first read this novel.From the beginning, Brite shows a critical eye for detail in her writing Each locale is described fully, but never wanders off into frustrating verbosity In very naturalistic and yet somehow poetic prose, Brite describes not only the sights of a place, but the smells as well an often over looked area in some genres of fiction , and the result is that we get the psychological reaction of the characters to everything that is about them and a wonderful sense of time Take this for example Missing Mile, North Carolina, in the summer of 1972 was scarcely than a wide spot in the road.You might think that here was a place adrift in a gentler time, a place where Peace reigned naturally, and did not have to be blazoned on banners or worn around the neck.And the same detail goes into her characters The five year old Trevor at the beginning of the novel rings utterly true, the wide eyed outlook of a child tempered by the reality that he has lived with a father who is unpredictable bordering on abusive Yet, Trevor s father isn t reduced to some stereotyped drunkard We get to see inside him for the brief time we know him We see the crushed dreams, the pressures, the paranoia that lead him to do the horrible thing he does When Bobby McGee kills his family, we as readers are horrified by it, but we can see why it happened, why it was almost inevitable The only thing we can t understand is why he didn t kill Trevor as well And that in itself is what brings Trevor back to Missing Mile some 20 years later.We re also introduced to Zachary Bosch, a brilliant computer hacker out of New Orleans, who finds himself dangerously on the wrong side of the law As he flees New Orleans, we also get to meet the people important in his life, most notably Eddy, a feisty Asian American stripper who is in love with Zach but also his best buddy But we don t get some stereotype here either Eddy isn t the stock fag hag She s tough, smart, inventive and someone to be reckoned with from the get go She knows that Zach is not a good match for her She knows she needs to move on But she can t and she never broods about it and never once do you feel that beyond Zach lies a life of loneliness And the FBI agents following Zach get the full treatment as well, becoming than one would guess in a novel of this type.The residents of Missing Mile are equally fascinating, a mix of character traits which could have become cartoonish in lesser hands, but remain blessedly real in the human emotion underneath each of them, the force that drives them You can see Kinsey s smile, feel the weight of his family history You can feel the relationship between Terry and his girlfriend Even Calvin, who threatens to come between Zach and Trevor, has a likable streak to him.But when the novel starts to really sing is when Trevor and Zach meet one another in Missing Mile Both members of the walking wounded, the two cautiously get to know one another and, ultimately, become lovers It isn t an easy courtship given the baggage each of them carries, and it isn t a relationship that is easy to define There are no tops and bottoms here No alpha or submissive Like every relationship, it changes with the ebb and flow of time and events that draw them closer together and push them further apart It is a wonderful exploration of who each character has been, who they want to become and who they might be together if their relationship lasts It is, to this day, one of the fullest depictions of gay men I have ever found in literature and, hands down, some of the most erotic and real love scenes I ve ever read.Now, don t get me wrong This is not some mushy love story in the slightest It is balls to the wall horror albeit heavy on the psychological horror The tension is palpable, the finely tuned description, exquisite, and the dialog completely real Each character has a purpose in this piece Each character and the locales themselves has a place here There is very little fat in this novel, each aspect weaving together easily with those that came before and those which follow By the time we get to the climax of the book, we are utterly invested in each of these characters We want Trevor and Zach to survive We can t help but ache for Eddy and her loss We understand how Missing Mile will never be the same after the events that take place in that dilapidate old house out on Violin Road We care because Brite created characters we love despite all their faults We care because Brite has drawn us a vivid picture of where we have been living as we took the journey along with Trevor and Zach We care because Brite has taken the time to show us all the pieces that go into making the puzzle of man In short, she has created a place we want to visit and characters who feel like real friends.For me, Drawing Blood is a classic classic horror, classic gay fiction and classic character fiction Hell, it is even manages to be a classic romance, in the very best and non traditional sense of the phrase It was and remains a ground breaking literary work and should be required reading for readers and writers not only of horror, but of gay fiction, gay romance and even gay erotica This is how it is done, folks.Originally reviewed for Uniquely Pleasurable.

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    I GOT MY HANDS ON THE AUDIO Review soooon.

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    I always refer to this book as my second most favorite book in the world Geek Love by Katherine Dunn will always be my 1 but I haven t read it since it was first released back in 1993 so I approached this recent audio release with equal amounts of joy and dread Would it still be my almost favorite Would I find giant flaws and pick it all to hell Would I tarnish all of those memories of book perfection by reading it now when I m all jaded and crabby er Everything I remembered loving about Drawing Blood was still here Granted those memories were a little fuzzy around the edges but the impressions and the emotions felt left a mark on me and once I started listening, I was immediately transfixed and reminded of all the reasons why I held this book so close to my heart It s full of tragedy, dark romance, and real life horrors as well as some out there, woo woo ones If you like those things along with a well drawn sense of place, gorgeously lush writing, flawed characters and you don t mind explicit sex between two men and lots and lots of it you should give this a listen Or a read Or maybe both.This is one of Brite s now Billy Martin earlier works and it has all of the gothic trappings of that era The characters have sharp edges, are ethereally young and beautiful, the sex is explicit and often and it s always earthy and descriptive, the characters that populate this world drink and drug copiously, fall in love quickly and deeply as young lovers tend to do and music always plays a huge part in their lives I d say this tale is about 50% haunted house dealing with your past shit and 50% dark and dangerous love story and it s all beautifully gory and messy Trevor is a young artist who returns to his hometown to face down the demons of his past and his demons are bad ones Zach is a hacker on the run who lands in Missing Mile Both have hellish pasts and when they meet everything clicks and feels right Yes, folks, it is the dreaded insta love in full bloom And, yes, I am a big huge hypocrite because I typically knock off points for insta love because it drives me crazy but in this case I JUST DIDN T CARE I loved them both too much to care They don t even meet until the book is at least a third of the way through maybe but by then I knew them so well that when they finally meet it was a relief They were both such broken souls when apart and together they just fit They talked, they fought, they lived a lifetime of dysfunction in a few days and I will make no excuses because, yeah, it s insta love and it was glorious and nothing anybody says will ever change my mind It s such an intoxicating read The love story, the setting, the darkness All of it Brite assaults the senses with her prose and everything comes alive right down to the scents and tastes no matter how gross This isn t a book for everyone and I m not here to pretend that it is but if any of this sounds appealing to you, grab a copy and read that sucker until your eyeballs dry up I don t think you ll regret it If you re an audio fan, I also highly recommend giving it a listen Matt Godfrey s narration is terrific He creates distinctive voices for the characters Zach s voice is deeper and has just the slightest Cajun esque accent to fit him and where he s been, while Trevor comes off as innocent wide eyed How you express that with voice is way beyond me but Godfrey manages to do it There are quite a few secondary characters that he voices very well too Now I m off to listen all over again

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    3,75 5 Cuando cierras los ojos te marchas a otra parte durante unas horas, y mientras estas fuera, cualquier cosa puede ocurrir, cualquier cosa inimaginable El mundo entero puede desaparecer bajo tus pies Libro entre medias de er tico y terror, con muchas dosis de sexo y sangre con una casa encantada de fondo Una novela muy curiosa y extra a que me ha convencido.Rese a completa Wordpress

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    Sin duda Zach ha utilizado sus dotes de hacker para piratear las opiniones de Goodreads Es imposible que tenga tantas puntuaciones de cinco estrellas esta especie de Crep sculo es el ejemplo que me ha venido de novela erotico festiva de adolescentes gay con una trama de hackers que al final no interesa a nadie NADIE puede decir que son personajes adorables porque ambos se vuelven insoportables a partir de la p gina 100 aproximadamente Y el final Absolutamente decepcionante Si se lleva dos estrellas es porque 1 Lo he le do r pido2 Los LOLES coment ndolo con el grupo del club de lectura Alex dixit Rese a completa

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    Talk about your guilty pleasures, eh I m always torn about Poppy Z Brite s books On one hand, lots of hot sex scenes between pretty boys, lashings of the supernatural, and comic books.On the other, her female characters are all mothers bitches vaginas die horribly delete as applicable It makes me conflicted The things I really love, along with pet peeves.This is the only one of her books I would actually recommend one of the female characters actually lives, and I don t want to actively slap the main two males So for all you pervy paranormal fiction lovers, this one s for you p.s there was a short story based on these two as well if you can track it down

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    My favorite Brite novel, and the one with the best characterization A young man returns to the home where his father went homicidally insane years ago While there, he meets and falls in love with a hacker on the run Is their love enough to combat the sinister madness of the house

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    I came across this title while Googling gay horror books It s definitely very gay but it s actually pretty light on the horror until about two thirds of the way into the book This was originally published in the early 90s So it was cool to see a queer story that was written and published in that time period, but it also meant there were definitely some dated aspects The story follows Trevor, whose father killed his mother and younger brother in their house in North Carolina before committing suicide Twenty years later Trevor returns to try and figure out what happened and why his father left him alive Zach, a hacker from New Orleans, is on the run from the government and his path ends up crossing with Trevor s The two guys start a whirlwind relationship while staying in the possibly haunted house of Trevor s childhood I think this book was way longer than it needed to be There was so much time spent setting up the two main characters in the beginning It s good to establish the characters, but it just seemed excessive with how much meaningless stuff was happening It takes over one third of the book for the two main characters to even meet And then once they do oh man, the instalove is ridiculous I did enjoy their chemistry, but c mon with the instalove I wouldn t really suggest going into this book expecting straight up horror all the way through Most of the horror is reserved for the last third of the book, and even then I didn t find it to be all that satisfying This is really of a smutty story about two guys meeting and instantly falling in love rather than a horror story I think if you know that going in you might enjoy it But alas, I was hoping for a book with A LOT of horror but what I got was a book with A LOT of blowjobs

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    Please ignore the cheesy title and crappy back cover descriptions This is less a horror novel than a love adventure story in fact, I would say that the horror elements are the weakest part of the story thank goodness they re only really heavy in one chapter towards the end Brite s lush descriptive prose is enticing an outdoor market in New Orleans is bursting with such fantastic color and scent it makes the mouth water and she s created some fantastic characters, most notably in Trevor I infinitely prefer Drawing Blood to Brite s first novel set in the same universe, Lost Souls, though I would say Lost Souls is worth a read if you re bored and like Anne Rice.