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Warlock At The Wheel Warlock Drives Away To Flee Chrestomanci, Gets Bullied By Toddler Jane And Dog Towser Stealer Of Souls Evil Neville Spiderman Kidnaps Jealous Cat Chant And Homesick Tonino From Dying Gabriel De Witt Carol Oneir S Hundredth Dream Dream Subjects Drunkenly Object To Typecast RolesThe Sage Of Theare Great Zond And Gods Try To Outwit Prophecy Of Dissolution And Dump Troublesome Babe In Chrestomanci S World

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    this is a pleasant although unremarkable collection of 4 stories set in the Chrestomanci universe Warlock at the Wheel details the misadventures of a goofy low life who escapes into another world and attempts to use his magic powers for ill unfortunately for him, a slovenly little girl and her giant mastiff spoil his plans one word review EH Stealer of Souls is the strongest story in the collection this one has a grouchy, selfish Cat being given charge of sweet little Tonnino from The Magicians of Caprona they find themselves spelled away by an evil magician from the past, right into a dirty basement within a time bubble much sweeping of cobwebs and freeing of lost souls ensue two word review BEST ONE Carol Oneir s Hundreth Dream is about a spoiled little brat who is also the most successful dream weaver of her world unfortunately, her landmark hundredth dream fails to appear could her dream characters be rebelling against her so off she goes to Chrestomanci to figure it all out three word review BRATS ANNOY ME The Sage of Theare has some very organized gods up in arms about a prophecy that tells of a sage who will born this sage will bring chaos and disarray into their tidy little world Chrestomanci stumbles across the luckless lad four word review CUTE BUT SURPRISINGLY BORING I wish I had read this one in the middle of reading the series instead of saving it for last this was by no means a bad book it wasn t particularly memorable either but the Chrestomanci series itself is one of the finest children s series I ve ever read if you like children s fantasy, do yourself a favor and start reading the Chrestomanci books they re awesome

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    I was disappointed by the stories in this collection But I did like when Janet said to Cat, You must admit, Chrestomanci is taller and darker and handsomer than any man has any right to be Haha trufax, Janet.

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    I didn t much like Warlock at the Wheel , but the rest is worth reading I really enjoyed those, especially Stealer of Souls and Carol Oneir s Hundredth Dream , which contain glimpses of Cat, Tonino, Janet and an old school friend of Christopher s.

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    As always, I love Diana Wynne Jones This is a collection of stories that take place within the Chrestomanci universe at various points throughout the series I really liked saving this for last since it was a nice to re visit various characters and was a fun finale.It s a quick read and all of the stories are great, though I especially enjoyed Stealer of Souls since Magicians of Caprona was my favorite of the series, and Tonino is in that story However, there weren t any un enjoyable stories in this collection for me.Definitely stay away from this if it s your first time reading any Chrestomanci books this is for people who ve already read much of the series, since there s very little setup you re already supposed to know the gist of the worldbuilding and who s who But, if you have read the series and are a fan, this is well worth the read and I highly recommend it Also posted on Purple People Readers.

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    For a moment I thought you were an enchanter Now I don t know what I think Mixed Magics suffers from the fact that it s a collection of short stories I can rarely get invested into those and I ve never felt so sorry for it than I do for this one It consists of four stories related to the Chrestomanci series Most of them range from boring to an alright read However, the second story, The Stealer of Souls, was such a lovely one that I wish it would have filled up the whole book in place of the other stories.The Stealer of Souls is the perfect story for bringing the first and final volume of the series together I should note that I read them in the order Diana Wynne Jones has suggested which goes as thus Charmed life The Lives of Christopher Chant Conrad s Fate Witch Week The Magicians of Caprona Mixed Magics The Pinhoe EggI really appreciated this reading order and wouldn t want to read it in any other way That being said, chronologically, Charmed Life comes second last followed by The Pinhoe Egg The Stealer of Souls picks up just after the events of The Magicians of Caprona and brings us back to the time and setting of Charmed Life It gave the whole reading experience a nice and rounded feeling and helps to get one back to the timeline which is then followed up by The Pinhoe Egg In any case, it brings together two of my favourite characters Cat and Tonino.After the events of The Magicians of Caprona, Chrestomanci decides to take Tonino to England so he can learn about his peculiar ability to use other people s magic spells Cat, who is now in training to become the next Chrestomanci, isn t happy at all when he is told to watch out for the younger Tonino Cat soon becomes jealous of all the attention Tonino is receiving until both of them find themselves in the hands of a dangerous enchanted and must work together to make their escape Cat and Tonino, despite their rough start, make a great team The story was only about 100 pages long but I loved it I sincerely wish I could trade the other three stories for a longer version of The Stealer of Souls The first story, Warlock At the Wheel, was easily my least favourite Although it follows the fate of an unnamed Warlock who was defeated during the events of Charmed Life, I hardly feel any connection between this and the rest of the series The writing feels very different I suppose distant might be a way to put it In any case, the Warlock finds himself fleeing to a world which is hinted to be ours There he steals a car and finds too late that there were a child and dog on the back seat And oh boy, this child was annoying as can be I was glad when it was over and will most likely skip this story the next time I read this book Carol Oneir s Hundredth Dream is nice in that it draws back to a minor character of The Lives of Christopher Chant Carol is the daughter of Chrestomanci s former classmate and has a special talent for controlling her dreams These dreams are also recorded and sold and have brought her fame Just as she is about to have her hundredth dream, she finds that she no longer can The story is quite fun and has some interesting things going for it But ultimately, I think it is too short and simply leaves too many questions unanswered The Sage of Theare was intriguing and something I could have seen work better as its own novel It had interesting ideas but there was a lot of lore brought into the story that was so far unheard of in the Chrestomanci series This made it feel like a separate story altogether despite the appearance of Chrestomanci himself It was also heavily religion based and I couldn t get my head around whether or not this was anti religion Although I am not religious, I always feel like authors are treading on dangerous grounds when it comes to denouncing religion.

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    I really enjoyed Warlock at the Wheel and Carol Oneir s Hundredth Dream

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    Read 2013Re read March 2015Re read February 2017

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    A collection of four short stories in the Chrestomanci universe Weaker than the Chrestomanci novels, but hey, it s still Diana Wynne Jones.Maybe 2.5 stars The Sage of Theare was probably my favourite, and I would give that one about 3 stars

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    This was not the official next book to read on my to read shelf the physical one, not the Goodreads one However, after my last book I needed something fun and relaxing and this filled the bill completely Jones had a lot of fun with these four tales of Chrestomanci I think at least one stealer of souls could have been expanded into a full length novel rather than a short story I tend to not like the short stories format since it really limits character development among other problems I d say in many ways my favorite was the Sage of Theare It exemplifies what I like about the Chrestomanci tales, that the author didn t seem to take these stores real seriously The stories all obey the rules of the universe she set up, that is not what I meant by take these stories seriously There is no real feeling that if the issue isn t resolved that the end of the world might come for example These stories are light escapist fiction that can be a real need at times in people s lives Which happens to be the case for me at the moment However, being light and escapist also meant that they don t seem particularly memorable which is why I knocked off a star Hand this to a kid who needs a break from homework or obnoxious teachers playmates parents and the kid may not only enjoy the stories a great deal, they may ask for the rest of the series I m rather sad to realize I have apparently read the entire series now I suppose I should try another of her series but perhaps someday in the future.

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    I liked the one about Cat and Tonino the most, it was nice to see a continuation of