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Believing Is Seeing, As The Title Of This Outstanding Collection Of Fantasies Proclaims And Reading Is Seeing Than You Ve Ever Imagined When In The Masterful Hands Of Acclaimed Author Diana Wynne Jones Here Are Seven Tales Seven Doorways To Bizarre, Yet Strangely Familiar Worlds To Transport One And All In These Worlds Are A Child Born To An Ordered Society But Preordained To Spread Dissolutiona Girl Who So Loves The Sun That She Renounces Her Humanity For Eternitya Cat And A Boy, Held Captive By An Evil Magician Until They Can Find A Bigger Magic Of Their Owna Woman Imprisoned In A Strange Country Dominated By Three Ravenous Wolvesand Many Other Characters And Stories Just As Exceptional These Richly Drawn, Razor Sharp Stories Showcase The Skills And Sheer Narrative Power Of One Of The Most Esteemed Fantasy Writers Of Our Time

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    what a wonderful collection I didn t understand the last story one bit but I enjoyed reading it all the same xD they were all well written and funny and kept my attention the dragon reserve was my fave, I could read a whole series about that the girl who loved the sun and what the cat said had a fable or fairy tale feel to me.all in all good stuff

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    This is a great group of short stories.

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    I would like to talk about each of the seven stories in this book Warning, there are spoilers.The Sage of Theare This was actually pretty interesting A lot of the timey wimey stuff went over my head, but I think I get the gist of it It was so cool I m not usually into the whole gods and goddesses scene, but Diana was able to make the story interesting enough for me to want to continue reading especially with the appearance of Chrestomanci 3 The Master This story was deliciously creepy I love how it is told in first person, and the descriptions of the wolves, especially Annie, were superb There s a total zinger at the end, when you find out that the story she is telling was actually a dream, and she s hoping the events of that dream don t play out in real life Of course there were elements of magic within this story, and I love that.The Girl Who Loved the Sun This is another type of story I wouldn t normally read It started out a little boring, with her striving to catch the attention and affections of the sun However, going further on, I really felt as if Diana brought new dimensions to the age old this is how the world works type of story The way she described the main character turning into a tree at the end, stretching out her nerve endings into the very branches she reaches towards the sky, really made me fell as if I myself were turning into a tree There was some bitterness at the end, as she never does earn the affections from the sun that she seeks.Dragon Reserve, Home Eight I loved this story Definitely one of my favourites I like how they call the dragons worms I was really happy when they decided not to persecute the main character for being a heg And what a surprise when Orm turned out to be her father I really didn t expect that.What the Cat Told Me This was my other favourite I loved how it was from the cat s point of view, and how the cat would interrupt its own story from time to time to tell the reader to pet it, or bring it food, etc Diana really has a lovely element of humour in all of her stories The magical elements were probably what I liked most about this story The classic use of pentagrams and magic cats really makes the story I wish it had been longer Enna Hitims This story was very interesting I had just watched Mirror Mask shortly before reading this story, and ended up with Helena being the model for the main character I was very jealous I wish my drawings would come to life, although I could do without them trying to kill me I love how Diana incorporates the idea of magic markers.nad and Dan and Quaffy Wow, what a story This really put into perspective what it s like to be a professional writer, and how difficult it is to not only come up with the story idea, but to actually find time to write it I love how this was based off of and as a typo, although honestly I ve never had problems with that Now the word believe on the other handEnd of spoilers I promise DOverall this was such an outstanding collection of stories Diana Wynne Jones never ceases to amaze me in her stories of magic and humour.

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    Don t get me wrong, I subjectively enjoyed these than I thought they were good, but like a lot of authors who aren t really known for their short stories, they seemed a bit lazy and were spotty in terms of quality.One critical comment Unlike other skilled authors like Lewis, Tolkien or Bradbury, Jones fails to invest her fantasies with much or any moral meaning To explain what I mean, in The Lord of the Rings, rings, trees, gates, magic, elvishness, and the sea are all invested with deep moral significance For Jones, any objects or abilities the characters have are morally and symbolically incidental and the bad guys and good guys in the stories could essentially switch abilities and places without much jiggering This is less of a problem in books with well drawn out characters like in Howl s Moving Castle, but in a book of short stories where characterizations are already somewhat thin, this becomes a far significant problem I ll quote O Connor below and charge Jones with having a tin ear in this respect Jones doesn t appear aware of anything much above the literal level.But even though the book doesn t really rise above the penny dreadful level, I did enjoy it The upshot of all this, is that while I want to read Jones, I want to carefully choose the ones that are supposed to be better Symbols are something the writer uses simply as a matter of course You might say that theses are details that, while having their essential place in the literal level of the story, operate in depth as well as on the surface, increasing the story in every direction the truer the symbol, the deeper it leads you, the meaning it opens up Flannery O Connor

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    Classic Diana Wynne Jones, la mia opinione su questa raccolta soffre un poco perch avevo gi letto il brillante The Sage of Theare in Mixed Magics Four Tales of Chrestomanci Degli altri racconti il pi criptico e anche inquietante sicuramente The Master leggendo in seguito l introduzione naturalmente nato insieme a Fire and Hemlock Avventure divertenti Enna Hittims e Dragon Reserve, Home Eight The Girl Who Loved the Sun la spiegazione che l autrice tenta di dare alle fanciulle che si trasformano in piante e animali nella mitologia, curioso ma non l ho gradito come gli altri in un certo senso funziona di meno perch si chiude in modo pi pulito What the Cat Told Me un avventura di gatti e magie e maledizioni che piacerebbe ai fan di Howl s Moving Castle nad and Dan adn Quaffy infine quello che ho trovato pi interessante e anche quello che mi ha lasciato pi interdetta si parla ancora di scrittori come in Enna Hittims ma qui una professione e una certa avversione per la tecnologia pu sicuramente far avvenire cose strane In tutto questo, nel fantasy e nella fantascienza si possono bere le bevante pi incredibili ma forse alle volte la cosa migliore un caff.

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    I came to Diana Wynne Jones late in life any later than ten is pushing it and have been making it up ever since Her Chrestomanci books in particular are masterful examples of great fantasy that does unexpected things.The stories in this collection sometimes feel like they should be part of a complete world, particularly Dragon Reserve, Home Eight , in which a young girl is threatened by a government agency afraid of her special abilities Others are dreamlike or reminded me strongly of the logic of fairy tales The Master and The Girl Who Loved the Sun My favorite was What the Cat Told Me , which along with The Sage of Threar Chrestomanci and Enna Hittims are classic examples of Diana Wynne Jones s skill with unexpected magic magic that throws her young protagonists off balance while forcing them to improvise in powerful ways by drawing on deeply hidden resources of courage and cunning.The end of the book contains excerpts from her novels, including Howl s Moving Castle and others.

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    Having just finished re reading this book for the third time, or thereabouts, I can pretty confidently say that I like it, at the very least More than just being an enjoyable read, however, it is a thoughtful read Every time I have read it I discover at least one or two new layers to think about in at least one or two of the stories The stories themselves, of course, vary in terms of how much thought they require and inspire.I almost want to put individual reviews for the stories here, but I really haven t quite the motivation at the moment Perhaps after my next re reading My favourite story from the collection is What the Cat Told Me , definitely, though as a writer nad and Dan adn Quaffy has its own kind of draw to it.The stories are very distinct from each other, and the entire book is a lovely read, which is really no surprise, coming from this author.

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    There is many different wonderful stories in this book Some are strange, some are silly, some are crazy but I absolutely loved them I loved the first story in the book called The Sage of Theare which was about the son of a God, then there was Dragon Reserve, Home Eight, The Girl Who Loved The Sun and many I ve read other books by Diana Wynne Jones, but this was my first time reading a book of short stories by her and I was really happy with the book The stories were really great and enjoyable.

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    If I could give this book 4.5 stars, I would It was super good and I loved just about every moment of it But her writing style is unique, and it took a bit of getting used to proper English, who would of thought My favorite story from the book was Enna Hittims, the entire story was a charm A couple of the stories, on the dark side, didn t seem to have an real plot or purpose From reading this book though I will say that Diana Wynne Jones is a fantastically brilliant, and hilarious genius.

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    The cover is awesome I wish I could say I loved all the stories in here, but I didn t The Sage of Theare and Enna Hittims were my favorite ones The Master had a wonderfully paranoid atmosphere, but the ending was disappointing I didn t like nad and Dan adn Quaffy I suppose I am a pure fantasist at heart.