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John My father named me after a toilet wrestles with the certainty that no one really knows him not in his miserable home and certainly not at school It's true that no one can guess his hidden thoughts which are hilarious razor sharp observations about lust love tubas algebra everything And then there's his home his father ran off years ago so he's being raised by his mother who works long hours and by her boyfriend whom John calls the man who is not and never will be my father This man is his enemy an abusive disciplinarian who seems to want to kill John and in a horrible final confrontation nearly succeeds Moving wholly involving original and emotionally true You Don't Know Me is a multilayered novel that presents a winning portrait of an understandably angst ridden adolescent

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    A strange thing happened not too long ago that involved this book I was browsing around Barnes Nobles looking for new books to read when a I'm assuming teen couple skirted around me keeping their held hands intact I didn't give them much of a thought until the girl picked up this book and asked her boyfriend excitedly Have you read this book? After he told her he hadn't the girl said You have to read it It shows how much douches parents can be I got no such inclination from this book I usually don't like books like this books that have a raw lesson and it is because the characters just make me depressed The main character keeps it from being too depressing with his humor dry as it is I ended up liking him even though he doesn’t look like he is very brave in the start of the book like I expect the main characters to be The end is hopeful too