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In an unspecified time and location an unnamed boy is living what he feels to be an idyllic life in the faded and peeling Lido where his father is a lifeguard He idolises his father – never so than when he saves the life of a suicidal man – and he comes to believe that heroism is allThe arrest of his sister Lilly later that summer brings the halcyon days to an abrupt end and his family is torn apart with Lilly sent to jail and the boy set to a boarding house for dysfunctional boys far away from his home – The Fell The boys in the home become his family and they band together against their enemies both real and imagined and they become familyThe boy sees the world and his place in it through a unique lens He meets ghosts hears voices and battles his fears What he never does however is question his own version of realityWhen the boy's fear and hatred of authority come to a head everything is thrown into disarray and his action lead him to run from the Fell And run and run

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    4 for most of the read with moments of absolute brilliance His own words seemed to make him angry and he stiffened and I knew I was looking straight at madness and madness isn’t a monster and it isn’t a stranger and it’s right there in the room and just a twitch away from all of us always and it can have high cheekbones and almond eyes and a strong jaw and sometimes it just comes from the corner of the room like a coil of soft smoke and you can’t stop it or fight it or waft it awayHow to explain or categorize this book? It's like a buffet of poignant hysterical mystical heretical mysterious and heartbreaking told in a stream of consciousness style that rushes along with little punctuation It took me a while to adapt to the narrative style but once I did I felt transported into the mind of the main protagonist a teenage boy sent to a boarding school due to life circumstances This style of writing won't suit everyone but I enjoyed and appreciated it At times I imagined listening to the young people I've known and the rush of words that spill out riding the adrenaline rush wave words tripping over each other as if competing for first placeI imagine this novel might be most appreciated by males as they have the cultural experiences to relate closely to the teenage angst and shenanigans of this hodgepodge of boysbut I found much to appreciate even as a woman who qualifies for senior discounts I found myself remembering stories my husband's told me about his experiences growing up and escapades he had with buddies My background working with challenged and challenging boys allowed me to recognize the tentative camaraderie friendships formed of necessity and us against them divisions found in group living Interesting characters and even interesting writing elevated what could have been a ordinary tale There were times I laughed out loud times I cringed times I said a little prayer and times I wanted to join in a group hug It was an interesting ride and well worth the time to read it I knew one day loneliness would eat me up and I would be lost in it like Jonah and it seemed like all my life I was made of sand and took the shape of everyone I got blown up against but I had no shape of my own and however hard I clung to that shape it always went away and the winds came and I was nothing again It does contain some language and raw content at times which may not be for everyone