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The TRUTH Behind the LIES is written by a man who had been arrested for promoting peace conscious awareness and living without government control Years later free from his prison and on a mission to find his beloved wife he finds refuge and an empty journal While writing about what he thinks caused World War III he makes the grim realization it was not up to the governments or military to make sure that mankind was peaceful It was up to each of us

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    What a unique and fantastic read This is fictional journaling at its finest A lot of his Rau’s thoughts can really put you in your own mind It’s easy to forget this is a piece of fiction and it really makes one wonder what lurks just ahead of usRau does the writing here masterfully taking a very hard style journaling style can really be hard for a reader to jump into and making it worth the read with the thoughts and ideasexperiencesSome of the journaling is really like letters to the main character’s wife Summer but even then the style is consistent enough to follow Be patient with this one once you get past the style it’ll hook you in for a great readThis really is a story of personal accountability on the big stage of the world We all have a part