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Wildly Unpredictable, The Most Desirable Beauty In The Land, Megan Penworthy Has Set Her Amorous Sights On Ambrose St James, A Man She Has Never Met But Has Every Intention Of Marrying And No Other Suitor Will Satisfy Her Especially Not The Common, If Uncommonly Handsome, Horse Breeder, Devlin JefferysPosing As Lowborn Jefferys To Escape A Potentially Fatal Confrontation, Sir Ambrose Is Enthralled By The Brazen, Duke Hunting Redhead Without Revealing His True Identity, He Vows To Seduce And Tame Her, Thereby Foiling Megan S Plans To Marry The Man Of Her Dreams But The Notorious Rogue Never Imagined The Enchanting Schemer Would Turn Out To Be The Only Woman He Would Ever Dream Of Marrying

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    5 SINFULLY SEXY STARSThis is my favourite by JL It s the book in which I found the name of my first born Devlin Who is the hero of this book and OMG Is he manly He was the MAN OF MY DREAMS Devlin is an arrogant cold polite aristocrat who thought that by virtue of his birth aka being a Duke , the world was his and everything in it would simply bend to his will So your typical period hero here However, this soon changes when he is forced into hiding and becomes the stable trainer to the heroine s father He sees her and his not only losses his heart but he losses frosty demeanour, that he was so famous for.He plays up his lowly station in live by saying rude and crude things to the heroine Things like little girl you have me so hot that It s either he pond or you..what s it going to be I ll thank you NOT to say things like that to me. she answers back He tells her So don t thank me Megan was way too beautiful and willful for her own good She was the only daughter to a wealthy landowner She has been spoiled and indulged but she was still basically a sweet innocent She has some sass with her class She was very attracted to her new stable Master but wants to make an advantageous marriage to right the wrongs done to her by a cruel member of her community I need to marry a man who will make Lady O green with envy and so I can t Marry Devlin but she wants him and lust after him They have loads of chemistry It s off the charts HOT Also, I love the fact that their first time was not good for either of them To me, this really makes sense I for one don t understand how in books virgins can always have an orgasm the first time without some serious foreplay They are both disappointing but the passion remains and so does the hunger THEY NEED, WANT AND CRAVE EACH OTHER I loved how he was trying to keep his distance from her but he really couldn t resist her Also, how She was just so mixed up at first and quickly became a strong woman Yes, he spanks her she deserves it , yes she was spoiled and yes he was an arrogant ass but somehow together it was just hot This books was awesome and I would recommend it anyone who enjoys two strong individuals becoming a strong couple I have read it over a dozen times and the fact that I named my son after this book, speaks volumes of the estimation and regard I hold for this book For me, this book was one of the BEST

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    I believe I m going to develop a new habit screaming Consider yourself warned, you odious man God, I d forgotten how good this one was So I never read my mother s bodice rippers because she never had any She legit didn t even know what bodice ripper meant when I asked her if she ever read them I stared at her for like three six minutes waiting for her to rescind what she said What kind of woman hasn t read one bodice ripper in her life It s like mandatory to get these false notions of what a man should be at least 6 3 cause duh, rude, possessive, and always knows right where the clitoris is and then have your ideals shatter in front of your eyes That s like an initiation into womanhood But honestly, authors who wrote romance in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s know how to make a man right Historical romance will always be my favorite because of this I often find contemporary heroes lacking And maybe that s because sweet give me a sharp utensil to slowly stab myself with Anyway, Man of My Dreams is a regency romance between a duke masquerading as a horse breeder and a country lady who has her eyes set on a duke so she could be above the lady who always shuns her in town So imagine when she tells the annoying horse breeder she has her mind set on the Duke of Wrothston and he just happens to be that duke A hilarious misunderstanding But it actually creates a tension filled, gritty, and passionate affair Their banter made this story Man of My Dreams is heavily centered on building the tension between a man and a woman who immensely dislike each other They bickered incessantly, and it was completely entertaining The conflict was kept throughout the entire story, and the characters were perfectly paired Devlin is a jerk Megan is brat.If you love Johanna Lindsey or regency romances, this is one you shouldn t miss.

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    I read this one when I was 15 One of the first classic romance books I read I can t remember much, but I still have a very battered paperback of this book in my shelf and I can t throw it away I don t have the heart to do that.

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    Definitivamente es el ultimo libro que leo de esta autora Quise darle varias oportunidades, pero la mayor a son un desastre No hay una real historia de amor, los protagonistas son insufribles, la trama completamente inveros mil y los hechos y las actitudes no corresponden a la poca en la que est ambientada Caput No entiendo c mo la autora puede ser una de las reinas cl sicas del g nero.

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    I love this book Don t know why, exactly it s far from perfect, but something about it makes me re read it every couple of years or so Contrived, a bit Realistic, not really Familiar Very Nevertheless, something about this one makes it than the sum of all of its parts.It s pretty much your standard Duke in disguise as a regular joe romance He s a gorgeous Duke in hiding, she s a spoiled brat who mouths off to him at every opportunity They strike sparks off one another from their first meeting and the first half of the book is full of their insults and arguments The second half of the book is full of misunderstandings, a trip to Gretna Green, an abduction, a pregnancy, a fancy ball, a spoiled, selfish brat redeeming herself, a stuffed shirt Duke getting over himself, and one of those endings that makes you think awww, in spite of yourself.And I LOVE the name Devlin.

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    Really liked it Johanna Lindsey always writes the best HR Heroes Devlin, oh Devlin I love you Seriously he was amazing He could be serious, passionate and a tease all at the same time And I liked that he wasn t your typical rake Megan was a brat, but I grew quite fond of her She got on my nerves at times but she s only 18 after all She does have a great heart though I loved Duchy too She was so fun and wise I wish she was on scenes Overall a great HR with an amazing hero and a strong, big hearted heroine I highly recommend it

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    If you re looking for a historical romance which ponders the social injustices of working conditions for children living in the nineteenth century and the like, then you ll want to move on But if you re in the mood for a fun read starring flawed, yet lovable characters then this Lindsey book just might be the lighthearted historical romance of your dreams Man of My Dreams is one of only two romances I read in 2016 that I gave a 5 star rating to So to say that I had so much fun witnessing Megan and Devlin fall in love would be an understatement I loved the banter, passion and sizzling chemistry between them Yes, Megan and Devlin argued a lot But it didn t irritate me as their sometimes silly, sometimes heated exchanges hid intense feelings they both were fighting to overcome.One great example of the humor can be found in a memorable scene where Devlin overhears Megan talking to someone He can t see her as he s in another room, but comes to an unsavory conclusion It s the cause for Devlin s ill humor and a laugh out loud moment from this reader This is what he hears I want to ride you, you can t imagine how much Will you let me Sir Ambrose just might be jealous, but I don t care I can ride you both.As Devlin discovers, Megan s fellow conversationalist is a bit of a mute view spoiler A horse Hehe hide spoiler

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    This book was even better than I expected, definitely want to read from Johanna Lindsey

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    Ok, this is the second Lindsay I ve read where the hero spanks the heroine because she deserves it and it s for her own good This has completely alienated me from the book and the author Since I picked it up because of the rave reviews, maybe if someone can get over the above they might enjoy the book When Megan Penworthy is introduced we see her through her friend s eyes as someone good, sweet, naive and a little spoiled But, when she meets the hero Ambrose St James, masquerading as a horse breeder because he needs to rusticate for a while, she is attracted to him and because he is beneath her socially is on the defensive However, St James a full 10 years her senior, completely loses his head around her leading to his compromising Megan and they have to get married Of course, this is the book where the hero then spends the rest of his time being resentful because she has spoiled his life and misunderstanding everything she says If you like misunderstanding plots, then this book is one long tedious string after another And the heroine ends up grovelling when I fully expected it to be the hero.

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    2.5 unfortunately I m disappointed in this book Stars Grrr I tend to love every Regency book I read because I love the whole titled gentleman with money, marrying a nobody However, this just don t work I wanted to stop reading this so many times but continued only because I had to know how it ended and really loved the hero.I loved the Hero Devlin He was delish and all man in every way I would so marry him.Devlin is sent to the country by his grandma because his best friend believes he impregnated his sister and is out to kill him.He hides out at the squires house pretending to be a horse breeder, hoping after two months his best friend will discover the truth.While posing as a horse breeder he falls for the Squires beautiful daughter Megan The heroine, Megan I refer to her as the TSTL female who ruined the whole book.She was spoiled, I mean to the point of She was a complete snob, first off she was a Squires daughter, she needed her best friend to get her into parties and here she demands everyone do as she says like she was born a duchess and God forbid you come around her with no Stature Throughout the whole book we are reminded of how beautiful she is, how she can get a Duke because her face has every man in love with her within seconds.Pretty much the whole book is her being extremely arrogant, childish, throwing tantrums and down right ridiculous I just couldn t seem to like her, even at the end