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Enki Zakanin just wants peace and uiet He's completed his mission and on the journey back to the Kordolian Fleet Station he'd prefer to be left alone so he can manage the literal demon inside his head Alone So when a strange distress call breaks the silence his first instinct is to ignore the signal Why would anyone be foolish enough to broadcast an open signal in the Ninth Sector? My name is Layla dela Cruz I need your help A human? What in Kaiin's Hells is she doing this far into Sector Nine? Now somehow he has to go and get her After all he's given her his word Shattered Silence is Book 2 in the Darkstar Mercenaries series It features a lethal silver skinned alien hero a human heroine and the usual action violence steamy sex scenes and HFN happy for now ending

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    Audio – 5 starsStory – 375 starsEven though there were a lot of similarities boarding on cookie cutter territory I enjoyed this book slightly better than the first one As much as I dislike insta love I’m willing to go with it in this series because of the whole fated mate thing At least the insta is felt by both the hero and the heroine so there’s very little relationship angst And there’s also none of the one sided reverence nonsense The heroines love and protect as fiercely as the heroes They’re euals The heroines aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty They adapt and accept that it’s kill or be killed Simpering damsels in distressed be damnedThis series is marketed as erotica I have to disagree because not only are the sex scenes very few they are also very forgettable This series is fasted paced action packed and violent The best part for me thoughJF Harding narrates sigh

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    Not my favorite in the series and I have LOVED these Kordolians Layla meh I'm not a huge fan of stories about actorsactresses and this is probably why she just didn't appeal Plus the reasons behind her running from Earth in the first place made her seem weakThe twist for Enki and his internal battle was interesting but just felt odd Not sure why I'm wishy washy because this one just didn't have the emotional impact for me and I love how these scary guys of the universe fall for Earth women However I do like how both the main characters have such tenacity in a fight It makes these seuences terrific The desperation and the sheer will leap off the page I will definitely tune in for Darkstar MercenariesBook source Kindle Unlimited

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    Enki has been through betrayal and pain than most Being possessed by a non corporeal entity also has a way a playing with your sanity The only thing that breaks through his rock hard shell is a faint distress call by a human female He's somehow drawn to Layla and must save her

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    Loved this book The heroine can take care of herself and the romance is great

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    What I've discovered about Ms Carven's writing she's good at worldbuilding and when she focuses on stories where there's an immediate danger to escape from she can really maintain the tension and keep me turning that page late into the night Layla dela Cruz is an actress who's trying to escape from a huge scandal back on Earth and has been sent to a far off planet to start fresh kind of like that Jennifer LawrenceChris Pratt movie Passengers She's supposed to be cryo sleep during the journey and then land on a far off planet and start fresh Except an accident happens and she finds herself stuck in a malfunctioning escape pod drifting through space when Enki one of the First Division Warriors picks up her signal When Enki discovers that other Kordolians have also discovered Layla's distress signal the race is on to save her and get her out of their clutches and yep romance happensI really enjoyed the way I was invested in the outcome of this escape and that the 'verse continues to expand in a way that I'm not exactly what's going to happen next but I do know I want to keep reading If you like alien sci fi romances you may enjoy this

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    Enki Zakanin has been the white elephant in the room character in previous installments This story blows open the back history which lead to his current situation This story was improved from other installments I've read which makes me hopeful that it might be a viable series I can get on board on

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    Shattered Silence had an interesting captivating story I couldn't stop reading it Yes there were a few stuff that bothered me—plot wise—but the good far outweighed the bad so I promptly forgive and forgot themThere were also hints about I pressume the next book in this series that I found hugely intriguing so write faster Anna Carven please wink wink

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    I don't know if I'll ever get tired of these growly dangerous Kordolians The only time they show a softer side is with their special someone and even those times are lined with a little steel I mean they ARE fierce unpredictable mercenaries who are part of an empire that is only no longer ruling the galaxy because these specific soldiers rose up and toppled them You gotta expect a few rougher than normal edges with themThat said Enki is a little dangerous than most The entity inside his head leaves him skating a fine line between control and chaotic destruction He needs his brothers in arms and the missions he's sent on to help keep him centered Then he meets a human who needs him and suddenly she's his everythingMy heart eyes are out of control right nowFor all Enki is hard and abrupt in his first meeting with Layla he becomes her touchstone Without him she would have died Or gone mad But probably just died Given the extreme circumstances under which they met things could have gone badly I mean being stranded in space picked up by rogue Kordolians and nearly used as a mad scientist's experimental chew toy can get a girl downInstead she keeps it together and does what she needs to do to keep Enki on an even keel The rest as they say is history Sexy sexy historyStill loving these alien badasses and the women who spark their interest SO HARD Who's going to be next to fall? I'm ready to find out Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Loved it Literally read this in one sitting I would recommend this series to any alien romance lovers I can't wait to read the next one

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    Sweet I liked this story better than the first one of this new offshoot series The characters and their romance felt fleshed out Maybe 375 stars 😊