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If on a Winter's Night a Traveler is a marvel of ingenuity an experimental text that looks longingly back to the great age of narration—when time no longer seemed stopped and did not yet seem to have exploded Italo Calvino's novel is in one sense a comedy in which the two protagonists the Reader and the Other Reader ultimately end up married having almost finished If on a Winter's Night a Traveler In another it is a tragedy a reflection on the difficulties of writing and the solitary nature of reading The Reader buys a fashionable new book which opens with an exhortation Relax Concentrate Dispel every other thought Let the world around you fade Alas after 30 or so pages he discovers that his copy is corrupted and consists of nothing but the first section over and over Returning to the bookshop he discovers the volume which he thought was by Calvino is actually by the Polish writer Bazakbal Given the choice between the two he goes for the Pole as does the Other Reader Ludmilla But this copy turns out to be by yet another writer as does the next and the nextThe real Calvino intersperses 10 different pastiches—stories of menace spies mystery premonition—with explorations of how and why we choose to read make meanings and get our bearings or fail to Meanwhile the Reader and Ludmilla try to reach and read each other If on a Winter's Night is dazzling vertiginous and deeply romantic What makes lovemaking and reading resemble each other most is that within both of them times and spaces open different from measurable time and space

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    You are about to read Mark Nicholls’s review of Italo Calvino’s postmodern classic If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller You might want to position yourself in a comfortable chair before you begin or place a cushion behind your back as we know how arduous it can be to read things off the internet You might also care to prepare a coffee a light snack or to switch a light on before beginningYou might be thinking that this review is not going to interest you since book reviews on books you haven’t read can often be frustrating For starters the writer delves into details about the plot which spoil the surprises a blind reading of the book might create and likewise you are unable to form an opinion yourself and share your thoughts on the text in questionConversely you might have read the text and are familiar with the second person narration that addresses the reader directly and places them as a protagonist in the book You might think this review an obvious imitation of Calvino’s unique style and become irate as you read on wondering when the reviewer is going to get around to summarising the plotIn fact you become so irate you search for the book on but are incandescent when you notice each review is also written in the same imitative style and the gimmick becomes so irritating you have to leave the room for a moment to calm yourself downAs you leave the room someone knocks on the door It is a door to door salesman offering copies of Italo Calvino’s novel If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller at a reduced price He begins his sale by saying “You are wondering whether or not this novel is for you or whether you might find a novel with the beginnings of ten separate novels included as part of the plot somewhat bemusing or distracting You are unsure whether to slam the door in my face or to go get your credit card”You slam the door in his face As you return to the living room you notice that Mark Nicholls has broken into your house and is sitting naked on the couch reading Italo Calvino’s novel If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller You are very confused and frightened Feelings of arousal and apoplexy stir up inside you You decide to call the police but Mark Nicholls springs up from the chair as you move towards the phone“You are wondering whether to phone the police to remove Mark Nicholls from your house You are deeply confused as to why this reviewer whose opinions you find facile and banal is suddenly sitting naked on your couch reading the very book you were reading about” he says You look for a blunt instrument to hit him with but can find only a cup You throw the cup but he ducks and it breaks against the wallYou start to sob That was your best cup and there is coffee over the walls and carpet Further Mark Nicholls appears to be swinging his penis at you performing an embarrassing 360° swingaround which slowly hypnotises you into a deep deep sleep When you wake up you are at your desk Mark Nicholls and the coffee stain has gone You wonder why there is a grapefruit in your left hand and an antelope on your sofa Those of you who read only the opening sentence and skipped to the end get a strange feeling of anticlimax