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A series of tales based around outer space Astrotruckers is funny perverse inventive and bristling with unstoppable imagination In the illuminating company of an astrotrucker we meet the ponorists those who venture into outer space beyond the point of no return discover the most popular and most pungent Earth mementos taken into space and learn the essential difference between humans and androids He clarifies the murky areas of human knowledge the meaning of the oldest writing in the universe who set off the big bang the scientific explanation for Murphy's Law the catalyst for the death of literature and not to be forgotten how the world will endWhat do you say to an intellectually superior fistular maggot who wants to observe you watching football? How many doors get slammed in your face when you try to find out who is in charge of the universe? And what happens when you switch your android's personality setting to 'humour'?Poetic grotesue hilarious disgusting and visionary Astrotruckers will reveal all this and

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    beautiful funny inventive short story collection Niemi has so many cool ideas and so much humour

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    I was slightly surprised to see that this collection of short stories has been published also in English I read this in Finnish thoughScience fiction is a demanding genre There isn't that many obvious ideas which have not been covered many times before That was a drawback also in many of the Niemi's short stories If you have read your Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy and seen your Star Wars movies you were not that impressed any It felt like you had already been there or at least very closeThe humor was ok but very seldom hilarious due the same déjà vu effect I suppose The stories were also uite irregular like they had been written during a long time period Some very good and some almost childish The idea of bad smelling discusting ponorists point of no return was both funny and realistic being also somewhat new approach for effects of being in a small spacecraft for years You hardly remain humane anySome other pearls eg 0002 were also included in the stories but as said the entity was all in all very uneaven I am definitely going to read Niemi's first novel Popular music from Vittulanjänkä my translation for which I have high expectations based on this When Niemi is at his best he is goodNahkakoloLIKE 2004

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    A collection of oddball sci fi short stories It's been a while since I read it but I remember it had some really interesting and strange ideas

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    Hysterical a combination of the best elements of The Cyberiad Firefly and Popular Music from Vittula in one colorful volume

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    Read this a long time ago but remember it as just awesome something that blew me away

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    Delightfully and existentially funny Science fiction short stories written by a Swedish author and translated into English

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    Read at Fragments of a hologram dystopiatumblrcom Vote 85 After a poetic farewell to the Tornedal where his most popular novel is set the authornarrator embarks on a trip to space In many short stories told from many different voices he tells us about how space exploration really happened and which conseuences it had on the minds and the bodies of men and women The first story is about a human having a drink at a bar on an asteroid who sees how aliens react to his origins We learn about “ponorists” from Point of No Return explorers who travel alone towards the unknown borders of space having no limits beside their own life span We learn about the Astrotrucker’s manifesto and about some extreme conseuences to virtual reality addiction But his style also leaves room for absurd and funny details which are present in every story So we read a story about a person who finds out the truth about stonesabout the Kurt particles and about an alien businnesman who wants to sell a black holeThis is indeed the beauty of all these short stories since everything that is funny is also sad and vice versa the same happens to these stories The image of an astrotruck crew who sends a package of goods to an old colonist who is trying to make a world habitable one human being at a time is extremely poetic and sad as it shows us loneliness to the extreme But the image of the Rind Hole the famous space tavern filled to the brim with creatures of all kinds is hilarious And so everything is perfectly balancedMy favorite story is the one about the part that humans have in great space parliament There are some specific rules to earn seats and humans will have to deal with it The story about androids and how similar to humans they are is going to please even the most curious cyberpunk reader as it gives a funny spin on the theme so seriously portraied in works like Blade Runner Under the laughter and tears you’ll find some incredibly realistic portraits of human nature at its best and worst The comparison to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is unavoidable and yet this is a completely different book That said if you liked the Guide you’re probably going to love Astrotruckers too Read at Fragments of a hologram dystopiatumblrcom

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    On the recommendation of Tom Holts review in SFX Magazine i picked this one up That was a very good move Mikael Niemi who for most of Swedens population is the author of the hugely popular Populärmusik från Vittula also successfully filmed had not been the object of my attention because I generally loathe Swedish film and anything that remotely resembles coming of age dramasThis is an entirely different beast I'd wager A collection of 14 short stories pertaining to humanitys travels to space in the future and earth events leading up to it And some other stuffIt's an admirable mixture of high and low brow humour along with perfectly plausible and entirely implausible events You'll never be really convinced that bad luck is actually small black particles called Axel but it's told in such a way that if it wasn't completely ludicrous it sounds like it could have really happenedI can only be envious of Niemis brain and how it thinks of these fantastic ideas and manages to write them in such an entertaining and for short stories so fully formed manner I can only recommend this

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    I absolutely loved Popular Music from Vittula and Astrotruckers has been in my tbr list ever since it was published I wasn't sure if I should give this 2 or 3 stars but I decided to give 3 because of its unrestrained craziness Mikael Niemi certainly let loose with this one That being said I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would This was just too much for me to handle A handful of the short stories were actually pretty awesome but the rest well they were just too much I'm not into scifi at all and I would never ever travel to space which may explain why I wasn't totally amazed by this

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    Niemi has one hell of an imagination Some of the storieschapters were actually pretty thought provoking but a lot of the chapters felt nonsensical I loved The Earth which genuinely made me chuckle Also I thought it was a bit strange that considering the stories take place in space and on other planets that there were so many SwedishFinnish characters Maybe those nationalities are the most space savvy