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I m a big twihard I ve tried to move away, but I m still interested by anything new in the series Unfortunately, this book was a huge let down This is really just the 5 books condensed into one, with a little bit of new information and pretty pictures spattered here and there.For anyone who even considers themselves an above average Twilight fan, this book is nothing new for you If you ve read the books a few times or read Stephenie s website, then you ve read THE MAJORITY of what s in this book Much of the material comes from her website s FAQ, outtakes and general information sections about each book Other parts such as the timeline come directly from the Twilight Lexicon a prominent fansite.Here are a few of my pros and cons PROS Pictures were lovely I would have liked to see maybe a sketch, drawing or visualization for each of the minor vampires, werewolves and humans Bios are included for nearly every character you can think of Bio s of Charlie and Renee are interesting So is the long awaited backstory of Alice Victoria and James are great too You won t be disappointed here.Cons The majority of the illustrations were of swirls on each page Many pictures were just insignificant nothings such as a picture of a canoe, a tribal mask and the like Character bios didn t reveal anything past Breaking Dawn Since Stephenie is supposedly done with the series except for possibly additional stories for Alice Jasper and Jacob and Renesme , I REALLY would have liked to have information about what happens to the characters post Breaking Dawn Perhaps the marriage of Sam and Emily, the future of the Volturi s reign did they every lose their power , cool adventures or personal triumphs of the characters, did characters eventually get killed die, etc etc Bios at time focused on information we already knew and left out what we didn t know, but wanted to Example Alice s vampire life was not touched on FAQ section was incredibly weak Being a fan, I ve read every interview and some of the questions get pretty deep I felt that she just covered over the very very common questions and left the deeper questions that hardcore fans ask out leaving us to search for them on the internet You ve already answered them why not include them to make the guide that much great and all encompassing I guess I was expecting this book to contain a lot stories about each character Not just a history and synopsis of the story as is seen in the book , but the actual mini stories with dialogue I guess I got new content in a way, but just in a different form that I was expecting.Unfortunately, I can t give this book higher than 3 stars because it really was a let down The wait as not worth it in this instance and I m a bit disappointed in how Stephenie has lost interest in the series and has moved on understandable, but still I just didn t feel connected to the book or feel that Stephenie was really involved that much with it in one part she even admits that he brother wrote the section about the Cullen cars Read it for the occasional tidbits you will come across, but really, the real guide to the Twilight world can be found in the five canonical books This is really just the 5 books condensed into one, with a little bit of new information spattered here and there.Happy Reading The Goodreads rating should probably be a 4, but out of principle I give everything Twilight related 5 stars Silly, but that s the way it is.I am evenly split between happiness and disappointment There were so many wonderful bits of information in the Guide, things I never thought to wonder about and answers to numerous niggling questions However, so many things were left out things that I m sure Stephanie knows and are really essential pieces of information for any Twilight lover.On the bright side, the paucity of information means there s lots left to the imagination Readers and writers of Twilight fan fiction will not lack for story options I also wonder if the major holes in various characters biographies specifically Alice and Jasper, as well as Renesmee and Jacob were done in purpose to leave room for future books I already know that she won t answer certain questions about Nessie and Jacob in case she explores it later, but there was so much left out of Alice and Jasper s early lives that perhaps Stephenie envisions another story I doubt it though.I ll go over the good and bad points I am making an effort not to put any spoilers in my review e.g the substance of Alice s story , but I ll be referring to what is and is not in the Guide If you re as picky about spoilers as I am, you might want to be careful Also, given the level of my emotional investment in Twilight, my criticisms will likely not be as diplomatic as I normally try to make them.The Good1 Vampires Generally I learned almost everything I wanted to know about the physical qualities of vampires I already knew much of the information, but there was just enough new to keep me happy.2 Alice s Human Life Brava, Stephenie You told me everything I wanted to know and so much Alice s human life was fascinating from beginning to end, although not in a good way In some ways, it s better that Alice doesn t remember any of it One of the highlights of the Guide.3 Edward s Life Not entirely complete, but I loved learning about Edward s relationship with his parents, particularly his father I already knew that his father was an attorney and they were fairly wealthy, but I loved filling in the gaps in Edward s story It was also fabulous to learn what degrees Edward has received over the years I was happy to get a little information about Edward s years as a traditional vampire specific dates and one tidbit I d always wondered about.4 Other Vampire Biographies While I was largely disappointed with the new information, or lack thereof, in the Cullen s stories, I was beyond impressed with the biographies of the Volturi, the Denalis, the Romanians, the Egyptians, the s, and the Nomads There was tons of information here, all new We get detailed biographies of each major character s human and vampire life The Guide was worth buying for these stories alone They were the highlight of the entire book The Volturi From the books and the Twilight Lexicon, we already knew a little background about the Volturi, but the Guide tells us so much Detailed histories of Aro, Marcus, and Caius which give us insight not only to specific events of their lives, but also to their personalities and motivations I was so happy to learn about Alec and Jane s histories Chelsea s biography was much interesting than I expected it to be The way the Volturi s motivations for ruling and claiming themselves as keeper of the law was skewed I think Stephenie would root for a vampire coux The Romanians and Egyptians I m combining these categories, because they are both ancient covens I loved learning about how millennia of ambition and warfare built these covens and tore them apart Amun s story was particularly interesting, especially how he has interacted or hidden from the Volturi over the years The Denali s There wasn t a huge amount of new information here, but the sisters stories were fleshed out I was very happy to get a better idea of when the Cullens first met the Denali s James and Victoria Fabulous Especially Victoria s stories I don t like either character any better after knowing their backgrounds if anything, I like James even less , but I definitely understand them better Victoria s human life and then how her talent for escape worked as a vampire was really interesting Alistair Perhaps the most fascinating story of all I really wanted to know about Alistair and Stephenie did not disappoint It would be hard to top the betrayal and horror of Alistair s transformation into a vampire I was also happy to learn how Carlisle and Alistair became acquainted It could have been fleshed out a little better, but I was still happy Peter and Charlotte We learn details about Peter and Charlotte s escape from Jasper and Maria and Peter s return for Jasper We also get excellent insight into Charlotte s character and feelings for Jasper and Alice Through Peter and Charlotte s stories, we learn a lot of new information about Jasper I would have liked a better explanation of why Peter and Jasper got along so well as well as information about Peter and Charlotte s human lives, but the amount of new information made up for what was lacking Joham Tons of information about Joham His motivations, his relationship with his children, his selfishness and cruelty I also enjoyed getting to know a little about his children.5 The Wolves I ve made it pretty clear that I m not nearly as interested in the Wolfpack as I am in vampires Still, I found a lot of the information about the wolves fascinating General Mythology I loved learning about real werewolves versus the Quileute shape shifters There was also good information about the physical attributes of the Wolfpack I got a better understanding of their appearance and supernatural capabilities both in wolf and human form Billy s Story I loved learning about Billy We learn about his knowledge of vampires and werewolf legends, his thoughts on being a missed wolf generation, and his feelings toward the Cullens Sam, Leah, and Emily Now this is drama From the books, we know the basics of how Sam dropped Leah when he imprinted on Emily Here we learn exactly what happened Leah s bitterness, Sam s regret, Emily s surprise We learn just how Emily received her scars Leah s story definitely makes me sympathize with her On a side note, we learn what triggered Harry s heart attack Very interesting, although I think I like how the New Moon movie portrayed it better.The Bad1 The Cullens Stories The lack of new information about the Cullens in their bios was the biggest disappointment for me in the Guide There were little tidbits I didn t know, but on the whole, their bios were just paraphrased from the books I already know the biographical information in the books What I want to know is what wasn t in the books If the information didn t come from the books, it likely came from Stephenie s website or from the Lexicon interviews I keep reading the same pages over and over in the hope that the letters on the page will magically rearrange themselves into new sentences A huge, huge disappointment.2 Alice s Vampire Life As I said, I loved the story about Alice s human life But there was virtually nothing about her life as a vampire prior to joining the Cullens It s not like she found Jasper and the Cullens within the first couple of weeks of her new life It took thirty years A lot of things surely happened during that time period What were they 3 Esme s Story What did she name her baby Why, oh why wasn t this included Such a simple piece of information that so many people want to know or at least I do Otherwise her story was fine Nothing I didn t know from the Lexicon interviews, but interesting nonetheless.4 Jasper s Story I wanted to learn about his human life What was his family like Was he in school prior to joining the army Absolutely nothing about his vampire life that we don t know from Eclipse His relationship with Maria was not adequately fleshed out Nor do we learn much about his early years with Alice and the Cullens Also, there is nothing about the scope of his power to manipulate emotions Three of the things I most wanted to know.5 Carlisle s Story Not enough information It was a rehash of what we already know from the books practically word for word of what Edward and Carlisle told Bella in Twilight and New Moon There were some interesting tidbits spread throughout the Guide, but not nearly enough I wanted to know about his human life and about his early relationships with Edward both before and after he turned him , Esme, and Rosalie We didn t get a firm idea of when he started practicing medicine or just how hard it was training to handle blood No idea where Carlisle learned to fight so well 6 Edward s Story I was largely satisfied with Edward s story There was enough new information to make up for what was lacking Or almost enough I really wanted information about how Edward, his mother, and Carlisle became close in the hospital I wanted information about Edward s first few years with Carlisle and Esme and whether he was initially resentful that Carlisle turned him Also, I would have loved an outtake of Edward s prodigal son moment.7 Rosalie and Emmett s Stories There was virtually nothing new about Rosalie I might as well have just re read Eclipse I wanted to know details about how and when she kills Royce and his cronies I was especially disappointed that I didn t get a better feeling of Rosalie s relationship with Carlisle Emmett s bio did have new, interesting information, but not enough What did he do as a human Where did he work It s interesting to know that he slipped often in his early years, but I want to know specific details.8 J Jenks Story We don t really get any new information about Jenks I wanted to know specifically how Jasper terrified him so much I would also love to know whether Bella can convince Jasper to let her handle that relationship post Breaking Dawn.9 Maria s Story Sadly lacking Unlike the other vampires, we learned nothing about Maria s human life There was some new information in her bio, but not nearly enough I wanted to know about her relationship with Jasper Also, I was disappointed that we didn t learn about Maria s visit to the Cullens in Calgary and why they had to leave immediately.10 Wolves Sleeping Around We don t find out who Embry s father is Come on, Steph 11 Interview The Guide starts out with an interview between Stephenie and Shannon Hale The interview is really interesting It s of a conversation than a traditional interview between two authors friends It covers everything from the origins of Twilight, to Stephenie s reaction to the books success, to Stephenie s writing process My main problem with this interview is that it was 65 pages long While it was interesting, it didn t tell me anything groundbreaking Plus, Shannon Hale inserted a lot of herself into the questions I am not a big Shannon Hale fan, so I really didn t care about what she had to say Those 65 pages could have been used for back stories, outtakes, things important to the Saga You could also argue that the extensive cross references, playlists, fan art, and international covers were wasted space, but I can understand their relevance to the Guide 12 Sloppy I was extremely irritated with the mistakes in the timeline for Jasper, Peter, and Charlotte s lives The Guide states that Peter s age ranges from 1860 1920 Two pages later, it says Peter was 3 years old when he ran away with Charlotte If you follow Charlotte s bio which says she was turned in 1938, they left in 1939 However, the timeline later in the book says that Jasper left Maria in 1938 Hmmmproblem here Even mixed up, it specifically states in Eclipse, that Peter came back for him five years after he and Charlotte fled Clearly someone dropped the ball here I blame the Twilight Lexicon for this who helped with the Guide Their timeline wrongly states that Jasper left Maria in the last 1800s From Eclipse and Midnight Sun, this is obviously incorrect The screwed up dates carried over to the Guide To be fair, the Lexicon is no to blame than Stephenie and her editors for this large error A smaller error appears in Angela Weber and Ben Cheney s biographies In Angela s, it states that they both plan to attend University of Washington In Ben s, they are suddenly going to Washington State University Two different schools. Fans Of The New York Times Bestselling Twilight Saga Will Treasure This Definitive Official Guide This Must Have Hardcover Edition The Only Official Guide Is The Definitive Encyclopedic Reference To The Twilight Saga And Provides Readers With Everything They Need To Further Explore The Unforgettable World Stephenie Meyer Created In Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse, Breaking Dawn,and The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner This Comprehensive Handbook Essential For Every Twilight Saga Fan Is Full Color Throughout With Nearly Gorgeous Illustrations And Photographs And With Exclusive New Material, Character Profiles, Genealogical Charts, Maps, Extensive Cross References, And Much I love Twilight, I ve visited Forks, I ve eaten Mushroom Ravioli in Port Angeles at Bella Italia, drinking icy coke while Bella s Lullaby played over the speaker system I ve trolled Stephenie Meyer s website reading her outtakes and not so secretly hoping a Jake Nessie series is rooting around in Meyer s brilliant brain So, naturally, this book was was highly anticipated not just by me, but by fans all over the globe.I couldn t wait to sink my teeth into a bit Twilight But, after having read it, I can honestly sayif you visit SM s website and you know your way around Twilight s Lexicon, you ve probably read this book cover to cover before it was even published There was light shed on some other key elements that in the context of the books were subtle and that makes you think and makes you feel like oh, I missed that or Wow, Stephenie Meyer is one sneaky girl but, long story short, it s pretty much a formal rehash Worth it if you re a die hard, for sure I don t regret buying it or reading it, it s essential if your a Twi hard, but it s not really new new if that makes sense. Obviously, this is aimed at the fans of the series Having said this, people who want to know about the writing process might find it interesting too just get it at the library in that case don t buy it.The interview at the beginning of the book with Stephenie Meyer and fellow author Shannon Hale sheds a lot of light on the life and experience of these two writers Naturally the focus is on Meyer, how it all started, how she came up with the idea for the series, her writing routine using music , etc All of this is fascinating, even if you don t particularly care about Twilight O The next section offers a biography for most members of the cast and again this is well done I found many details I hadn t known, and Aro, Esmee, Emmett and Alice s human lives were especially enlightening This also shows to what extent Meyer had built her characters lives outside of what we see in the books. Oi.I ordered this book back in 2008 I figured we would get numerous details about what happened before and after Twilight and the other details the characters didn t know.All in all, I was excited for the guide.Then the dates got pushed back 2009, 2010, and finally we got it in 2011 Waiting years for a book should, in theory, mean it s filled to the brim with information.I am throughly disappointed Honestly, if I didn t pay half price from pre ordering it, I would send it back.I could have written this Most of the information was recycled, stale, and uninformative My first thought was that this is the Twilight Lexicon database copy and pasted Did Stephenie Meyer contribute to this Or was this just her publishing house We already knew most of the details strictly from reading the book I was excited for Stephenie Meyer s interview and have since learned it was one she gave back in 2008 They couldn t even update this by giving a recent interview with the author Further, she sounded bitter and defensive when she gave it, most likely stemming from all the criticizing she took after Breaking Dawn An interview now probably would have sounded different.The details about the Cullens, wolves, Volturi, and the humans are vague at best I understand Carlisle may not know his birthday, but we should We learned details about other irrelevant characters that they themselves didn t know, but not about the main characters The book alludes that Embry s father is one of three men, but we still are not told exactly who that is I feel owned None of my questions were answered through all of this This book screams greed to me They wanted to get every last dime out of the fans that they could I enjoyed the series and genuinely liked the books, but this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.The only redeeming factor for the book lies within the pictures The artwork is absolutely stunning and I m pleased to see it s prevalent throughout I also enjoyed learning some of the backstories about the characters that matter such as Charlie and Renee The international covers and fan art were also nice surprises.My final thought borrow it from a friend. I m still a little bitter about pre ordering this book back in 2008 or was it 2007 and waiting years for it I m over my initial excitement for the series Had this been published right after Breaking Dawn was released, it would have been so much timely The fact that they waited to add movie information completely turned me off For me, this series is not about the movies it is about the books Because, quite frankly, the movies suck I think it was a huge blunder on their part because many of their readers have moved on If they want to appeal to the teenagers who are into the movies, then wait and come out with a movie guide for all four instead of separating those out by movie Don t make the READERS wait years after your final book for a guide to the series So incredibly stupid Sorry, that s just my opinion. Note This review contains spoilers and the spoilers are not hidden in any way This book was bad it was so bad I decided not to hide any spoilers because I quite frankly wanted this review to get over with as soon as possible.One good thing The artwork of the characters is usually of decent to good quality but the rest isn t Actually it s interesting that some of the printed fanart we will get to that in a minute is better than what the paid artists could do, really it sometimes looks like a fourth grader did it and the term illustrated guide seems to be used very loosely, since much of the art adds nothing respectively many characters are not even there Actually the poor quality is especially evident in the building that houses the Volturi, because as far as I know that one actually exists, so all the artist had to do was just copy it.The fan art is the only one of the non world building things in this book that I think has a legitimate reason to be in this book It shows how other people imagined the characters too look like and considered that the characters depicted often look very much alike, respectively like Angela just copied from the graphic novel, I think this is positive.Now this book contains massive material where I wondered who but raving Twihards would even care about that, I wonder whether even the average fan would care on how the cars of the Culllens look like or the authors incredibly clumsy answers to questions her books raised, which in turn raise even question There are also notes, massive notes, on how Twilight came to be and a lot of other stuff that I personally think is only there to make the book longer, just like much of the illustrations.The world building was as contradictory as you would imagine The scientific explanations presented for the vampires are complete crap, they contradict each other, they make no sense In short, without magic, they just cannot work and it s the same with the hybrids and the werewolves And there is actually one of the many examples of sexism in this book Not only is the one male hybrid the only one to be able to create vampires, why not other hybrids is anyone s guess, no, female Quileute werewolves do not become such massive hunks like the males they only grow slightly and their muscles get defined, yeah great warriors that would make There is sexism, but that will come in the passage on the characters.Actually history and psychology are ransacked, e.g at the time Carlisle was transformed there definitely would not have been sewers under London or there is no reason the Romanian Coven and the Volturi would be called Romanians and Italians when both predate the names Romania and Italy Also the s with their longs limbs and all look nothing like typical native woman of the area, not that the other vampires often fit, I mean an early 19th century Kairo streetboy is named Benjamin are you kidding me There is much , the whole issue with the Quileute or the fact that the Irish ones do not fit history as well, there is problems with Alistair s backstory etc etc I think I got the point across.There is just one thing towards world building that I still want to address The werewolves.Now in Breaking Dawn there was this issue that the Quileute werewolves were not werewolves but shapeshifters who take on the form of the wolf The author tried to explain it in that book by saying that there shifting power is inherited and at the start it could have been any other animal form Also the full moon doesn t control their shifting and they do not pass on their condition via bite Which makes no difference because of a few points 1 The basic trait of a werewolf is shapeshifting, whether temporary or permanently, so a werewolf is per definition a shapeshifter.2 The power of the full moon over the transformation is only considered an essential trait in fiction, in actual folklore it was a very rare and underdeveloped feature and often it could be any other phase as well and on average the moon had nothing to do with transforming into a wolf, in medieval times it was mostly skins shirts belts or ointments Sometimes also herbs or the person was cursed or born with the ability.3 Folklore werewolves often had some unusual features, like human eyes, abnormal size I remember a legend claiming the werewolf to be bigger than the biggest horse , missing tails etc But mostly they were normal looking, even if sometimes a bit bigger than usual, wolves The man wolf form is at best very rare and not a typical trait of folklore werewolves I know some people would probably point to old woodcuts and the like showing man wolves , especially from the old maps or pictures of Lycaon These either depict werewolves in their state of mid transformation or they show beings called Cynocaphali, or Dog heads, and they have nothing to do with werewolves.4 The infectious bite is made up It does not exist in actual folklore and when it does now it clearly has its origins in the film industry, there were some ways of becoming a werewolf that could be somewhat considered infectious, like eating its food or drinking the water collected in a werewolf s paw print, but these were rare and nothing like a bite.So despite the author and many others claiming that the Quileute werewolves are not werewolves, they are, actually so than the true werewolves called the Children of the Moon I will not go into too much detail here except for two things 1 These werewolves are so badly designed that they should have died of starvation a long time ago because their rampages due to their size, speed and strength, as well as total loss of control in wolf form would have caused them to massacre entire populations and so making whole areas devoid of anything edible.2 They look so different from the Quileute werewolves that it makes no sense to have Caius in Breaking Dawn confuse the two The Quileute werewolves are roughly speaking horse sized wolves while the Children of the Moon seem to look like the werewolves in the Chinger Snaps trilogy, especially the third film If you have never seen those films, just think of a gorilla with a wolf s head and you have a good guess how these Children of the Moon have been described in the book.Now we come to the last passage the characters.It was difficult to know where to begin so let s say it like this In comparison to the vampires the werewolves seem like nice folks In comparison, keep that in mind.The whole imprinting issue is even creepier than I already think it was, sure it s not pedophilia but for the imprinted werewolf it is enslavement in every way, the werewolf has no free will any And in case of the imprintee, it s free will thrown out of the window as well since she is just supposed to accept And if the werewolf in question imprints on a child the imprintee is always of the opposite sex by the way not only is he enslaved to be whatever person she needs but it is also undeniably child grooming and child wedding, since she is supposed to be his mate and all he needs to do is wait until she is old enough to have sex with her.There is barely any story about the werewolf characters, not even Jacob gets much Sam and Leah get something but their stories only further illustrate what a horrible person Emily her own entry is no better and how these books celebrate co dependency on a level that is definitely unhealthy even for romance novel standards Let s say it like this Emily in my mind deserves to have Sam shackled to her for the rest of her life, because I can assure you, having someone that absolutely cannot stay away from you it causes him pain actually and does whatever you want will first get boring and then it will be pure torture to have him around you But the fact that Emily even asked Leah to be a bridesmaid, thereby rubbing it all in her face completely negates all of Emily s points for her early efforts to get rid of Sam.Btw the book does not explain at all how Emily got her scars, actually the way it is described here it was actually an accident because Sam had his hands up when he faced because he tried to get Emily away from him because he was starting to shift you really can t blame him in the whole triangle, he is just a slave but the way it was described here Emily should only have some stab wounds in her face due to the claws, her face should not be slashed So that story contradicts the Twilight books.But like I said on average there is next to nothing on the individual werewolf characters, actually we still do not know who Embry s father is And this unknown is something that is often there, since the book literally says so that Embry s father is unknown and we have the same with many of the vampires It would be ok if this book would be written in the way of a journal like e.g Gangrel Savage and Macabre does, but it is not It is clearly written from the author s God perspective and so this unknown means she basically did not care or wasn t able to come up with anything.And so we get to the vampires I tell you, massive inconsistencies in the stories, e.g Aro is told to be transformed in his early 40s at first and on the same page as being transformed in his mid twenties There is of course the suspicious feature that most of the evil in a second Volturi have an olive cast to their skin and most of the good vampires are totally pale I could probably go on and on about the many racism, colorism, sexism and possibly homophobia in this book, but I better not or otherwise I will hit the character limit and it s already hard enough not to say about this.The stories sometimes contradict each other and the other books, e.g in the Bree Tanner book all Newborn vampires could talk without problems, but here it is said that this is a rare feature Further often we get to know no than what we already knew, especially with the Cullens, and some stuff no one cares to know Birth and Transformation dates are vague The stories are clumsily written and I don t know whether the author did that on purpose or not, but the way these characters are written makes it look as though all of them are the scariest people there Actually it makes the guys that are supposed to be bad and not to be related, e.g Alistair and the Volturi, the good guys and all the guys allegedly being the good guys scary as hell Alistair had an extremely traumatic backstory so no wonder he became paranoid, and for all the claiming of Aro wanting power and allegedly being against his mate and all, there is a damn good reason at least for him to want her safe but also the Volturi don t really do anything evil Actually we never got any motivation for Aro than wants power and the other two Volturi masters aren t any better They basically just sit around in their home, sometimes pick up special vampires and enforce their law of secrecy, which actually makes a lot of sense The way average vampires are described here makes violence the only thing they understand and as such Aro s power and dominance keeps them in line, forces them to behave themselves and brings order and prevents chaos.On the other hand our beloved Cullens are one scary bunch Rosalie is actually the most likeable because she is tortured by her past and this is where Carlisle is especially scary When he found her, beaten and raped, he wanted her for Edward and nothing else this is one of the countless examples where I wondered whether the author realized what she wrote there , and by transforming her into a vampire he basically condemned her to live in a state of permanent post traumatic stress disorder caused by rape Yeah that is great The others aren t any better, especially Jasper comes along as a killing machine, doing everything he is told He murders people left and right, he never seemed to question his earlier lifestyle and the fact that this book speaks so casually about how he killed Newborn vampires makes me wonder whether the author sanitized this world so much in her mind that she no longer knows what she is talking about Dealing with the newborns means killing them, slipping in the diet means killing people, constantly And that is also something Carlisle never did, he never put any restrictions on his children it is a wonder that they didn t kill people Especially Alice who seems to have no free will and you would think her backstory makes for a interesting character, like so many, but it didn t Actually speaking of backstory, my final point When we are given a backstory and especially transformation story about a woman and or teenager, it is nearly exclusively one that involves violence murder, rape, torture as if the author cannot have these two groups just be chosen and turned, something she has no problem with the men as it seems Also for these tragic backstory several of them have the abused victims be loyal to their sires despite having no reason to e.g like Benjamin to Amun the most idiotic vampire there is, trust me his level of stupidity is incredible Actually you could collect these stories and name them Stockholm syndrome the novel Ok, this is really it now, there are tons to say about this book, but I won t, I will just say this Don t read it this is a book that will only make you dumber. When I received a copy of this in the mail, I have to admit that I was very excited I read the Twilight Saga a few years ago Okay, maybe I totally consumed the four books, because I got so swept away by the characters, world, and story.The first thing I need to mention about this Guide is how beautiful it is It s in hardback and the cover matches the other books I do like the symbolism in each one of the Saga s installments, and this one is very fitting The last few pieces of the puzzle As soon as I opened the book, the first thing I had to do was go through every single page until I got to the end All I wanted to do was look at the pretty pictures, skim the contents, and smile at some of the very interesting explanations additions which were made here Then, I went back and actually started reading The very long interview between Shannon Hale and Stephenie Meyer is filled with authorly insights, which I really enjoyed.There are so many things to read, I know this isn t the type of book where you read it once and file it away It s the type of reference book you want to look at several times, to refresh your memory, find inspiration, or just re read certain passages I love just how much information there is about the races, covens, tribes, different characters, a timeline, plot points, playlists, and even cars The Twilight Saga The Official Illustrated Guide is a stunning addition to any Twilight fan s bookshelf It s visually beautiful, packed full of info, and is very well made A lot of care went into putting this Guide together, and it shows It reminds us why we fell in love with the story in the first place, and why these books and characters have become a part of so many people s lives I loved it, and will continue to love it.This is a keeper Esta gu a es muy buena para tener mas informaci n de la saga Esta gu a incluye una extensa entrevista con Stephenie Meyer, caracter sticas y un poco de historia tanto de los vampiros como de los hombres lobo, as como biograf as de cada uno de los personajes lo malo de esto, es que muchos detalles se repiten y llega a ser tedioso La secuencia temporal de toda la historia, interpretaci n de las portadas, los puntos clave de cada uno de los libros y hasta una descripci n de cada uno de los veh culos que tienen los Cullen, Bella y Jacob Algo muy lindo que contiene es la lista de canciones que inspiraron determinados momentos de los libros, los dibujos hechos por fans, las im genes de las portadas de los libros alrededor del mundo y los pasajes descartados Cuando con unas ilustraciones que hay a lo largo de sus m s de 500 p ginas.Porque solo le doy 3 estrellas Creo que aunque es un detalle para los fans de la saga, muchas veces algunas cosas se me hicieron repetitivas y eso era molesto, aparte de que la traducci n fue horrible, pero si eres fan de la saga deber as leer esto.Crep sculo siempre formara parte importante de mi librero, ya que fue mi primera saga, al igual que con Edward pase mi primer amor literario y eso nunca lo olvidare, crep sculo siempre estar en mi coraz n.