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The Duke Of Jervaulx Was Brilliant And Dangerous Considered Dissolute, Reckless, And Extravagant, He Was Transparently Referred To As The D Of J In Scandal Sheets But Sometimes The Most Womanizing Rakehell Can Be Irresistible, And Even His Most Causal Attentions Fascinated The Sheltered Maddy Timms Then One Fateful Day She Receives The Shocking News The Duke Is Lost To The World And Maddy Knows It Is Her Destiny To Help Him And Her Only Chance To Find The True Man Behind The Wicked Facade But She Never Dreamed Her Gentle, Healing Touch Would Alter His Life And Her Own So Completely And Bind Them Together In Need, Desireand Love

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    I m going to start with a warning this is probably the worse review I ve ever written because of how deeply, how emotionally I connected with the hero My review is a cheesy, rambling, hot mess, so read at your own risk.With any book I read, I hope to connect with the hero and heroine, to feel what it is the author is trying to convey Well, I didn t have to try hard at all with this story, and no matter how many times I ve attempted to write this review, I find myself in tears And, as odd as it might sound, I find that I m very protective of Christian, worried about revealing too much of his story And wow, when I say that out loud, I realize how strange it sounds So how does one review a book like this, one that hits so close to home that it literally could be your own story The words I d use to describe Flowers from the Storm are amazing, incredible, and heartwarming, compelling, complex, gut wrenching, joyous, painful, comforting such contrasting words and emotions that it would take pages and pages to explain why it all means so much to me and frankly, I just don t have that in me when it comes to this story Part of what makes this story so hard for me to write about is that I m married to a Maddy, the heroine of this book, my husband being a man who uses God as the ruler by which everyone is measured, and no one, especially not me, measures up In this way I have a connection to Christian unlike any other fictional hero I can think of and found myself often in tears, not only for him, but for myself As with all books, anyone reading Flowers from the Storm will bring to it, and take from it, different things In addition to living with a religious enthusiast, for lack of a better word, I have this fear of something happening to me that will leave me unable to communicate with those around me I fear being mentally whole, being able to think and understand the things going on, but unable to express myself, to let people know that I m here. We learn early on in the story that Christian suffers a stroke of sorts and becomes unable to communicate His mother believes that this was a punishment from God in judgment of Christian s immoral behavior I ve also dealt with judgments against myself of a similar nature and so, for me, as I read this paragraph, and understanding Christian s state of being, both physical and mental at the time he thought these words, this quote truly hit home He lay facedown on the bed, his arms spread, his cheek against the silken sheets His ribs ached If he d known a prayer he would have prayed it coward that he was, to ask for favors now, when he d never deigned to ask before.He didn t reckon that God owed him anything He reckoned that he d had it all, and wasted it Burning lakes and howling fiends had just never seemed that convincing, perils hardly fit to frighten naughty children.He turned over, staring up at the darkness.Damned having found out now what hell was really like Well, as you can see, I can t seem to write a coherent review of Flowers from the Storm, and trust me, I ve spent months trying And as silly as it might sound, I ve been afraid to write this review, because if you ve read the book and didn t like it, or if you believe as Christian s mother and Maddy did, that he was deserving of the punishment God set upon him, then you believe those things about me, too, because this book is my life But, fortunately for Christian and Maddy, they got their happily ever after. So, rather than write any and try to explain it all, I ll just continue to watch over Christian and keep him close to my heart.Click the link for My review of the audio verion.Thank you, Mshj Kate, for making this a Secret Santa gift It s a story that will stay with me for always.

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    God forgive, Jervaulx that I sh d love thee That I should love thee. Out of all of the Historical romances I ve read, this is the one that stands out as the most unconventional of them all What a brave author to have tackled this subject, and what a remarkably insightful, tender way to do it MY SYNOPSIS Archimedea Timms is a Friend a Quaker a quiet, devoutly religious and pious woman who grew up in that lifestyle She knows no other way and even if she did, she would still choose her way of life She lives for God, to honor him in all ways, eschewing anything material, convenient, stylish, creaturely and popular for her people s way of life Meanwhile, Christian, the Duke of Jervaulx or the D of J , as he s referred to in the gossip columns, is as far from religious and pious as can be His way of life is one of parties and womanizing, indulging in any spontaneous vice he can He s a Duke, and he lives as if he has no rules.These two couldn t be further apart socially or morally, so where s the connection Maddy s father is a brilliant mathematician, and so is Christian Though they haven t met, they have been collaborating on a breakthrough formula sure to amaze the world of mathematics To be blunt, they re nerds in the very best way possible, and this fact not only brings Christian back down to the world of mortals, but it brings him into contact with Maddy Maddygirl deserved to be a duchess It had been a great mistake of nature to make her a thee thou sugar scoop bonnet Maddy and Christian have one night of interaction between them, when Christian presents his case to the London Analytical Society And he proves that he does have a good character when he also gives credit to the blind Quaker man who has so diligently worked with him on this project He also shows his romantic, poetic, and compassionate side to him when he gives her father the gift of a lifetime he lets him see the daughter that he hasn t seen since he lost his eyesight than a decade ago This is really the only taste that the reader will get of Christian before a horrific incident takes everything away from him Christian Nicholas Francis Langland, His Grace the Duke of Jervaulx, Earl of Langland and Viscount Glade has a stroke He wasn t a two year old He had not lost his reason He isn t mad he is maddened. Of course, no one back then knows what a stroke is, so it seems as if overnight, the Duke has lost his mind, his ability to speak and reason, and much of his ability to move He is spirited off to an insane asylum Of course, the proprietors think they are helping to cure the poor helpless and very rich inhabitants of their establishment But ice baths and isolation, chains and condescension don t seem to be doing the trick for a man who is completely sound of mind In fact, Christian is perfectly fine inside his head he just can t move right, or speak well, and his frustration and anger add to the illusion of insanity Fortunately, fate steps in and Maddy is led to help her uncle who runs the very asylum that Christian was taken to And Maddy feels it is her calling to reach out to the mad Duke In fact, Maddy realized very quickly that Christian isn t mad at all And this realization is the beginning of a tender, remarkable story unlike one I ve ever read before MY THOUGHTS This was definitely unexpected but I m so happy that I read it I heard from a few people that they didn t like Maddy very much and at first I couldn t see why However, as the story wore on, her pious attitude wore on me A the beginning, she was such a strong character, doing not what was expected, but what she felt was right Even though she disapproved of Christian s lifestyle with ever fiber of her being, she literally put aside all prejudice and judgment in order to help the helpless It was pointless, this small attempt at escape He defeated her What she wished to avoid was inside her not for one instant as she walked did she think of anything but Jervaulx And boy, was Christian helpless I ve never felt such pity and horror over a character s treatment before To be reduced to this raving madman going from this vital, brilliant man with the world at his feet to THIS imprisoned against his will, his own family unwilling to see anything but madness and insanity poor Christian He really was a figure of pity However, my pity turned to admiration quite quickly Talk about stubborn and tenacious As Maddy begins to weaken in character for me, Christian became the stuff of legend He just never gives up He is so willful and strong, and with the help of this lowly Quaker woman, he overcomes so much All he needed was for one person to believe in him He was the Devil smiling a little tender, a warmth that she d never foreseen, not in all her everyday prayers to God to keep her soul safe and in spiritual grace Never once had she imagined that Satan would smooth her hair, would smell of heat and earth wouldn t speak, wouldn t hiss evil promises in her ears Never once had she thought he would be anything but ugly and corrupt and easy for virtuous Archimedea Timms to scorn Their romance it s truly epic It s so much than I can say It s a forbidden love for so many reasons but not the typical taboo pairing This is a slow, sensual dance There s nothing lascivious about it I wonder if people will be turned away, thinking of a romance between a slobbering, raving madman and a shy, dowdy, na ve Quaker woman Not at all It was beautiful I m afraid, she whispered I m afraid of what thou wilt do to my soul and my heart Your heart is precious to me, he said quietly Christian himself is reduced to a small world, relying on his Maddygirl for everything dressing, feeding, even speaking at first As the threat to his title, his lands, his standard of living and his very freedom becomes and real, it is apparent that small successes and slow progress in everyday functions is critical Maddy believes in him, and she falls for him despite her every attempt to stay devoutly impersonal Oh, stop, say stop, but it s too late.Too late Because God forgive me, I love thee than my own life I encourage anyone who likes a romance with depth, who loves the tortured hero but is tired of the same old same old story being retold by different authors, who likes to read outside of the box every once in awhile to do themselves a favor and pick up this book It s not a happy storyfor the most part It s a heartbreaker and a tearjerker I mean, it literally made my tummy hurt and my heart ache for all that both of these two went through But in the end, I was left feeling that happy, sigh worthy feeling of a beautiful love story, for that s what this really was And also a story about the resilience of humanity, about how much we each need someone to build us up, to believe in us In everyday life, perhaps just for an ego boost, someone to say Yes, you can when the rest of the world is saying No, you can t That s a real partnership, a real love, and true devotion In the end, Christian and Maddy had that, and it was a hard fought warbut oh, so worth it.

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    Laura Kinsale s Flowers From the Storm From my thread discussion topic post on s Historical Romance Forum sometime around Feb 09 unchanged I recently finished reading Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale This is a well loved book by many and remains high on the keeper shelves out there So how come I can t figure out why so many people fell in love with this couple I just don t get it I found the book to be all suffering, all the time i.e an over abundance of serious issues and long drawn out angst A brief synop SPOILER BUT IT S THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE NOVEL The hero begins the story literally the first few pages of the Prologue in bed with another man s wife in the other man s home no less , discussing the fact that he has impregnated her and she needs to make an effort to sleep with her husband again soon in order to pass the baby off as her husband s Already questioning the hero s integrity in a dire way here Very shortly thereafter he experiences what is presumed to be a stroke, which lands him in a mental hospital, employing methods of the times which are cruel and in no way reflect current modes of medicine There he encounters the heroine a Quaker woman whom he previously briefly crossed paths with while jointly working on mathematical theories with her father our hero is a mathematical genius She is there to volunteer time with the patients at the facility, and there is where they begin a journey together to help him recover his cognitive speech abilities the primary disability he suffered and regain his social standard in life he s a duke The hero is not bedridden or physically disabled to any great impairment other than signals of the brain connecting with his right hand to operate effectively and his ability to talk In that day and age, there was little known of the effects of strokes, and basically victims of same were treated as mentally unstable The two go on, in my opinion, as classically dysfunctional and co dependent peple trying to make a stab as a couple The heroine extremely frustrated me, as she went on for 32 chapters struggling against who she was as she was rasied her Quaker sociatal obligations and berating who she reallywanted to become, as she was drawn to the hero Consequently, she made him suffer for her indecision the entire journey Mind you, there are only 36 chapters in this book The final chapter is widely loved and admired and it was quite captivating, even for me , but I just did not believe it for these two people, and it certainly wasn t enough to save the story Some people do go for all emotional self torture, all the time when it comes to what they consider a good story, but that s just not me I guess Apparently the balance of happiness in any given novel when compared to human suffering, can t be considered serious reading for a lot of people, I suppose I don t agree Like real life, it s the progress achieved in points of the journey that deserve the most attention and ultimate recognition to my way of thinking Afterall, it doesn t take much work to remain miserable and undecided, and that s exactly how I interpreted this read the entire way for the heroine The hero does come to some self improvements, but I flucuated between truly caring for his character or just feeling sorry for the way the heroine constantly demonized him and his way of life ton society Basically Kinsale failed to slowly transition both the characters self enlightenment in general, and their journey to establish justifiable romantic feelings for one another IMO, therefore, the ending for me was jarring in effect, and just unbelieveable I never really connected with either H H and I believe they never truly understood their own connection.UPDATE FOR GOODREADS 8 6 09 Wow Looks like I m the only one who one stared it here to actually tag it I didn t like it Maybe because My stars here are judged by the verbage when you roll over them with your mouse, rather than my usual star rating I like my half stars in that instance It might be a 2 on that scale, based on Kinsale s writing abilities and potential I ve actually committed myself to read at least one book of her s to perhaps find the good one for me.

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    5 Maddygirl stars.I loved this one Tortured hero, innocent heroine, Society, expectations, fear, love, hate, tears, laughter The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant and dangerous Considered dissolute, reckless, and extravagant, he was transparently referred to as the D of J in scandal sheets But sometimes the most womanizing rakehell can be irresistible, and even his most causal attentions fascinated the sheltered Maddy Timms Then one fateful day she receives the shocking news the duke is lost to the world And Maddy knows it is her destiny to help him and her only chance to find the true man behind the wicked facade But she never dreamed her gentle, healing touch would alter his life and her own so completely and bind them together in need, desireand love Christian, the Duke of Jervaulx is a brilliant mathematician But his circumstances change and he is lost in a world of hell He held out his hand The light behind him caught unexpected color the long stems of wild Michaelmas daisies stirred by the wind I don t want to say too much I found it might have dragged a bit in the middle but the end and the struggle they both had to reach their HEA, was wonderful.This was set in a time where medical practices are not as advanced as they are today The Duke suffers what I assume is a stroke but nobody knows what this is and his affliction is seen as insanity Maddygirl is the only one he trusts But she is a Friend used to a simple life, not the life of a Duke Help me I can t do this alone any Amen. This is my first time reading this author but I will be checking out some of her other books The change in things, the profound chasm between yesterday and today lay between them. Mist He d been living in a mist.

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    Flowers From The Storm, by Laura Kinsale 5 Perfect Stars Nurturing Serene Spartan Quiet Forthright Spiritual And a Quaker Prim and decent, chaste, careful, loyal, moderately brave in some things, a lion in a few, and when he touched her, she fluttered nice feminine flutter, modesty and passion Christian Langland, the Duke of Jervaulx Damaged Tortured Extravagant Rakish Devious HedonisticAnd, a nobleman He was the Devil looking at her out of gentian eyes It s easy to be virtuous and deceitfully proud of it across the abyss of their stations the nobleman and the Quaker lady But God had taken the Duke of Jervaulx down to the level of Maddy Timms From an equal vantage, the Devil smiled at kittens and her and Maddy felt the prick of it on her heart like a tiny claw that seized at her for safety Archimedea Timms, aka MaddyAll wrong for each other As different as chalk and cheese Obliged by station and religion to remain apart Save for the Duke and her father s mutual love of mathematics, they d never have met at all Had the Duke not suffered a stroke, been deemed morally insane , and committed to an asylum they d never have become inseparable But inseparable they become For, when Maggie discovers the Duke chained to a bed at her uncle s retreat , and realizes his insanity is merely a loss of speech and motor skills, she has an Opening an inspiration from God commanding her to restore the Duke s health and freedom What follows is a series of events that test Maggie s faith and Christian s self assurance An insurmountable set of circumstances further complicated by their contradictory ethos and mutual inclination toward obstinacy and pride As they battle against unrelenting adversity, as they endure great pain and overwhelming fear Maddy and Christian refuse to let their differences divide them, and together, they conquer all That cannot be between us, dost thou understand I am born a Friend, Jervaulx Thou art born a nobleman Dost thou even know what would become of me Friends would disown me It is our way She exclaimed, frustrated by his lack of response I would be alone No, he said unexpectedly Maddygirl With me Maddy ChristianA flawless balance of light and dark, angst and humor, bewilderment and charm The writing is poetic, yet plain descriptive, yet disciplined expansive, yet essential Greedy relatives are neutralized by doting ones and staid, prejudicial friends by amusing, loyal, ones The hero is equal parts alpha and beta and the heroine is both independent and dutiful Their actions are vulnerable but strong brave but uncertain frustrating but comprehensible Every aspect is sheer perfection If you haven t yet read Laura Kinsale s Flowers From the Storm, I strongly urge you to do it now You ll laugh and cry jeer and cheer and be utterly amazed at this truly perfect love story You ll want to put it on your Keeper shelf, and re read it a thousand times My love He held her cheeks between his palms My sweet life Three horses own two coaches velvet chambers cushions bed my kisses All my kisses All to be for thee alone Christian Flowers From The Storm, by Laura Kinsale 5 Absolutely Perfect Stars If you like this book, you might want to try Sunshine and Shadow by Tom Sharon Curtiss Laura London The Outsider by Penelope Williamson

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    Written January 14, 20155 Stars It had it all A stunning AMAZING epic storyWho dare to start an 19 hours long audiobook I heard the rumors that in this case there was a great male narrator Nicholas Boulton doing this historical romance even better And, was it worth it Well, I didn t need than a few minutes to know this would be an fantastic adventure to take part in There are for sure a lot of heart stopping moments and I cried, yelled and lost my breath than once But gosh, I loved this book He liked radical politics and had a fondness for chocolate This IS the grand sort of unforgettable romances that will stay in my heart forever I m not sure I manage to do it again for a long tim because this was not that kind if easy sweet, fluffy reads I so often do More the hard, rough, heart wrenching kind I m stunnedand grateful for my silly happy smile in the end Flowers from the Storm is one, by many historical readers highly praised and much loved romance, about Christian Langland, the Duke of Jervaulx, a brilliant and dangerous womanising rake A confident, intelligent young wealthy nobleman who meet a terrible fate.His companion to be is the sheltered Archimedea Maddy Timms, a quiet Quaker daughter of an older blind mathematician Maddy is a quite young 28 woman who strongly believes in a plain and simple no worldly way of life She just want to take care of her papa and be stay with the group of these religious Friends Soon are there som big changes in both our main characters lives The now suddenly mistreated sick Duke is in big and urgent need of the Quaker girl, Maddygirl s, care and kindness We are not told what had really happened until much later, but these first rough scenes view spoiler in an awful harsh asylum world hide spoiler

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    Approximately twenty eight years ago, a young girl picked up a book from her mother s box of books out of boredom Her life was changed Ever since then, her favorite type of book has been historical romance She has read a lot of it There have been many that she has enjoyed But some books just stand out This is one of them.Because of how much I liked this book, this is a very long review I apologize if you don t like long reviews The short of it is I loved this book very much If you want to know why, keep reading.Laura Kinsale just doesn t write enough books for me If you asked me if I want from her, obviously yes But do I want less quality but books No A book like Flowers from the Storm is worth thirty lesser books.This book begins with a hero who is doing something immoral and reprehensible although to some degree socially acceptable A reader has to decide if they can get past that While I really dislike what he did, I wanted to know about Jervaulx and explore his story I wasn t going to write him off just yet.With Laura Kinsale, you don t just get an entertaining romance She gives you a complex, textured novel that has characters that are not just archetypes, but are realistic and multi faceted like a jewel and like a jewel, they may have noticeable flaws Maddy is at times the bully, at times the victim Sometimes I liked her, sometimes I didn t like her very much at all I felt some identification with her as a person of faith, but at the same time, I felt that she gives people of faith a bad name because of her legalistic and judgmental way of life It also challenged me to consider how I interact with people Am I sending out the right message about my faith walk, the loving God and all welcoming God I love When she gets the epiphany about why she is with Jervaulx, I was thinking all along I knew why they had been brought together I felt that Jervaulx and Maddy could learn from each other, could complement each other Could they love each other despite society s notions of propriety or station It was hurtful how she denied the love she felt for Jervaulx, as if it was an ugly thing It hurt me to read because I could see deep down that Jervaulx needed her so much, and she needed him, and loving someone can be intense and powerful and yes, inconvenient without being an obsession or leading to doom and destruction While people shouldn t be projects, something we can fix , we come into peoples lives to learn something ourselves and to help them learn something Love that is selfish cannot be mutual, and for me, their love definitely wasn t a selfish one.Jervaulx is a very complicated man It was interesting to see him at the beginning of the story and see his selfish actions and his determination to live a hedonistic life, although deep down, his was a builder and a thinker and a contributor Those parts of his psyche obviously warred with each other I don t doubt that his mother s cold demonstration of religious faith pushed him to go in the opposite direction In his own way, he did believe in God, but seeing faith in such an ugly way pushed him further away from God and into a life that didn t have much meaning outside of his scientific pursuits I hurt for him A person of the mind, an intellectual can have an experience almost like dying when that part of their persona fails It s like being caged away, and in the case of Christian, his mouth couldn t say what he wanted it to say, and sometimes the words just wouldn t come to him Also, going from a place of having power and authority over your life and losing that is another kind of death That process was understandably devastating to a man who was one of the most powerful men in England.His family was shameful They all saw him as a thing to be used or manipulated as a resource, a pawn, or a liability That made me very angry on his behalf And afraid For most of the book, I felt Jervaulx s fear tangibly That s part of why Maddy s acts at times grated on me She didn t seem to get what it was like to be him, to know that he was one step away from being locked in an asylum for the rest of his life Even though she does have momentary breakthroughs of understanding and a sense of responsibility to him, her hardheaded beliefs about what she should be doing that being with him long term is wrong seemed to try to get in the way than it should have This book feels so realistic, but also beautiful, entrancing, hypnotically romantic The scenes between Maddy and Jervaulx where their feelings are budding, blooming and coming to full life were the essence of romance Their passion inexorable, special and inescapable It s what makes my heart beat fast when I read romance books People think writing romance is easy and low brow That any hack can write a romance story How wrong you are It takes talent and care to craft such a rich story that fulfills both intellectually and emotionally Especially when you write characters that aren t just appealing stand ins for the reader and her dream man No, they are real people with real lives and struggles While love doesn t necessarily solve all our everyday problems, it does get us through the rough spots in life, and gives us hope for the future Walking through life with a beloved one at our side empowers us to fight for what we need, what we want, what is rightfully ours While Jervaulx and Maddy didn t make sense to someone on the outside looking in, who lacked insight, it makes perfect sense to me.I put this book off for a long time, but it was a case of reading it at exactly the right time I have been going through a horrible book slump, feeling apathetic about reading That s horrible for an avid booklover like myself A book like this is just the medicine to reinvigorate a reader s flagging interest Thank you, Ms Kinsale

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    PopSugar 2018 24 Un libro con un elemento del clima en el titulo MADRE DEL AMOR HERMOSO Qu libro tan m s bonito Estaba en tres y dos cuando decid leer este libro unas rese as lo alababan y otras lo crucificaban entonces cuando lo empec no estaba muy convencida pero me GAN Am , sufr y me frustr bastante con esta historia es una historia llena de injusticias, conmovedora, con un romance que se va cociendo a fuego lento.Tiene unos personajes at picos del g nero, un Duque S se oras y se ores, un hermoso y sexy Duque que sufre una apoplej a o derrame cerebral y como era com n en la poca a las enfermedades que no conoc an para ellos eran locura lo han encerrado en un manicomio ya que pierde la capacidad de concentraci n y de hablar y de una Cu quera hija de un profesor de matem ticas que colabora con el Duque de Jervaulx, ya han coincidido en una ocasi n pero ahora ella est ayudando a su primo que es doctor del manicomio donde esta Christian del Duque de Jervaulx ella lo reconoce y ve que l no est loco y decide ayudarlo.En esta parte de la historia sufr sufr y sufr m s, era tan injusto lo que tuvo que pasar Christian los malos tratos que sufri por parte de su cuidador a ese tipo lo ODI , y la ignorancia del doctor del lugar Un hombre que no est loco pero que sus funciones cerebrales se han visto afectadas que no tiene manera de poder comunicarse sum ndole que batalla para poder entender lo que le dec an obviamente estaba frustrado con ira y yo sent a todo su ira su frustraci n su angustia me part a el coraz n , me daban ganas de meterme al libro y ayudarlo.Maddy fue un b lsamo, un consuelo su esperanza, l sent a que lo comprend a aunque muchas veces lo lastimo fue sin intenci n en esta parta Maddy me gust mucho.Christian me encant , me enamor , sufr tanto con el personaje que me lleg al coraz n, antes de su enfermedad era un libertino consumado y despu s se vuelve tan vulnerable y tierno pero con esas ganas de recuperarse y recuperar su ducado y patrimonio Este hombre es un amor Maddy es una mujer santurrona y mojigata pero tambi n es valiente y defiende en lo que cree, me cay bien en casi todo el libro menos en la parte final fue una cobarde y le rompi el coraz n a mi Christian y eso no se hace Es un libro emocional con una historia preciosa de esas que sientes, es verdad que a veces la narraci n puede ser densa pero a m no me lo ha parecido tanto y yo he devorado Hay coas que no me han gustado como el 25% final porque no sucede nada y yo tal vez no puse atenci n pero siento que quedaron cabos sueltos con lo referente a su familia pero de ah en fuera me encant.

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    It s official this is my favorite story, ever I first read Flowers from the Storm in 2009 and fell in love with Christian and his Maddygirl from their very first words on the page, but it s such an emotional story that I couldn t bring myself to read it again, though I thought of it often That said, when my sweet friend, Lady Wesley, raved about the amazing narration given this story by Nicholas Boulton, I just had to give it a listen.And I am so, so glad that I did Honestly, I can t even begin to express all the ways in which this audio edition of the story is wonderful Truly, I m unable to find the words that will do it justice Mr Boulton brought a level of poignancy and sensuality and even an eroticism to the story that wasn t as evident in my reading of it As amazing as the story was when I read it, it was even incredible listening to it, because Mr Boulton gives the characters such beautiful, passionate, tragic, and inspiring voices that you don t just hear their story, you experience it.If you ve had this on your shelf waiting for the right time, stop waiting Whether you choose to read the book or listen to the audio, stop thinking about it and just do it But have tissues handy You ll need them But whatever you decide, know this without hesitation I can tell you that this is one of, if not the best, most profound, thought provoking stories ever told, and the most beautiful happily ever after, ever If you d like to read my full, rambling, emotional, than a bit embarrassing review of the paperback edition, written after I read it years ago, click here.

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    remarkable.deliciously dark and somewhat in my black hearted sweet spot love me a humbled bad boy, and love to hate a puritanical idiot unable to resist the promise of an orgasm.and jesu what an orgasm.about the most erotic hetero love scene i can ever remember reading.