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Second novel in the brilliant series from the bestselling author of Prince of ThornsIn Mystic Class Nona Grey begins to learn the secrets of the universe But so often even the deepest truths just make our choices harder Before she leaves the Convent of Sweet Mercy Nona must choose her path and take the red of a Martial Sister the grey of a Sister of Discretion the blue of a Mystic Sister or the simple black of a Bride of the Ancestor and a life of prayer and serviceAll that stands between her and these choices are the pride of a thwarted assassin the ambition of a would be empress wielding the Inuisition like a blade and the vengeance of the empire’s richest lordAs the world narrows around her and her enemies attack her through the system she has sworn to Nona must find her own path despite the competing pull of friendship revenge ambition and loyaltyAnd in all this only one thing is certain There will be blood

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    Some uotes photos and background on Grey Sister here 3rd in the UShttpswwwGrey Sister BoMay 17th in the UK pre order it here inline comment from my editor when going through it Woah nastyShe didn't ask me to change it though Some lines from the bookNever be so focused on picking a lock that you forget kicking down the door is also an optionNothing is as cruel as a righteous manShe lifted a hand as if it were the heaviest thing in the world to XXXX’s cheek “You’re bleeding” XXXX took the fingers and kissed them “You are my blood”Hers the anger of an ocean wave rolling over deep waters to spend its white fury against the shore one and then the next relentless tearing down high cliffs pounding rocks to pebbles grinding pebbles to sand and thus are mountains laid low Hers the storm’s wrath thunder shaken sharp with lightning blown on a wind that rips the oldest trees from the hardness of the ground Hers the defiance of stone raised in outrage against cold skies Hers the anger that sits like broken glass within a chest the anger that will allow no sleep no retreat no compromise“I am my own cage” She lifts her sword “And I have opened the door” Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

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    “Spend too long watching the long game and the short game will kill you” I have a special place in my heart for chessmaster type characters who weave complex plots and plans that takes decades in the making Carefully placing pawns across the board ready for moves to be made years from now Setting everything up so that a single pull of a string would make all plots flow together into one glorious outcome Abbess Glass delivers on that account and it’s delicious to readBut I have a confession to make Although from an emotional point of view I root for Nona and Friends just because we've spent time in their heads and have grown attached to them on a purely logical level I sympathize with our baddie the Emperor’s sister Sherzal It can be frustrating even if it’s sadly realistic to see how on the verge of an upcoming ecological catastrophe humans are so wrapped up in killing each other that no one thinks about uniting against the disaster Sherzal is the only one who sees the big picture and wants to harness the power of nature And yes there are better and less bloody ways to achieve her goal but I also appreciate that she is not excluding people outside of the Empire At the same time our xenophobic heroes dismiss the Battle ueen’s people as savages just because they have a different interpretation of their faith Hm I guess I might have ended up a villain if I lived in that world “The greatest threat to any faith is not other faiths or beliefs but the corruption and division of its own message” One thing didn’t work for me Nona is so super powered that even when she ends up in impossible situations it’s often clear she’ll find a way out At a couple of points the narrative tries to create false tension that is then dissolved very uickly and easily so that there is no sense of danger One example in spoiler tags since it happens at the very endview spoilerNona plans to walk the Path so that she can move the carriage with all her allies Kettle and Ara go “oh no that’s absolutely not possible you just walked the Path an hour ago” At that point it’s pretty clear Nona will somehow walk the Path and she’ll somehow make it work so I’m thinking okay go on with it already But then we have pages and pages of how it is impossible and one has to wait for seven moons to be sure and then we get detailed accounts of all those horrific stories of sisters who walked the Path too early and terrible things happened And then Nona makes an offhand comment that she was close to the shipheart and it restored her walks the Path and all is fine All the tension seems fake and I feel it should have been skipped altogether hide spoiler

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    ARC provided by Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review1 Red Sister ★★★★★ “But I must warn you sister that a sickness runs in me and if you fashion yourself my enemy I will make a ruin of your life for I am born of war” Grey Sister is such a wonderful addition to this world and it was everything I wanted it to be and Mark Lawrence truly never disappoints and Nona will always be one of my favorite protagonists of all time If you guys haven’t please pick up Red Sister and discover how amazing this world these characters and this story truly are This is a dark world where many parents will sell their children because they cannot afford to keep them Some of these children end up never having their stories told but a few of them end up having a bit of magic from being a descendant of one of the four tribes and go to Sweet Mercy's Convent in hopes of them becoming a very powerful warrior that will always fight for good Four Tribes that the people in this world can descend from ➽ Gerant Great size and strength➽ Hunska uick speed➽ Marjal The ability to tap into lesser magic➽ uantal The ability to walk the Path and work greater magicAnd after horrible situation after horrible situation our dear Nona gets purchased in Red Sister at the age of eleven Now it’s been five years and Nona is just now entering Mystic class where despite being one of the strongest young ladies in the school she is having a difficult time “It’s hard to see old friends with new eyes” Four Classes in the Convent for the novices to learn as a group ➽ Red Class Ages 9 12 typically ➽ Grey Class Ages 13 14 typically ➽ Mystic Class Ages 15 16 typically ➽ Holy Class Ages 17 19 typicallyBut these young ladies who will be training extremely hard and diligently for ten years can become many different things Nona so far has proven that she will become one of the most feared Red Sisters to ever walk this world But Zole her friend from the Ice Tribe who everyone believes is the chosen one that Nona will protect her whole life is proving to be one of the most powerful Mystics ever Four Paths for the novices to take once they become nuns ➽ Bride of the Ancestor Holy Sister Honors the Ancestors and keeps the faith ➽ Martial Sister Red Sister Warriors skilled in armed and unarmed combat ➽ Sister of Discretion Grey Sister Masters of stealth and potions with shadow work➽ Mystic Sister Holy Witch Walks the Path and manipulates threadsBut sadly Nona can’t shake her past or the terrible things that happened when she was only eleven years old Five years later people are still after her and they are relentless in their pursuit to settle past grudges Yet Nona is now carrying a new friend with her who amplifies her powers but at the cost of losing her shadow “She had lost a shadow lost two friends and gained a devil” But about half way into this book everything gets flipped on its head and I’m not even sure if my body can produce any tears Tears for sadness tears for happiness tears because I don’t want to wait a year to read the next book all the tears okay? From shiphearts to arks to demons to poisons to chains to prophecies to even the moon; this book has everything and makes you feel everything And I feel forever thankful for this tale This book is also different because it switches points of view with Abbess Glass a lot And man oh man do I love that woman with my whole heart This book heavily deals with betrayals and all of the twists and turns were out of this world But the things that these Sisters are willing to do for one another? I don’t have any combination of words for how perfect it is The theme of friendship and what we are willing to do for the found family we choose is constant throughout this amazing book Unconditional love is the most powerful force in any world and this book just reinforces that statement And seeing all these phenomenal girl friendships while they kick ass side by side? It’s something I don’t even have words for But I’ll be forever thankful that this series exists Another major theme in Grey Sister is forgiveness Some people will never learn the word and they will let revenge poison their entire life Forgiveness isn’t always easy Nona proves it time and time again but sometimes its truly the only path worth taking I’m not crying you’re crying “Trust is the most insidious of poisons” TriggerContent Warnings Physical abuse bullying torture murder death gore death of a child death of a loved one and themes of war My only complaint view spoilerI love Apple and Kettle’s ww relationship than I have words for but I really want Nona to also be LBGTIAP too I’m seeing the set up for Regol who is a little cinnamon roll but I honestly just want her with Ara or Zole or both let's be real Like so badly But I obviously know this is just my personal greedy preference Yet I still had to mention it Especially since that is truly the only thing Nevernight has over this series hide spoiler

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    I've never done one of those book reveal that seems so popular these days so I thought I'd make an attempt at it for this oneDid I do it right?I figure since this book is like all Harry Potter ish with an orphan girl learning about her magical talents encountering rivals and making lifelong friendships along the way my bunnies would make the perfect representative for this book It's such a happy cheerful heartwarming book Rainbows and bunnies and unicorns all the way^^ “Before you die I’ll take your fingers one by one and then your eyes” He stood and at the last moment pulled his knife up through her nose The sudden burning pain made her cry out Hot blood spilled across her face the taste of it filling her mouth I'M JUST KIDDING GUYS Do NOT get this book for your Harry Potter loving kids unless you want to pay for a lifetime of therapy It's bloody there's torture and evil and murder and blood Not recommended for kidsWeeeeeeelllittle Khanh would have loved it but that's little Khanh Normal children would be traumatized So don't Just don't For those mature enough for it though it is a wonderful book There's failure resilience friendship and a fascinatingly built world And enough evil to make me salivate The rocks around her began to bleed An awful rasping breath shuddered through the blackness And out there a howling hate condensing A darker clot of night The stench of decay surrounded her Screams of pain worse than the abbess had made when they’d burned her Love it Can't wait for the third

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    Fanfreakingtastic REVIEW TO COME LATER

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    I received an advance reading copy of Grey Sister in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank Mark Lawrence and Ace Books for this opportunity The second entry within the Book of the Ancestor trilogy picks up events approximately two years after the exceptional and breathtaking finale of Red Sister Nona Grey the black eyed and shadowless novice is still studying potions blade path kingdom histories thread weaving and all the other dedicated and reuired lessons a potential religious assassin nun should be partaking in Yet she's no longer uite the same Nona Grey that we witnessed previously But I must warn you sister that a sickness runs in me and if you fashion yourself my enemy I will make a ruin of your life for I am born of warDue to Nona's often unpredictable skills and intelligence she has been promoted to Mystic Studies the next stage of ualifications at the convent of Sweet Mercy where all revere the Ancestor She has issues at this level with potential bullies problems in certain studying areas however our main protagonist is deadly and she is haunted by her past actions literally Lawrence is known within the fantasy scene for possessing two extremely respected ualities throughout all his stories and both are showcased here in great fashion He is arguably one of the darkest and most brutal writers currently working yet he's also the author whose words prose and unbelievable uotable segments can capture readers in a trance Engaging almost like it is all subliminal written linguistics controlling us to emphasise the movements moments and excitement that freuent every single one of his narratives There is a reason that on Fantasy Book Review he is one of the most consistent top rated current authors and his approximately yearly novel output puts the majority of his peers to shame Red Sister was mainly focused on Nona Grey regarding her relationships with fellow students and side players being the focus of the action Here we have two perhaps even three point of view perspectives Nona is still the main individual and the most interesting to us even though she might not be the most important in the grand scheme of things The other scripted perspective is Abbess Glass who is the leader of the nunnery She's very wise deep and oozes goodness but her narrative doesn't follow the sort of path the description may predict Her chapters seemed to be shorter than Nona's and to begin with I only really cared about when Nona was there included and seen from Glass' viewpoint They are very important; however and towards the end you eually want to see what happens to her just as much and perhaps even so than the trilogies lead cast member In addition to their being viewpoints I found the so called side characters much fleshed out Especially Zole Ara Kettle and a newer entry called Keot My mind is often dark so he was my favourite character in the whole story Powerful perhaps definitely mysterious and I read his words and voice with an intensity that is rarely created Tonight we will slice their throats as they sleep I have to commend Lawrence for how deep and complex his world is that he has created within the constricting miles high walls of ice that are closing on the remaining villages and cities of the corridor Grey Sister is brimming with religions races family trees exuisite archaic books bizarre poisons complicated antidotes and a potential prophecy that certain characters may orchestrate then manipulate to try to destroy or save the world The pacing and plotting are well worked out for the majority of readers There was a section about half way through which caused me to not pick it up as freuently as I maybe should have I love action however; upon completing the book I saw that everything Lawrence did makes absolute sense which is why he is the writer and I am not About 30 percent through there is a twist that throws everything into the wind Then the last 30 percent is genius and unputdownable This ending seuence follows two brilliant yet highly different variants of characters motives The action seuences in these truly fluid segments were the sort I adore and often make me speechless I had to re read certain chapters Not as I didn't understand what was stated but because I truly wanted to relive that scene once again before I moved on to the ever heightening and expressive climax These sections included especially some of Keot's moments or when characters 'walked the path' Even meeting the Noi Guin old favourites like Regol and hearing rumours about Yisht there is so much going on here that fans of the series will truly adoreWhen I finished Grey Sister I then put the book down took a deep breath and just reflected on what had taken place at the conclusion for the next half an hour When a book has that effect on a reader then you know it is excellent and hits in all the correct emotional places The finale is so surprisingly well worked This book is full of elegant statements and deep passages The whole ensemble shine Blurb for publishers Book of the Ancestor is Mark Lawrence's finest series by a great distance and Grey Sister is a far superior outing than the critically acclaimed first entry and his previous works The characters are brilliant the magic scheme I raved about in the first book has impressed me far this time for its creativity and intricacy sevenfold The devilish Nona gets the intriguing she appears to us all Blurb for readers It's Mark Lawrence So stop reading me and buy it

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    All the goddamn starsThis was some of the best authoring I've ever seenIf you had any idea how lazy I've become with books that don't have pictures then you would realize how unbelievable it was that I couldn't put this one down As it is you'll just have to take my word for it I'm lazy This was unputdownableThe Sisters of Sweet Mercy are back and they are kicking ass in their own various ways all over the place I loved all the Sisters and novices at the convent minus one or two of course but this time around you really get to know what makes a few of them tick Glass Kettle are a mazingOf course the story revolves around Nona but you grow to love all the characters even than you originally did Even some of the ones that aren't strictly goodkinda like Nona herself Bless her little heart for trying thoughOk I'm not going to ruin anything by talking about all the different plotlines but it was full of action twists and Nona's unwavering loyalty to her friends I cannot WAIT till the next book dropsOh and I have to send out a HUGE thanks to Mr Lawrence for including those first few pages of incredibly helpful reminders from the last book for those of us who don't remember stuff so well any That dear sir was very nice of you

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    An action packed seuel that offers relatable commentary about faith corruption authority and familySo far this is the highest and the most positive rating I ever gave to Lawrence’s middle book installment; I gave both King of Thorns and The Liar’s Key 255 stars I am very pleased to say that I loved Grey Sister Even though I loved Red Sister Grey Sister was another great volume for the series and depending on how I feel about the third and final volume Book of the Ancestor could actually end up becoming one of my favorite trilogies “The understanding that power corrupts is an idea older than the language we repeat in All of us in positions that afford authority over others are susceptible be we high priests prime instigators even abbesses” Grey Sister takes place two years after the bloody conclusion of Red Sister Nona Grey was in Red Class and Grey Class in the first book the first half of this novel continues the wonderfully written magicbattle school trope by showing Nona’s journey in the Mystic Class Nona is now fifteen years old in this book one of the things that Lawrence did spectacularly is making sure that Nona’s inner narrative voice stayed and changed realistically according to her age Her character development was superb and utterly clear; the reader will know that this is simply Nona growing up as a teenager She’s confident and susceptible to anger but deep down she’s still the same life hardened kid we knew from the first book; kind loyal and she treasures friendship than her life “Those novices are my friends and I would die for them I would face a terror for them that I haven’t the courage to stand against on my own behalf” There were plenty of changes from the first book; most of them were great The most significant change was how the storytelling structure turned into a multi POV narrative I found this to be a very clever decision Other than Nona Abbess Glass and Sister Kettle now have a POV to follow and I loved reading every moment of their perspectivesPicture Sister Kettle by banishedshadowThe multi POV narrative gave better insight into the important side characters' personality and at the same time it added depth to how well written the characters were Several new side characters were also introduced but the most fantastic one was definitely Keot Without giving any spoiler this character reminded me of Nightblood from Sanderson’s Warbreaker; hilarious terrifying powerful mysterious and delightful to read Truthfully speaking though despite the fact that I enjoyed reading Nona’s and Kettle’s story Abbess Glass was easily the number one highlight of the book for me I was already intrigued by her wit and wisdom in the first book but this book enhanced it even further by giving her a POV to follow; she completely stole the spotlight of the second half of the book for me “The greatest threat to any faith is not other faiths or beliefs but the corruption and division of its own message” All that being said there was one minor issue I had with the book the pacing in the second half The second half of the book took the story in a different direction by moving away from the school setting This storytelling direction was mostly wonderful because it shows the world outside of the convent Plus the second half gave revelations on the world building and history of the world; at the same time adding mysteries to be answered in the last volume However almost the entirety of the second half was non stop action scenes this was especially true for Nona’s time in Tetragode Although the action itself was well written and Lawrence did slip in Abbess Glass’s POV for a change of pace in the narrative I found myself feeling bored by Nona’s time in Tetragode “It's when your power is taken or given away that you discover who your friends are brother There's a lesson for us all in that” The climax seuence of this book however proves to be as brilliant and tension packed as the concluding battle in Red Sister With great characterizations world building and beautiful prose Grey Sister ended up becoming a terrific seuel that will push me to start Holy Sister as soon as possible and I'm going to prove that by starting it now “There are many poisons that will induce madness but none perhaps uite so effective as love” You can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

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    Grey Sister might as well be the most well written book I've read in my life It's been two years since Nona Grey killed Raymel Tascis in the Corridor Now she's back in the Convent of Sweet Mercy and the Mystic Class training to join one of the four orders Holy Grey Red or Mystic Sister But when an Inuisition arrives Nona has trouble trying to hide two secrets that could get her expelled A forbidden search of the stolen shipheart and a demon that she's carrying under her skin Every law of church or state seeks to separate you from your anger Every rule is there to tame you to take from your hands that which you should own Every stricture aims to place the vengeance that is yours in the grasp of courts juries justice and judges Books of law look to replace what you know to be right with lines of ink Prisons and executioners stand only to keep your hands from the blood of those who have wronged you Every part of it exists to put time and distance between deed and conseuence To lift us from our animal nature to cage and tame the best In Grey Sister Mark Lawrence is reminiscent of a well trained juggler for he excels in balancing the most important elements of a story such as theme plot setting and conflict on one hand while he juggles character development world building and magic system on the other I once said that Mark's work is one of beauty and ingenuity and that is once again evident through his prose Prose that not only assembles orders and modifies but also weaves together and adds value to the many layers of a story which unfolds with the precision of a timepiece crafted by a master artisan and excels at depicting realistically how deep loyalty lies in one's soul for it is the paragon of love I could keep going I could rave about how Grey Sister is an epos in its original meaning; a literary masterpiece with no eual that will undoubtedly stand the test of time I could praise it until I run out of words and need a thesaurus to continue But I'll not I'll simply tell you to read it and decide yourself

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    While Red Sister was a slow burn that was well worth its pace Grey Sister has ascended to all new highs for the Book Of The Ancestor series One thing I failed to speak on full in my full review is how creative of a world is being crafted here as well It seems ever possible element of this story is being masterfully worked to draw the reader into this dying world as deeply as possible