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Black Panther Ruler of Wakanda AvengerThis is his destiny But right now he's simply T'Challa the young princeLife is comfortable for twelve year old T'Challa in his home of Wakanda an isolated technologically advanced African nation When he's not learning how to rule a kingdom from his father the reigning Black Panther or testing out the latest tech he's off breaking rules with his best friend M'Baku But as conflict brews near Wakanda T'Challa's father makes a startling announcement he's sending T'Challa and M'Baku to school in AmericaThis is no prestigious private academy they've been enrolled at South Side Middle School in the heart of Chicago Despite being given a high tech suit and a Vibranium ring to use only in case of an emergency T'Challa realizes he might not be as euipped to handle life in America as he thought Especially when it comes to navigating new friendships while hiding his true identity as the prince of a powerful nation and avoiding Gemini Jones a menacing classmate who is rud to be involved in dark magicWhen strange things begin happening around school T'Challa sets out to uncover the source But what he discovers in the process is far sinister than he could ever have imagined In order to protect his friends and stop an ancient evil T'Challa must take on the mantle of a hero setting him on the path to becoming the Black Panther

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    E ARC from NetgalleycomT'Challa enjoys his life as the heir to the throne of Wakanda where his father is the reigning Black Panther Their society is very technologically advanced because years ago a meteor hit near them and gave the valuable element of Vibranium to them When war approached their borders T'Challa's father sends him and his friend M'Baku to the African embassy in Chicago to hide from the father's enemies T'Challa's adopted brother Hunter is older and stays to help with the war When the boys arrive in Chicago they find that the embassy is not nearly as luxurious as their home and their middle school is certainly not what they are used to While T Charles as he becomes known embraces his nerdy French speaking wrestling self and makes friends with Zeke and Sheila Marcus decides to play basketball and befriends the shady Gemini Jones who claims to be a warlock T is very concerned when Marcus moves in with the Jones family but the war is heating up in Wakanda and his father is otherwise occupied T investigates and finds that Mr Jones is involved with some very scary magic and he is afraid that his friend Marcus is involved Can Sheila Zeke and T figure out what it going on and use the powers of the Black Panther to stop Gemini and his father before bad things occur? How will the war in Wakanda play out? And what does the future hold for the young Black Panther?Strengths Smith whose two books on magic HooDoo and The Mesmerist show a great understanding for the way spiritualism and superstition play out in various communities was a fantastic choice to write this book The Black Panther canon seems to be presented well enough for people like me who don't know anything about it but with enough new information to be interesting to Black Panther fans The Chicago setting is used well and the story stands alone well Weaknesses I found it difficult to believe that the boys were not taken care of better Wouldn't an embassy have a lot of interest in protecting the son of a king? I was hoping that the concierge would step up and be sort of an Alfred with Bruce Wayne protector but that didn't happen The target demographic won't care but if the boys really were in middle school adults would have been involved I might have placed them in high school for a realistic feel What I really think Will probably purchase for my readers who like superheroes

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    I have to admit that other than seeing the movie I had no knowledge of Black Panther's background so as I started the book I soon went to google his history because some things were different from the movieA lot of Marvel character's recurring you will soon recognise Nick Fury P but also new characters For example I don't remember T'Challa having a half brother in the movie so the character of Hunter was a surprise and also didn't know that the ueen in the movie Ramonda is actually T'Challa's stepmother and she's not in the book Really not surprised about M'Baku storylineOverall the book was good The story was really great and interesting especially the old magic mystery maybe some things could have been written in details but if they continue the series I would love to read a seuel

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    25I really wanted to love this But I was sorely disappointed Maybe I shouldn't have compared it against Jason Reynold's Miles Morales which is mind blowing This was very average and predictable 8 year olds will probably like it but there's no crossover interest for older readers Boo

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    read this in honor of Chadwick

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    I liked this book it wasn't half bad Barely making it as a 3 star book I think I rated it higher on my insta story but after uick reflection I brought it down to just 3 It was a fast read filled with youth T'Challa and his friend M'Baku are sent to Chicago as exchange students from Kenya as a disguise while T'Challa's father fights off enemies bordering Wakanda The story follows the two boys as they navigate their way around South Side Middle School and the city of Chicago And in just like most schools in America they have to deal with bullies cliues and the pressures of being cool in a new school But while there a rift comes between the two friends and T'Challa must find a way of saving his friend and solving a bit of a mystery revolving around one of the other students at the school I thought this book flowed very well There weren't any awkward moments in the writing and I liked the characters Zeke and Shelia were funny and felt very true life I felt the bully of this tale was flat in his dislike for T'Challa It seemed as if he was only against T'Challa because he was new and he called him Africa which I hated One thing that I didn't understand was why it was set in the modern age Cell phones tablets and such I would have thought that this book would have been set in the 70's or 80's even given that the new BP movie coming out this month in this timeframe Maybe he was writing it for those kids who won't be seeing BP in theaters now view spoilerSPOILERS AHEAD I think the reason why I took it down a couple of stars was that they went all the way to Chicago to deal with voodoo and demonic spirits I thought that was just out of place I didn't even like the fact that they had Nick Fury in here I liked the book but I wished it had a different plot END SPOILERS hide spoiler

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    Listen if you'd handed me this book like 2 years ago I'd have been stoked to have a uality prose novel about a comics character But it's 2018 and now I'm hella spoiled by like Jason Reynolds' Spider Man book and Leigh Bardugo's Wonder Woman book which were amazing And this one wasfineI'm super glad it exists and I think especially tweens who are excited about the Black Panther movie will be into it For me it was a little clunky especially with the friendshipbullying dynamics This is definitely of a middle grade novel than YA; which doesn't necessarily mean it's bad but I think in this case it is simplistic than some of the recent YA superhero novelsI also kind of suspect that when Marvel commissioned this book they were like oh but you can't do it in Wakanda though because we're saving that shit for the movie so just IDK put it in Chicago I guess and it's likeIt is great that they got a black author to write a book about a black superhero but I'm stuck wondering if Ronald Smith's Southern gothic horror background is the best fit for Black Panther?? IDK I mean it's interesting but alsolike why not a sci fi thriller? HMMBut also I do like unexpected directions for comics characters sometimes I guess this one just didn't especially gel for me personally

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    Good lawd this book was simply awful Had great potential to be amazing but the author took the characters out of Wakanda moved them to Chicago and made up his own story about voodoo and demons This was an awful and disrespectful origin story Why would Marvel approve this??This was such a letdown

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    YES A middle grade novel about an African superhero written by a Coretta Scott King Award winning author? ALL THE YES PLEASE Ronald L Smith brings T'Challa to life with this first novel where we meet the not uite yet Black Panther and his best friend M'Baku in their homeland Wakanda Ulysses Klaue Marvel fans heads up for continuity has shown up in Wakanda and T'Chaka current King of Wakanda and Black Panther knows that's never a good sign He sends his son and M'Baku off to Chicago and safety while Wakanda braces for an invasion T'Challa wants to keep his head down and blend in but M'Baku couldn't want anything less The opportunity presents itself in the form of local middle school tough guy Gemini Jones and his gang the Skulls Kids whisper that Gemini's a warlock but that doesn't stop M'Baku from falling in with Gemini and turning a cold shoulder to T'Challa If middle school suabbling were the only problem right? But nope things are about to go south in a big wayl; luckily for T'Challa his father packed a Black Panther suit for his son just in case of emergenciesThis novel is SO GOOD It's unputdownable whether you're a superheroMarvel fan or not Ronald L Smith brings his talent for creating interesting characters and conflict plus his gift for writing about magic and gives life to one of Marvel's most exciting charactersYes I'm a Black Panther fan Yes I'm thrilled about the movie coming out And yes this book is fantastic and deserves its spot on every middle grademiddle schooler's library shelf Representation counts and by giving an African superhero his own novel written by an award winning African American novelist Disney has shown readers their commitment to diversity and #ownvoices I'm thrilled with The Young Prince and want to read Maybe next we can get a story about the Dora Milaje? How about a Shuri mention? She's Black Panther's sister in the comics Indulge me

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    In Wakanda life is nearly perfect for T'Challa not only because his father is the King but also since the country is highly technologically advanced has nearly perfect weather and is home to lush verdant forests One day T'Challa is destined to become the next Black Panther as his father is now T'Challa and his best friend M'Baku have a great life Yet suddenly there is a ominous threat to the country from a suspicious source Wakanda may soon be in the midst of a war And it all seems to stem from the county's holding of Vibranium a material that can both absorb energy and dispel it To keep T'Challa and M'Baku safe the King sends the boys off to America to stay hidden They arrive in a very foreign land full of cold winters concrete and sidewalks packed with people Chicago is their new home and they attend the South Side Middle School The King gives T'Challa a Vibranium ring and a black panther suit made of the material to use 'only in an emergency' Of course an emergency arises In this new city there are dangers everywhere But what is most distressing is the fact that T'Challa and M'Baku have a falling out M'Baku takes a sinister track much to the dismay of T'Challa Black Panther The Young Prince is full of adventure good vs evil and superhero powers A surprisingly good adventure story for the younger set

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    GoodReadespecially for young readers