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Soar into action in this all new original adventure based on the hit CW TV series  Supergirl   Supergirl aka Kara Danvers has been running across average citizens performing amazing feats all over National City But that’s not even the  weirdest thing going on The Department of Extranormal Operations has captured a mysterious humanoid sea creature Supergirl must find out what has drawn him to National City and his connection to this surge of super citizens Written by celebrated author Jo Whitte this is one adventure fans of the TV series won’t want to miss SUPERGIRL and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics s17

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    TV’s Supergirl in her first prose adventure TRUTH JUSTICE THE PROSE WAY This book is a light prose novel not a comic book and it’s a tie in product based on the Supergirl TV series part of the “Arrowverse” the DC Comics’ Television UniverseThis is the first prose novel of Supergirl and if you aren’t uite aware about her TV newest versionKara Zor El 12 years old daughter of Zor El Jor El’s brother and Alura in the middle of Krypton’s destruction is sent in a small spaceship with the mission to protect her cousin baby Kal El Jor El Lara’s son but Kara’s ship got trapped in the Phantom Zone remained frozen in time there for 24 years eventually the ship got free and crashed on Earth but Kal El wasn’t a baby any and already known to the public as Superman therefore young Kara still 12 years old due the Phantom Zone’s frozen time effect was now without a clear purpose Superman took her to Danvers’ home where Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers adopted her and now having a stepsister Alex Danvers Twelve years later Kara Danvers is Cat Grant’s personal assistant at CatCo she has hidden her powers from the world but a falling airplane with Alex Danvers onboard forced Kara to reveal herself and become Supergirl protector of National CityThis prose novel is set during the Second Season of the TV series at least later of 13th episode “Mr Mrs Mxyzptlk” since Kara mentions it as a past adventure therefore Kara Danvers isn’t Cat Grant’s personal assistant any; actually Cat Grant is absent; James Olsen took charge of CatCo also he became the street vigilante “Guardian”; Snapper Carr is direct boss of Kara since she is now an investigative reporter; Alex Danvers still is second in command of the DEO and she’s having a romantic relationship with NCPD Detective Maggie Sawyer; Kara Danvers is having a romantic relationship with Mon El a former prince of Daxam another world in the same solar system than Krypton; J’onn J’onzz aka The Martian Manhunter still is in command of the DEO under the disguise of “Hank Henshaw”; and Winslow Winn Schott Jr son of Winslow Schott aka Toyman still is the “tech guy” at DEO Department of Extra Normal Operations US Government’s secret organization with the mission of protecting the country from alien and metahuman threats AGE OF ATLANTIS IS UPON US The DEO captured a strange humanoid sea creature and they’re having troubles to communicate with him therefore they’re not sure why he appeared on National City and what are his intentionsAt the same time several National City’s normal citizens aren’t normal any all of the sudden in fact they’re becoming to be known as “supercitizens” since each of them are showing different and strange powers some of them want to use their new found powers to protect the city just like Supergirl but with catastrophic results while others are beginning to perform crimes with the advantage of their new abilities beyond of mortal menWhile investigating how all those National City’s citizens got powers things got even complicated when some DEO members and allies fell under the same strange situation developing new strange powersNational City never has been so overwhelmed with so many super powered people ramming its streets all of them with their own agendas some with good intentions others with insidious onesThis is a job for Supergirl PROSE SEASON? An interesting thing about this light prose novel is that while it’s definitely a stand alone story you’ll find small developments for the next prose adventure showing a clear intention of developing a kind of “prose season” where in the middle of the current adventure you’re reading little details preparing future stories in the prose book seriesAnd believe me you’ll be surprised for those detailsThe never ending battle for truth and justice continues in the prose format

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    This book would have been a really cool Supergirl episode What I enjoyed the most about this book was how familiar the main characters felt and how similar to the TV series they were I appreciated that a lot The plot was also really cool and the epilogue had a nice plot twist that I hope sets up the next book

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    Reasonably okay Supergirl story One specific reason why I call this reasonably okay instead of good though I'll mention that later I had two specific problems enjoying this book – 1 I knew going in that this was a young adult book – geared for people younger than me Though I thought it’d be geared the level of say 1980s Star Trek media tie in books which most libraries I spotted the books in would put the books in the juvenile section Instead well I just didn’t realize that the book was geared for people in the age group below young adult Assuming the definitions of young adult I’ve seen apply – ‘targeted at ages 14 to 21’ This book here instead was geared for people aged 9 to 12 grade level 4 7 And the book really did feel that way Both from the overall tone and story and the numerous ‘lesson’s people learned along the way 2 Even considering that the book was geared towards people younger than me and that might have an impact on how I interpret things and ‘they’ interpret things I’d have to say that the ending action scene was a little messed up – which is where that ‘reasonably okay instead of good’ comes in And where I now mention what I mean specifically It’s not even plot holes but the way the story was told in a specific series of events view spoilerIn the climactic battle Supergirl fought some ‘supercitizens’ people who had been exposed to a specific something or other that caused them to get powers During the events that unfolded a series of ‘lead the bad guys a certain direction’ was laid down by Supergirl while mostly keeping everyone else in the dark about her plans – she had a reason the reason was stupid Long and short view spoilerbad guy ‘shadowman’ had been prearranged to be ‘choked out lightly’ before the fight occurred eh? Supergirl just knew the one person who she told the plan would be the one and only person to encounter this specific individual and take them out? That’s ludicrous she’s putting everyone in danger and the plan in danger by keeping uiet Shadowman would then wake up and instead of doing anything at all else and somehow Supergirl ‘knew’ this despite constantly getting people’s reactions and motivations wrong throughout the book that was one of Supergirl’s ‘lessons’ in this book head for the ‘special magical metal’ and flee with it There was no way Supergirl knew the one person she told part of her plan would encounter Shadowman she had no way to know he’d try to flee with the special metal and why? Made no sense sure she directed the guy to a specific location but they could have handled the matter on scene Then while the bad guy was fleeing Supergirl kept popping up and making suggestions – which Shadowman heard and did the opposite – Supergirl directing him To a pier Where he and the special metal got into a boat Shadowman had left at the pier and fled further Supergirl directed Shadowman to where Shadowman was going to go anyway? What? hide spoiler

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    Pairing nicely with Barry Lyga's middle grade offering The Flash Hocus Pocus is this Jo Whitte's Supergirl Age of Atlantis a relatively bite sized piece of fun geared for a middle grade readership but easily digestible for Supergirl fans of all ages I actually liked this book somewhat than Lyga's book though because even while Lyga made a few improvements on the various Flash characters compared to their TV series counterparts there was still too much corny WestAllen stuff for me to recommend the book as wholeheartedly as I would have liked Not so with Whitte though who not only gives just about every character from Supergirl circa Season 2 the peak of the show's uality thus far mostly thanks to Season 3 being too grimdark just like that same numbered season of The Flash the spotlight time they deserve but also gives us some seriously bonkers metahuman action to rival Supergirl the TV series at its best And also some much needed especially again given the dreadful plot developments of Season 3 Karamel moments which I greatly enjoy because it's my number one canon Arrowverse ship by far the only ship I ship being SuperFlash I'm not kidding this book is worth buying just for one scene alone The scene where Mon having developed shapeshifting powers becomes an identical copy of Kara You can bet Chris Wood would've had a blast acting that scene opposite Melissa BenoistAt least this time unlike with Hocus Pocus I know right away to expect a cool seuel Curse of the Ancients Which yes I'm going to read as soon as it comes out as I will with Lyga's as yet unnamed as far as I know Hocus Pocus seuel

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    This was good fun Like with the Flash novel that came out at a similar time Hocus Pocus DC have found an author in Jo Whitte that understands not just the main character but how she interacts with the other characters in her world too Kara feels so very Kara you can almost hear Melissa Benoist acting out certain scenes in this novelBecause it's a novel though we get a lot action that would likely drain the budget on the TV show uite uickly as National City is infected with superheroes after an Atlantean artefact goes missing Set sometime during the tail end of season 2 this story features J'onn Winn Alex Maggie James in a much better role than the show usually relegates him to and Mon El my personal favourite all in an extended capacity Not only are the characters well balanced but there's a Supergirl story a DEO story and a Kara Danvers at CatCo story going on throughout the book that weave in and out of each other seamlessly And also like The Flash this one ends on a cliffhanger God damn it

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    This was kind of a neat story It’s got to be tough to write a book based on a television show you’ve got to capture the characters and their personalities The author had some of Supergirl’s little uirks down her personality and her body language and I kind of liked that And I liked the idea of giving people agency over themselves And I was glad they didn’t edit out the relationship between Maggie and Alex Though I was a bit disappointed in some of the writing it was written on a much younger level than I thought it would be and some of characters end up doing and saying silly things I don’t think they would on the show Or is the dialogue at this level on the show but I don’t realize it? But is it geared for younger watchers of the show? If so you wouldn’t think that the characters would have to be dumbed down I don’t know I was really hoping for Overall I might recommend it to younger readers who are fans of the show But I don’t think older fans would get much out of it

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    Citizens in National City start developing super powers just as an auatic fishman shows up at the DEO An easy breezy read intended for younger readers that Supergirl fans of all ages can enjoy The writingdialogue is a little corny and the things Winn can create are absurd But Kara is still impulsive and has a lot of heart just like on her TV show The writer tosses in lots of little nods to other elements in DC comics and shows Ends on a cliffhanger that sets up book 2 in the series This isn't a great book but it is good fun for Supergirl fans waiting for the next season

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    This was a pretty good book Not the best in the world but it was fine Also if there is anyone out there reading this who loves the Supergirl TV show make sure to check out my group about it If you look up Supergirl in the groups search bar it is one of the first to pop up I am in desperate need of people

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    This is a recommended read for Supergirl fans My favorite parts were related to Winn Schott and Jeremy Jordan I enjoyed the references It was a really good story I can’t wait to see what happens next in the book series Hopefully the next two books will be available soon

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