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The author of The Thomas Crown Affair presents this engaging story of a small town girl's five decade big city life and quest for loves some intended and some notFrom her risky round the world trip on a dare first date through her chance encounters with consultants for the Department of State in a life of multiple relationships new and old you live with​​ our ​Betsy this story of her life and loves​

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    A great readAuthor Alan Trustman is the writer of the famous screenplays The Thomas Crown Affair I loved this movie and Bullitt among others so I was excited to read his novella Silver Dollar It didn’t disappointSilver Dollar reads a little like a screenplay because there is excitement from the start like the opening of a great movie and Trustman is a master at writing dialogue The main character Betsy is new to the big city of New York and trying to make her way in the world when she meets up with some friends for dinner The handsome guy she is with—and barely knows—invites her on a whirlwind tour of the world and she accepts What follows is the life of Betsy from her twenties through her seventies We meet her loves see her losses climb with her in her career and watch the unfolding of several decades of livingWhat then is the intrigue behind the chronicling of a life? It’s the way Trustman does it The book is like eavesdropping on a friend The story kept me turning pages and even the topics of conversation are interesting about books movies and politics And of course there’s romance“Oh no You’re not silver love of my life You’re not silver You’re gold Pure gold”It’s a great read When you put the book down you’ll pick it right back up again wanting to know what happens to Betsy next