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A supernatural superthriller from the author of Let the Right One InMolly wakes her mother to go to the toilet The campsite is strangely blank The toilet block has gone Everything else has gone too This is a place with no sun No godJust four families remain Each has done something to bring them here each denies they deserve it Until they see what's coming over the horizon moving irrevocably towards them Their worst mistake Their darkest fearAnd for just one of them their homecomingThis gripping conceptual horror takes you deep into one of the most macabre and uniue imaginations writing in the genre On family on children Lindvist writes in a way that tears the heart and twists the soul I Am Behind You turns the world upside down and disturbing terrifying and shattering by turns it will suck you in

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    The five stages of reading a John Ajvide Lindvist novel1 This is really good2 wtf?3 Man this is some weird shit4 wtf? I mean really WTF?5 Finished I'm never reading anything this strange again6 Can't get book out of my head Buy next novel Rinse and repeatI really can't decide if i hated this book or loved it

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    DNF 28%This was very sadly a bust for me I got this book from NetGalley and was so looking forward to it unfortunately I found this impossible to get into For myself I Am Behind You by John Ajvide Lindvist was confusing strange and extremely weird And don't even get me started on being inside the dog's head I've visited some heads over my many years of literature but think this was the first time I've ever seen things from a canine point of view very wacky indeedI also had no clue most of the time about what was occurring even finding myself skipping to the end which I never do to see if it got any clearer further on and to maybe provide a touch of clarity to the perplexing storyline It didn't so I decided to down tools life's too short for reading books that I am not enjoyingHere's Hoping this will be a better fit for yourselfThank you to Netgalley the publisher and the author for providing me with a free arc of I Am Behind You This is my own honest opinionhttpswwwbeckiebookwormcom

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    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewBizarre bonkers but utterly grippingI was a huge fan of Let The Right One In and was curious to see if Lindvist could pull it off again in this book For the most part the answer to that uestion is an emphatic yeswith a few minor nigglesThe premise isn't an unfamiliar one Four families find themselves removed from the world as they know it in an 'endless field' with an eerily blue sky and no sun Soon the monsters start to arrive but strangely passive creatures which reveal about the peoples' psyche than anything elseIt is the characters that carry this book and their reactions to the strange situation; and I was freuently reminded of Stephen King throughout similar effective observations of human reaction to the bizarre and frightening combined with the ceaseless desire to survive There were moments when I was baffled and never so than at the end which I was completely confused by This was a slight shame had the ending been 'satisfying' it would have been a full glorious five stars as I was hooked throughout Overall though very readable and I highly recommend it

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    45 Stars My favourite Lindvist since Människohamn It took me slightly over a week to finish this book I've read Crime and Punishment with it's 900 pages in two days Now why did it take me so long to read Himmelstrand? It's not because it's that boring and it's not because Swedish isn't my native language either though admittedly I had to re read some passages It's much rather because I didn't want to finish it wanted to keep on reading forever And also because I had to pause once or twice as to me it was the scariest of all of books Ofcourse pedophilic zombies random zombies and vampires are one thing but this was a whole another thing A much cosmic universal much scarier thing to be exact You have to see it as a whole to realise how scary it actually is because well Darth Vader monstrous TigersElefants and Storm troopers aren't neccessarily the core of all evil but boy there were things that exceeded these by far Especially since it wasn't all splatter and gore but it was the eeriness and creepiness that made me feel so very uneasy from time to time And I sometimes well just had to take a break And on top of that another heartbreakingly beautiful love between a father and his son But alrighty time to talk about what actually matters Characters ✦✦✦✦✦view spoiler Believeable they're all so utterly believable in their own way Likeable Detestable There's characters I just love Emil especially Stefan Benny Lennart Olof and Characters I really hate Donald Isabelle and ofcourse this one character that I felt really uneasy about You might guess who Also real character development going on there Majvor Lennart and Olof and even Benny the dog which made it even enjoyable hide spoiler

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    The synopsis for this novel sounded excellent Holiday makers awake one morning to find that their world is vastly different to the previous day I loved the premise of this novel and the setting Sweden However for this reader many uestions were raised but by the end of the novel very little had been answeredThe characters themselves on the whole were difficult to empathise with the exception being the little boy Emil On the plus side I felt that the overall atmosphere of the novel was well done It was psychological horror Thought the first half of the novel was stronger the introduction of the characters and their history I'd like to rate this higher but for this reader I finished the novel wanting answers

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    I'm very underwhelmed The concept is good though very Stephen King but I guess that isn't a bad thing and it starts out sort of promising but then idk Throughout the book I kept mixing up the male characters Stefan with Peter and Olof and Lennart with each otherThat's one problem I had with it the characters I did not find them fleshed out and interesting as many others seem to have I found them very shallow and stereotypical Like hmm what are kids? OH yeah they're small people that like Star Wars and can't spell well everything this kid does will relate to Star Wars and the fact that he can't pronounce anything correctly Farmers yeah that's a personality trait in its own they will relate everything to things that happen on the farm No one had a particularly distinct voice and I kept mixing them upAlso they just seem like the same characters I already saw in Lilla Stjärna Donald and Majvor seemed pretty much exactly like the couple who found Terese Like can two character who have been married for a long time have any other kind of relationship than one that's abusive with the woman being kinda stupid and submissive? I liked where Majvor ended the book but still nahMy other problem the writing There's no good word for it in English tillgjort but I find it somewhat pretentious I guess Like this is the way Ajvide Lindvist thinks writing should be done so he does it like that He uses the word ty way too often for something written this century I mean when Åke Ohlmarks used it in his translation of Lord of the Rings it was SOMEWHAT motivated but just barely in this book it made me cringe every time I saw itThe plot had its moments I'll admit that and had I enjoyed the characters or the writing I think I would have really loved it but as it is no Especially not with the lack of explanations by the end because even if things are explained in a later book I will probably not read anything by this authorAlso the fucking dog perspective? Cringe cringe cringe

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    A very odd mind screwingly creepy bookI still have no idea what it was really all about Compelling reading nonetheless Emil and Benny were the standout characters for me

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    45 Stars rounding upA rather odd story but enjoyable all the same Holidaymakers find themselves and their caravans in the middle of nowhere with no sun and no trees But nowhere has rules strange weird and odd rules It also has other occupants strange weird and odd occupants The ending is well strange weird and oddObviously recommended to those who weird stories and don’t mind some blood and gore on the way

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    Finished reading September 4th 2017 The things we take for granted are the things we miss the most when they disappear A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Riverrun in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoilerWarning some mild swearing ahead Couldn't express my feelings for this one otherwise Don't get me wrong I've read my share of crazy weird and uirky stories and I actually enjoy reading them to take a break from the 'ordinary' But there is weird and then there is I Am Behind You My first thoughts when I started reading were literally what the hell did I sign up for when I reuested a copy? Because there is one thing for sure and that is that even after finishing it the only thing my mind is able to process is WTF WTF WTF did I just read? I Am Behind You is actually a translation of a Swedish novel published back in 2014 I wonder if part of the story was lost in translation and made it difficult to enjoy it but considering the other reviews out there I'm uite certain this is not the case The first thing that stands out to me is the plot or actually the lack of a plot that actually makes sense Like the characters you are left in the middle of an empty field without a clue what is going on Instead of adding suspense and intrigue it only made me feel VERY frustrated and added to the overall struggle I had with this story The worst part is that a lot of things are never explained at all and leave you empty handed and with that WTF feeling I mentioned before The multiple POVs are also confusing and take a long time to get used to The flashbacks are a nice touch and I think I would have actually prefered seeing of those instead of the current POV since the flashbacks at least made a bit sense I wasn't a fan of the characters at all though I disliked one even than the other and this made it very hard to care about them or what would happen to them And apart from the the lack of a proper plot multiple POVs unlikeable characters and the sheer absurdity of it all I had a hard time connecting to the writing style as well It might have been the translation it might have been the writing but it took me a lot longer than normal to reach the final page and to be honest it was a real struggle And after such an unsatisfying ending I kind of wish I could have DNFed this story instead Because there is one thing for sure this story 100% isn't for me I like weird I like unconventional but I Am Behind You was just batshit crazy Guano styleWhen Molly wakes up early in the morning and asks her mother to go to the bathroom something strange seems to be going on Because the toilet block is no longer there In fact everything else has gone too and the only thing left are four campers in a neverending field of grass Where are they? And why are they there in the first place? The four families will do whatever it takes to get back to the 'normal' world But is that even possible?I was actually really looking forward to this book but I guess I should have known after reading the blurb The thing is I normally like stories that are unconventional Call me weird but I find a dose of crazy to be rather refreshing every once in a while But I wasn't prepared for I Am Behind You Because this story will definitely give you an overdose of crazy The plot is basically absurd and doesn't make sense and I was clueless even after reaching the final page I didn't manage to connect to the characters or writing style and overall unfortunately I had a really hard struggle with it The fact that it took me about three times as much as normal to just finish it will say enough Definitely not a story for me hide spoiler

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    35 stars There is a certain specific joy to reading a big fat multi character horror novel and I AM BEHIND YOU falls firmly in that sweet spot You can get lost in it in a way it's hard to get lost in other kinds of books I found Lindvist's most popular book LET THE RIGHT ONE IN underwhelming The Swedish film was better imo pulling out all the good stuff and getting rid of the bad stuff Here we hop from character to character getting to see the events from different points of view without too much repetition Even with 10 characters 12 if you count the animals it's easy to keep everyone straight and there's a nice throughline of the story with good juggling to make sure you don't get too much or too little of any one thingperspective There's a steady increase of tension with new discoveriesobstacles every so often to keep things moving And of course there's inter character drama as things get and stressful Lindvist's scary stuff is uniue and distressing and something you can really picture in your mind's eye he's uite skilled at it And the character work here is also very good You really get a feel for who all these people are and enough of their backstory to feel fully fleshed outIt is funny to me how many of the reviews for this book complain about the ending This is very much a symptom of how horror readers come looking for certain tropes and structures Horror is a genre with notorious third actresolution problems and here we have a book that actually handles it pretty well but it bothers people because they want their bad third act with a little bow that doesn't actually wrap up anything Example Yes you can say oh we have explained it this all happened because this monster wants XYZ but if you actually say but WHY? almost no horror novel can back it up it always involves just accepting the supernatural just not as much as this book does We could use practice at it tbh I found the ending perfectly in keeping with the rest of the book but if you didn't love THE RUINS or other books that don't give you a tidy little bow this may not be for you This book does have a lot in common with THE RUINS structurally if you liked one you will probably like the other despite their drastically different settingsNote this is very much an example of Straight Man Writing All the straight men think about sex a lot basically no one else ever does It often seems that no one else except the straight men even care about sex at all to the point that it feels almost homophobic with one set of characters It is not the worst offender and it's certainly common in the horror genre but something to keep in mind if such things annoy you as they do me