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In MAXIMUM RIDE SAVING THE WORLD AND OTHER EXTREME SPORTS, The Time Has Arrived For Max And Her Winged Flock To Face Their Ultimate Enemy And Discover Their Original Purpose To Defeat The Takeover Of Re Evolution , A Sinister Experiment To Re Engineer A Select Population Into A Scientifically Superior Master Raceand To Terminate The Rest Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, And Angel Have Always Worked Together To Defeat The Forces Working Against Them But Can They Save The World When They Are Torn Apart, Living In Hiding And Captivity, Halfway Across The Globe From One Another

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    I find one of the great benefits of teaching is being able to buy read ya lit without having to justify to myself its literary merit I m buying it for my classroom library I m reading it for research Much of the YA Lit that I read though, is, in fact, well written, intelligent, thought provoking pieces of literature The Maximum Ride series was certainly never that While I enjoyed the first two Maximum Ride books The Angel Experiment and School s Out Forever , they are certainly brain candy I know it s full of sugar and empty calories, but its just so addicting to read something interesting without actually having to think about it Unfortunately, Maximum Ride Saving the World and other Extreme Sports lacks any substance what so ever Its the equivilant to eating cubes of sugar The other plots, while predictable, were at least plausible in a bird avian hybrids fighting to save the world is normal sort of way The style of writing, while cute in the first two books, is now extremely annoying What was, at first, an attempt to sound authentic, is now appearing a desperate attempt to sound young This book gives in to all the YA Lit stereotypes of fluff books without any literary merit I don t think you need to dumb down literature to get kids to like it This book is an insult to all 14 year old kids with wings everywhere.

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    There was a metaphorical hole in my heart A spiritual void and yearning for oblivion My hands didn t want to turn the pages of the many books I own Too lazy What s the point I ll still be me Nothing on tv All of these channels and NOTHING on It s probably broken There s no way that the same show is on every channel I was bored There was nothing to do Pretty much the mental equivalent of food in the fridge and there s nothing good tasty to eat I ve got nothing I m a wasteland There s no party in my mouth and no one is invited All alone Fifth graders are probably smarter than me I could find out for sure but I m too lazy and there s nothing on tv And in the dead television set a voice spoke to me To me It said, Mariel It was eerie, believe me Not only was it broken, it was also unplugged And it knew my name and it wasn t Hey, you You retarded or something Get out of the way like the heavy books on my bookshelves say I waited to hear it again to be sure Pitter pitter pat Is that the pitter patting of little feet Was my biological clock ticking No I m bored It was exciting at first that my broken tv is talking to me The dangling plug gave it an extra something, I ll admit Now what Read my book The pages turn themselves I ve got loads where that came from I write and sell these things like nobody s business James Patterson It s hard to tell without bending down and turning my head sideways He s curled up in the fetal position But I run down my mind of authors who sell like nobody s business It s not Stephenie Myer She s a woman, I think Yes, it s me I m cynical about this stuff This girl I don t think much of is a huge fan of his Guilt by association Hey, you look uncomfortable in there It s not very big I m too cheap and it s also pretty old You don t need to tell me My hardbacks are 29.99 You can t pay for that Kids in Africa could live off that for a year You can t afford that for me Welll A hand extends from the bowels of the television set to offer a hardcover book I don t have any cash Your immortal soul will do That s pretty steep But I m bored and the novelty of purchasing through tv gets to me Didn t Morgan Freeman star in the film versions Who can you trust if you can t trust Morgan Freeman Didn t he even play God in some thing Anyway, he always plays those wise old guys If you need to explain something that doesn t make sense in a movie, you get Morgan Freeman to do it Wait, that doesn t seem right I HATE those movies Okay, you got me What was I using it for anyway I probably gave it away to someone years ago like the loophole on The Simpson s It d be neat to get something through the tv I like the scene in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film when they teleport the chocolate bar I always wanted to do that when a kid and the sugar cereal ads would come on I don t have any cereal Nothing to eat The tube switches off and I wait for the maniacial laughter A cha ching or something My hands are burning I rub my fingers over the neon raised letters as if they were braille and I could feel the magic contained within The authors name is bigger than the title That s always a sign of selling like nobody s business Don t ask questions and they will tell you no lies MAXIMUM RIDE SAVING THE WORLD AND OTHER EXTREME SPORTS It s part three But I haven t read the first two And I don t have another immortal soul to sell Did I use it to miss it I still feel empty except for this shiny new book to distract me Should I have children pitter pitter patterson and sell theirs There s a chick and shadowy other people chicks and non chicks are standing sorta behind her The one in the back is probably going to die It s pretty tense Like watching a dream on the corners of your mind Or trying to play a song in your head to get rid of the bad song that s already stuck in there that happens to me a lot Or a rorschach test and there are only wrong answers That happened to me Interesting What s interesting about it It s interesting that you ask why it is interesting Therapy doesn t help MAXIMUM RIDE SAVING THE WORLD AND OTHER EXTREME SPORTS But you can save the world another way JAMES PATTERSON It s larger than the above title Use your mental abilities to image that those are larger than the other words James Patterson.The good news You don t need to read the first two It all makes perfect sense The bad guys from the first two books are after the good guys of the first two books They are good because James Patterson says it is so Look how large his name is That s street cred that Mariah Carey couldn t buy with all of the rappers turned bodyguards in the employ of the Jonas brothers He s on tv Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel I bet Angel dies Iggy is probably the smart aleck who secretly loves the little one he gives a hard time Gasman has gas or works in the employ of the government Maybe he s a double agent By day he collects bills and by night he eats tacos Fang and Max have erotic tension you could cut through like butter It melts.Genetically engineered like Hitler would never dream of engineering The Swedes are way beyond it too That s saying something because they are blonder than Germans It s all the sunlight they get Now these blondes I just realized they could all get into that blondes only concert held by The Police aka the gestapo could kick all of your asses because they are genetically superior Blondes have fun I am a brunette and this is why I am often bored They could breed turtles with spiders and then those turtle spiders would eat your children Angel is stuck in Mexico where the chihuahuas are bitches in heat and mating with giant chupachabras because the male chihuahuas are humping the legs of tourists instead She got into a fight her first day because they pronounced the g as an h Nudge is ALL THE WAY in Canada and hiding in an igloo from rabid mounties who did it with their horses when lonely one drunken night It s wrong to mess with nature That s what Max she s a girl Her name is probably something like Maxine James Patterson was a genius giving her a boy s name It s not messing with boy girl nature it s just she s too bad ass to be a girl and that s natural selection in action is probably all about With the help of her gang, of course They eat yummy roly poly fish heads to survive They keep them on dry ice because the dead bodies of the lesser humans are on all the regular ice When they get a head out to eat there s lots of fog like in a music video It s hard to find time for the James Cameron directed sex scene with all the cool visual effects like dry ice The hand only starts half way sliding down the steamed up car windows of THE MAXIMUM RIDE The MAXIMUM RIDE has a car race against another bad ass car The one that was featured on Trick my Truck marathon the day I had car troubles and had to sit in a stinky lobby for hours I never wanted to die in my life than that day If I appreciated chase scenes I d have been happier and could relate to other people who got the point of really long chase scenes that never seem to end.They fight to the death in a game of extreme frisbee Flying through the air this is how Angel gets it It cuts through her neck and her head comes right off and crying Duck in time Marco Polo is played in the dire straits by Iggy versus the genetic snobs that are the bad guys It s hard because his buddies are in different parts of the world and he can t hear if they cry out polo or not The pages turned themselves so quickly that I hardly had time to ask any questions Morgan Freeman read the audio book and that helped I trust that guy He wouldn t lie about any of this Flirty fishing C mon, give a little loving Kiss the girls Itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout What Okay, Morgan If he says there is going to be a big race war and it s not moving fast enough and the winners won t be smart enough and all we gotta do is wait and take over in the aftermath If we stop being cheap with our 29.99 and give it to the starving James Pattersons who need it But it sounds like you re one of the bad guys The bad guys believed in genetic superiority But I don t have a cool name that could be either a man or a woman s like Max or Morgan I m NOT superior It s like when the Soviets were for the people and then got all the good stuff anyway I d ask Liam Neeson what HE thinks but he s busy being smart in Hollywood films Morgan says to trust him so I must.There s a test at the end of the book I failed just like I failed those ink blot tests I failed every page of the graphic novel version It was ink blots of product placements and I kept saying pepsi when it was coke It was a big ink splot on the page It asks you what you think it is I said it was a bunny rabbit WRONG It was James Patterson with a full head of blonde hair There s another one and I said it was a bunny law of averages Do they grade on a curve It was James Patterson connected with all of the readers of the world The connect the dots felt like braille and I could read the connectedness through my eyeballs and fingertips He does sell a lot of books Connected Through him we could all be connected Look, we got the same book It s not all ink blots I kept saying bunny and it was never a bunny Do you use a lot of hand lotion What s a lot My pages don t turn themselves I ve been wrong this whole time Do you see the emperor s new clothes Yes I made it That was the right answer I won a t shirt, a key chain, a coffee mug and all I had to do was give up the souls of any children I may have which is bound to happen any day now that I have something as huge in common with the wide world as love of James Patterson.Now I watch all of Morgan Freeman s movies he s very wise and I never have to raise the energy to turn a page again When you get to heaven tell em that James Patterson sent you.

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    HATED IT I never hate books This was so poorly written, such a mess of mixed up voice, bad dialog and improbably situations A total waste of paper.

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    Okay, I would love to give this book ever so many stars, but nothing ruins a book like half a ed politics.I mean, really James, or whoever really wrote this who is brilliant and the object of my emulation in so many ways , do you really want all children to be socialist democrats It s just hilarious to me how present players refuse to learn from history the alternative being that they are students of history, bent on repeating it over and over again, not caring how many people die as long as it s the right people.Boo on that.Oh, and kids with sticks and rocks overthrowing a huge, top secret, billion dollar facility with no mention of casualties Like most of the book, I m pretty sure that s just a pie in the sky dream for Max, and if it wasn t so dangerous and historically flawed I could let it go The French wanted to kill their royalty, the Germans blamed their problems on the Jews, and America is starting to villify corporations and people with money.Historically, this trend happens again and again, with the poor middle class demanding what the rich have with no idea how to earn that kind of money themselves, mind you No, it kind of comes down to killing those with the money so you can just take it by force.Anyway, clearly I had issues with the message of this book There s a reason most sci fi uses metaphors rather than current politics It s because when an author sets out to use brilliant characters to convert young minds to a current political movement, it makes it impossible to truly enjoy the story.I m not a big fan of current environmental policy, current industry standards, landfills, waste and all that stuff, but it s not entirely the fault of corporations We re the ones who want low prices, who don t use solar and wind power because it s still too pricey and buy everything the corporations tell us too THAT s a beeter message to give kids that by supporting the problem by giving it your money makes you the source of the problem If you re so against large corporations then stop drinking Coke, playing Wii, seeing movies, using paper government issued money, eating pre packaged food not grown or killed locally, riding your mass produced bike, driving in a car, flying to visit family and buying anything with a logo on it.THAT is how you take down massive, international corporations Not by throwing sticks and stones over a high security wall, miraculously destroying a droid army and saving the day.If you haven t read the book, all this probably sounds nonsensical to you, but the main point is this book has an agenda for kids.So, if you ve made it this far, IMO this book is nearly ruined by shallow, simplistic environmental politics Fang s blog is completely uncharacteristic of him and nauseating And including the blog s comments Who s dumb idea was that It was like spoon feeding kids words they should parrot at home and school and play.Gag me

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    This is actually the third book in the series I have not read the first two but When the Wind Blows of which this series was based on, is one of my favourite books by James Patterson.When I heard that Patterson had written a children s novel I was surprised Knowing what his adult books are like, I couldn t imagine how he could write for children without being to scary I find his writing style completely different in this book, it is hard for me to think of the books as having the same author.Speaking of writing styles, the book is written differently than most books It is like there is a narrator who is sitting next to me, telling me the story Quite a few times the reader is directly addressed This put an interesting spin on things, I enjoyed it.Having not read the first two books, I was unsure if I would be able to follow the storyline in number 3 but things are well explained in this book so that you don t even need to have read books one and two.I found the story a little slow at the beginning, it took a while for things to start happening but once they did, I couldn t put the book down I wanted to know what happened next At 24, it wasn t that long ago that I was a teenager and I ve always liked teen fiction so I can see why this book is so popular with kids already One reason why I think Max s stories will become popular is because it s something entirely new Bird kids What other book do you know of with bird kids that have escaped from the school they were bred in I m glad to hear that the book will be made into a movie, I would like to see it when it comes out.One thing I didn t like about the book although most others I ve heard from did like it, was Fang s blog If by chance this is the first review you ve read of this book, highly unlikely but still, then you may not know that Fang one of the character s has his own blog which is really online and it is consulted and used throughout the entire story Also modern culture is mentioned like Brad Pitt, Harry Potter and Oprah What I like about books is that they take me away from the real world into a new world so when the two worlds are combined, I find it harder to imagine life in the book world My favourite part of the book is when Ter Borcht interviews the flock Max s and occasionally the other s smart alec answers are hilarious I know most kids would love to be able to talk back to adults like that but obviously can t so it s great Overall I enjoyed this book and recommend it to those 12 and up I hope that James Patterson chooses to write novels for kids teens when Maximum Ride is finished It s books like these that get kids reading.

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    Hi, I said lamely Unfortunately, finding out who my parents actually were had not improved my social graces by leaps and bounds Oh, well The quote above shows exactly why I like this book Max is so sarcastic and I love the touch she gives to converstations For example the way she mocks Ter Borcht and the scientists is so funny Loved to read those parts When I was finished, I was so scared that this great series would be over, but thanks to Mr Patterson, there is much to read I give this book 3 stars Can t give the book , because this book is so full of action and plot twists, that I can t keep up with it Sometimes it s just too much and it gets unbelievable at some points Also I don t even have time to process some of the plot twists, because a new one gets slammed in my face already A little less would be better in this book, to my taste.And I m kinda sad that view spoiler Max and Fang did not even talk about their feelings, where was the romance at the end of the book hide spoiler

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    view spoiler Max and Fang Two peas in a pod I ve got your back, you got mine, kind of relationship Right That s all it is Wrong Fang and Max share a kiss Awkward While things remain weird and unsolved amongst them, they end up stuck with the whitecoatsagain Once they are able to escape, Max makes a spur of the moment decision She decides to spare the life of a former enemy who once tried to kill her and invites him along Fang utterly disagrees He believes Ari, the former enemy, whether the decision to help them escape was honest or a scam, can t be trusted Max believes differently Max and Fang both believe strongly about their opinion and can t agree They end up going their separate ways Max, Angel, Nudge, Total, and Ari go one way Fang, Iggy, and Gasman go the other Will Max and Fang be able to make things right Or will Fang and his group be too late to help save Max and her group from the dreaded whitecoats hide spoiler

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    Just like the last two books, Max is on the run Evil Erasers are after her, only now they re robotic And there are evil scientists, all ready to be the most clich villains imaginable.I actually took notes on this book It was so bad I didn t want to forget a single moment.The book opens with a two page scene in which the main villain introduces herself by casually ordering everyone to die Only it s not scary so much as flat, cheesy, and so cardboard evil I almost laughed First two pages, and you can predict everything the bad guys are going to do.Next chapter, the necessary summary of the previous books, as this is the third book in the series Only instead of working it into the plot, like any sane book, Max basically takes a time out, reminds the reader you re reading a book here Those of you who picked up this book cold, even though it s clearly part three of a series, well, get with the program, people , which is like a kick upside the head in terms of getting personally involved in the plot Fang s blog is mentioned, and the URL is also given, in case you want to read blog style writing.The Erasers are gone Finally And what comes to replace them Robot werewolves Robots that burn from the briefest contact with fire, break from a well placed kick, and have to physically attack people because they don t get guns until the end of the book The flock even says, It s like they were dipped in gasoline Please If they are covered in flesh and fur, that shouldn t burn that easily If they aren t, they still shouldn t be leaking oil to the point where they re burning to death because some kid threw a flaming stick from a fire at them has anyone played with flaming sticks from fires They generally don t stay lit very long once outside the fire They have creepy laughter and a horrible sense of humor the There is no chance to survive make your time Ha ha ha robot had life And they have no guns, no crossbows, not even any rocks The only way for them to fight is to physically run into the kids and then wail on them Considering how much those robots probably cost to manufacture, I m surprised Itex didn t hire out the Mafia at a fraction of the cost It would have been a better use of the money.If this hasn t been enough to turn you off, Patterson then reveals that everything in the first hundred pages or so, plus everything in the last two books, was a chemically induced dream Yay It later turns out to be a lie About a hundred pages later But I very nearly put the book down at that initial statement, because there was no way I wanted to keep reading after that.Apparently, people are now able to get tattoos that only show up a few days before you re going to die And they have your death date on them How nice of them I am curious what kind of invisible ink they re using that presumably is triggered by crap in the body that would build up if the body is going into suicide mode Interestingly, as well, that although death has been programmed into people, they re completely fine right up until the moment they drop dead Science truly has come a long way maybe they should ve put half that much effort into the social sciences Every single employee and the clients of Itex has to have a negative IQ in terms of social skills They get all pissed off at the experiments for not being grateful that they brought cookies while everyone was in prison I realize scientists are deluded, but if you can t even have an ounce of pity for any of them, you stop believing in them.And then we meet the main target of hatred for the majority of the book an evil scientist from Germany who has this hugely thick accent Wow, I never would ve imagined the bad guy could be German And his plan just coincidentally resembles Hitler s little sanitation program, too Kill everyone unfit, blah, blah, until only half the population is left, and then everyone else will get along so well Like I said, they need a few psychology classes in their curriculum Or maybe history And they had this little turn in your buddies if they re unfit program going on at the end, too Bet nobody saw that rewards program coming.Did you know regular werewolves can apparently chew through steel You know, with regular teeth I m pretty sure dogs that try that need a trip to the doggie dentist It must ve been really bad steel Alternatively, please just say the m word and make them magical Or something manufactured that isn t like regular teeth Angel betrays everyone, only it wasn t really a betrayal, because she was just pretending Great This was set up where This was hinted at where This was nothing than a totally obvious attempt to bludgeon some tension into a scene that was already flat and tired and dead Angel s betrayal would only have worked if she either hadn t done it at all, or had done it after the appropriate hints that she would do so As it was, it s not only ridiculous, it doesn t work at all.Fang has a blog Patterson apparently felt the need to directly transcribe the comments to that blog Apart from the fact that it looks like all children have no ability to spell whatsoever, the whole thing has such an obvious eco spin I nearly laughed Save the whales Collect the whole set He rips at global warming, pollution, world hunger, etc, etc, with these incredibly trite statements The best part is, although the whole book turns out to be so environmentally friendly it s practically married to Mother Earth, it never offers anything real people could do about any of that It does suggest protests, complete with bad chants and Moltov cocktails Somehow I do not think this is going to be an effective strategy Whining won t change anything Blowing things up certainly isn t going to get you the kinds of changes you were hoping to see.This book had a few good lines of dialogue It had a lot bad ones OMG was an actual line and it s NOT from the blog comments section, where I ignored the bad spelling as best I could Um, we re reading a book People generally don t speak in acronyms unless they re actually saying the acronym, and I don t even want to think about Nudge saying Oh em gee instead of Oh my God There s cussing in the rest of the book this wasn t done to cut down on the swearing Max says God and Oh my God a lot It s the only instance of this atrocity in the book, too, which makes it really stand out as the pinnacle of horror Although every single line the German dude had also made me wince, and every single line the female scientist did too There was a lot of bad, cheesy, teeth grinding dialogue But OMG reminded me it could still go downhill.So, the flock gets across the ocean, and begins touring Europe as part of Max s non plan to save the world And I do mean tour They stop in tourist places and do tourist things And oh yeah, then go look up Itex headquarters, only to randomly decide not to attack and find the next one, and on the way stop at tourist places And make sarcastic funny comments about tourist stuff This really destroyed any sense of direction the book had are you going to get on with it, or aren t you Apparently they weren t And after spending all three books pretty much doing her own thing, whatever the consequences, Max decides to listen to the Voice and leave England s Itex office for later There are no reasons I might as well pretend the England office had fleas.If you read the second book or was it the first I lose track of what happened in which book, after a while , you ll remember Max had a clone It s like the Terminator she s baaaaaaack And now there are clones of everyone else too And somehow these clones are all exact clones, exactly the same age and the same looks and the same everything Because we all know that all twins are identical, even when they re genetically identical They never cut their hair different or have any distinguishing marks or anything.So, Max and her girls are busting into this castle in Germany, and they need a way to get around Why use the halls when you can use a ventilation duct They re always big enough for people, you never get stuck, you never run into rats, and they always lead directly where you wanted to go Of course, then they get caught, and throw into a dungeon A literal dungeon With chains So yay, being bird people chained up underground they weren t quite as claustrophobic as they claimed to be They all seemed to take it really well.Maybe this was because our unnamed female evil director genius scientist from page one returns, with a name and a new identity Mother Dearest I so should have put money down on that I am your mother wasn t quite the sinister shock Patterson had meant it to be It s just that kind of book Of course this is Max s mother Equally of course is that it later turns out to be a lie Ha Patterson is saying You didn t believe I d actually tell you the truth about anything , and also equally obvious is who the genetic mother turns out to be Hint there have only been two other adult females in the entire series that have had even minor roles, and you know it s not one of them cause she d have rubbed it in a long time ago Also patently obvious is the identity of Max s father I d had that pegged by book one, along with the identity of Max s Voice Who is the Voice Jeb, of course, who has always been saying the same sort of things, and who is the only character with anything approaching ambiguity Here s a handy little guide for the rest of the series if someone doesn t try to kill capture the flock within the first five seconds, everyone s going to be best friends.Fang has invented a new way to save the world spam every inbox in the world with a lousy plea to get up and save our planet because adults are ruining it for us, and if you want to do something just open this attachment You know, we ll figure out exactly when the spammers read this book because we ll start getting viruses from emails like these Fang thinks the kids can do it Yay kids You may be only in second grade, but don t let that stop you from learning how to build bombs and lobbing them at defenseless people in an office building Because obviously, working for Itex means you re in on the plan Nope, no janitors just trying to feed a family, not having a clue what the corporation whose floors they re cleaning actually does.Now, Max is sitting in the middle of a prison facility, captured along with all the rest of the experiments, etc, and one of them apparently not only has Internet access, but reads Fang s blog, knows who Max is versus all the Max clones that are walking around in this same building , and has enough of a brain to give her a message from Fang, although Fang just posted it up on his blog and didn t ask for a hand delivery This person is never seen again Need I say Max is, also, incorruptible Pardon me while I laugh until my nose bleeds I don t doubt that characters can have high moral standards, enough so to be immune to a lot of the temptation that comes along with power It was just the way they put it, on top of everything else.Well, now the book comes to its freak show, where all the experiments are paraded in front of potential buyers None of these experiments has even two brain cells to think about escape One, a boy named Omega, is pitted against Max in a deathmatch who didn t see that coming , which, once Max looks to be winning, becomes a bunch of really stupid tests that Max should ve fought harder before agreeing to take A foot race Calculating the weight of a wall Pulling a bunch of weights And oh, yeah, Ari He dies in Max s arms Which was supposed to be sweet, I think, except I was too busy wondering how he could be wailing away on the robotic werewolves one minute, and dead the next Even heart attacks take longer, and strokes don t leave you that conscious of your last moments It was just a well, we don t need him any, moment And aww, see, it s supposed to be tragic, cause he dies and she s holding him and she feels bad for him Right.Angel s powers were a real deus ex machina They only worked when Patterson found it convenient for them to work None of the top bosses were telepathic, and none of them walked around with telepaths to protect them from people like Angel, but she mysteriously can t manipulate any of their minds, only the minds of the other experiments Angel starts a riot, everyone s fighting, and the whole thing ends when you guessed it, kids with rocks show up Fang s army bursts through the gates, chanting truly hideous rhymes that are a crime against English, and this army of kids manages to subdue the whole mob You know, I think a few of those robots had machine guns True, all the robots were dead, but I wouldn t put it beyond one of the mysteriously silent members of the audience to pick one up and start shooting everybody in an effort to protect himself.So the day is won, thanks in large part to a bunch of second graders no one dared shoot, although these are evil dictators bent on wiping out half of humanity Yeah, that didn t make a lot of sense to me either Max and the flock go to a tear filled reunion back home, snarf down a bunch of chow, and fly off into the sunset Literally.I hope you don t need me to spell out my opinion of this book Not Recommended.

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    This book starts pretty much where the last one left off Itex is all part of the evil military industrial complex and has an evil plan That plan is to kill about half the people on the planet, those not good enough and recreate the world It s up to Max and the flock stop their sinister plan Like the previous books, the pace is fast and fun The author gives a couple of nods to Ian Flemming s James Bond, and that s pretty much the way of his villains They go to great pains to capture the heroes and promise death to them all the book opens with that order , yet they seem to prefer needlessly involved, complicated, and risky plots to eliminate our heroes None of which work In the end, like Bond, this is the villain s undoing Further, Patterson replaces Erasers with remarkably Terminator like replacements Fortunately for our heroes, the Flyboys , as they are called, aren t as tough as a Model 101 Terminator They seem like the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz The author develops the characters slowly very slowly Max and Fang ALMOST confess feelings to each other We find out who Max s parents really are, and be prepared for some surprises from Ari The book ends leaving things wide open for a sequel There is a great climax and grand battle worthy of any Hollywood action flick The villain gloats, Max must battle alone, great odds are faced, and the villain is beaten and it s over Or, is it All in all this book is my favourite in the series so far, i cant wait fun read the next oneEnjoy the ride

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    There were so many plot twists in this book that I don t even know where to start Max and the flock are back to save the world and travel it as well Angel s mind altering ability comes in very handy this time around and Ari is back with a new attitude The School has begun eliminating the failed experiments and Max and her flock are on the list They just need to stop the Re Evolution plan first The action is non stop and Max s sarcasm keeps a smile on your face Old friends are revisited and new ones are made The short chapters make this a quick enjoyable read I really like the flow of the story line and looks forward to continuing the series.