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The official novelization of the eagerly anticipated movie  Wonder WomanBefore she was Wonder Woman she was Diana princess of the s trained to be an unconuerable warrior Raised on a sheltered island paradise when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world Diana leaves her home convinced she can stop the threat Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars Diana will discover her full powersand her true destinyWONDER WOMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics and Warner Bros Entertainment Inc s17

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    This review can also be found on my blog Dana and the Books Chances are you've heard of Wonder Woman The new movie starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine and directed by Patty Jenkins is everywhere you turn your head  It's received countless positive reviews and glowing praises And rightfully so—I loved it Wonder Woman by Nancy Holder is not a new story featuring Diana it's a straight up novelization of the movie I found novelizations can be hit or miss for me; some are written too simply and abruptly for my tastes but this one was a fantastic addition to the Wonder Woman franchise It fleshed out the scenes in the movie that went by just a bit too fast and beefed up Diana's character with inner monologueThe famous No Man's Land scene was especially exciting to experience in a different medium It made it that much powerful The book follows the movie scene for scene with a lot of the dialogue word for word from the script so it'a a perfect companion piece to the film Nancy captured Diana's inner voice well letting us in Diana's head to see what she was thinking during those key film momentsI'm excited to rewatch the movie after having read thisWonder Woman is perfect for fans of the movie who want a little bit Thanks Titan Books for a copy to reviewBook Links Book Depository |  US |  Canada |  UK

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    I used to want to save the world This beautiful place But I knew so little then It is a land of beauty and wonder worth cherishing in every way But the closer you get the you see the great darkness simmering within And mankind?Making is another story altogetherWhat one does when faced with the truth is difficult than you thinkI learned this the hard way a long long time ago And now I will never be the sameI’m this person who saw the movie twice and of course had to buy the novelization I’d say one thing before really beginning my review the book isn’t as good as the movie The author cut some things and sometimes it felt like the words used to describe a scene were too simple But that being said the story was still spectacularDiana is such an amazing character She’s been taught all her life humans are fair and good strong and passionate let’s just she was uite disappointed when she discovered how they really were But she believes in what’s good she believes in piece and kindness she believes in helping people in need So when she meets Steve and he tells her about a war that’s going on she doesn’t think twice and decides to go with him to help destroy Ares the God of War she thinks is responsible for this war
She comes from an island entirely made of women and here she arrives in the misogynist XXth century where women don’t even have the right to vote and are supposed to keep their mouth shut A XXth century where people kill innocent people for powerSeeing the world though her eyes is something amazing because where she comes from misogyny poverty discrimination and racism don’t exist But she finds herself in a world where if your skin colour isn’t the good colour then you can’t exercise the job of your dreams were women have to beg for someone to listen to what they have to say to people asking for money in the streets because they don’t have any basically you see everything that is wrong in this world But now I know I’ve touched the darkness that lives in between the light Seen the worst of this world and the best Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred and the lengths they’ll go to for love
Now I know Only love can save the worldSo I stay I fight and I give for the world I know can be This my mission foreverMy man Steve is the purest person there is out there in this world All he wants is to save people That’s his mission in life He just can’t stand and watch people get killed when he can fight and do something about this That’s not who he is
He recognizes it himself he’s not 100% good The world and this war changed him turned him into someone he sometimes doesn’t recognize because he had to learn to make sacrifices This is probably the hardest thing he learned let some people die so he can have a chance to save It costs him a lot But there is Diana here to remind him he can try to save everybody and make a difference
He actually sees the good in the world because I think if he didn’t then he wouldn’t fight for it so much He chuckled to himself He wasn’t afraid But he was wistful He wanted to show Diana the beautiful parts of this world To share it with her Newspapers and breakfasts It was not to be
It was not to be
Still he couldn’t stop smiling when he thought of her and of what he was doing and what this would mean for the world Peace45

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    Better than some movie novelizationsThe writing went between awkward and good for during this read It follows the movie well and with some insight into everyone's heads you wouldn't get in the filmThe ending for me with Diana and Ares fighting still isn't my favorite part The visual effects were great but felt overlong to me The case was the same here except without the visual aids provided by the movieAll in all a decent read and I was fun to spend time with the gang again

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    Ok before I get any static about my low rating let me be clear I really enjoyed the movie I think it's the best DC has done in years and I'm so glad they finally seem to be getting their act together So why is the book rated low? Well this is one of the few times in my life I can recall saying The movie was betterIn fairness to Nancy Holder I have no idea what restrictions she might have been under to write this There are the many complications of not only writing someone else's character but then retelling a movie that's already been written Most of the book is a decent retelling of the events of the movie But it was a few things along the way that really grated on me throwing me out of the story each time I read them And honestly it comes across as sloppy writing Either someone overrode her or she made some mistakes the editors really should have caught To get to some specifics when Diana is a child on Themyscaria going by the movie chronology it should be right around the year 1900 give or take So her saying both Busted and Boom Done is jarring at best Modern terms do not belong in period pieces Steve later uses Busted as well so it's a recurring problem that really should have been caught by someone Later after we get to World War I and meet the others Chief's clothes get described as Native American Again not back then That's a very modern term It's anachronistic and just plain wrong for the time Diana leaves the big gala after going undercover briefly and is riding a horse to try and get back to the village that's being gassed There are several references to her using spurs on the horse So either she wore spurs to the party and no one noticed or while trying desperately to save lives she stopped to put on spurs that she got from somewhere Never seen Diana depicted as wearing spurs as part of her usual costume Back in the modern era as she looks at the picture Bruce sent her she reflects on her friends in the image being mortal and dead Well not according to most of what I read Chief is believed to be Napi a Native American trickster demi god Unless they killed him off screen there's no reason for him to be dead and he certainly wouldn't be mortal None of these are big things I get that But they kept cropping up and they struck enough wrong notes to be distracting They really needed to get edited out I still recommend the movie; it was great This wasn't

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    I think that writing a really good novelization is becoming a lost art But Nancy Holder knows what she is doing This is everything a good novelization should be The novel obviously follows the plot and action of the recent Wonder Women movie The motivations and thoughts of several characters are fleshed Importantly there are three s that Diana particularly admires her mother her aunt aka her other mother and Artmis who is the black that Diana spars with in the movie This is cool I also highly enjoyed Diana's thoughts on Etta There are some really wonderful passages like young Diana's desire to fight peacocks One improvement over the movie is the story of the 's birth and the fight with Ares Holder has both Antiope and HIppoytla tell Diana the story I like Holder's staging of the story much better Incidentally there was some comment about Diana's interaction when she meets Chief the use of Blackfoot language is kept without a translation it's easily enough to find out what is being referred to online I really loved that touch35 but rounded up for the Etta Candy and Chief touches

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    I remember being in elementary school the first time I read a movie novelization That particular novel was the go along with Star Wars and I loved the additional depth it gave to a movie that I already lovedPicking up this book was in the spirit of that same hope That I'd see depth to a movie I really enjoyed but about a third of the way through I'm done It's a serviceable book and it follows the movie step by step but without any heart to it It's like a non fiction recitation and I'd rather just see the movie again It may work for others but just not engaging enough for me

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    I can save today you can save the world It's not about what they deserve It's about what you believe And I believe in love Now I know only love can truly save the worldTHIS VIDEO WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME

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    FANBOY POVI wasn't a big fan of Wonder Woman but after the movie I fell madly in love with her CRITIUE POVThis book needs another round of editing THE REVIEWWRITING STYLEEasy transitions That's Miss Holder's strength as a writer The way that she can grab you from one place to another one setting to another and one conflict to another She can make worlds collide without confusing her readers Her writing reminds me a little bit of Miss Jennifer Niven The transitions are not too complicated It's there to guide the readers Applause PACEI was actually surprised when I grabbed this version of the novelization instead of the Children's edition Adult novels tend to be on the slow side when it comes to pacing but this novel reads like a YA novel After researching I saw that Miss Holder had written YA novels too CHARACTER DEVELOPMENTI got a lot of information in this book that I did not find in the movie The way each character connects from each other and how their flaws show are heartwarming I've had moments where I say aaaaaww that's why heshe said that Now I know PLOTThe plot is what makes the Wonder Woman movie strong and compelling Because this is the novelization I saw how the movie unfolds from the pages but what I look at novelizations most of the time is the insider info Make readers feel that they are getting because books are always like that they provide information than the internet actuallyMY VERDICTVery amazing novelization If you have no time like me to go to the theaters or just too lazy this book is the perfect alternative even better alternative I want to give this book a 5 star review so bad but I just can't ignore the parts that need editing RATING BREAKDWONWRITING STYLE 1 STARSPACE 1 STARSCHARACTER DEVELOPMENT 1 STARSPLOT 1 STARSMY VERDICT NO STARS

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    I have not yet seen the film but the book is solid well written well paced a fun story that hold up on its own The imagery of film can only make it better Recommended