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Part of Gerard Way's new imprint DC's Young AnimalFar away on the planet Meta Loma's going nowhere fast She's dropped out of school dumped her boyfriend and is bored out of her mind She longs to feel things That's where her idol the lunatic poet Rac Shade and his infamous madness coat come in Loma steals the garment and makes a break across galaxies to take up residence in a new body Earth girl Megan BoyerSurely everything will be better on this passionate primitive planet with a dash of madness on her side and this human girl's easy life Only now that she's here Loma discovers being a teenaged Earth girl comes with its own challenges and Earth may not be everything she thought it'd be Megan Boyer was a bully who everyone was glad was almost dead and now Loma has to survive high school and navigate the conseuences of the life she didn't live with the ever growing and uncontrollable madness at her side Not to mention that there are people back on her homeworld who might just want Shade's coat backWritten by Cecil Castellucci The Plain Janes drawn by Marley Zarcone Effigy and overseen by Gerard Way Shade the Changing Girl starts a whole new chapter in the story of one of comics' most uniue seriesCollecting Shade the Changing Girl 1 6

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    I enjoy Cecil's comic work so I'll happily pick up anything she writes these days It's cool for me to see her writing for Vertigo tooI don't know much about he original series this comic is effectively re booting But it kinda reminds me of the old Doom Patrol when Grant Morrison was writing it Very surreal while still having a good storylineIf you're looking for a story of teenage drama mixed and intergalactic surrealism this is going to be your bag Even if you're not looking for that you might want to consider giving it a try Stretch yourself a little Didn't you see me compare her writing to Grant Morrison up there? I can't pay a much bigger compliment than that

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    I like to move it move it move it I like to movie it provie it shooo sorry I think my brain’s broken from too many crappy comics lately Oh up yours Young Animal Thank Jeebus this is the last one of these I’ve gotta endure Shade the Changing Man is reimagined as Shade the Changing Girl because I guess the character changes? Ahhhhh you spin me right round baby right round like a record Come on dude keep it together it’s almost over have another drink I’ve never read any of the previous incarnations so I can’t compare or even know if this is similar in approach but this Shade is an alien called Loma inhabiting a teen girl’s body for a contrived reason Loma must find out why everyone thinks she’s a bitch not that anything’s at stake she’s just gotta do something to fill the pages Yup real edge of your seat readingI wasn’t sucked into what little story there was We know that Megan the Earth girl host was a mean girl before Loma inhabited her so we have to wait tediously for Loma to figure out what we know from the start No explanation either for how possession works is Megan’s uh “spirit” killed when Loma jumps in or what? It appears at the end but where was it up til then? Ah I didn’t really care anyway Loma leaving her home planet to come to Earth was a flimsy excuse that added to the pointlessness of this comic And the stuff on Loma’s home planet was eually unimaginative Basically aliens have the same culture as we do on Earth even vaping but they’re alien looking The art is nothing special but Kelly Fitzpatrick’s colours are trippy and cool Shade the Changing Girl is boring garbage I highly recommend avoiding any books with the Young Animal label

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    Loma an alien from Meta tries on Rac Shade's legendary madness coat and finds herself on earth in the body of a brain dead girl Megan who was not very nice before her accident Will she adjust to Megan's life with Metan authorities on her trail?As someone who has most of the Steve Ditko Shade run from the 1970s AND most of the 1990s Vertigo run I approached Shade The Changing Girl with cautious optimism Since the Young Animal imprint seems to be the second coming of Vertigo I figured I'd give it a shotI wound up digging it Shade The Changing Girl takes elements from both the Ditko run and the Peter Milligan penned Vertigo adventures Honestly it's coherent that both were a lot of the timeShade The Changing Girl is a fish or bird out of water story as Loma steps into Megan Boyer's life and tries to experience earth life Too bad Megan was a tremendous bitch As Loma pieces together what happened on the night Megan drowned she makes friends and encounters a lot of people Megan did wrong A LOT of people Even her parents hate herWithout spoiling things too much Earth Girl Made Easy laid a lot of groundwork and set the stage for future adventures It was really cool that Mellu is on the trail of the stolen M Vest I have a feeling Shade and River will be visiting Meta and the Area of Madness in the future It kind of feels like Doctor Who in a wayEarth Girl Made Easy feels like it could easily fit into the Vertigo Shade series As a long time Shade fan I'm pretty excited about what's to come Four out of five stars

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    Some disjointure between episodes where did the ghost of Megan suddenly spring from? but overall an interesting take on a concept I've seen done a few times both worse and better Teenagers and mathscience professors seem to be the highest risk groups for being body snatched by aliensdemonsclones Stay safe kids

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    received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 3 starsLook this is my first introduction to this character I’ve heard a little about this series from one of my favorite podcasts Talking Comics The fact that Gerard Way was involved also drew to me picking this one up I must admit I don’t understand this book Not in a “why does it exist?” kind of way but in a “wtf happened?” kind of wayThe story as I understand it Loma Shade is an alien from Meta who steals a special jacket and makes it to earth She steals the body of a comatose girl Megan and assumes her life As she does she learns that Megan was a total nightmare before her coma and Loma has to deal with that while learning to deal with human emotions and customs As a premise that’s pretty straight forward and kind of cool Unfortunately something about the format to this book made several of those rather simple concepts hard to comprehend? The biggest problem I had with this book is that I was never uite sure what was in Loma’s head and what others like River and Teacup could see There are several times when there’s color splashes across the page and I can’t tell if Loma’s in her headspace or if the colors were visible to everyone It made it hard to follow the story Loma is an interesting character I liked River just fine and Teacup was moderately interesting in a “I’ve seen this type of character several times before” kind of way I would be interested in of a story from their point of view Honestly reading this I was slightly imagining how this story would have worked on Teen Nick or something The art was pretty damn awesome It was next level bonkers with some of the scenes of Loma Meta Meditating and dreaming I enjoyed the colors and the style uite a bit It was the best part of this book in my opinionSo largely what made this kind of a difficult read for me is that I had no clue what was happening A lot of that is probably because this is my introduction to the character I think a volume one should be a good jumping off point for everyone That’s just my personal opinion though I suppose not every first volume of a series has to take the time to introduce the world and the concepts That being said I still enjoyed parts of this series Not sure if I’ll continue with it though 3 stars

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    Loma Shade a bird like alien uses a coat of madness to enter the body of a brain dead high school student in order to explore life on Earth which is pretty trendy where she comes from It's as strange as it sounds There are a lot of interesting points in the story where Loma discovers things about the girl she is inhabiting Loma is very unlike that girl so she must renegotiate the relationships that she has with those who remember her as someone else The art is pretty trippy and is fun to look at

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    This is a fantastic continuation to Shade and than anything it is BEAUTIFUL When I say this what I mean is that every single page is a masterpiece You could close your eyes and flip through and wherever you landed you could blow it up and frame it on your wall and it would look magnificent The writing is strong the plot is strong the characters and their names Teacup? Hello yes are strong; but what this does so astonishingly well is tell its story simultaneously through imagery and words And yeah all graphic novels should do that but this is on another level It's not just worlds that the art creates and it's not just a point of view It's a state of mind It's philosophical it's poetic it's aesthetically stunning and it transports you to a whole new mindspace 5 starsFull review here

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    I want to digest this one a little before I review it but briefly I've never done acid but I imagine this is what an acid trip would be like maybe? Surreal doesn't uite cover this story or style and sometimes the existentialness of it all felt really forced and not as clever as it was making itself out to be That said it was oddly fascinating the art coloring though trippy was gorgeous and the characters were pretty engaging and I find myself looking forward to from the series

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    my adobe digital editions stopped working and then my COMPUTER stopped working and by the time i got access to a new computer it wouldn't let me download it from edelweiss any so tl;dr i no longer have a copy '

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    Utterly lostDamn that was a real challenging read unfortunately Honestly it made me physically ill and gave me a helluva headache I think it stems from the fact that this really didn’t feel reader friendly I’ve only a cursory knowledge of the previous iteration of Shade and hoped to be eased into this oneNopeSo bloody lost throughout I can’t in good conscience recommed this to anyone I know I mean the Young Animal titles are edgier out there and experimental but this was less “art house clever” and “WTF is happening in this very moment?”Maybe I’m just an obtuse reader but simple things like “Can anyone see what she’s projectingmaking?” were lost on me I mean in one secod it seems River doesand maybe Teacup but in others no one seems to be noticing Straight up if a wee blue and black floppy circle came out of someone’s head I’d freak the hell out Another example is in the finale she’s in her room having an epic battle and her father seems?? to be surrounded by eyeballs and coloured circles A few moments later mom invites the kids in for cocoa like nothing happenedAlso one issue ends with Megan’s essenceauraspiritmean ass presence confronting Shade The next issue’s first panel says Shade’s been followed by it for days Wait have days passed? Did I miss something? Am I just that dumb?The art was certainly interesting but it’s not outweighed by the fact that this felt like a chore bored me because I felt lost and in the end I felt kind of dumb Also the “actual” lead character has no redeeming ualities whatsoeverSorry Young Animal this one just didn’t do it for me on any level