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In the wake of Avengers Disassembled a mysterious new group of teen super heroes appears But who are they? Where did they come from? And what right do they have to call themselves the Young Avengers?Collecting Young Avengers 1 6

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    Well this was actually a lot of fun Because on the surface this is a terrible idea Or maybe just a painfully retro one Teenage sidekicks have been out of vogue for decades especially ones that closely echo the theme of the hero they sidekick for And it might work for the Legion of Superheroes but the idea of naming a character created in the 21st century Iron Lad is Well it's hardly current And as a team name Young Avengers is no better I have a sneaking suspicion that some of these decisions were made by editorial and handed down to the Heinberg as Things He Must Do which is kind of a shame I remember when Young Avengers first hit the stands that I cringed at the name and passed the book by That was not my wisest decisionThe thing is as hokey as the name and the general concept are this is not a hokey book Not even slightly The characters are engaging in a very real not even slightly cheesy way The dialog may not always be sparkling but it's real and fits the characters And the story holds together It's easy to rely on the teen fiction standard of adults who just don't understand but here it makes sense I absolutely believe without a moment's doubt that Captain America would not want a teenage kid to dress up like Bucky and fight crime especially when that kid turns out to be the grandson of the real first super soldier Is this what firmly established Truth Red White and Black as part of Marvel's continuity? If I'd read Avengers Disassembled Iron Man's motives might have been even clear but what I did know was sufficient for me to buy his position I did find myself rolling my eyes at the boys' club mentality some of the characters particularly Patriot displayed when gasp girls wanted to join the team but I do think that was intentional They're never shown as being in any way reasonable in wanting to keep Kate and Cassie out and I think Heinberg wanted the reader's reaction to their acceptance to be It's about time I had fun with this book and I liked the characters So here I go again trying to catch up on a title long after I should have started to read it I like Teen Titans and it should have occurred to me that I would like Young Avengers too Especially because the latter also has a blonde girl named Cassie who wears a red costume in one of the closest total coincidences I can remember seeing in comics

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    From the ashes of Avengers Disassembled comes a new team of teenaged heroes and what an origin story it is Not only do our new heroes have to facedown with the ‘old’ Avengers three of them anyway but they also have to save the Earth from Kang the ConuerorGreat stuff; I’m glad I decided to re read it The artwork’s really good too

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    I'm not a regular Marvel reader at least not since the early 80s and although I will pick up the occasional book like Hawkeye or Black Widow I tend to stay away from the group books I have no idea what's going on with the X Men in the Avengers or what version of the X Men we have now or why Marvel's teams are always at war with each other I dunno it just doesn't interest meThe day before Thanksgiving I was at my local Books A Million and they had some library carts on the sidewalk filled with books up to 80% off cover price Turns out one cart was full of Marvel trades I picked up a few Marvel Romance Classic What If? Best of Marvel Team Up an Eternals miniseries not by Neil Gaiman and this bookI had a vague idea who the Young Avengers were plus it was a Volume 1 so I thought I'd dive in and check these guys out Turns out it was a good use of my 399 I really enjoyed this story of these young super heroes who decide to become backup members of the Avengers who are disassembled at this time There is time travel and witty dialog and a gay pairing that isn't obvious at all and of which not a huge deal is made It was a very fresh look at teen heroes and definitely got my interest enough to order the second volume It's a nice look at sidekicks in an era when kid sidekicks are no longer part of the scene with the exception of Robin I supposeThere is a cheeky cross company reference made here that I thought was nice One of the characters is from the 30th century just like the Legion of Super Heroes over at DC although they are now in the 31st century The Legion which has been around since 1958 is notorious for keeping some of the most outdated and silly code names around most members are X BoyGirlLadLassKid This particular hero who was meant to be an Iron Man sidekick calls himself Iron Lad I can't believe this is just a coincidence and the poor boy gets ribbed by his teammates for having that name Either way it looked to be in good fun to meBecause this was a true introductory volume it was easy to get into without having to peruse Wikipedia on a non stop basis to get the back story Along with some pretty cool art this is a book worth checking out whether you're a long time Marvel fan or of a DC fanboy like myself

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    I usually don't bother reading these group outings i haven't even read any avengers comics apart from the justice league and even that is a push i just prefer to focus on one or two superheroes at a time because usually what happens is 20 people show up and i'm like who the shittin' hell are these guys? Their costumes get gradually worse names are like picked out of a hat However this is awesome and someone really should have forced me to read this way before now it's so good and shock horror i knew who the characters were i know i'm amazed too Definitely worth picking up it's funny and the plot lasts the entire volume

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    This series promises to be a lot of fun You don't need to know a lot about the main Marvel canon to understand this one it's mostly new characters with some cameos from classics like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers being very much 'Superhusbands' I mean really they swoop in with iron Man holding Steve by the waist it's practically Superman and Lois Lane I liked the emotions flying around here they're teenagers dealing with superpowers not superheroes who happen to be teenagers They mess up and fight and they need to get to school in the morningI actually forgot about the gay couple in this series but that's one reason to love it You can talk all you like about the CapIron Man subtext but this is the real thingThe adult Avengers' roles here make sense too I like that they're an obstacle to the Young Avengers that no one could call evil in addition to the issue of super villains I think having read some other Marvel comics would help here to understand just why the Avengers are no but a general knowledge is enough

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    The young avengers is a really cool way to show how diverse inclusive and entertaining a story can be without sacrificing any of the traditional comic book elements that attract most readersIt's cool funny sexy action packed AND it gives us new perspectives on old characters that we'll get to see grow and evolve through the years

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    One thing you need to know about me is that my ideal type is femme girls with swords Female warriors or knights with long hair who will destroy you without a second thought I love them I love strong women in general workout classes are really fun for me but there's just something about swords that take things to a whole new level And let me tell you Kate Bishop yields a sword in this and it was the best thing in the entire world I enjoyed this just as much as the newer Young Avengers I like this story but the newer one has America Chavez which automatically gives it points The back and forth between all the characters in this one was pretty great and I really liked the art And Kate Kate Bishop vs the patriarchy y'all The boys mess up a lot and Kate saves their asses a few times and it's wonderful They assume she's going to be weak and uncoordinated and she proves them all wrong Excited to keep reading this

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    This is still cuteI'll always prefer the 2012 run because Patriot was such a d bag for absolutely no reason It was compulsive pigtail pulling for not reason whatsoever but I'll chalk it up to being a product of this era in comics I kind of wish Cap and Iron Man had chosen to help train the kids but in true young adult fashion the kids rebel by continuing to fight crime without the Avengers permission It's a great start and I'm sad Marvel ended the Young Avengers and split all of them up on random teams

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    45 starsThis was so much fun I don't know why i didn't read this before i read the other Young Avengers series as it would've made sense if i did but I'm so glad i finally got around to reading thisGetting to see how the Young Avengers originated was really interesting I'm not usually a huge fan of time travel but I didn't mind those aspects in this The characters were great as usual there were only a few characters in this that I didn't know but there were introduced really well and everything came together nicely Can't wait to read the second instalment

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    I guess I just really don't care for anything MarvelDC related Maybe because it's too melodramatic too unrealistic or just too entirely American? But in the first place I never was one of those kids who wanted to be a suerhero who fantasized about Spiderman or read comics in the first placeThis was nice but I don't plan to read the seuels