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The UnknownWorld is reeling from change Bethany Anne has started to make a difference in the first week of being 'awake' Now America has been losing good men since their teams don't have a Vampire to help them and Frank is hoping Bethany Anne can and will help Further the American Pack Council is having internal problems with their own young and dumb Were's who want to ignore Michael's strictures With no one seeing Michael the fear of the 'Boogeyman' is starting to recede That's ok with Bethany Anne it means she will personally deliver the message there is a new vampire in town Immediately following the story of Bethany Anne from 'Death Becomes Her' ueen Bitch rides a rollercoaster of action and a heavy dose of creative cussing Bethany Anne starts to get a team in place to help her affect change Because whether the UnknownWorld wants it or not change is coming Ver 110 modified 11282015 with copyedit corrections NOTE Version 120 Edited by James Coyle out now Series includes Death Becomes Her The Kurtherian Gambit 01 ueen Bitch The Kurtherian Gambit 02 Love Lost The Kurtherian Gambit 03 Bite This The Kurtherian Gambit 04 Dec 2015 Never Forsaken The Kurtherian Gambit 05 DecJan 2015

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    4 This is the second book about the young lady Vampire who has been created in order to bring some order among the weres and vamps who seem to be getting out of control She takes that task to heart and with the help of an alien computer who has incorporated itself into her brain and nervous system an American werewolf a young Romanian lady and a secret Black Ops team she starts kicking some bad dudes asses😈 Ooo and while resting from all the ass kicking and between spending a ton of money her and her new buddies get to do some very creative cursing 😈😈😈😀These books should be taken for what they are some entertainment and some violence all for the sake of an light fun read I would not even go into it with any other expectations The books are short and very fast read all structured as a TV series episodes I hope you check them out for what they offer 😀😀😀Now I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come

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    Great Great read plenty of action characters are really coming together and I love them The funniest sayings come out of Bethanyanns character Fun action packed violence filled book

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    Yes It does get betterI guess I'm buying the coffee for the next God knows how many months Honestly I can't get enough of this series It just keeps getting betterBe aware that Bethany Anne has a wicked 'potty' mouth She actually works hard to insult everyone and give her her due she takes as well as she gives Some are pretty adventurous I grew up in London so there isn't much I haven't heard but all I'll say is WOWBethany Anne has started to compile her team and they have nicknamed themselves The ueen Bitch or TB She is learning all the time and she feels safe with her team She is also reaching out to the weres to increase her contacts Her team are very protective off her as she is with themShe just bought a Black Hawk helicopter And a house All for cash She has some serious money and she is using it to set a up a fully independent team This series is definitely one of the best I've come across regarding the supernatural This author has taken it to a whole new level Buffy has no chance here The books aren't too long either I've got through two in two evenings But be aware you will lose time because you get so involved you even forget to breatheExcellent series But be warned They are VERY addictive Enjoy

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    Damn this mainstream series is addicting I have too many books that I have to read or I would be sitting here reading one after another of this series The books are uick fast paced excitement And the fact you can get them through Kindle Unlimited makes it even better If you are a paranormal fan especially of Vamps and Weres try this series There is also some sci fi elements which I love but you don't have to be a sci fi fan to enjoy these early books at least Two books and I am hooked Jane this is all your fault you realize When I come back to this series when I have reading time I probably won't be reviewing all of these books I think these are the kind of books that you just have to read they are hard to truly explain My 72 year old father is still a big reader and we talk about books a lot I have even gotten him to read lesfic which I am proud of I told him the premise of this series and he said that sounds really weird There is too much going on in these you just need to read one to see if it grabs you They really grabbed me And it is hard to pick up my next ARC when I really just want to read book 3 instead

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    Didn't really like this one Everyone talked about how beautiful Bethany was everyone wanted her until they realize she's a killing machine everyone wants to be on her team because she was so badass I was tired of the ass kissing I also got tired of the profanities I don't usually have any problem with that but it seems that what the entire book was about coming up with the most stupid insult and comments about how badass Bethany was It got tiring We didn't even get to meet lots of vampires in this one which I hated I hope it picks up

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    More of the same as the first in the series ueen Bitch a light happy story dealing with vampires werewolves and the always entertaining Bethany Ann Fun

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    I don't get why this series has such high marks I didn't love the first book but I like the story idea enough to hope the second book has a lot of world building and character development There isn't as much shifting in POV which I enjoyed but very little development happens Lots of violence and pointless profanity Don't get me wrong I don't hate profanity I just think it should be used like an exclamation point It loses its effect when it gets thrown all over the place All the important people you meet in the first book don't matter or aren't mentioned The lack of structure and thought about ramifications bugs me for a group of people who are supposed to be leaders I'll try the next book but I need to see some serious progression in the storyline or I'm done

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    This is junk food reading that spoiled real fast Bethany Anne who is always called by her full name aka ueen Bitch is loved and adored by all the men she commands because she can cuss and spar better than any of them She’s the Deus ex machina of vampiredom Blech

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    Just noBook 2 continued all the issues from book 1 notable grammar issues lack of character development multiple points of view that clog the story and big it down no emotional connection a childish romance focused awkwardly on secondary characters and general chaos What made this one worse for me was how everyone finds Bethany Anne to be beautiful and delicate and wants her until they are her kick butt; and they always see her kick butt because something convenient happens so that within a page they've gone from listing after her to fear This makes up 90% of the plot hence the chaos The other 10% is Nathan and Ecaterina's blushing gag romanceI need storyline than a woman gaining powers and winning everyone over with her good looks her supposed relatability and her excessive wealth that she spends with no thought other than I want therefore it is mine Is this supposed to be an attractive trait? I tend to associate it with children under 10 The end result is a character who is supposedly perfect aka boring and she's as sturdy as a paper cut out The plot is basically meet people cuss fight but something Repeat

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    Exciting Fast Paced Story Great narration by Emily Beresford audible reviewThis book was much better than the first in this series But like I said in my review of the first book it seemed of a preuel to this series and I was right So glad I moved forward But you have to read the first book to get a good understanding of where Bethany came fromThis story is full of action and action and action Great dialogue throughout the whole book Funny LOL sarcasm moments Just a fun book Bethany Anne is getting her posse together kicking some butt and not taking names LOL Never a dull moment and no filler nonsense I look forward to of this series being released on audible As for the narration it's great Emily Beresford does a fantastic job narrating this series