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Masterfully translated from the original text The Halo Grower has been hailed as one of the most complex and challenging books in East Asia and is now available in English for the first time Experience an epic journey through Buddhist Cosmology and Genesis written in the second person narrative

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    It was really refreshing to see someone interested in reviving the sacred themes of Milton's Paradise Lost and Virgil's Aeneid Hindemith almost has a magical way of writing which evokes the nostalgia of ancient mythology and modern prose For example he writesThe nameless figure scarcely breached across the threshold over that purgatorial borderline half emaciated when he wallowed in the transcendental throes of his melting HaloI want to point out the two really obvious things which stuck out to me and which separates this book from others I have read First the work is written in both third person and second person perspective which are interwoven quite poetically as you live through numerous reincarnations I have not personally read any books written in the second person perspective so I am not an authority by any means on the genre but I can say that this book really grabbed me and carried me away into its world because of its second person perspective An example of this isYou finally laid your hand upon the craggy shore rubbing your calloused palms against the warm volcanic surface glimmering with an obsidian sheen The swashing gales doused your body with its ever flowing tides along the heavily cliffed coastline like a continent still in the midst of its tectonic birthSecond the pages feature border illustrations by Jon Sideriadis which really gives the book an illuminated manuscript feel to it I personally love this and wonder why other books don't innovate on borders like this doesIf I were to describe this book in one sentence it would essentially be You are a demi god who can move planets out of their orbit with your arms and leap across galaxies faster than the speed of light There is a lot to the story than this but this sense of superhumanity is the recurring leitmotif of the bookAs a fan of science fiction his book was right up my alley and I really recommend it to anyone who either loves mythology or science Is that a paradoxical statement or what The book explores the Cosmos as well as the subatomic world of particles in search of Enlightenment and is suited for people interested in science fiction Yet at the same time it uses many Buddhist words which seem to flow nicely with Hindemith's writing style I give it a bright and shiny five stars

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    The story shifts between third person perspective and second person perspective which works really well in my opinion I definitely support writers who are creative and execute their literary visions of which Hindemith provides a perfect example in The Halo Grower The artwork by Jon Sideriadis complimented Hindemith's writing beautifully and really adds to the celestial effectI highly recommend this book is for anyone who likes epic literature and poetry One of my favorite passages and there are many of themHis countenance became agog with its brooding expression mentally delving deeper and deeper into the inner cosmos of his subconscious experimentations long since exiled to non existence and now overboiling from the rims of his Halo Phantasms ripped and tore rampantly from its flaring nucleus like Pandora's box unleashed from its dormant state and awoken from the netherworldly realm of Pratītyasamutpāda