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What you thought you knew about Vampires and Werewolves is wrongSo Very Very Wrong A thousand years of effort to keep the UnknownWorld hidden is unraveling and the Patriarch is tired He needs to find someone to take overHe finds Bethany AnneUnknown untested and untried she sets out to accomplish the impossible while forging a new future One that no one knew was in dangerAnd she does it with an attitude that will make you stand up and cheerThey say a dress can make a women but in this case the dress is Death and Death Becomes Her very well indeedAn Best Selling Series The Kurtherian Gambit has turned the relationship of author and fans upside downTreat yourself to a fun exciting and thrilling ride by starting The Kurtherian Gambit series today and you will ask yourself the same uestion others have When will I sleep?

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    It's not hard to categorize this book even for all the little uirks that creep in that is not all that standard for our UF crazeYou named it Vampires Werewolves Love interest between the two Oh myDon't get me wrong it's good for what it is a fast paced stereotype laden action romp that tickles most of the fancies even as it fails to nourish In other words it's fast food Some of the dialogue reads out of a cliché manual but the energy is bright and there seems to be real love from the author for the world he's building It's right out of Vampire Masuerade only the names have changed and the number of houses decreased but that's fine too We're here to focus on the Underworld chosen one syndrome and her name is Bethany BUT let me tell you what it does right Pace high energy characters willingness to introduce some wacky SF elements and the obvious build up to some really Big Happenings laterWanna change the world one torn throat at a time? This is probably your book I like it well enough but I suspect that I like it because I listened to the eually high energy narration within the audiobook I also suspect that any number of editing sins can be swept under the rug this way too No matter I enjoyed it I'll probably enjoy tearing through the rest of the series too because it's all a very light read that doesn't much challenge us We can just roll with the action and the spunky aggressive heroine as she discovers just how much damage she can do to the world around her

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    344 “We are the ones who protect the protectors; we are the ones who nightmares fear” This book was much better than I expected Let's start with the genre it is a typical Urban Fantasy with some Science Fiction mixed in We are thrown in the middle of a Black Opp gone wrong and the following is a result of a major member of the North American Vampire Family being killed and the Patriarch Michael being awakened The situation is dire and a new recruit for the family is needed fast only the candidate has to be well vetted well trained and have a condition which would kill him or her soon since the rest of the world needs to think of them as deceased and they could never contact their old life once brought over Lucky for them the ex CIA and current Black Opps agent with a blood illness and a life expectancy of 2 4 months Bethany Anne is just what they need If they could only make her and her General father see that it is the perfect fit “Michael believed in the old biblical philosophy of cut down the tree burn out the roots and then salt the ground so nothing ever grew there again” The UnknownWorld is full of Vampires weres and other creatures all being kept from us regular people and all of them living under the strict rules reinforced by Michael for generations However he is getting old and he feels he needs new blood to take over the mental Bethany Anne whose name is not representative in the least of the person wearing it since it sounds so girly and genteel while she is one tough as nails kick ass chick with the vocabulary of a sailor full of piss and vinegar and with the temperament of a keg full of dynamite rigged and ready to blow up with the change of the breeze is a very good choice for enforcing anything Once she is brought over her blood thirsty nature makes a rabid grizzly look like they prefer gluten free vegan diet A worthy replacement for Michael indeed “One should know truth and truth was taking the time to know oneself Not to lie about your actions your feelings your thoughts and beliefs but accept yourself for what and who you are Once you understand those things your future is assured as you won’t subconsciously be fighting both your enemies and yourself to accomplish your goals ” We get to meet some werewolves werebears and some other extraterrestrial creatures all of it making for a non stop action party and promises much of the same to come If you are looking for high prose and literature or something that challenges your intellect this is not it The prose is very every day conversational and the point of the book and the subseuent books the way I see it is to have a high octane adventure and battles TV Series in the form of a book series If you leave the other expectations behind and come to it for the entertainment value this could be a very pleasant uick read in between your serious daily grind Just read it for the fun Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you Need in the pages of a Good Book

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    Death Becomes Her The Kurtherian Gambit #1 by Michael Anderle is a very interesting and exciting book I enjoyed it A military gal grown up under a military family finds she has only 6 months to live has a chance to live but has to work for the ones that help her Those are vampires Those vampires are working for the government Only a few know Pretty cool story

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    DNF at 5%I couldn't find a hook here to hang my interest onA shame really looks good otherwiseNot rated on policy

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    This is a fun action packed mainstream paranormalsci fi series This is actually the first non lesficLGBT book I have read all year But I enjoy mainstream if the main character is a strong kick ass woman and that fits this book perfectly It is rare to find a paranormal book that is also sci fi Yet when it does come together it is normally pretty goodThis is a really long series I bought this book on sale and picked up the second for my free KU book of the month with Prime I enjoyed this enough I will be reading the next right away I will not be knocking out this series all in one go though It is too long and I have too many other books to read But if this series keeps up like this first book I will come back to it periodically in the futureIf you are a fan of vamps weres and a lot of action this book will be for you It is pretty violent but you don't feel bad about it Bethany Ann has been turned into one of the biggest baddest vamps ever and you can't wait to see her take everybody on This book got better and better as it went on I have to be to work in a few hours but could not stop reading all night until I was donePS Jane now I know why you like this series so much

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    Intriguing It didn’t grab me from the very beginning however once it did I was a goner I didn’t want to have to stop reading for nothing I found this story very good I’m getting very attached to the excellent characters that are coming together friendships are being made Bethany Ann is starting to get her gang together that will help her in her endeavors Bethany Ann is certainly going to stir things up in the family and different fractions This book was really good but I have a feeling it’s just going to get better I’ve been looking forward to reading this series and am so happy I’m finally getting to read it I’d certainly recommend it as of now

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    I have not been one to read books dealing with vampires and werewolves That said I found this story compelling even though it was choppy and jumped around a bit I didn't care and stayed engaged in this righteous violence story involving a main character named Bethany Anne The name Bethany Anne It's like Becky Sue or something and totally doesn't fit with the subject matter and the usual exotically named heroines It stopped me every now and then but with a smile The book has freuent alternating viewpoints and Bethany Anne is not present enough to be labelled a real main character but I hope that changesThe author creates a changed world wth vampires and werewolves but with a fresh take involving vampire creation I found intriguing This was a fresh faced story which had me turning pages rapidly then ordering the seuel at 200 am in the morning I am excited to see what happens

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    Vampires weres humans What could you want?I loved LL Raands Midnight Hunt series A friend of mine suggested I read this book She even went as far to say that if I didn't love it she would buy the coffees for the next month Hell it was too good an offer to turn downSo I went into this book with the attitude that I was gonna hate it What? Don't judge I love my coffee But Damn it It was not only good but bloody good Ok so it had one obvious exception to it from Raands series but it didn't matter I loved it anywayI have read many supernatural books and it's a genre I adore especially when written well This is way outside what you normally expect You experienced the transformation of an actual vampire and her immediate interactions with humans and weresThe basic story is that these vampires work closely with human governments to ensure that all are protected They go where even black ops fear to go The leader of the vampires wants to create a vampire who can take his place Bethany Anne is his choice for two reasons First she is a black operative at the top of her profession and only has six months to live as she has an incurable blood disease The perfect candidateThe book is well written and keeps you turning the pages I felt a little like a sponge I couldn't get enough I'm off to read book two All are available on kindle unlimited so I'm guess I'm gonna be reading one a month if I can wait that long Enjoy

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    Wowthis book really took cliffhanger to another level It legit stopped as she was about to go showerWho does that?While I enjoyed this book it was a bit hard to get into I liked the premise it was something different from all the other vampire origin books out there I also liked that the MC was female However I did not like the multiple POVs it seemed as though every character that made an appearance had hisher own POV POVs that basically lead us no where Why do I have to spend time in someone's head when heshe is not integral to the story I almost stopped reading because it got frustrating Luckily it picked up towards the end I can't wait to see of Bethany in action

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    I don't want to be Debbie Downer here but Death Becomes Her doesn't meet the 3 bill star standard of worthiness The writing is stilted and herky jerky Everything is a notch below what you hope for in reading a book I understand that this is a serial and not literature but still I didn't feel a connection with the characters or what they were going through Also I'm not a vampire guy Or a mafia guy I've been hit with too many vampire and mafia stories over the years in books TV shows and movies It's a tired genreThat said I admit that everyone else on the planet pretty much love vampires and the mob hence all the stories The reviews on Goodreads for this series of books are about as high as I've seen So don't listen to me Listen to the people who like a good vampire story I don't think the book is terrible For me there just wasn't enough to reach the 3 bill star markOTDAlthough her hair was jet black her personality could be straight from a red head at the best of times Death Becomes HerI really enjoy reading independent smaller authors like Michael Anderle It's a nice side effect of the internet Prior to sites like and Goodreads how would people have ever have found a book like this? The author notes at the end of the book are fun to read Very positive He notes some of the software and websites that are part of his writing It's interesting to get this glimpse into his process He used Scrivener as a text editor wwwliteratureandlattecomscrivenerphp He got images for his book cover at wwwphotodunenet And it sounds like he played with the images he bought using this editor wwwpixelmatorcommacAnd of course he has his own website wwwkurtherianbookscom and wwwfacebookcomTheKurtherianGambitBNot a good enough read for me But I will say this I might try Kurtherian Gambit #2 some day The reviews for the series get better and better with each book so who knows