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these are all 5 star booksbut I so loved the last of the seriesso so so loved it, like dogeared copy loved itthat i have to give the other sisters 4 stars in order to officially show my devotion to Josie Mayne. I really really love the character of Rafe Love and adore him Eloisa James is one of my favorite authors so it kills me to say this because I was really looking forward to reading this I was disappointed with this one and it s only because of the plot and set up of the story and how it was dragged out Still a great read I d recommend it but compared to the other in the series this was disappointing for me SPOILER ALERT I really liked the idea of Rafe s long lost brother Gabe coming into the mix and making things interesting but what I thought made the story go a little stale for me and dragged out was Rafe disguising himself as his brother to fool Imogen throughout the whole book It drove me nuts how she kept thinking it was Gabe she was with and made love to him thinking he was Gabe It just made me cringe How can you profess to love a man when you don t know he s someone else And then to only find out she knew at the very end made it all the frustrating because I wanted to know WHEN exactly she found out The author never revealed that part and I think it was a very vital piece to the story I felt totally shafted I felt cheated cause you keep thinking the heroine is completely oblivious and freaking clueless the whole time only to find out she knew all along Whaaaat I would have much rather have had her find out and reveal it and them getting to spend genuine time together without games or disguises or lies These two have a very volatile history so I really wanted to see them just be together openly without lies or disguises surrounding them Beside that it would have made for an awesome book if we saw the two bickering and arguing like they have throughout the series and just go from there The whole in disguise angle while clever, kind of muddled up the story for me I just did not like how the author went about these two falling in love It s surrounded by a bunch of tricks and lies. Imogen, Lady Maitland, Has Decided To Dance On The Wild Side After All, She S In The Delicious Position Of Being Able To Take A Lover A Discreet Male Who Knows Just When To Leave In The MorningBut Lady Maitland Is Still Under The Watchful Eye Of Her Former Guardian, The Wildly Untamed Rafe, The Duke Of Holbrook He Believes She Is Still In Need Of A Watchdog She Laughs At The Idea That Someone So Insufferably Lazy And Devoted To Drink Can Demand That She Behave With ProprietyIt S Rafe S Long Lost Brother, A Man Who Looks Precisely Like The Duke But With None Of His Degenerate Edge, Who Interests Imogen To Imogen, He S The Shadow Duke The Man Who Really Should Hold The Title But When Imogen Agrees To Accompany Gabe To A Masqueradewhose Masked Eyes Watch Her With That Intense Look Of Desire Who Exactly Is She Dancing With The Duke Or The Shadow Duke Rafe Or Gabe awkward awkward awkward awkward.SCENE ONE A Duke Raphael meets up with long lost half brother doppleganger Gabriel who has unintentionally sired a child on an actress who doesn t want the baby at all but will only give it up if her career is catapulted by Gabe s brother s fortuneSCENE TWO The brothers invite a bevy of ladies to visit and act in the play Rafe s mother had a playhouse and it was very popular in the ton naturally One of them Imogen was married briefly to a man she stole from t other one Gillian , but the man died both ladies are strangely okay with this Imogen wrings her hands and weeps a bit over her lost love, but it all seems a bit put on.SCENE THE THIRD Bedswapping The gents and ladies decide to marry Gillian goes for Rafe Imogen goes for Gabriel Gabriel goes for Gillian Rafe goes for Imogen although she is his ward and the entire thing is really a bit gross He wrings his hands and waffles a bit, but it s completely put on BECAUSE cue costume change five minutes later Gabe or Rafe hatches a plan to seduce the young woman who is interested in his brother via a fake mustache and a swirly cloak because dopplegangers.entre actkissing kissing galore.SCENE THE FOURTHRafe as himself proposes to a disinterested Imogen Rafe posing as Gabe goes out with Imogen and they totally get it on Gabriel and Gillian confess their mutual feelings of sticky desire but do not get it on at all several people fall in a wine cask.SCENE THE FIFTH AND FINALRafe continues to agonize over his seduction, Imogen and Gillian continue to cast cow s eyes, and suppertime continues to be very awkward indeed until suddenly and with no denouement at all everyone is undeceived, all the ladies are sitting on the correct manhood, and Imogen confesses that she likes a false mustache better than any other endowment.EPILOGUESomething something something about babiesbecause sex that does not lead to pregnancy is unnatural and wrong even fake sex that happens between fake people in a book especially that kind.PLEASE NOTE that the actual book is far less coherent than my review There is a lot of rattling on the noise of carriage wheels here, coming from somewhere offstage about sister Josie fat very fat lack of man getting skills and Christabel singer actress slut or is she and baby Mary adorable it is beyond words and jumping around and lack of editing and and and it s just not very good. I loved, loved, loved this book I loved the way it was written, the hero and heroine, the secondary characters, the plot, the epilogue, everything Where to start The heroine is a passionate, but soured widow, guilty for luring her deceased, arrogant husband into marriage, and embarrassed for the lack of passion in their short marriage That s a lot of emotion for one person to walk around with, and she retreats into a bitter, bitchy exterior to hide her pain She s also smart and sassy.The hero is probably one of my all time favorites A drunken, sad, out of shape, out of his depth duke who never wanted to be He is just such a lovely person that you just know he s going to have a wonderful HEA.The secondary characters are incredibly strong in this one, particularly the duke s brother You really wanted him to get his act together and make a life with the woman who falls in love with him I particularly like the way the characters appear from previous stories in the series, and I love the epilogues, which hint at outcomes of stories yet to be told In this one, the inclusion of a panto is absolutely superb It s an essential part of British theater and has been for a VERY long time , and I like the traditions it includes But the aspect which I liked than any other perhaps excluding the hero , was the incredible use of Shakespeare inspired plots of love in disguise, partnerings getting mixed up and general confusion The characters are all very human, so it works in a way it didn t quite work out for me in the previous book in the series I could really feel the author s love for the literature she used as inspiration.Great, light hearted read touching on some deep, serious issues.5 stars, all time favorites list. Imogen Essex Maitland would like to get jiggy with it, preferably with new man in town Gabe Not The Duke Spenser Rafe Jourdain for real would like Imogen to get jiggy with him Gabe would like to get jiggy with Gillian Pythian Adams Gillian would like to get jiggy with someone who isn t an idiot TIME FOR CHAOS AND BONERS 1 First, I liked so much about this So you re probably thinking, kris, if you liked it so much, why only 3 stars And the answer to that, my friends, is because it didn t come together For example, I like chocolate And butter And caramel And if you add them together in the right quantities, you can make delicious gooey truffles that I also like very much But if you don t have the right ratios, or you skip a step or two, you get a mess that doesn t taste very good Which is how I felt about The Taming of the Duke Here are the things I very much liked a The addressing of Rafe s drinking How he stopped for himself, but also for his brother and for Imogen and for his future How it didn t magically go away.b That inn scene hot damn.c JOSIE, MY DARLING.d Rafe wooing Imogen on their outing to Maitland house.e Gillian s plans to woo Gabe if he keeps being a cabbage head.f The bathtub scene ALL OF THESE THINGS WERE DELIGHTFUL But there were too many missteps and pacing issues to allow them to outshine the mess that was the rest of the novel ON TO THE MESS.2 OMFG DID WE REALLY HAVE TO TURN DRAVEN MAITLAND INTO A TINY DICKED BASTARD REALLY I just I get that he wasn t a great dude But rather than allowing Imogen to remember him fondly as the immature first love of her youth, she gets to disparage him in EVERY WAY He didn t love me We only made sex 7 times I couldn t move during sex or he d yell at me He loved his horses His penis was tiny compared to my new lover s I rolled my eyes so hard I nearly pulled a muscle How dull 3 That ending was abrupt and bad I needed at least another week of wooing, both in and out of costume I need pages of Imogen ACTIVELY REALIZING active as in ON THE PAGE that her downlow lover was in fact the Duke she loved to disparage I needed than that terse engagement scene that came OUT OF NOWHERE I needed Josie figuring it out and glaring at Rafe as he figures out how to tell Imogen I needed Rafe slipping up and referencing a conversation his alter ego had I needed inn scenes 4 The whole no man desires me thing would have been far palatable if a Imogen hadn t been described as gorgeous from page 1, book 1, and b it wasn t paired with Josie s self consciousness It was especially hard to read about Imogen s struggles with desirability when she knows she s good looking Try being plain, or spotted, or plump, or anything else and not being desired that s a real kick in the teeth 5 I made sure to roll my eyes in the other direction for that epilogue 6 Gillian deserved than this book. This is one of those books where the title has nothing to do with the story Well, there is a duke, but I can t see where he was tamed Imogen, the widowed Lady Maitland, lives with her guardian, Rafe, the drunken Duke of Holbrook Rafe s illegitimate brother Gabe and Gabe s illegitimate daughter Mary have just moved in, and the rest of the cast of the series is coming to stay so that Gabe s ex mistress, an actress who lost a big part in London because of her pregnancy, can put on a showcase play and thus win another chance at seeing her name in lights or whatever it was back then Imogen is still trolling for an affaire evidently it s not as tacky if you slap an e on the end , and Rafe s lookalike brother seems a perfect choice Gabe wants Gillian the gal whose horse mad fianc Imogen stole in the first book not that Gillian actually wanted the blighter Gillian is attracted to Gabe, but she s hoping to marry Rafe, now that he s sworn off the booze Rafe, now that he s no longer looking at the world through the bottom of a bottle, has realized that the reason Imogen drives him nuts is that he wants her Which makes them all horses on a merry go roundForever chasing but never catching.The next thing you know, Rafe is posing as Gabe and the affaire with Imogen is on Gabe, meanwhile, can t seem to keep his mouth off Gillian when nobody s looking.This one frustrated me view spoiler The one thing that I thought was guaranteed to provide dramatic conflict Imogen s reaction on realizing that the man she s been bedding was really Rafe, posing as his brother can everybody say, ew came to absolutely nothing It s not even exactly clear when she realizes, she s so blas about it hide spoiler I can t explain my feelings about this series I start hating the plot, characters, everything The I love the last third of the books I eventually like the main hero and heroine and am satisfied with the ending However for this book, I kept hating Imogen I thought I might grow to like her like I did Tessa and Annabel but no, I hated her I felt no sympathy for her, Nothing I feel that Rafe is too good for her Actually, all the characters are better than Imogen Not to mention that I didn t even see the love between the two characters grow It seems like they re just friends And I don t even know how she figured out it was Rafe not Gabe who seduced her Also, I find it totally impossible that two brothers looked so alike that Imogen couldn t tell the difference between the two These brothers are HALF brothers but they look almost identical, I don t believe it It was stretching it too far It seemed like she was panting for Gabe throughout the whole book until suddenly the last couple pages I m hoping my mind will change about this series after reading the last boo but it doesn t seem like it. This was supposed to be the book where the bitchy sister is redeemed and we end up liking her and wanting her to have a happily ever after And, although I was okay with her ending up okay, I just hated this book so much that I didn t really care It was stupid And, I mean, seriously stupid Expert level achieved..So, Imogen, her royal bitchiness, decides to become a slut and wants to have sex with her guardian s brother Half brother But, her guardian wants in on all of that, so he goes along with this affair pretending to be the brother Did I mention he s only a half brother, not a twin Yup He wears a fake mustache and hat, so she can t possibly know that it s him.And, she has been living with her guardian off on for over a year She has even helped bathe him when he was sick So, either she is the most unobservant person on Earth who can t tell the difference between two different people s voices, or she is stupid I vote for stupid.And, the guardian is a real piece of work himself First of all, if she is fooled by the disguise, he should not have sex with the mentally handicapped Secondly, if she is fooled by the disguise, he should not have sex with someone while pretending to be his brother But he does Twice And, again, how does he get away with this disguise while naked and sweating over her While this idiocy is going on, we also have the pleasure of them putting on a play And, going to plays I guess the author needed to fill some pages because we get to read pages and pages of these plays being rehearsed, performed, copied down into scripts, etc In other words, when it wasn t stupid, it was boring.Yup, I would recommend suicide before I would recommend this book. 4.5 stars 4.85 4.95 CLOSE TO PERFECT.There s a reason why I love Eloisa James ReasonS And all of them are present here Oh gawd, my FEELS are broken.