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I liked this book a lot up until the big reveal of the heroine s secret around the last 1 3 of the book It was then that the hero did the big 180 degree turn around and suddenly became retarded and irrational He didn t do anything terrible, it s just that you would think he would understand why the heroine didn t tell him the big secret even though he could have figured it out on his own if he d look in front of his face And of course, instead of being rational about it he takes it as a huge betrayal Now, granted I can understand him feeling somewhat betrayed with his background but he took it a bit far in my opinion He redeemed himself by the very end of the book but it was too late for it to save the book for me I just have a problem reading about hero s who have these big misunderstandings or make irrational conclusions about the heroines in romance books I know it s really common but it drives me up the wall I don t mind a hero who makes a mistake or does something wrong, no one s perfect and sometimes it makes for interesting drama It s just that I think sometimes it goes too far I know I ve made this rant before, but it s one of my bigger pet peeves I really did like the first 2 3 of the book though, and the hero didn t go completely silly at the end so I had to give it a decent rating It just could have been a lot better without the hero suffering from temporary insanity. Written September 23, 20143.8 Stars A perfect enjoying historical with a cold hearted hero gasp My first historical by Mary Balogh is a Regency story written 2000 An, as it so often is when it comes to me, completely unplanned impulse click and buy book In retrospect, a successful one Certainly not my last by this author Good spent book time in all ways Quality in my ears listened on the audio makes me happy, very happy More Than a Mistress feels like an classic HR in the good old school We get a proud, and at times very sarcastic and cruel, hero, a genuine ideal young beautiful lady heroine and a amusing heartwarming romantic drama Also tastefully and comfortably enough with the right amount of heat and steam and I must say that I liked that Twenty years old Jane Ingleby is far too bold for her own good and after she try to stop a duel is she stucked with a rake, Jocelyn Dudley, the Duke of Tresham After a bit of fuss about who hurt who is he hiring her as his nurse for three weeks But Jane has than one secret and the Duke begin soon to suspect that this saucy young woman is not just who she tells Her fine talents, good conversational ability and beautiful blonde hair get our hero to crave than just his nurse help with his footstool needed as a result of the gunshot wound Three weeks are not much when you have fun She needs a job, housing and security a hiding place He needs a warm body and a woman to visit some nights An agreement is signed Now she realized she had never been kissed before Not really Not like this.Ah, never like this Gosh yes, yet another lovely audiobook I will never be able to return to just reading books.I ve listened to the audio narrated by Rosalyn Landor A narrator voice I knew I would once again like Ms Landor is fantastic with this kind of stories with much dialogue and slightly melancholic heroes You could say that I m in both a huge audio binge AND a, big but not huge maybe, HR binge right now A romance genre which does fits very good in the audio format So it seems to me in any case A lovely HR with a well thought out intriguing story plot I or less fell in all of these cleverly made for good romances so needed emotions traps My heart ached and chafed painfully I laughed and giggled, cried and snorted I almost hated the hero and had the urge to pat the heroine on her head I had to wait for the kiss and hear them bumping hot in the bedroom rightly, as it should be Everyone should know what it is like to be called by name By the name of the unique person one is at heart Perfect in so many ways Just what a historical romance should be to make me happy Tempted me to want to read books in the series We will see.I LIKE these gorgeous memorable rake heroes Regency painter s easel, by Theodore Alexander This is a review of the audiobook Rosalyn Landor has an amazing ear and an ability to deliver the accents of England s social strata This raises her reading of Historical Romances to the upper echelon There are lots of characters from different class levels in this novel, and her talent makes it that much fun She is fast becoming my favorite narrator for this era, though she does modern day beautifully, too My eyes light up when I want to revisit one of my favorite comfort reads via my ears and I see she is the narrator.It isn t easy to switch back and forth between male and female voices, especially when they are in the heat of passion it takes a deft tongue and a sharper mind She does all this effortlessly and with perfect enunciation I m sure because she understands the characters so well I never find myself being pulled from the story by any blunder.Of course, it is worth listening to Ms Landor reading More Than a Mistress just to hear the combination of love, understanding, and gentle reproof in the tone of the heroine when she says the hero s name, after he makes a defensive comment born from a mixture of new, bewildering, and hurt feelings while slipping from the bed where they just made sweet love.I adore this book Mary Balogh is one of my favorite authors and this is one of my all time favorites comfort read Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham, is a brilliant combination of rake, haughty arrogant duke, and dangerous wounded hero marvelously unaware that all he needs is love in his life He has been callously and efficiently molded to perform his aristocratic duty, but Ms Balogh s heroine breaks his stiff reserve Jane Ingleby delightfully stands up for herself, but manages to stay true to the Regency era She calls Jocelyn on his male chauvinism with lady like grace, all while keeping her secrets close to her chest.P.S I love this musical CD cover picture, which I think nicely depicts Jane and the room she decorates It is easy to image the above painter s easel within this Regency setting Mistress Series on Audio 3.75 starsFirst time reading this author and I did enjoy it I found it dragged a little bit in the middle and towards the end but, overall a good, solid read I really liked Jane She was spirited and not afraid to voice her opinion Of course, Jocelyn was your typical Duke of the era Felt he was entitled to anything he wanted and how dare a little upstart like Jane question him and dare to answer him back He was not handsome, she decided Not at all But there was a raw masculinity about him that must make him impossible attractive to any woman who liked to be bullied, dominated, or verbally abused He was playing something hauntingly beautiful Something Jane had never heard before Well, well, he said, the butterfly has fluttered free of its cocoon I will definitely return to this series and this author in the future Books Jane said almost in a reverential whisper, her hands clasped to her bosom His heart ached.The heart he had not known he possessed. Otro de esos libros que rele pensando que ser a una nueva lectura y OH SORPRESA Ya sab a todo lo que pasar a jajajaMe gust mucho el prota y la historia es buena, solo que no pude disfrutarla tanto porque me sent a confundida No estaba segura si la hab a le do o no y eso influy a que no lo disfrutara como la primera vez.Un 3.5 Romance You know what I want to read a Regency romance about the second most notorious rake in London He s pretty good at flirting, but that other guy is always swooping in and stealing away his conquests It just drives him up the wall So the second most notorious rake in London decides to do something about it No matter what it takes, he will win the title of Most Notorious Rake in London The current Most Notorious Rake in London thinks this sounds like good fun, as a little competition always makes things interesting They start showing up at all the same parties and watch each other keenly, studying the other s moves, getting into his head, exploiting his weaknesses, admiring his talents, enjoying the tightness of his breeches, going riding together, falling in love.I will also take an alternate universe where it s the men who must be presented to society and the women are out sleeping around and riding horses and winking lasciviously at the beautiful young boys so tender and rosy cheeked and pure Wait That actually makes me a little queasy.Luckily, in this book, the one I m supposedly reviewing, Jane is twenty and has a pretty good head on her shoulders The love interest is an alpha hero with an artistic underbelly she must coax out, so there s almost a beta hero buried deep, deep within him, but mostly he s dark and imperious and brooding And, of course, the most notorious rake in London.I don t know why I keep reading Regency romances Maybe I m looking for the one that subverts traditional gender roles Maybe I want one that works within traditional roles to craft something so exceptional that a modern reader doesn t have to stifle modern thoughts about civil rights But this Regency doesn t do either of those things, and in fact, relies on gender as a substitute for personality traits and is often given as a point of attraction The problem is that words like masculine and feminine don t actually tell me anything about the characters or their attraction for each other Also the sex is boring I liked the angry sex best, but even it had weird ideas aboutpelvic floor muscles I guess Jane was getting philosophical about penetration in a way that made me grimace.The plot is a solid line through the book The sense of risk flagged a bit in the happy middle section, but led naturally into the third act misunderstanding, and from there we had quite a bit of excitement and rushing around That was my favorite part and during that time I really did want the couple to work out their problems and have their happily ever after.Three stars The gender as character stuff was sloppy, but it s otherwise well written, with a romance trajectory I haven t seen before, and a heroine who tries to rescue herself and mostly succeeds.eBook No cover, and I didn t see a single error. Unequivocal 5 stars for being Delightful Amusing Tender Heartfelt Sensual A bit corny, a tad farfetched, not classic Mary Balogh Lisa Kleypas ish.But made me smile and swoon in equal measures sigh A delicious alpha H who s not a jerk at least not excessively so and a spirited sweetheart h lock horns and First she gets him shot, then he forces her to be his nurse and later his mistress not that she s a timid or helpless quarry.Add some villains, trying circumstances, minor intrigue, a h in need of saving, a H in need of saving from himself and you get An utterly sweet and stunning love story Going straight on my Favorites shelf HerThis was not the way she had expected it to be This was not man and mistress This was lover and beloved HimJocelyn did not sleep He was thoroughly sated but also uneasy What the devil had he been babbling He hoped she had not been listeningNo review needed 4.5 stars This review is of the audiobook version, narrated by Rosalyn Landor.This was, I think, one of the first of Mary Balogh s romances I read and I remember thinking at the time that it was something a bit out of the ordinary.Our hero is Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham He s rich, arrogant and jaded, doesn t suffer fools gladly and while accepting deference as his due, is secretly tired of all the toadying he experiences day after day He has a reputation as a rake, one who doesn t draw the line at having affairs with married women and at the beginning of the book, is participating in a duel, having been called out by a furious husband What the husband doesn t realise is that Tresham s highly developed sense of honour will not permit him to call a lady a liar, even to prevent a duel and in any case, the usual practice in these matters is for both parties to delope fire into the air.All would have gone according to plan had not Tresham s opponent been distracted by screams and instead of shooting wide, he is startled and accidentally shoots Jocelyn in the leg The imprecations to stop had come from Jane Ingleby, a young woman passing by on her way to work She is immediately summoned to the scene to help although Tresham is rather rude to her not surprisingly but this means she is late to work and is dismissed from her job as a seamstress Her employer, sceptical of her explanation of her lateness as being due to having provided aid to the Duke of Tresham tells her she can have her job back if she gets proof, signed by Tresham, that her explanation was the truth, and Jane, having no other alternative, angrily determines to get it.Jane confronts Tresham and instead of giving her a letter, he offers her a job as his nurse for three weeks.The thing that marked this book out for me as being something a little different was the way in which the relationship between the hero and heroine is developed Jane will not allow Tresham to browbeat her, and although he pretends to be put out, it s clear that he rather likes having someone stand up to him I got the sense of an hommage to Jane Eyre in this aspect of their relationship, and later, in the scene where he instructs her to play the piano for him.As the days pass, they find themselves and drawn to each other, and the author does a magnificent job with building the romantic tension between them Then, in a scene late at night where Jane discovers Tresham playing the piano like a virtuoso being a musician myself, I always like a musical hero they share a kiss and admit to themselves if not to each other that they feel far for each other than friends should, and that it will be hard for them to part at the end of Jocelyn s three week convalescence.His solution is not marriage rather, he asks her to be his mistress.They have fallen very deeply in love and what I adore here is that Balogh has written a romance in which the protagonists are true soul mates I know that s a rather hackneyed term, but I really can t think of any other way to describe their deep connection to one another The time they spend together at Jane s house in their den , where they can be themselves without the need for conversation or any of the trappings of society is a delight to read, as we get to see Tresham as he really is, rather than the fa ade of the haughty duke he presents to the rest of the world The scene where he finally lets go and tells Jane about his childhood and how his father ruthlessly beat every artistic, creative feeling out of him because he thought such impulses were emasculating and later, how his father arranged for his deflowering at the hands of his own mistress is absolutely heart breaking Despite the very real and deep love between them however, Jane is guarding a secret She is not Jane Ingleby at all, but Lady Sarah Illingsworth, and she is suspected of the murder of her cousin, a widely disliked fellow as it turns out, who was attempting to rape her in order to compromise her into marriage At first, Jane keeps her secret because she does not want to be caught, and as time goes on, she realises that she should ask Jocelyn for his help But she cannot bring herself to do so she is so much in love, and having gained his trust, feels unable to tell him the truth and shatter his belief in her when he has at last begun to believe he is worthy of love for himself and not his position.Unfortunately for Jane, Tresham discovers her secret before she has steeled herself to tell him, and is furious at both her, for what he sees as her betrayal, and at himself, for being stupid enough to fall for her and trust her.My one complaint with the story is that the resolution seems to happen rather too quickly One moment, Jane and Tresham are arguing with each other and he is saying some rather unpleasant things to her then that chapter ends and the next begins at a completely different place, with Jane and Jocelyn still seemingly separated While I can appreciate why this is, and quite liked the reveal, I nonetheless felt a bit cheated out of some sort of reconciliation scene.Still, that s the one complaint I have about the book, the rest of which is well paced and which feels very real in terms of the emotional content Jocelyn and Jane are both superbly written and the depth of feeling and the sexual tension between them fairly jumps off the page As I said, I read the book years ago, so listening to the audio version was almost like coming to a new book, because I d forgotten many of the details of the plot My girl crush on Rosalyn Landor continues she s quickly become my favourite narrator because not only are her character voices so distinct in the one I m listening to now, she s voicing three sisters who appear in scenes together and managing to make them all sound different so there s no confusion as to which character is speaking , they re also distinct from her normal, beautiful speaking voice, so you almost feel like you re listening to at least two different people I ve read a number of criticisms about her voicing of the heroes in the books she narrates, which say she makes them sound older than they should and rather stuffy I can certainly understand the criticism her natural voice is quite deep anyway and she usually deepens it further for the male characters Personally, I don t mind and I don t find it unattractive seriously, there have been times I ve felt like opening a window even though I know I m listening to a woman , but each to their own, I suppose But of course, the narration is make or break when you re listening to an audio book, and if Ms Landor isn t to your taste, it s going to make it harder to enjoy or even listen to it But I certainly have no hesitation in recommending her audios and am on a continuing quest to acquire of them. More then a Mistress is just one of those books that capture you from the start and doesn t let you go until long after One of the most unlikely meetings to take place in both their lives Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham is faced with another duel as he s ascued to have been the lover of a married woman A gentleman through and through takes up the duel instead of calling the woman a liar So when a young woman runs toward the duel to stop them, Jocelyn is annoyed when he s shot in the leg Jane thought she was doing the right thing in stopping the duel, but when her efforts go astray things get a little tricky and she becomes the nurse of the infamous Duke of Tresham and later his mistress Jocelyn runs from the demons of his past, taught that kindness and love were a weakness, those emotions if shown where beaten out of him or hid away behind his gentleman armor Slowly his armor cracks as the kindness and understanding of Jane opens his heart and sees the world like never before Jane runs from the demons of the present, after protecting herself from her cousin who would have raped her in order to gain her money, she runs away thinking she killed him with a book no less in order to find help, then to hide knowing it wouldn t last forever When she starts to work for Jocelyn she starts to see a great man behind the society mask he dons to wear Falling in love with the man inside I adored Jocelyn, thinking like Jane he was some stuck up peer, but you see ,like her, he s much then that and the pains from his past run deep Jane slowly heals his wounds not only the shot through his leg, but on his heart Jane was a great female lead, very straight forward taking no lip from Jocelyn and giving it back ten fold Showing wisdom beyond her years and love and trust Jocelyn and Jane don t fall head over heels in love with each other at first sight, but get to know each other, slowly falling in love with one another, but fighting and hiding it tooth and nail You can see moments where both feel the connection between each other The sensual level is like a warm burn making the moments feel special and magical expect for one time The pace of the book never stumbles or slows keeping pace as the story unfolds of the truth behind Jane and the struggles of Jocelyn The secondary characters each shined in their own way, but not outshining either Jane of Jocelyn While at the end I did want to smack Jane and Jocelyn up side the heads for being so mule headed and short sighted, they do come to their senses in time for their wonderful happy ever after Overall I adore Mary Balogh s books as she makes these wonderful complex imperfect characters, making them human and real Making a special place in your heart for them More then a Mistress does that and so much. An Arrogant Duke Does The Unthinkable He Falls In Love With His MistressShe Raced Onto The Green, Desperate To Stop A Duel In The Melee, Jocelyn Dudley, Duke Of Tresham, Was Shot To His Astonishment, Tresham Found Himself Hiring The Servant As His Nurse Jane Ingleby Was Far Too Bold For Her Own Good Her Blue Eyes Were The Sort A Man Could Drown In Were It Not For Her Impudence She Questioned His Every Move, Breached His Secrets, Touched His Soul When He Offered To Set Her Up In His London Town House, Love Was The Last Thing On His Mind Jane Tried To Pretend It Was Strictly Business, An Arrangement She Was Forced To Accept In Order To Conceal A Dangerous Secret Surely There Was Nothing Perilous Than Being The Lover Of Such A Man Yet As She Got Past His Devilish Facade And Saw The Noble Heart Within, She Knew The Greatest Jeopardy Of All, A Passion That Drove Her To Risk Everything On One Perfect Month With The Improper Gentleman Who Thought Love Was For Fools