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THERE WENT THE BRIDE Amelia Willoughby Has Been Engaged To The Duke Of Wyndham For As Long As She Can Remember Literally A Mere Six Months Old When The Contracts Were Signed, She Has Spent The Rest Of Her Life Waiting And Waiting And Waiting For Thomas Cavendish, The Oh So Lofty Duke, To Finally Get Around To Marrying Her But As She Watches Him From Afar, She Has A Sneaking Suspicion That He Never Thinks About Her At All It S True He Doesn T Thomas Rather Likes Having A Fiancee All The Better To Keep The Husband Hunters At Bay And He Does Intend To Marry Her Eventually But Just When He Begins To Realize That His Bride Might Be Something Than Convenient, Thomas S World Is Rocked By The Arrival Of His Long Lost Cousin, Who May Or May Not Be The True Duke Of Wyndham And If Thomas Is Not The Duke, Then He S Not Engaged To Amelia Which Is The Cruelest Joke Of All, Because This Arrogant And Illustrious Duke Has Made The Mistake Of Falling In Love With His Own Fiancee

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    Ok, this one is really hard for me to rate I liked it a lot, but I was frustrated by it too It s Thomas s story and I so wanted to find out what happened between him and Amelia and how he handled dealing with the resolution of Jack s situation But most of this story was a retelling of The Lost Duke of Wyndham from Thomas s and Amelia s POVs I found the different perspectives interesting and we were given some details that didn t appear in Jack Grace s book However, I m not the most patient person in existence so I was getting very anxious to get past what I already knew was going to happen and get on with this story I ended up putting the book down for a day I picked it back up today and finally at page 323 of 370 the story moved forward I guess my final conclusion of Mr Cavendish, I Presume is that even though I liked it, I was a bit disappointed with it.

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    Amelia Willoughby has been engaged to the Duke of Wyndham since she was just a baby, and has been waiting and waiting for him to get around for him to marry her Thomas Cavendish world is rocked when he finally starts to see there s to his fiancee then meets the eye, then his long lost cousin arrives at doorstep and who may be the true Duke of Wyndham, he s stuck between a rock and a hard place when he falls in love with his own fiancee whom he may not be even engaged to any and whom he may have to give up in the end. I really enjoyed the Lost Duke of Wyndham and was looking forward to the sequel which told another POV of the story, I was forewarned to space them out Sadly, this fell flat no matter what warnings was thrown at me in the end While I enjoyed the trademark humor of JQ and the overall story, I felt this story wasn t fleshed out enough I liked Thomas as he fought his way out of the shadow that he lived in as Duke of Wyndham He was an interesting character but I wanted to know about him Both leads still seemed to be stuck in the mold of a secondary character, with many of the interactions and events still lead by Grace and Jack from the first story with nothing really surprising Amelia was the same, she never grew a backbone and was overshadowed by events and other characters I couldn t find any reason why Thomas fell in love with her, she was just to blah for me with no real spark to make her even endearing There was a few new events from both Amelia and Thomas POV, but the major events were shared and already read in the first book and again nothing new or surprising Overall the premise sounded good, but I think this book needed a chance to be fleshed out to stand on it s own It lacked true depth to make it memorable.

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    waste of time.

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    When I can, I like to read books in a series close together They just work better for me that way But these two Wyndham books They really should NOT be read back to back I liked this one to a certain extent, but often than not I found it really tedious to get through The gimmick of these two books telling the same story from two different perspectives just didn t work for me So this one was a very weak 3 stars, probably of a 2.5 Mr Cavendish, I Presume is the 2nd book in the Two Dukes of Wyndham series What makes the series unique is that the two books aren t just connected by character or theme they are actually simultaneously told In the first book you get Jack and Grace s POV s about how Jack might actually be the true Duke of Wyndham, and in the 2nd book you get Thomas and Amelia s POV s The first book tells the story of how Jack was the unknown, and probably legitimate, son of John Cavendishand that if he was legitimate, he would be the true Duke of Wyndham And the second book focuses on the man who believed HE was the Duke Thomas Cavendish As the only remaining heir to inherit, Thomas was raised to be Wyndham, and he was also betrothed at a very young age to Amelia Willoughby Now it s all falling apart Soon, he may be a nobody It figured that it would happen just as he was beginning to realize that maybe he did want to marry Amelia.I don t think it would be quite wrong to say you could read just one of these books and know almost everything that happens All you would really miss would be few romantic scenes between whichever H H But otherwise You could read just one and completely understand the story Each book pretty much tells you the same exact there Once you read book one, there s nothing unique about book two other than a different H H You know exactly what s going to happen next, exactly how the plot is going to end up It left me with absolutely no anticipation of what was to come in the book Plus there were some scenes that were almost a complete repeat of scenes from the first book Those were rather boring to have to reread For me, the two books weren t unique enough And reading them so close together just made it rather tedious to make it through the second one I did like Thomas and Amelia and wanted to see how things would work out between them, but the repetition of everything else was rather boring.I would much rather the 2nd book not been a simultaneous story, but just a connected book And I have to admit that I ll think twice before reading another pair of books that tell the same story from two different perspectives.

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    Better than the 1st book I was hesitant to read this because of reviews and the rather low rating, but it turned out better than I thought.I adore Amelia I love that Julia Quinn did not just TELL what kind of person she is she also SHOWED that Amelia was a well meaning, intelligent, and curious girl She is certainly intelligent and sensible than what people in her society give her credit for Also, it says something about her that she realizes that people, even her mom, do not value her intelligence and her thoughts, but she herself knows her own worth I love that while she struggles to assert herself sometimes, she recognizes that flaw and tries to be braver and not care what society thinks I respect this emphasis of how she should have a choice and people SHOULD care about her opinion, and she s not a mere object in the marriage mart Her characterization is on point I love her sarcasm AND humor, her good heart, and her reasonable mind I find her perspective to be entertaining and her thoughts to be understandable I also like the development of the romance in this book than the 1st I can see why people might not like the same story told but in different perspectives, but I find it quite interesting to finally get Amelia and Thomas sides of things Their connection turns out to be sweeter and deeper than I thought I love their talks about random things, about themselves, about their thoughts on anything, such as cartography They have thoughtful responses at times, which is nice I appreciate that before they fell in love AND during the time that they are in love, they have established and recognized a true friendship between them This emphasis on talking and bantering is great.I think my problem with this book is that the ending is hasty It would have been nice to get between Amelia and Thomas Especially from Thomas I finish the book not entirely convinced that he deserved her I like him, yes I see that he is a noble guy who does the right thing, and he is generally nice to people I like him I just feel like that at the beginning and middle of this book, he had a chance to show that he deserves this wonderful girl I was waiting for that moment to happen But with the hasty ending, I still was not 100% convinced he did deserve her I love them as a couple, and I m rooting for them, but Thomas needs to better convey that he loves Amelia truly, and that he chooses her On the other hand, it s clear that she would have chosen him and she has learned to love him through the course of this book For Amelia, she has always given him the chance to get to know her since their arranged engagement these past 20 years I appreciate that she admits at the beginning of this book that she does not love him, but she is willing to know about him, IF he is willing to know about her However, he didn t give her a chance at all, until she finally rebels and catches his notice in this one scene I suppose I don t entirely blame him for not realizing that he should get to know this girl because the pressure of arranged marriage is not an entirely exciting concept for him However, through the course of this book, when he has already formed a friendship and relationship with her, he does not seem to entirely appreciate her For example, he has seemed too willing to give her up, no matter that he does in a way regret losing the chance of getting married to her He excuses his willingness as it s for her own good, but I find myself seeing that he has been thinking about himself than her Especially when he did not care to ask about her feelings or even cared when she did conveyed those feelings because he is so stubborn to what he perceives to be the right thing to do Anyway, I do adore this romance, and of course I love Amelia, and I LIKE Thomas I would have liked an extended conclusion to be better convinced by him, but overall, this is a good book 3 soild stars Another thing to note is that I appreciate the friendship and support shown between Amelia and Grace These 2 girls are technically romance rivals, but are friends That doesn t mean one won t be jealousy Realistically, a person would feel jealousy if a person they love seem to have something with someone else However, the jealousy in this book never turns into anything demeaning or crazy There may be realistically bits of jealousy, but never ever pettiness or cruelty because they really are friends It is a healthy way of showing female relationships without the rivalry that society often depicts.Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Is there a happy satisfying ending view spoiler Yes, happy ending Quite cute I still would have liked something to the ending and epilogue, but it s still good hide spoiler

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    My favorite historical romance novelist does it again I don t know how she does it but Julia Quinn is brilliant at romance I can t praise her enough for the wonderful books that she s written I didn t love this one as much as The Lost Duke of Wyndham, because of my boyfriend Jack Audley, but it still brought me happiness This one takes place at the exact time as Lost Duke but through Thomas Cavendish s perspective All I can say is that if you enjoy romance, I HIGHLY recommend any Julia Quinn book Btw, I just have to say that the dowager is such a bitch

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    It pains me to say it, but I did not like this book Thomas was a bore, Amelia was a non entity, Thomas grandmother was a nightmare, and the plot that could have been very interesting was frustrating at best.In a way, I think I knew how I d feel about this book, as I d postponed reading it for years I wish I had been pleasantly surprised, but it wasn t meant to be.

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    4.5 stars which is 4 for the story and 5 for the narration Having read a number of lukewarm reviews of this book, I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be much better than I had been given to expect.I suspect this was primarily due to two reasons one, that I haven t read previous book and two, this is an audiobook narrated by the incomparable Rosalyn Landor who can do no wrong in my ears and she absolutely nailed it in terms of the emotional content of the story.Mr Cavendish, I Presume is the second book of two which tell the same story from different points of view The companion book The Lost Duke of Wyndham was published first, which may account for some of the lack of enthusiasm for Mr Cavendish perhaps some readers felt short changed because of the number of scenes which appeared in both books.The hero of this book is Thomas Cavendish, Duke of Wyndham, a very serious young man who has been bred to manage a dukedom and does so extremely diligently He comes across as a bit of a stuffed shirt to begin with, but it becomes gradually apparent that while he has fully accepted his responsibilities and performs all his duties well, almost all of them to the absolute best of his abilities he sometimes feels rather hemmed in by them and very occasionally wonders what it would be like to have a bit freedom The one area where he has rather neglected his duty is in relation to his fianc e, Lady Amelia Willoughby Thomas and Amelia were betrothed in childhood, and while Thomas fully intends to marry her at some point, he is dragging his feet for reasons that aren t made apparent, but which I suspect may be due to the fact that it s one of the few areas of his life over which he can exert some choice He might not have chosen his bride, but he can choose when he will marry her It has never really occurred to him to pay much attention to Amelia and so they hardly know each other, despite having been engaged for twenty years or so.Amelia has not found this especially problematic until recently Having been brought up to be a dutiful daughter, and knowing she will be married to Thomas at some point, she has always gone through the motions when they have been in each other s company making polite conversation, dancing exactly one dance with him at balls but of late, she has begun to find Thomas neglect both annoying and insulting At the ball which opens the book she has decided that enough is enough and turns down his request for a dance which both annoys him and sparks his curiosity.Thomas orderly existence is thrown suddenly into chaos with the appearance of Captain Jack Audley, who, it turns out, is his cousin And not only that, Jack could well be the true Duke of Wyndham, as his father was the elder brother of Thomas father I admit to being a little confused as to what Jack was doing in that neck of the woods and to how Grace Eversleigh the heroine of the previous book and companion to Thomas vicious harridan of a grandmother seemed to know who Jack was before anyone else did but I imagine that was dealt with in detail in the first book It doesn t really make a lot of difference here anyone who s read the previous book will know what s going on and for anyone like me who hasn t, there s enough information to work out what s going on Thomas is stunned by this news He was bred to be a duke and has spent all his adult life being one buried in paperwork, managing the land and even, on occasion, getting his hands dirty and while he might sometimes chafe at the weight of the responsibilities, what will he do without them And to the point, who will he be Who is Thomas Cavendish, if not Duke of Wyndham As much as this is a romance, it s also a story about identity and the importance of knowing exactly who we are and where we stand in the great scheme of things Thomas naturally struggles with the knowledge that he might not be the person he s believed himself to be ever since he was old enough to have a sense of self , but over the course of the story he does come to terms with it and realises that the things that make him him his sense of honour, his honesty, his intelligence and humour can never be taken away.Amelia, too, undergoes a change during the course of the story She s been brought up to be a duchess and has gone through her life not making any of her own choices This probably wasn t an uncommon thing for a well bred young lady at this period, but Amelia begins to resent it and There s a wonderful and painful scene in which Thomas owns the truth about Jack to Amelia s father in which her father becomes adamant that it doesn t matter whom Amelia marries as long as he s the Duke of Wyndham Amelia is present, but might as well be invisible given the way the three men are arguing about her fate It s a brilliantly written scene in which Ms Landor very skilfully emphasises Amelia s frustration, even though Amelia herself doesn t do very much the performance was very subtly nuanced with the difference between character speech and thought being used to good effect.I liked the way the author drew the parallels between both Thomas and Amelia s lives Men had so much freedom than women at this period and someone titled and wealthy like Thomas, could surely do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted without fear of censure Yet in practice, he has very little freedom because of the time and effort it takes for him to properly manage his estates All the choices he has made in his life have been for the good of Wyndham rather than for himself, so like Amelia, he has made very few choices that he can regard as his own.There s plenty of Ms Quinn s trademark humour in the interactions between Thomas and Amelia he s an attractive character with a wonderfully dry sense of humour and it s lovely to see him beginning to unbend The tragedy is that having finally noticed Amelia and begun to fall in love with her, he s almost immediately faced with the prospect of losing her There were times when Thomas despair and longing for her were so palpable and so wonderfully realised in Ms Landor s performance that I found a lump in my throat.The cast of supporting characters is not large, but all are strongly characterised, especially the Dowager Duchess, who was a thoroughly nasty piece of work The older ladies and dowagers in Ms Quinn s books are often sharp tongued and prickly on the surface, yet good hearted underneath I kept expecting her ladyship to soften up a bit, actually but she never did She s a vicious old bird who thinks only of matters of dynastic importance , determined to supplant one grandson with another without thought for what it will do to either of them.Jack Audley is, I imagine, supposed to come across as a charming rogue, but I mostly found him too glib and somewhat annoying, until the final chapters when he started to turn into a sympathetic character Grace tended towards the insipid at times, and at others came across as rather too good to be true In most of her interactions with Thomas, however, she was neither of those things, and I m sure she made for a very engaging heroine in the first book.Ms Landor s performance was as polished as ever and her acting choices, especially in the emotional scenes, were perfect There are very few narrators who are able to bring such depth to their performances She gave Jack an attractive and accurate Irish lilt which helped to distinguish him from Thomas, and her portrayal of the dowager was suitably repellent sharp toned, harsh and abrupt I enjoyed both the story and the performance very much, although I don t feel a pressing need to read or listen to the Last Duke of Wyndham as I m quite happy with the way this story unfolded That said, however, the audiobook version is narrated by Kate Reading, who is another of my favourite narrators, so it s quite possible that I will want to listen to it at some point.

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    I don t know what happened to Julia Quinn after her Bridgerton series ended but it wasn t anything good Her first book following that series, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, was one of the worst historical romance books I ve read the first half was very promising, but the second half wasn t just disappointing or a letdown after what preceded, it was just in your face straight out bad with horrible actions on behalf of the hero and really horrible plot twists by the author see my review of that book for details Mr Cavendish, I Presume is the sequel to The Lost Duke of Wyndham and before buying or reading either of these books, I combed through many, many .com reviews Readers were very disappointed by the fact that the two books take place simultaneously and not only at the same time, but in the same place with the same characters in the same situations Both books seemed to be a resounding failure, but the second book seemed to be criticized for the fact that people hadn t realized Quinn was going to do this and so instead of getting the whole new story they expected, they had 300 pages of deja vu.I therefore decided that I would only read one of the books and decided to go with Mr Cavendish, I Presume since the plot appealed to me than the first book s Well let me just say this I haven t finished the book and don t really plan on doing so anytime soon It was just so not good The idea for the story is an interesting one though write one book for it, not two and being a HR aficionado I can say that I don t think I ve ever read one with a similar plot Discovering that someone who was a commoner is actually a nobleman Happens all the time But the other way around not so much However, even Julia Quinn s writing skill cannot make up for the fact that she completely botches this story, taking an interesting and original plot and completely failing to deliver an interesting and original book.Also, although Amelia, the heroine, seemed like she could have been interesting she was somewhat immature at times or at least, from what I read of the first quarter third of the book , the hero, Thomas, was ugh, I don t even know He s just so NOT appealing in the beginning of the book and I am almost never, ever, ever turned off by the hero I m always much critical of the female lead than the male one He s detached and pretty uninteresting and although there are some promising aspects of his personality, they don t make up for the blandness that Quinn writes him with Thomas complete inattention to Amelia and focus his grandmother s companion, Grace, is a huge turnoff there s not supposed to be any attraction between them or anything going on, so why have it then He seems a very lonely and sad man, but instead of exploring this and really defining his character, Quinn kind of just lets Thomas languish in front of the reader, hinting at his complexity but not enough to draw us in.I did skim to the end of the book to see how the HEA turned out and I have to say that the last 2 3 chapters and epilogue were enjoyable but there is no way I am plodding through the rest of the book to get to that, sorry So ending my glowing review on that note does anyone want to buy my copy of Mr Cavendish, I Presume

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    Amelia Willoughby has been slated to marry Thomas Cavendish, the Duke of Wyndham for years Except there s a good chance he s not the real Duke of Wyndham OH SNAP Will their engagement be able to survive this nonsense Probably, duh 1 This is a companion novel to The Lost Duke of Wyndham2 which I read in March 2013 I remember like nothing about that book So reading this one was almost like reading a brand new romance novel3 except that it wasn t because so much of the story is clearly relying upon the familiarity with the plot from the earlier novel that nothing felt developed or worthwhile There s no reason to care about either the hero or heroine because they re both propped into the story like the cardboard cutouts 4 And the central premise that the current Duke of Wyndham Thomas has a long lost cousin from an older uncle, making the cousin the Duke instead of Thomaseverything hurts is kind of too much for a Quinn romance There s this huge conflict of self vs self vs society that needs to be handled with a certain amount of gravity and intensity to fully make such a plot work and while Quinn does give the conflict weight, it s really a brief snapshot of angst Like, Thomas drinks for 2 days and then he s over it He prepares the dukedom for transition and there s a few paragraphs scattered throughout the rest of the novel about him figuring out who he is if not Wyndham But it s a loose thread it s not tied into much other than his goodness in not having sex with Amelia on the lawn of a stranger s house in Ireland, which, OK The necessary struggle is missing partially because it s sharing space with Thomas s growing desire for Amelia and partially because Quinn, I think, would rather do glancing and banter y Short and sweet and sassy Which are not bad things Just not paired with a premise that, by necessity, requires some grounding to come off.